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Deep Books 2013 Catalogue

Deep Books 2013 Catalogue

Published in: Education
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  • 1. the leading publisher on vegetarianism and social justiceseek the light TM
  • 2. politics & current affairs Voices of the Turning Tragedy Food Revolution into Victory You Can Heal Your Body and Lessons Learned from Cops Who Have Your World with Food! Fallen Enforcing the Law John Robbins and Lawrence N. Blum Ocean Robbins According to Blum, officers’ lack of Over the course of nine days in the spring knowledge and skill in controlling the stress of 2012, John and Ocean Robbins gathered of the moment has increased their risk of together leading insights from some of the being killed, assaulted or making mistakes world’s brilliant scientists, doctors and that cost them dearly in career or family nutritionists. They conducted more than relationships. Through visceral, real-life twenty galvanising and deeply informative accounts of officers that he has personally interviews, broadcast worldwide at The worked with, he identifies pitfalls, errors Food Revolution Summit. and traps that are created when officers Voices OF the Food Revolution lose control over how their brains and ISBN: 978 1 55896 676 5ISBN: 978 1 57324 624 8 collects these interviews making them bodies react to unexpected crises; explains LTB  |  154pp  |  152 x 229 CON  |  288pp  |  140 x 216  available in book form for the first time. why and how this lack of control occurs and PB £16.99PB £15.99 This inspiring collection includes provides mental, emotional and passionate conversations with the leading behavioural tools that have proven highly of related interest: voices of the food politics today such as effective at enhancing performance. Force Under Pressure £16.99 Dean Ornish, Rory Freedman (Skinny Bitch), Why Good People Do Bad Frances Moore Lappe, Kathy Freston, Neal Things £14.99 Barnard, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, Gene Baur One Day in All Politics the LIfe of is Religious 179212 Notes from an Speaking Faith to the Media, American Prison Policy Makers and Community Jens Soering Rabbi Dennis Ross To a correctional facility in Virginia he is Foreword by Rev. Barry W Lynn known as Prisoner 179212. But to a legion This book provides ideas and strategies for of journalists and legal reform activists he expressing a clear, forceful and progressive is Jens Soering, a German citizen who has religious point of view that is all too often endured, for the past twenty-six years, a life overlooked and under-represented in public sentence without realistic hope of release, discourse. It identifies the religious themes referred to as “the other death penalty.” in todays great debates – gay rights, the Told with dry humour, this book provides ISBN: 978 1 59056 345 8 needs of children and families, church-state an hour-by-hour survey of everyday life in LTB  |  176pp  |  127 x 203  separation and reproductive rights, including an American medium-security facility with PB £15.99ISBN: 978 1 59473 374 1 access to sex education, contraception and all of its attendant hardships,SLP  |  192pp  |  152 x 229  abortion care – and presents new language contradictions and even revelations. of related interest:PB £15.99 and methods for effective communication Soering illustrates the importance of Church of The Second with the media, policy makers and meditation and faith when confronted with Chance £18.99 community. It steers away from the polemics extreme adversity, in addition to making a Expensive Way To Make and jargon of politics and instead relies on highly compelling case for prison reform. Bad People Worse £10.99 factual historical examples, current events Way of The Prisoner £16.99 and personal stories to illustrate the best ways to communicate the positive role faith can play in personal and public life. Understanding Animal Abuse Reclaiming A Sociological Analysis Prophetic Witness Clifton Flynn In his overview of contemporary sociological Liberal Religion in the Public Square understanding of animal abuse, Clifton Flynn Paul Rasor asks why studying animal abuse is important, Religion is often equated with conservatism examines the connections between animal in the national political, social and media abuse and human violence, surveys the dialogue and religious liberalism has all but theses surrounding the supposed link disappeared from the public eye. Paul between abuse of animals and humans and Rasor makes a compelling argument that lays out some theoretical perspectives on the while religious liberals often fight for issue. The book offers recommendations for justice, they tend to shy away from policy and professionals and directions for grounding their advocacy in faith. He future research. Ultimately, UNDERSTANDING ISBN: 978 1 59056 339 7 examines the fears and assumptions ANIMAL ABUSE challenges the reader to LTB  |  148pp  |  127 x 203  behind this reluctance and charts a course consider animal abuse as not limited just to PB £10.99 toward reclaiming their prophetic voice. harmful acts committed by individuals. It asksISBN: 978 1 55896 676 5 us to extend our notion of abuse to theSHB  |  336pp  |  152 x 229  systemic cruelty of factory farms andPB £12.99 vivisection laboratories. 79
  • 3. popular science Impossible Realities Infinite Energy The Science Behind Energy Healing, Telepathy, Reincarnation, Precognition, Technologies and Other Black Swan Phenomena Tesla, Cold Fusion, Antigravity, and the Maureen Caudill Future of Sustainability Caudill, a career computer scientist Edited By specialising in artificial intelligence and Finley Eversole neural networks, presents a wealth of anecdotal and empirical evidence to prove Foreword by the existence (and power) of: John L. Petersen ●● Psychokinesis (most Exploring five nearly unknown geniuses of famously spoon bending) our past – John Worrell Keely, Nikola Tesla, ●● Remote viewing Viktor Schauberger, Royal Raymond Rife ●● Energy healing and T. Townsend Brown – and their ●● Telepathy, animal telepathy revolutionary discoveries about free energy,ISBN: 978 1 57174 663 4 ●● Precognition ISBN: 978 1 59477 380 8 electricity, water vortex motion, electric rayHRP  |  256pp  |  152 x 229  ●● Survival after death ITI  |  448pp  |  152 x 229 and super-microscope technology andPB £15.99 ●● Reincarnation 74 b & w ills throughout  antigravity, this book helps to restore their She presents the strongest long-suppressed scientific legacies and PB £15.99of related interest: case yet for bringing bring us one step closer to the destiny theyParapsychology paranormal phenomena of related interest: foresaw. Eversole has gathered researchRevolution £14.99 from the margins into the Fantastic Inventions of from leading experts on cold fusion,Science and Psychic realm of the normal and Nikola Tesla £14.99 zero-point energy, power from water andPhenomena £15.99 credible. It is a book both Hydrogen Economy £13.99 the free-energy potential of the Searl EffectScience and The Akashic for true believers and Secrets of Antigravity Generator to reveal technologies that workField £12.99 sceptics alike. Propulsion £20.99 with Natures laws and that, if fully implemented, could establish sustainable energy systems in a single generation. Global Awakening Consciousness New Science and the Bridging the Gap Between Conventional 21st-Century Enlightenment Science and the New Super Science of Michael Schacker Quantum Mechanics eva herr Introduction by Stephen Larsen This extraordinary book is concerned with Sharing his 30 years of intensive research the question: does the presence of sensate into the history of change as well as the awareness, cognitive awareness and evolution of consciousness and regenerative self-awareness or all of them combined science, Schacker explains how our current assure that consciousness is active? Are shift from the old mechanistic worldview to a these attributes of consciousness? Are they new organic worldview based on biological signifiers of consciousness? What is the models follows the same pattern as other nature of consciousness; do we have free paradigm shifts across history, including the will; what are the differences between mind 18th-century Enlightenment and the and brain, energy and physical objects and American Revolution. He reveals the creative the body and the soul?ISBN: 978 1 59477 482 9 geniuses who have contributed to the birth Eva Herr is seeking answers to the ISBN: 978 1 93790 705 1PSP  |  480pp  |  152 x 229 of the organic worldview, beginning with intriguing questions most of us know little RR  |  224pp  |  140 x 216 40 b & w ills  Goethe, Kant and Rodale. He details the about. Each person Eva interviews reveals PB £15.99HB £26.00 stages every paradigm shift progresses the importance, as well as the necessity, of through: the Early Enlightenment, the of related interest:of related interest: paying attention to our subjective, inner Conservative Backlash, the Intensive Phase experiences in order to more effectively New Science andHydrogen Economy £13.99 and the Flip Point. relate and interact with the present world in Spirituality Reader £12.99Struggle For Your Explaining that we are currently in the which we live. Every one of the scholars Science and The AfterlifeMind £15.99 throes of the Flip Point, the critical last phase interviewed by Eva offer us a new Experience £15.99Quantum Shift in the of our paradigm shift, Schacker shows how understanding, as well as a more hopeful Subtle Energy Body £26.00Global Brain £12.99 the mechanistic worldview is crumbling understanding of human and cosmic reality around us and nothing but a complete at its most fundamental level . transformation in the way we think will keep us from the path of total self-destruction.80
