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Online resumes

  1. 1. { Web-Based Résumé Alternatives } with{ Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
  2. 2. Web & Graphic Designer, Burlington Past creative director for Named one of Top 100 Tourism Influencers in US Communications Chair, AIGA Vermont Organizer for #BTV Social Media Day{ Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
  3. 3. How it used to be (and still is). Cover Letter Résumé Examples Snail Mail Dear Future Boss, Experience The first thing youʼll want to do when you sign up for a The first thing youʼll want to do when you sign up for a account is import your LinkedIn information, after account is import your LinkedIn information, after which you can start to manually add the additional Education details you want to share with prospective employers. You can add a biography, upload your traditional CV The first thing youʼll want to do when you sign up for a account is import your LinkedIn information, after Standard paper résumé { } and add a profile photo. You can also add links to your personal blogs, sites and online accounts including References protocol is still expected, its Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr and more. The first thing youʼll want to do when you sign up for a just not the first impression Sincerely, account is import your LinkedIn information, after Joe Applicant you will give today.{ Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
  4. 4. What’s missing from traditional paper résumés?{ Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
  5. 5. Personality{ Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
  6. 6. Four FREE ways to market yourself and look great. wordpress.comYou will already be searched for here:{ Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
  7. 7. Set up your account. You will need an email address. Use your actual name if possible. Consider buying your official domain name - you can ʻnameplateʼ any of these profile sites, instead of Choose a really good photo of yourself or something relevant. The image needs to be huge but web-friendly. Think 1900px in width at least. Depending on which profile service you use, consider the composition of the photo (you on left? right? Is your face or the main subject of the image covered up by the data panel?) and crop to suit the space. Find big-cool-free-legal images on Follow their rules and youʼre golden. Fill in the blanks. Just like a paper resume, add all the information you can. Keep it updated as you add jobs and internships, accolades, education, social places, and anything else interesting about your journey through life. Tell people about your online résumé. Include your URL on everything: paper résumé, job and internship applications, and college applications. Post it on Facebook and any other social account you have (and will have) online.{ Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
  8. 8. { Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
  9. 9. Thanks! Find my free profiles here: Runway, Sea-Tac Airport deepdishcreative.wordpress.comSCVB Marketing Team circa 2008Photo: Michael Craft, Seattle { Web-Based Résumé Alternatives }
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