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  1. 1. Tweet Your Way To Success Vermont’s 17th Annual Women's Economic Opportunity Conference Tweet Your Way To Success
  2. 2. Tweet Your Way to Success About the Presenter Lara Dickson, Burlington, VT Today’s Topics Web Designer Graphic Designer How to get Started Social Media Enthusiast Who to Follow AIGA VT Board Member What to Say #BTV Social Media Day Organizer What NOT to Say Recent Sky Diver Professional Development Measurement Tools of the Trade Promotion Tips, Resources, Lingo Tweet Your Way To Success
  3. 3. How to get started? Set up an Account Upload a profile pic, short bio, and personalize or brand it up. Tweet Your Way To Success
  4. 4. How to get started? Its YOUR voice, your likeness Unless you are a giant corporation with many tweeters using one account. Tweet Your Way To Success
  5. 5. Who to follow? Find people with similar #interests Hash tags get your message and topic to a qualified audience. Tweet Your Way To Success
  6. 6. Who to follow? Popular in Vermont #vermont #vt #btv #montp #vtgov #vtpoli #techjam #rutland #madrivervalley #stowe Check out Tagboard.com Tweet Your Way To Success
  7. 7. Who to follow? Explore and Create Lists Find influencers and follow the people they are following. Tweet Your Way To Success
  8. 8. Who to follow? Participate in Twitter #Chats Discover a wealth of information and influential people to follow. Tweet Your Way To Success
  9. 9. What to say? Listen first, then chime in Introduce yourself. Being part of a conversation paves the way for starting your own. Tweet Your Way To Success
  10. 10. What to say? Share links, images, videos Tweeting and retweeting interesting links entices people to read more, watch, and share. Tweet Your Way To Success
  11. 11. What to say? Live Tweet Events Conferences, interviews, news, what’s happening NOW. Tweet Your Way To Success
  12. 12. What to say? Thanks @TravelChannel for sending Anthony @Bourdain our way for pork this morning. #bacon TW EE TIE S 8:44am · 14 Oct 13 · HootSuite Its OK to be a Namedropper Shout outs and tagged posts show gratitude and greatly increase your reach. Tweet Your Way To Success
  13. 13. What to say? A Direct Message (DM) ...is like a personal phone call. Tweet Your Way To Success
  14. 14. What NOT to say? Talk like a Human Sounding like a brochure is just plain boring and insincere. Be yourself. Tweet Your Way To Success
  15. 15. What NOT to say? Steer clear of ME ME ME And text-speak. And exclamation points. OMG look at my cool life! LOL!!!! Tweet Your Way To Success
  16. 16. ‘‘ What NOT to say? Unless she’s also having lunch with that dreamboat Anthony Bourdain, I couldn’t care less about what’s on her sandwich. Keep it Interesting Share something of value, something worth retweeting, tweet with purpose. Tweet Your Way To Success
  17. 17. Professional Development ‘‘ They Yelp’d AND Tweeted that review?! Stop the presses! Monitor your Reputation Always be listening, and always respond no matter what the chatter. Tweet Your Way To Success
  18. 18. ‘‘ Professional Development When I wrote that nasty and grammatically woeful comment last year, I never thought I’d be applying to work there. Manage your Personal Brand Everything you have ever said online is part of your personal brand. Everything. Tweet Your Way To Success
  19. 19. Tools of the Trade Use a Dashboard Hootsuite or Tweetdeck for desktop, tablet, phone. Tweet Your Way To Success
  20. 20. Tools of the Trade Tweet Your Way To Success
  21. 21. Measurement Because we keep getting free swag from Klout! BUT how can we tell if it will WORK? Measure your Success Hubspot’s RetweetLab.com and Twitter Grader, Klout, Google Analytics... Tweet Your Way To Success
  22. 22. Measurement Tweet Your Way To Success
  23. 23. Promotion Put Twitter to work for you Add your @name to email, business cards, Linked In, ads, and point to your site. Tweet Your Way To Success
  24. 24. Followers are Good Love, nurture, promote, and make them feel special...and they’ll return the favor. Tweet Your Way To Success
  25. 25. Tips Twitter Tips Always add value. What’s in a tweet for your followers? Use @names and #hashtags (#but #not #too #many) Only 1 of every 12 tweets is about you. Talk to/about others Ask questions Learn the lingo Use URL shorteners like bit.ly Imagine reciting your tweet at a cocktail party Build a clear, concise, consistent brand voice Leave room in your tweets for retweets Create and subscribe to lists Make your other content shareable, tweet from your articles Use a widget on your website or blog Participate in Twitter chats Tweet Your Way To Success Go to Tweetups!
  26. 26. Resources Twitter Resources Twitter https://twitter.com/ Hubspot RetweetLab http://retweetlab.com/ Tweetdeck http://tweetdeck.com/ Klout http://klout.com/ Hootsuite https://hootsuite.com/ Bit.ly https://bitly.com/ Sprout Social http://sproutsocial.com/ Tweetchats http://blog.tweetchat.com/ calendar/ Tagboard http://tagboard.com/ Social Media Examiner http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/ Tweet Your Way To Success Go to Here!
  27. 27. Lingo Twitter Lingo Tweet Your Way To Success
  28. 28. THANK YOU @deepdishcreates deepdishcreative.com all images in this presentation via Creative Commons and James Vaughn : http://www.flickr.com/photos/x-ray_delta_one/ Tweet Your Way To Success