  • 4. psychology Unshrinking general Psychosis Understanding and Healing the Wounded Soul Psyche’s Knife John Watkins Archetypal Explorations of Love The book takes a bold quantum leap beyond and Power the restrictive bio-medical notions of ‘illnesses’ such as schizophrenia and bipolar Elizabeth Eowyn Nelson disorder to view these conditions from a PSYCHE’S KNIFE examines the myth of Eros holistic perspective that reveals a ‘method in and Psyche as a metaphor for the the madness’ of psychosis. The author, John development of soul in the psychology of Watkins, writes that some episodes may women, explicating the tropes of love and function as a desperate coping strategy power as depicted by Psyche’s use of a while others reflect a profound knife in attempting to learn the identity of developmental crisis or spontaneous her lover. self-healing process. UNSHRINKING ISBN: 978 0 85572 400 9 Nelson examines the metaphor of PSYCHOSIS draws on the accumulated MAP  |  360pp  |  135 x 210  the knife from all angles – alchemical, wisdom of mental health experts and PB £27.99 sacrificial, lunar, phallic – and delves individuals with firsthand experience to into the mythology and imagery of women outline ways of responding to psychosis and knives, connecting our deep past to that will promote healing and recovery.ISBN: 978 1 88860 253 1CH  |  192pp  |  140 x 216  our present lives and our possibilities for of related interest:PB £16.99 the future. Healing Schizophrenia £21.00 of related interest: Lifting Your Depression £15.99 14 Steps To Awaken The Sacred Living With Bipolar Disorder £8.99 Feminine £11.99 Spiritual Gift Of Madness £18.99 Goddess In The Gospels £12.99 Like A Tree £19.99 Psyches Stories Volume 3 £21.00 Jung the Mystic The Esoteric Dimensions of Carl Jung’s Life and Teachings The ADD Myth Gary Lachman How to Cultivate the Unique Gifts of Although he is often called the “founding Intense Personalities father of the New Age,” Carl Jung, the legendary Swiss psychiatrist best known for Martha Burge his groundbreaking concepts like the ADHD coach, Martha Burge, proposes that collective unconscious, often took pains to those suffering from what is commonly avoid any explicit association with understood as ADHD are not sick or mysticism or the occult. Yet Jung lived a life impaired. They are just different and with rich in paranormal experiences – arguing the appropriate therapy, can become for the existence of poltergeists in a debate exceptional human beings. with Sigmund Freud and participating in THE ADD MYTH explains: séances. It is these critical experiences – ●● The five intense personality traits: often fleetingly touched on in other ISBN: 978 0 39916 199 5 sensual, psychomotor, intellectual, biographies or critical studies and just as JPT  |  272pp  |  133 x 216  creative and emotional frequently used to make a case against PB £14.99 ●● Where intense people fit on the Jung and his philosophies – that form theISBN: 978 1 57324 582 1 spectrum of personality types core of this exciting new biography, JUNG of related interest:CON  |  256pp  |  152 x 229 ●● Why the medical profession should seek THE MYSTIC. Beginners Guide To Jungianb & w ills, charts & figures  alternative explanations for ADHD Psychology £14.99PB £15.99 THE ADD MYTH will raise awareness of the C G Jung £16.99 underlying condition of intensity and help Madame Blavatsky £14.99of related interest: people who previously thought of themselvesChildren of Now £13.99Gift of Learning £14.99 as broken develop more fulfilling lives. Jungian SymbolicLiving with A HyperactiveChild £10.99 Psychology Carlos Amadeu Botelho Byington In JUNGIAN SYMBOLIC PSYCHOLOGY the concept of symbol is extended to encompass the entire individual and collective psyche. Structuring symbols, complexes and functions are expressed as polarities that include both the subjective and objective worlds. Consciousness is described as the interaction of five archetypal forms of intelligence. of related interest: Blake Jung and The Collective ISBN: 978 1 88860 249 4 Unconscious £19.99 CH  |  352pp  |  140 x 216  PB £21.00 81
  • 5. psychology – general The Book of I Personality An Illustrious Collection of Self How it Forms Reflections henry kellerman Edited By Joan Konner Perhaps the central question of psychology Are there many selves? Is there a true self? involves how personality – personhood – Are you the one you choose? Or are you the is formed. The twin factors or causes, of one that chooses you? nature (genetics) versus nurture These and other age-old questions are (environment), always lurk and subtly answered by this collection of pithy sayings interplant in an epigenetic synthesis. and witty rejoinders from the likes of William This book, for professionals as well as for Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Peter Sellers, general readers, identifies and consolidates Jean Paul-Sartre, Gertrude Stein, Carl Jung, an understanding of personality Marilyn Monroe and many more of history’s development, personality type, and most introspective – and, perhaps, personality style. Twelve Styles are identified narcissistic – writers, poets, philosophers, and displayed through case examples. musicians, comedians, actors and politicians. of related interest: ISBN: 978 1 59056 353 3 of related interest: AMH  |  204pp  |  152 x 229 ISBN: 978 1 59056 366 3 Beyond Freud £21.00 PB £21.00LTB  |  176pp  |  127 x 178  Great Quotes From Great Leaders £7.99 Jung The Mystic £14.99HB £15.99 Thunk! £9.99 Spiritual Gift of Madness £18.99 It’s All in Your Music and Its Dreams Secret Influence How to Interpret Your Sleeping Throughout the Ages Dreams to Make Your Waking New Edition Dreams Come True Cyril Scott Kelly Sullivan Walden With a new introduction by This is a comprehensive dream book that Desmond Scott teaches you how to use your dreams to get what you want out of life. In addition, dream Composer and author, Cyril Scott, explores expert Kelly Sullivan Walden explains: the role of music in the evolution of ●● Tricks for remembering your dreams humanity and shows how it has pushed ●● How to heal yourself and others through human evolution forward. Exploring the your dreams works of classical composers Scott reveals What makes this book particularly helpful how their compositions were actively and useful is its wide range of topics and influenced by a hierarchy of initiates, ISBN: 978 1 59477 487 4ISBN: 978 1 57324 590 6 practical advice. Chock full of helpful evolved spiritual intelligences and devas to ITI  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 CON  |  272pp  |  140 x 216 anecdotes and filled with helpful exercises make the way fertile for human spiritual PB £14.99PB £14.99 and tips, this is truly a book that will allow evolution. Scott shows how the music of readers everywhere to make their dreams great composers affects not only those of related interest:of related interest: come true. listening, but, also, society as a whole – HarmonicLucid Dreaming £15.99 from Beethovens influence on the creation Experience HB £44.00Master of Lucid Dreams of psychoanalysis to Chopin’s influence on Healing Sounds £14.99£15.99 the emancipation of women.Simply Dreams £9.99 parenting The Safety Bubble The Finch Bumper A Practical Guide to Keeping Children Safe and Sound Book of Parenting parenting experts dr victoria atkinson This value-packed book gives readers an This book empowers families and unrivalled collection of advice from 13 of professionals alike with the information to Australia’s most renowned parenting understand how and why children are practitioners. Key advice from highly- injured and more importantly, teaches acclaimed Finch parenting titles is them to see and experience spaces through combined into one volume for easy access childproof glasses. Each chapter tackles to the topics that most concern parents. safety strategies for some part of a child’s Finch Publishing, which celebrated its world; from nursery and home setup, to the 20th anniversary in 2012, is recognised back garden, playground, pool, garage and worldwide for the quality of its Australian car. THE SAFETY BUBBLE, also, explains the parenting list including Steve Biddulph’sISBN: 978 0 85572 426 9 staggering array of baby equipment. bestseller, Raising Boys.MAP  |  260pp  |  135 x 210  of related interest: ISBN: 978 1921 462 849PB £19.99 How To Teach Your Baby To Read £11.99 FP  |  320pp  |  152 x 229  How To Teach Your Baby To Swim £12.99 PB £19.99 Yoga of Pregnancy Week By Week £12.9982
  • 6. psychology – parenting Fit Baby, If I Have to Tell You Smart Baby, One More Time... Your Baby! The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids to Listen Without Nagging, From Birth to Age Six Reminding or Yelling Glenn doman, douglas doman Amy McCready and bruce hagy In this invaluable book, founder of the The early development of mobility in new popular online parenting course, Postive babies is a vital part of their future ability to Parenting Solutions, Amy McCready presents learn and grow to full potential. a nag and scream-free programme for In FIT BABY, SMART BABY, YOUR BABY!, compassionately, yet effectively, correcting Glenn Doman, along with Douglas Doman your childs behaviour.ISBN: 978 0 75700 376 9 and Bruce Hagy guide you in maximising McCready draws on Adlerian psychology,SO  |  304pp  |  191 x 229 your childs physical capabilities. They which focuses on the central idea that everyfull col photos & ills throughout  clearly explain each stage of mobility and human being has a basic need to feel ISBN: 978 0 399 16059 2PB £16.99 show how to create an environment that powerful – children being no exception to the JPT  |  320pp  |  140 x 210  will help your baby more easily achieve that rule. According to McCready, when this needof related interest: PB £13.99 stage. Full-colour charts, photographs, isnt met in positive ways, kids resort toHow To Teach Your Baby illustrations and detailed, yet easy-to-follow, negative methods. She provides parents with of related interest:Math £11.99 instructions are included to help you create a virtual toolbox that they can use to give their Grow The Tree YouWhat To Do About Your an effective home programme. children the power they crave – and do away Got £13.99Brain-Injured Child £15.99 with the misbehaving that adults dread. Cocktails at Naptime Teenagers and Grief A Woefully Inadequate Guide Doris Zagdanski to Early Motherhood The death of a parent, sibling or friend is Gillian Martin and devastating for the teenager. Apart from Emma Kaufmann death, the most common way young people There are secrets that no baby book will tell experience grief is through divorce, you, stories that no parenting magazine will separation, a re-marriage or creation of a even touch with a pair of forceps. And that’s blended family. Other triggers include loss of a shame because out of postnatal home, pets and personal property through nastiness and the human struggle with fire, flood, obesity or poor body image. sleep-deprivation, couch stainage and TEENAGERS AND GRIEF is an important perineum bruising, comes forth humour; guide for teenagers and parents alike. lots of it. Read about how real mums try to Parents will find ways to help their childrenISBN: 978 1921 462 177 by showing them how to cope with loss andFP  |  256pp  |  148 x 208  lose their baby weight, discover how to transform your partner into a sex symbol helping them to express their grief,PB £23.99 thoughts and feelings. There is, also, using only household bleach and a pair of critical information on when parents need ISBN: 978 0 85572 405 4of related interest: rubber gloves and sing along to a selection to seek urgent outside help. MAP  |  112pp  |  135 x 210 Acupoint and Trigger Point of politically incorrect nursery rhymes. PB £14.99Therapy for Babies and Cocktails at Naptime is a hilarious of related interest:Children £16.99 look at those first twelve months (from birth Now That The Funeral Is Over £12.99 to back-to-work) and the perfect antidote to Whats Dead Mean? £12.99 the ‘how to’ parenting manuals and the glut When Pets Die £13.99 of ‘girlfriend’ books. Peaceful Parent, How to Be Happy Kids The Almost How to Stop Yelling and Perfect Parent Start Connecting Teens reveal the Guidance and Dr Laura Markham Support They Crave Most parenting books focus on changing a teenagers who know ISBN: 978 1 93165 704 4 childs behaviour, but the truth is that compiled by j. s. salt SI  |  144pp  |  152 x 114  children change only when their Here are truly wise parenting tips from the PB £7.99 relationship with their parents changes. When parents develop an empathic experts themselves – teenagers ages 13-18. Presented in their own words and of related interest: understanding that allows them to see handwriting, teens reveal the guidance, Be The Parent Your Child things from the child’s perspective, real support and understanding they crave. Deserves £11.99 change can take place for the good. Always listen to me, no matter how busy Happy Children £18.99 Bringing together the latest research in you are. – Jessica, age 15 How To Be The AlmostISBN: 978 0 39916 028 8 brain development with a focus on Be more open with me on adult Perfect Husband £7.99PGB  |  304pp  |  140 x 210  emotional awareness (for both parents and subjects so I can be more open with you. How To Be The AlmostPB £12.99 children), this approach eliminates threats, – Don, age 18 Perfect Wife £7.99 power struggles and manipulation,in favour of setting limits, with empathy and These meaningful suggestions are sureof related interest: communication. to touch your heart, tickle your funny boneDisconnected Kids £13.99 and show you how to give your teenageReconnected Kids £13.99 children the most important gift of all – love. 83
  • 7. psychology – parenting Baby Care Men at Birth Nurturing Your Real Stories from Australian Men about Baby Your Way the Birth of Their Children Rhodanthe David Vernon Lipsett Many men are bewildered, put off or just The arrival of a new baby can be an plain scared by the idea of childbirth. Birth overwhelming event. This book helps is one area of life where husbands and parents understand the needs of the tiny male partners do not have much control of individual who has entered their lives and what is going on. They may be left feeling provides reassuring advice about the many helpless in their ability to assist their ways to meet these needs. partner in one of the most significant Rhodanthe Lipsett has drawn together moment of both their lives. All these factors her knowledge, experience, and her can leave men feeling very out of place, wisdom gained over a lifetime of caring for awkward and sometimes downright useless! babies and those who care for them. She However, these beautifully written ISBN: 978 1 921 462 238ISBN: 978 1921 462 306 has added to that the best advice from stories about birth dispel many of the fears FP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 FP  |  480pp  |  155 x 230  experts in the field. The book’s subtitle is men have around birth and encourage and PB £23.99PB £27.99 ‘Nurturing your baby your way’, and that is guide men in ways they can be of most exactly what this book is about. assistance, both practically and emotionally of related interest: of related interest: during the big event. First-Time Father £19.99 The stories in Men at Birth cover Relieving Pelvic Pain Art of Giving Birth £14.99 a range of birth experiences, such as Bouncing Back After Your During and After Pregnancy home births, hospital births, surgical £14.99 Pregnancy £12.99 births and births where postnatal depression was a factor. Pleiadian Principles psychic awareness for Living A Guide to Accessing Dimensional Energies, Communicating With the Dancing on a Stamp Pleiadians, and Navigating These Changing Times Startling Revelations from the Other Side christine day Garnet Schulhauser The Pleiadians call this time the New Dawning, a time for us to renounce our Garnet Schulhauser, a retired corporate fear-based, three-dimensional illusions and lawyer, had an experience that changed his consciously align with the new fourth- and life. His Spirit Guide appeared in the guise fifth- dimensional energies that are of a homeless man and revealed answers anchoring on our planet. to “the big questions.” This book describes How can we live by Pleiadian principles that experiences and reveals universal and use them to assist us in our ISBN: 978 1 60163 261 6 wisdom that will both delight and amaze enlightenment process? This second major NPB  |  192pp  |  152 x 229  New Thought readers. title channelled by Christine Day is a PB £15.99 The spirit guide (Albert is his name) spiritual but practical roadmap that will revealed information that is antithetical to show you how to navigate through these of related interest: everything that Christian holy men have challenging, changingtimes, Pleiadian Agenda £12.99 preached for thousands of years and to understand the roles Pleiadian Initiations ofISBN: 978 1 88694 032 1 provides refreshing newinsights into the presaged by ourOMP  |  192pp  |  140 x 216  Light £18.99 journey of the soul. conscious choice. Pleiadian Workbook £15.99PB £12.99 of related interest: Meditations From Conversations with God £6.99 Questions and Answers On Conversations Archangels With God £13.99 Oracle Cards Book and Card Set Adriano Buldrini Artist and esoteric scholar, Adriano Buldrini, has created 22 paintings of the Archangels in oil, capturing the oldest and most authentic aspects of the angelic symbolism and traditions. This deck creates a channel between the human and the angelic, helping us to the light and to the love of the Lord. ISBN: 978 886527144 5 LS  |  192pp  |  88 x 125 22 full col cards full col throughout OR04  Boxed set £14.99 inc vat84
  • 8. psychology – psychic awareness The Tradition of Molecular Household Spirits Consciousness Ancestral Lore and Practices Why the Universe Is Aware Claude lecouteux of Our Presence Why do we hang horseshoes for good luck Françoise Tibika or place wreaths on our doors? Why does Revealing the intimate connections the groom carry his new bride over the between mind and matter, Françoise Tibika threshold? These customs represent the explains that conscious communication last vestiges from a long, rich history of exists all the way down to the very honouring the spirits of our homes. They molecules of which we – and the universe show that a house is more than a building: – are made. Using the fundamental laws of it is a living being with a body and soul. thermodynamics to support her argument Examining the extensive traditions – especially the first law: “energy is neither surrounding houses from mediaeval times created nor destroyed” – as well as modernISBN: 978 1 62055 105 9 to the present, Claude Lecouteux reveals scientific research in quantum physics and ISBN: 978 1 59477 484 3ITI  |  240pp  |  152 x 229 that humanity had an extremely sacred molecular biology, Tibika explores how each PSP  |  144pp  |  152 x 22921 b & w ills  relationship with their homes and all the atom of the universe is intrinsically linked 16 b & w ills PB £14.99 spirits who lived there alongside them – with all other atoms through their memories PB £12.99 from the spirit of the house itself to the and the information they carry. She shows mischievous elves, fairies and imps who not only how each atom of your being is of related interest: visited, invited or not. part of the greater whole of the universe, Darwin’s Unfinished of related interest: but, also, how your thoughts, feelings and Business £16.99 state of mind are profoundly related to the Morphic Resonance £16.99 Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop £9.99 activity of each of your molecules. Science and The Akashic Return of The Dead £16.99 Secret History of Poltergeists and Field £12.99 Haunted Houses £15.99 Witches Werewolves and Fairies £14.99 Your Psychic Soul Embracing Your Sixth Sense Judith Pennington Psychic development, intuition, sixth sense – all of these and more have become increasingly popular as the mainstream world experiences a paradigm shift toward a more holistic view of ourselves and everyone around us. The purpose of this book is to show you, the reader, how to tap into the superconscious knowledge and wisdom of your soul and its higher self in order to reach your highest potential and perhaps teach others how to do so. of related interest: ISBN: 978 0 87604 700 2 How To Get A Good Reading From A 4D  |  192pp  |  140 x 210 Psychic Medium £5.99 b & w ills Psychic Self-Defense £15.99 PB £14.99 Simply Psychic £9.99 Confessions of a Rebel Angel Science and the The Wisdom of the Watchers and the Afterlife Experience Destiny of Planet Earth Evidence for the Immortality of Timothy Wyllie Consciousness More than two hundred millennia ago the Chris Carter high angel Lucifer launched a revolution In this book, Chris Carter shows that which led to the quarantine of 37 planets, evidence of life beyond death exists and including our own, from the rest of the has been around for millennia, predating Multiverse. Now, after eons of isolation, the any organised religion. Focusing on three rebel angels are being redeemed and we key phenomena – reincarnation, are being welcomed back into the apparitions and communications from the benevolent and caring Multiverse with a dead – Carter reveals 125 years of massive transformation of consciousness documented scientific studies by and a reconnection to our celestial destiny. independent researchers and the BritishISBN: 978 1 59143 147 3 Writing through Timothy Wyllie, rebel and American Societies for PsychicalBC  |  488pp  |  152 x 229 ISBN: 978 1 59477 452 2 angel Georgia describes her years Research that rule out hoaxes, fraud and8pp col insert  ITI  |  384pp  |  152 x 229  stationed on Earth as a watcher. Arriving hallucinations and prove these afterlifePB £18.99 PB £15.99 500,000 years ago as part of the first phenomena are real.of related interest: angelic expedition to Earth she was sent He explains how these findings on the of related interest: here to prepare the indigenous inhabitants afterlife have been ignored and deniedReturn of The Rebel Science And Psychic for higher consciousness. because they are incompatible with theAngels £18.99 Phenomena £15.99 prevailing doctrine of materialism.Rise And Fall of The Science and The Near-Nephilim £14.99 Death Experience £15.99 85
  • 9. psychology – psychic awareness Ascension Cards Beyond the Source Accelerate Your Journey to the Light Part 1 Diana Cooper Messages from the Co-Creators of the Universe Each of the 52 beautiful cards offers a description of a specific ascension energy Guy Steven Needler or Ascended Master, guidance on its use Guy Needler has been in touch with God (or and an affirmation to assist with “The Source” ) and discovered that there assimilation of the wisdom. Through them are actually 12 Source Entities who are individuals will work with the gold and silver calling the shots and running the universe. violet flame for transformation and raise In this book, he records his conversations the energy in themselves and others, call in with six of the twelve and describes the unconditional love and draw on the work that each of them are engaged in. elements to bring hope, peace and love to Needler discovered a way to transport the world, among others. himself through meditation to the highest The subjects range from the 12 chakras dimension where god and the co-creatorsISBN: 978 1 84409 600 8 and fire through Commander Ashtar and exist. In that place and state he discovered ISBN: 978 1 88694 033 8FHP  |  80pp  |  130 x 187 Mother Mary’s aquamarine mantle. These many things about reality which he shares OMP  |  208pp  |  140 x 216 52 full col cards cards may be employed in a variety of ways in this book. PB £14.99boxed SET £14.99 inc vat – such as a daily source of guidance and inspiration, a point of study for a group of related interest:of related interest: discussion, a source for determining which History of God £13.99Transition To The Golden areas of an ascension path require theAge In 2032 £8.99 most immediate attention or as a 52-step study course for ascension. Angel Heart Sigils Mystical Symbols from the Angels of Atlantis Awakening Stewart Pearce illustrated by Richard Crookes Past Lives Sigils are seals and, like the Talisman of A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Exploration the fabled Grimoire, they bring about great John Z. Amoroso magic. In this Oracle, their kindled intelligence will utterly transform your life. This book is a step-by-step process to For when we feel that we are not in touch uncover and define the positive and with the Source, even though we are negative themes that dominate our lives extensions of Source energy, we may bathe and to start to explore the deeper roots of in their teachings and feel our lives those themes that reside in past lives. changed forever. In uncovering past life stories, readers As in the days of Atlantis, drawing just ISBN: 978 1 84409 606 0 will gain deeper insights as to how positive one card or two or three will utterly shift FHP  |  64pp  |  133 x 191 and negative themes function in their lives your perspective, providing you with a 44 full col cards  |  44 full col ills and how to de-energise the negative and feeling of sustainable joy and well being. boxed set £12.99 inc vat accentuate the positive. The exercises in Therefore, please place in your heart theISBN: 978 0 87604 685 2 the book allow the reader to regress back knowledge that the Archangels will always of related interest:4D  |  192pp  |  140 x 210 to past lives. ensure you choose the aspects that are Alchemy of Voice £7.99b & w ills  |  includes free CD Includes a 74-minute past life most significant for your learning and Angels of Atlantis Oracle74 mins regression audio CD. evolution, as they graciously hold you in Cards £12.99 inc vatPB £14.99 of related interest: love and light. Heart’s Note £7.99 Big Book of Reincarnation £15.99 Science and The Near-Death Experience £15.99 Your Pets Past Lives £8.99 The Lightworker’s True Angel Stories Source 777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration An Enlightening Guide to Awaken the Power Within Diana Cooper Sahvanna Arienta This inspirational book of 777 true angel stories, exercises and visualisations will open If you are a Lightworker you may be going you up to the wonders of the angelic realms. though life with a constant urge to embrace You will find yourself gasping in awe at some a higher purpose. You know you have a stories, shaking your head in wonder at calling but you don’t yet know what it is or others and nodding as you read the simplicity how to go about finding it. THE of many of them. Every page is full of LIGHTWORKER’S SOURCE is a much- reminders about how the angels can needed guide for newly awakened or even transform your life and exercises and fully conscious Lightworkers to reveal their visualisations that you can practise yourself. authentic selves and find fulfilment in the Stories are from teachers of the Diana lives they are destined to live. ISBN: 978 1 60163 248 7 Cooper School, with some strewn in from THE LIGHTWORKER’S SOURCE will help NPB  |  256pp  |  133 x 210 ISBN: 978 1 84409 612 1 other people and Diana herself; Diana herself you understand: PB £13.99FHP  |  256pp  |  152 x 229   adds a brief introduction to each story as well ●● The signs and symptoms of awakeningPB £11.99 as visualizations and meditations. to your Lightworker role of related interest: ●● How to use your dreams for guidance of related interest: Indigo Adults £13.99 and as a gateway to your higher self 2012 And Beyond £9.99 Lightworker £13.99 Angels of Light Cards £6.99 inc vat Psychic Intuition £14.99 87
  • 10. psychology – psychic awareness Communication Future Memory from the Other Side New Edition Death Is Not the End of Life, P.M.H. Atwater Love, or Relationships According to P.M.H. Atwater, one of the Anthony Quinata foremost investigators into near-death experiences, future memory allows people There is no doubt that Anthony Quinata to “live” life in advance and remember the is a gifted medium. His book is filled with experience in detail when something testimonials from the many lives he’s triggers that memory. touched. Each story brings hope, healing Atwater explains the unifying and and often humour to the people who are permanent effect of that experience is a reaching out – sometimes they come in “brain shift” which she believes “may be at pain or in grief, sometimes they are there the very core of existence itself.” In FUTURE to help a friend; many do not even have a MEMORY, Atwater shows that structural belief in the afterlife or an expectation that and chemical changes are occurring in ourISBN: 978 0 87604 621 0 any communication will occur. But brains, changes indicative of higher ISBN: 978 157174 688 74D  |  118pp  |  140 x 210  Anthony’s gift never fails to assist them evolutionary development. HRP  |  344pp  |  152 x 229 PB £10.99 and he finds that in helping others, he, PB £18.99 of related interest: too, has learned a great deal.of related interest: Beyond The Indigo Children £13.99 This Book Is From The Future £13.99Big Book of Near DeathExperiences £18.99 Journey of Children of the Angels the Fifth World A Guide to the Coming Changes in The Tobias Materials Human Consciousness Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe P. M. H. Atwater Tobias is the entity who first appeared to Atwater explains what is happening to our Geoffrey Hoppe on an airplane in 1997. species and our world – from neurological Tobias is an angelic being who has lived changes and climate upheavals to the drive many lifetimes on Earth and came back to be constantly “connected” through through the angelic realms for what he calls screen-based technology and the the “biggest evolution of consciousness unnecessary widespread use of drug humanity has ever experienced.” He therapies. She reveals through case histories lovingly assists those who are going how these children, born with universal through spiritual consciousness encoded in their DNA, act as transformations, seeking agents for world change by reflecting back to integrate their divinity ISBN: 978 1 59143 153 4ISBN: 978 1 57863 546 7 every misguided aspect of business, politics, BC  |  272pp  |  152 x 229  with their humanity religion, entertainment, technology andWB  |  208pp  |  140 x 216  and rediscovering the PB £13.99PB £14.99 culture so we can’t ignore what needs to be God within. His repaired. Atwater shows how children labeled spiritual and as autistic or otherwise “damaged” haveof related interest: inspirationalLive Your Divinity £14.99 enormous potential for greatness. messages have beenMagdalene Version £13.99 delivered through Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe for the past 15 years. Return Again Heavenly Hugs How to Find Meaning in Your Comfort, Support, and Past Lives and Your Interlives Hope From the Afterlife Georgina Cannon Carla Wills-Brandon Award-winning hypnotherapist, Dr. Georgina Nearly 2,000 cases of departing visions Cannon, shows how we can consciously and visitations from deceased relatives and influence our future by better friends collected by the author prove that understanding our past. Discover: there is life after death. At the moment of ●● Planes of existence physical death, departed loved ones return ●● Karma to the dying to ease travel from this life to ●● Soul Mates (you may have more than one) the next. Friends, family and healthcare ●● Past lives and your “interlife” – where workers, also, report seeing these loving you meet those with whom you have a spiritual travel guides. Such encounters soul contract to plan your next life. – reported by individuals from a wide Cannon offers a step-by-step process with variety of cultural, ethnic and religiousISBN: 978 1 57863 528 3 simple explanations and pragmatic exercises backgrounds – clearly illustrate that the ISBN: 978 1 60163 230 2WB  |  176pp  |  152 x 229  that readers can use to answer questions personality, soul or consciousness does not NPB  |  272pp  |  133 x 210 PB £14.99 about their past and current lives. disappear or “die.” PB £12.99 of related interest: To live our lives to the fullest, we must relieve ourselves of the false notion that of related interest: Healing Lost Souls £21.00 death is the end. Departing visions help us Near-Death Experiences, Past Life Dreamwork £13.99 do this. The Rest of The Story £16.99 Phoenix Cards £27.99 inc vat88
  • 11. psychology – psychic awareness The World’s The Paranormal Weirdest Places Equation Nick Redfern A New Scientific Perspective on Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance, and Other In THE WORLD’S WEIRDEST PLACES, Inexplicable Phenomena mysterious pages, you will find Redfern’s personal top 25 paranormal-themed James D. Stein locations and the strange, amazing and Scientists are generally highly sceptical of diabolical things that lurk within them. the existence of such phenomena as From the legendary Loch Ness to the slopes ghosts and communication with the dead, of Mount Shasta, California; from the dark extrasensory perception (ESP), precognition depths of the Solomon Islands to the heart and telekinesis. Nevertheless, many great of the Kremlin; and from the magical scientists have believed – and do believe landscape of Sedona, Arizona, to the – in the supernatural. turbulent waters of the Devil’s Sea of THE PARANORMAL EQUATION presents Japan, THE WORLD’S WEIRDEST PLACES an argument for the existence ofISBN: 978 1 60163 237 1 ISBN: 978 1 60163 228 9 reveals the sheer astonishing scale of supernatural phenomena based on thenpb  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 NPB  |  256pp  |  152 x 229 strangeness that dominates our planet. mathematics and science discovered25 b & w photos  PB £14.99PB £13.99 of related interest: during the last century. It, also, explains Memoirs of A Monster Hunter £12.99 why supernatural phenomena must exist if of related interest: the universe satisfies certain conditions – Parapsychology conditions which are accepted by many Revolution £14.99 working scientists. Science and Psychic Supernatural Phenomena £15.99 Writings on an Unknown History richard smoley The Everyday Nostradamus... channeling... Atlantis... divination. Most serious people consider Psychic such topics nonsense. But look again. A Practical Guide to Activating Writing with intellectual verve and a deeply Your Psychic Gifts critical mind, religious thinker Richard Karen Harrison Smoley explores and reconsiders the Discover how psychic you really are with this supernatural in history and today. comprehensive and practical guide to For any reader, at any level of experience, developing and honing your psychic skills. who has ever been curious about an arcane THE EVERYDAY PSYCHIC shows you how to subject – from psychical powers to secret harness your natural psychic abilities and societies – here is a book that experiment with psychic tools to get answers,ISBN: 978 0 39916 182 7 gives a complete yet precise, guide your decisions and enrich your life.JPT  |  240pp  |  133 x 210  critical, yet serious and For the curious seeker as well as thePB £10.99 always respectful account skilled practitioner, THE EVERYDAY PSYCHIC of topics from the unseen offers techniques, tips and tools designed ISBN: 978 1 57863 529 0of related interest: world. to awaken, refresh and sharpen one’s WB  |  240pp  |  152 x 229 Book Of Secrets £13.99 SUPERNATURAL is a natural psychic gifts by: PB £14.99Essential Nostradamus brilliant primer to the ●● Activating your psychic gifts£12.99 occult and magical ●● Becoming more intuitive of related interest:Mystery Traditions £16.99 traditions of the West. ●● Remembering your dreams Swami Panchadasi’s Clairvoyance & Occult Afterlife Powers £14.99 Conversations Angelic Creation with Hemmingway White Eagle Calendar 2013 A Dialogue on His Life, White Eagle His Work and the Myth This year the ever-popular White Eagle frank demarco calendar is on the theme of Angelic This book proceeds along three tracks. The Creation. The quotations from White Eagle first is the correction of The Hemingway inside help to attune to and work with the Myth. To correct the myth, it is necessary to angels. There are, also, meditations ISBN: 978 0 85487 225 1 understand: This is a matter less of new specially chosen to link with the vibrations WE  |  18pp  |  234 x 170 information than of new interpretation. A of each month and taken in part from the 12 b & w ills  second strand shows how communication book Planetary Harmonies by Joan spiralbound £5.99 inc vat with the non-physical proceeds, showing Hodgson who founded the White Eagle what can be done and how easily, so as to School of Astrology. The preface, also, of related interest:ISBN: 978 1 93790 706 8 encourage people to try it. contains meditations for the days of the Inner ReflectionsRR  |  400pp  |  152 x 229  The third strand, the most important, week, also from Planetary Harmonies. Engagement Calendar 2013PB £15.99 which depends upon the other two, The White Eagle calendar is designed to £14.99 inc vat provides a new model of the physical/ be a companion in the home or workplace. Planetary Harmoniesof related interest: non-physical Spiral-bound to be hung, with a cardboard HB £7.95Becoming A Writer £12.99 interaction, backing so it can also be placed on a desk Quiet Mind HB £4.95Jung The Mystic £14.99 demonstrating the or table. The images of nature provide a White Eagle’s Little Book ofScience and The Afterlife true function focal point and a reminder of the work of Angels £6.00Experience £15.99 of physical existence. the angels in creation throughout our world. 89
  • 12. psychology – psychic awareness The Book of Love Becoming and Creation Masters of Light A Channeled Text Co-Creating the New Age of Paul Selig Enlightenment Taking the channelled teachings of ‘I Am The darrin william owens Word’ into new territory, Paul Selig presents Darrins latest book addresses the coming this bold, bracing and tremendously and going of 2012. What has this shift practical work of spiritual psychology. meant for our planet? We are now in the In this latest revelation, the invisible New Golden Age of Enlightenment. Whats teachers who speak through Selig actually next? As a psychic intuitive and spiritual instruct readers in how they can develop teacher, Darrin stretches us beyond mere their own powers of clairvoyance, intuition reading and acquiring of spiritual knowledge and aura-reading. THE BOOK OF LOVE AND for knowledges sake and into the action of CREATION fulfils the promises made in the finding wisdom through the application ofISBN: 978 0 39916 090 5 previous work insofar as it helps readers our knowledge, then ultimately becoming ISBN: 978 0 87604 704 0JPT  |  416pp  |  140 x 210  unearth their personal abilities as builders and masters of light. 4D  |  96pp  |  133 x 210 PB £15.99 channellers and empaths. of related interest: PB £10.99 Filled with meditations, exercises, Emergence £16.99of related interest: psychological insights and affirmations, this Mayan Ouroboros £15.99Accept This Gift £8.99 book will immediately work changes in the Return of The Rebel Angels £18.99I Am The Word £13.99 lives of every committed reader. Transition To The Golden AgePsychic Energy In 2032 £8.99Codex £18.99 The Afterlife Out-of-Body of Billy Fingers Experiences How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me How to Have Them and What to Expect There’s Life After Death Robert Paterson annie Kagan Foreword by Charles Tart In 2004, “bad boy” Billy “Fingers” Cohen, a homeless small-time drug dealer and This is the comprehensive manual for addict in a state of drug induced euphoria inducing out of body experiences and ran into a busy intersection and was killed managing the experience. Peterson not instantly by a speeding car. only explores the stages of his own He left behind a grieving sister, a development, but also concludes each successful songwriter and chiropractor. For chapter with a specific exercise that takes weeks she struggled with grief and tried to you to the next level. make sense of Billy’s seemingly wasted life From wiggling out of your body for the and tragic death. first time (the author did a back flip his firstISBN: 978 1 57174 694 8 And then, the unexpected happened. time) to traveling through other realms and ISBN: 978 1 57174 699 3ITI  |  208pp  |  140 x 216  Billy began to communicate with her from dealing with your “encounters,” this is one HRP  |  288pp  |  140 x 216PB £14.99 the other side. His message to Annie, which of the most practical, step-by-step guides to PB £15.99 she shares with us, is a message of hope OBEs available. He clearly demonstratesof related interest: and affirmation. Death is not the end, it is howthis consciousness-expanding of related interest:Complete Idiot’s Guide to just the beginning. experience is accessible to anyone willing 7 Secrets of TimeLife After Death £14.99 to make the leap into the great beyond. Travel £12.99Science and The Afterlife Astral Dynamics £21.00Experience £15.99 Mentalist’s Handbook £15.99 Chasing Smallwood Earth Changes Talking with the Other Side Historical, Economical, Frank DeMarco Political, and Global In December, 2005, Frank DeMarco began edgar cayce several months of regular altered-state For the first time ever, all of the Edgar “conversations” with a man named Joseph Cayce readings dealing with earth changes Smallwood, who had gone west to Oregon are available in one volume. This material in the 1840s, had lived with the Indians in is insightful and discusses physical Minnesota and had fought as a Union changes, economic changes and changes officer in the Civil War. This book is a in global consciousness which Cayce saw record of those conversations. as our collective destiny. Also, included are of related interest: changes that Cayce foretold which may have been either “wrong” or “prevented” as Muddy Tracks £13.99 well as those which have yet to occur. Sphere and The Hologram £18.99 Taken together, the material provides anISBN: 978 0 98200 984 0 inspiring look at the future of planet earth.HB  |  224pp  |  140 x 216  ISBN: 978 0 87604 722 4 of related interest:PB £14.99 ARE  |  160pp  |  140 x 210  Edgar Cayce on Akashic Records £14.99 Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates £13.99 PB £13.9990
  • 13. psychology – relationships How to Move In relationships With Your Boyfriend (and Not Break Up with Him) tiffany current Communication Tiffany Current successfully navigated the perils of her live-in relationship only to Miracles for marry the man who provided fodder for her Couples “how to” guidebook. But it wasnt “all that” from the start. Within weeks of moving in Easy and Effective Tools to Create More with him, she was ready to chuck his Love and Less Conflict PlayStation out the window and hand his cat off to a stranger. After only a few short New Edition ISBN: 978 0 89793 574 6 months, she was ready to end her Jonathan Robinson relationship since they couldnt agree on HH  |  144pp  |  135 x 165 anything. Whether discussing cleaning 25 b & w ills  For anyone who wants to enhance their PB £10.99 relationship by learning to communicate habits, house rules or decorating tastes, with less blame and more understanding, everything turned into an argument. of related interest: this book will show you how to: The book is packed with witty communication tips, quizzes, Essential Guide To a Lasting ●● Feel totally loved Marriage £14.99 ●● Never argue again hilarious mock conversations and more, all designed to help you in How To Spot a DangerousISBN: 978 1 57324 583 8 ●● Get your partner to really hear you Man Before You GetCON  |  176pp  |  140 x 216  ●● Repair broken trust your decision to shack up or make the most of the situation youre Involved £14.99PB £12.99 Whether you are looking to enhance your relationship or are deeply mired in already in. Own up to your badof related interest: conflict, this book can help anyone develop habits and know your dealLife’s Big Questions £10.99 more effective communication with a breakers!Shortcuts To Bliss £13.99 spouse or partner.Shortcuts To Success £13.99 The Laws of Love Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams Sleeping Better Chris Prentiss Together Great relationships are the result of knowing the right steps to take to create a How the Latest Research Will Help You and fulfilling friendship with your partner. a Loved One Get a Better Night’s Sleep In this wise and practical work, Chris Gerhard Klosch, John Dittami Prentiss shows exactly how to work with 14 and Josef Zeitlhofer powerful Laws of Love to create the relationship of your dreams. These laws are Drawing on years of sleep studies, the time-tested principles that, for thousands of authors, sleep experts at the world- years, have brought soul-drenching renowned Medical University of Vienna, happiness and satisfying relationships to first give an overview of sleep patterns and those who have followed them. some remedies for common sleep Prentiss combines compelling ISBN: 978 0 94301 573 6 disorders. They describe how age, aging story-telling with empowering truths and PP  |  304pp  |  114 x 165  and hormonal changes affect our sleep and targeted action steps that can help anyone PB £10.99 move on to gender-specific differences. Did create a loving, long-lasting relationship.ISBN: 978 0 89793 567 8 you know that women dream differently Even in the most challenging times that of related interest:OPB  |  192pp  |  140 x 216  from men? Or that men sleep better with a come to us all, the LAWS OF LOVE will give Love Tactics £10.99PB £13.99 partner, but women get a better nights rest you the tools to make it through and thrive. Zen and The Art of sleeping alone? Many factors have an Happiness £12.99of related interest: impact on sleeping together and eachGood Night’s Sleep £14.99 chapter ends with advice on how to improveOvercoming Sleep Disorders your sleep when sharing a bed.Naturally £11.99 How To Be The Almost How To Be The Perfect Husband Almost Perfect Wife By Wives Who Know By Husbands Who Know J. S. Salt J. S. Salt What can a husband do to improve his What can a woman do to improve her wife’s life? That’s the question J. S. Salt husband’s life? That’s the question J.S. SaltISBN: 978 0 96671 561 3 asked more than a thousand wives aged asked more than a thousand husbands ISBN: 978 0 96671 562 0SI  |  128pp  |  152 x 108  19 to 78. Its a simple question, yet the (ages 18-82). Engaging, funny, honest and SI  |  128pp  |  152 x 108 PB £7.99 answers promise to do more for man/ revealing, heres the definitive guide to PB £7.99 woman relations than chocolates, flowers what men need from their wives. and all the sweet nothings a man can Finally, men reveal: muster. Honest, revealing, wise and funny, ●● What to do when he wants to go the answers are compiled in this priceless off with the guys guide, which finally answers the question ●● How to criticise (if you must) that has dumbfounded men since Adam bit ●● What to do when you KNOW he’s wrong the apple: “What does a woman want?” ●● How to deal with his shortcomings 91
  • 14. psychology – relationships Thank Your Love In The Time of Wicked Parents Algorithms Blessings from a Difficult Childhood What Technology Does For Richard Bach Meeting and Dating THANK YOUR WICKED PARENTS has at its dan slater core a shocking but undeniable truth: some The online-dating industry now serves parents are wicked and repeatedly lash millions and millions of singles worldwide. their helpless children with abuse and Once considered the realm of the lonely humiliation. Other parents, while not and desperate, this phenomenon has been intentionally malicious, nevertheless fail to embraced by every demographic. Dan provide their family with the loving kindness Slater tells the remarkable story of howISBN: 978 1 93790 702 0 that they need and deserve. But the author, online dating is spurring on a new kind ofRR  |  160pp  |  120 x 133  also, offers a positive message: while sexual revolution. Thanks to the efficiencyHB £10.99 uncaring, cruel parents can’t change the of the Internet, compatible mates are no long history of their abuse, grown-up longer a scarce commodity. Efficiency andof related interest: ISBN: 978 1 59184 531 7 children should not only let the misery of control are altering our perception of what’s CU  |  256pp  |  152 x 229 Hypnotizing Maria £15.99 the past go, but, also, learn from the possible in our personal lives and HB £22.00Messiahs Handbook £12.99 lessons that their parents unintentionally reconditioning our feelings about stability taught them through their actions. and commitment. A unique book, THANK YOUR WICKED Blending history, psychology and PARENTS is intended to offend abusive interviews with site creators and users, parents and, more importantly, to provide Slater takes readers behind the scenes of a their adult children with a new perspective on fascinating business. Dating sites like the past and a path to a far brighter future. Match and Plenty of Fish capitalise on our quest for love. But how do their creators’ ideas about profits, morality and the nature Self-Expansion of desire shape the virtual worlds theyve created for us and the relationships we Through Marriage engage in offline? A Way to Inner Happiness Swami Kriyananda Marriage, understood and lived expansively, is a path to transcendent love – to realisation of ones higher spiritual potential. This book is a practical and inspiring guide to help you follow the deeper call of your relationship. It will enrich not only your marriage, but your life. of related interest: 101 Relationship Myths £9.99 Love Tactics £10.99ISBN: 978 1 56589 268 2CC  |  230pp  |  140 x 216 PB £12.99 Random Acts The Caregiving of Kindness Wife’s Handbook Then & Now Caring for Your Seriously Ill Husband, Caring for Yourself The 20th Anniversary of a Simple Idea That Changes Lives Diana Denholm New Edition THE CAREGIVING WIFE’S HANDBOOK aims to help women get through their husbands’ Editors of Conari Press illness and death with compassion, Introduction by M.J. Ryan emotionally whole and without regret by helping them communicate clearly – and in Nearly twenty years ago, Conari Press steps – about issues affecting this unique published Random Acts of Kindness and caring relationship. launched a simple movement of people Without specific direction, many women being kind to one another in their daily lives. find themselves over the top with stress as To celebrate the 20th anniversary, theISBN: 978 1 57324 587 6 their lives change radically. As a qualified editors of Conari Press have compiled ISBN: 978 0 89793 605 7CON  |  256pp  |  127 x 178  medical psychotherapist and primary carer, RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS THEN & NOW, HH  |  168pp  |  140 x 216 PB £12.99 Diana Denholm recognised the need for a which includes the original book along with PB £12.99 step-by-step process to help womenof related interest: new material sourced from Facebook, Twitter communicate with their husbands to avoid and various other social networks. of related interest:More Random Acts of irreparable damage and regret. The inspiration for the kindness Cancer For Two £18.99Kindness £10.99 movement, Random Acts of Kindness is an Remember Me, Mrs V?Random Acts of Kindness antidote for a weary world. Its true stories, £17.99By Animals £10.99 thoughtful quotations and suggestions for Stroke Book £14.99 generosity inspire readers to live more compassionately.92
  • 15. psychology – self help Around the self help Writer’s Block Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance The Smart Guide to Rosanne Bane Managing Stress Do you want to write, but find yourself unable to get started? Edit your first page bryan robinson over and over and feel unable to move on? Keep your schedule so full that you don’t This action-packed book is brimming with have time to write? In AROUND THE chunks of practical tips and exercises on WRITER’S BLOCK, Bane helps us the nature of stress, what you can do to understand where writer’s resistance reduce most of it, manage the rest and live comes from: the “fight-or-flight” responses a healthy, productive, stress-free life. Bryan hardwired into our brains, which can make Robinson walks you step-by-step through us desperate to flee the source of our practical solutions to stress-proof your ISBN: 978 1 58542 871 7 anxiety by any means possible. Using the JPT  |  320pp  |  140 x 210 everyday life. Sprinkled throughout the most recent breakthroughs in neuroscience book, you’ll find quizzes, action-oriented PB £13.99 and a three-part plan that helps readersISBN: 978 1 93763 626 5 exercises, bite-sized tips, true stories, develop new, regular writing habits, Bane of related interest:SGP  |  272pp  |  191 x 235  stress statistics, highlights from stress coaches us on how to rewire our brain’sPB £15.99 research and the doctor’s prescriptions for Becoming A Writer £12.99 responses – turning writing from a source Write Your Memoir £7.99 stress reduction. of stress and anxiety into a source of joy Writing Down Your Soul of related interest: and personal growth. £14.99 From Fatigued To Fantastic! £15.99 Thunk! £9.99 5 Minutes to The Optimist Creed Stress Relief and Other Inspirational Classics Discover the Life-Changing Power of How to Release Fear, Worry, and Gratitude and Optimism Doubt… Instantly Christian D. Larson Lauren E. Miller Contemporary research has shown that Stress has three main fuels: worry, fear and optimistic people experience longer and doubt. They act like little serpents that healthier lives, better relationships and higher crawl into the lap of your life and wreak incomes. Generations before such findings, havoc emotionally, spiritually and physically. however, Christian D. Larson showed an But you have the ability to identify and amazing grasp of the life-changing power of dismiss these serpents that are trying to gratitude and optimism. Today, Larson is hinder your ability to maintain inner calm, known worldwide for his powerful meditation, clarity of focus and a motivated response to THE OPTIMIST CREED, and for his other all of life. classics of spiritual living. Here, at last, is an Stress is often called the silent killer. As anthology that makes his foundational ISBN: 978 1 58542 993 6ISBN: 978 1 60163 256 2 someone who battled the stress of writings available to the countless readers JPT  |  592pp  |  140 x 210 CP  |  192pp  |  133 x 210  advanced cancer and divorce – who already know his name and work. PB £13.99PB £12.99 simultaneously – Lauren equips you with of related interest: the ability to successfully handle any stressful situation – instantly. Power of Your Subconscious Mind £8.99 Science of Getting Rich £5.99 of related interest: From Fatigued To Fantastic! £15.99 Lost Art of Being Happy £11.99 The Million Dollar Shift Secret Hidden in 13 Exercises to Make You Who You Want to Be Your Mind Takumi Yamazaki Anthony Norvell It’s not that you’re lazy and it’s not that you THE MILLION DOLLAR SECRET HIDDEN IN lack motivation. No, you have plenty of YOUR MIND gives the formula for releasing motivation, but it always seems to fade your latent mental powers of visualisation away just when you need it. and affirmative thought to attain not only This book takes knowledge and material riches, but the inner wealth of inspiration from motivation specialists and friendship, love, intellectual development, distils it into something easy to understand. peace and happiness. Its methods and Thirteen exercises and seventeen exercises are so clear, so simple, so techniques illustrate points to help you take enjoyable that you will marvel at how the steps to keep, bring back or find the such basic steps can work such motivation you need to make the shift into incredible change. ISBN: 978 0 39916 197 1ISBN: 978 1 93554 806 5 who you want to be. JPT  |  320pp  |  133 x 210  of related interest:OPB  |  208pp  |  127 x 204  PB £10.99 of related interest: Prosperity Bible £16.99HB £16.99 Now Habit £12.99 Think and Grow Rich Every Day £12.99 Pearls of Wisdom £21.00 Think and Grow Rich Workbook £15.99 93
  • 16. The true reality is love! ! N EW Phyllida Anam-Áire Let Love Heal A New Consciousness for a New Age ISBN 978-3-85068-881-9 Paperback • 250 pages • 135 x 210 • £19.99 Health Books
  • 17. psychology – self help The Art of Living New Beginnings Out Loud Ten Teachings for Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life How to Leave Behind Your Baggage and Pain to Become a Happy, Whole, Perfect Sandy c. Newbigging Human Being with Unlimited Potential What if you could harness the power of the Meg Blackburn Losey universe to create the body, life and world you want? New Beginnings shares ten Master healer and metaphysical teacher, inner teachings for making the rest of your Meg Losey, experienced her own life crisis life the best of your life. in which she lost everything – her house, Every moment of every day offers a new her business and her relationship – and beginning. With the Ten Inner Teachings, was forced to learn how to accept this Sandy C. Newbigging shows you how to devastating situation. make every moment matter. He shares In THE ART OF LIVING OUT LOUD, Losey timeless wisdom and over 40 practical guides readers through the process of exercise for being present, feeling calm,ISBN: 978 1 57863 532 0 coming clean with ourselves, accepting who confident and content, freeing yourself fromWB  |  176pp  |  140 x 216 we are, discovering our purpose and problems, attracting what you want and ISBN: 978 1 84409 615 2PB £14.99 developing the courage to embody it. living a healthier, wealthier and happier life. OPB  |  192pp  |  127 x 197   PB £9.99 of related interest: Meditation Lifestyle £8.95 Now Habit £12.99 Now We’re Coping Thunk! £9.99 Grasping the Nettles of Life chris sangster Let Love Heal This book combines spiritually-based A New Consciousness for a New Age stances with real-life and business-based Phyllida Anam-Aire experiences, considering a wide range of Every one of us contributes to this world we techniques, applications and philosophies. live in but which we, also, find ourselves It is based on the belief that a focus on the complaining about it. Now it’s time to present or now, with a cross-relationship to choose: are we ready for a radically new positive future strategy planning where way of thinking, which will speed up our relevant, helps the individual establish and spiritual evolution? progress coping abilities. With her radical philosophy and healing The book aims to awaken and empower words, Phyllida Anam-Aire challenges us to the reader to take personal control of his/ accept what we really are, nothing less than her situations in life by experimenting with the embodiment of divine consciousness. the variety of stances presented. Some will The true reality is love. undoubtedly work better than others forISBN: 978 1 90539 830 0 of related interest: each individual – with some effort, aPOP  |  160pp  |  129 x 000  personal strategy will evolve for each Ancient Celtic Festivals £10.99 ISBN: 978 3 85068 881 9PB £8.99 engaged reader. Barddas £43.00 EPH  |  192pp  |  152 x 229 of related interest: Book of Pagan Prayer £16.99 PB £19.99In A New Light £8.99 Let Love In £23.99 inc vatView £11.99 No Mistakes The Trusting Heart How You Can Change Addiction, Recovery, and Adversity into Abundance Intergenerational Trauma Madisyn Taylor, michael aanavi Sunny Dawn Johnston and Carl Jung spoke of pistis, the trusting heart. HeatherAsh Amara He said that this fundamental capacity for Have you ever wondered if there was any trust is the precursor to faith and that without truth to the adage, “Everything happens for this essential quality, faith in something a reason”? Wonder no more. This is the greater – faith in one’s own process, faith in book that demonstrates the truth in that the wholeness of the psyche – is impossible. old piece of conventional wisdom. Madisyn For the author of this book, pistis involves the Taylor, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Heather Ash ability to trust one’s own subjectivity, one’s and twenty other motivational and felt sense, regardless of whether it jibes with inspirational authors and speakers explore what is externally acceptable or valid, how synchronicities, blessings and miracles regardless of the outcome.ISBN: 978 1 938289 11 8 In THE TRUSTING HEART, Dr. Aanavi can be found even in the most seeminglyHIE  |  216pp  |  127 x 178  writes about his experience over the past daunting circumstances. ISBN: 978 1 88860 256 2PB £14.99 twenty-plus years, both as a person in Written from the perspective that every CH  |  160pp  |  127 x 203  experience that you have is designed to be recovery and as a clinician. The book is PB £12.99of related interest: about his exploration, his process and his an opportunity for growth, No MistakesBeyond the Secret £14.99 commitment to both the profoundly of related interest: contains over twenty-five uplifting chapters,Practical Conscious personal and the remarkably vast. It is each contributed by a different author. Diary of A Drug Fiend £15.99Creation £12.99 about telling the stories of one’s experience Each story concretely demonstrates how Power of The Poppy £15.99 apparently dire circumstances are and committing to the integrity of one’s felt Thinking Simply About ultimately opportunities for blessings. truth and to following one’s energetic Addiction £12.99 thread wherever it might lead. 95
  • 18. psychology – self help Turning Dead Ends The Gifts of Grief into Doorways Finding Meaning in Loss How to Grow Through Whatever Therese Tappouni Life Throws Your Way This is a thoughtful, comforting, and Staci Boden practical book for those dealing with the pain associated with significant loss. Whether we like it or not, control is an illusion. Tappouni explores the grieving process and We can try hard to materialise something – a helps the reader discover new ways to heal new job, the perfect body, trust, our dream from the death of a loved one, the end of a partner, inner peace – without success. And marriage or financial catastrophe. sometimes life deals unexpected blows. This Tappouni, like a close and nurturing book introduces eight teachers to help us friend, walks the reader through the grief navigate the unknown in daily life – fear, process. Her guided meditations are awareness, choice, body, intuition, energy, designed to take into account the fact that intention and surrender. each one of us experiences the grievingISBN: 978 1 57324 491 6 With compassionate honesty and a process in different ways.CON  |  256pp  |  140 x 216 practical sense of humour, healing ISBN: 978 1 938289 09 5 of related interest: HIE  |  216pp  |  152 x 229 PB £14.99 practitioner, Staci Boden, shows how to interact with each of these teachers to better Grieving Garden £15.99 PB £14.99of related interest: navigate the ups and downs of daily life. Now That The Funeral Is Over £12.99Beyond The Secret £14.99 Teenagers and Grief £14.99Pearls of Wisdom £21.00 What’s Dead Mean? £12.99Practical ConsciousCreation £12.99 Soul Choices The Call of The Soul Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose A Path to Knowing Your True Self Kathryn Andries and Your Life’s Purpose Reading this book will bring you face to aila accad face with your true self and help you THE CALL OF THE SOUL presents a new discover parts of yourself never before perspective on the quest to find your encountered. Full of unconventional ideas, authentic self. When that quest is thought-provoking questions and engaging successful, you know who you truly are and activities, this book will propel everyone, what your life’s purpose is. This book regardless of age or religion, to examine provides a new way to approach the their lifes mission in a new light. journey, with a map and effective tools to A guidebook, resource manual and ease the struggle and assure success. workbook all in one! Soul Choices shows THE CALL OF THE SOUL shows you how how to successfully use six different to renegotiate the relationship between the methods of self-awareness to understand ego and the soul so you can step fully into yourself and your life mission. More than your purpose. Step by step, you will discoverISBN: 978 1 886940 42 0 130 thought provoking questions, exercises inner passion, purpose, peace, prosperity ISBN: 978 1 60163 274 6OMP  |  224pp  |  140 x 216  and tasks will lead you to uncover your and love – all by learning how to hear the NPB  |  256pp  |  133 x 210 PB £14.99 strengths and weaknesses. call of your soul. PB £13.99of related interest: of related interest:Now Habit £12.99 12 Secrets Of Highly SuccessfulThunk! £9.99 Women £15.99Zen and The Art of Excuse Me, Your Life Is WaitingHappiness £12.99 Playbook £16.99 Your Ultimate Life Plan £14.99 Adventure Life The Five Seasons A Life of Freedom With Tap Into Nature’s Secrets for Health, the Ones You Love Happiness, and Harmony Ayumu Takahashi joseph cardillo This is the story of Ayumu Takahashi, THE FIVE SEASONS is a simple yet effective author of Island Story and Love & Free. code for optimising the way you live. Based After dropping out of college to open a on the five universal seasons from successful chain of bars he starts his own traditional Chinese medicine as well as on successful publishing company, sells his Western psychology, THE FIVE SEASONS own number one hit autobiography, travels will teach you how to use the rising and around the world, returns with nothing and falling energies of nature’s seasons to train builds an eco-island village on the island of your mind and body to feel relaxed, Okinawa. energised and content – all year long. The And that’s just the start. This is a story formula is simple: change the way you of how a nobody can do anything and process nature’s energies and you willISBN: 978 1 93554 805 8 everything his heart desires. change your life.OPB  |  240pp  |  152 x 229  ISBN: 978 1 60163 258 6 of related interest: of related interest:PB £12.99 NPB  |  224pp  |  133 x 210 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself £13.99 Can I Have Your Attention? £12.99 4 b & w ills  Energy Cure £10.99 PB £12.99 From Fatigued To Fantastic! £15.9996
  • 19. psychology – self help The Toltec Path of Gratitude and Transformation Beyond Embracing the Four Elements of Change Five Insights for a Fulfilled Life Heather Ash Amara Allan Hunter Foreword by Vicki Noble What would happen if you went through a Heather Ash shares heartfelt shamanic Near death experience, but didn’t recognise wisdom on how to live a centred life. Those it? Near death experiences are very often interested in transforming their lives and presented to readers as a dramatic and consciously manifesting what they truly astonishing series of events, usually desire (whether it is enlightenment, living to accompanied by deep insights and our true potential or even doing better in profound wisdom. Yet when we read such school), must learn to live in balance with reports we are often left saying “nothing the four elements that are the foundation like that ever happened to me”. So it can of life – air, earth, water and the sun. be hard to relate to those experiences. Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the This book suggests that NDEs are moreISBN: 978 0 98187 719 8 frequent than we think and sometimes so ISBN: 978 1 84409 613 8HIE  |  192pp  |  140 x 216 Native American peoples (in particular the OPB  |  192pp  |  127 x 190   Toltecs), Asmara provides a practical and under-stated that we fail to recognise them.PB £14.99 Only by recognising the event can we draw PB £9.99 concrete daily practice for readers. She provides exercises, tasks, visualisations and out its lessons and the most important ofof related interest: personal stories that give the reader daily these is Gratitude.Complete Idiot’s Guide ToToltec Wisdom £14.99 access to shamanic wisdom. This is a guide of related interest:Gift of Forgiveness £5.99 for grounding, growth and transformation. Big Book of Near Death Experiences £18.99On The Toltec Path £15.99 Path of Synchronicity £8.99 Science and The Afterlife Experience £15.99 The Living Science and The Near-Death Experience £15.99 Light Cards Book and Card Set Sit a Bit Meg Blackburn Losey 5 Minute Meditations for Greater THE LIVING LIGHT CARDS can be used for Health, Harmony and Happiness personal guidance, initiation, divination and Victor M. Parachini even for re-harmonising the energy fields of Here are 5-minute meditations and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual methods that can truly transform your life. bodies. The deck itself consists of 78 You can do them right in your own home, at full-colour cards with a Major Arcana that can work, even on a train, bus or tube while on be used specifically for spiritual guidance your daily commute. All it takes is 5 alone and a Minor Arcana can be used with minutes – and an open mind. With them the Major Arcana for any type of reading you you will lower stress, increase peace, desire. Specific layouts are provided based deepen concentration and live a life ofISBN: 978 1 57863 512 2 upon sacred geometry principals as well as health, harmony and happiness.WB  |  88pp  |  83 x 133 layouts to be used for healing. Also answered in this book:78 full col cards  of related interest: ●● What is meditation?boxed set £28.99 inc vat Children of Now £13.99 ●● Why do people meditate? ISBN: 978 1 88694 034 5 Secret History of Consciousness £14.99 ●● Why does meditation reduce stress? OMP  |  96pp  |  140 x 216  Touching The Light £24.00 ●● Does meditation conflict with my PB £8.99 Christian beliefs? ●● How does meditation differ from of related interest: The Path of relaxation? ●● Which meditation is right for me? Complete Idiot’s Guide To Short Meditations £10.99 Emotions Meditation Is... £4.99 Transform Emotions Into Energy to Meditation Lifestyle £8.99 Achieve Your Greatest Potential New World Mindfulness £14.99 Dr. Synthia Andrews You may have been taught that happiness Messiah’s depends on suppressing or avoiding Handbook “negative” feelings. On the contrary, emotions Reminders for the Advanced Soul are the language of subtle energy providing information, direction, motivation and vitality. The Lost Book from Illusions Understanding and harnessing the power of richard bach emotions will help you make better decisions, heal your past and create the life of your The hero of Bach’s bestselling book dreams. Reading THE PATH OF EMOTIONS Illusions carried a small volume entitled will help you: THE MESSIAH’S HANDBOOK. For decadesISBN: 978 1 60163 238 8 ●● Interpret your instincts and gut reactions Bach fans have had one wish: to read theNPB  |  288pp  |  152 x 229 ●● Expand your subtle energy awareness handbook for themselves. Here it is. This10 b & w ills and increase your intuition edition contains never-before-seen wisdomPB £14.99 ●● Identify and release emotions that are along with passages from many of Bach’sof related interest: binding your energy, inhibiting your multi-million copy selling works including potential and causing physical pain Jonathan Livingston Seagull. ISBN: 978 1 93790 708 2Path of Energy £14.99 ●● Free up and use the energy currently of related interest: RR  |  160pp  |  114 x 127  bound up in limiting emotional patterns Hypnotizing Maria £15.99 HB £12.99 97
  • 20. psychology – self help Holistic Hardware My Life Building an Inspirational A Workbook Lifestyle in 30 Days Lyzz Yamazaki joseph h. holland A journey of self discovery for anyone who HOLISTIC HARDWARE outlines a 30-day wants to know more about themselves, this programme to transform an individuals workbook consists of 254 questions that circumstances and character using ten will provide invaluable insight into your true inspirational yet practical tools: the Vision self, your goals and your fears. The Tool, the Responsibility Tool, the Self-esteem experience of answering the questions is Tool, the Faith Tool, the Discipline Tool, the one of liberation, discovery and honesty. Association Tool, the Planning Tool, the Work Covering areas of your life from love, this Tool, the Wealth Tool and the Love Tool. The book will help move all aspects of your life dynamics of these holistic tools are to be into focus, leaving you with a clear vision of implemented systematically, one day at a who you are, who you want to be and an time, thus creating the building blocks of understanding of the path to get there. personal progress. Woven throughout this of related interest: ISBN: 978 0 97850 849 4ISBN: 978 1 59056 325 0 month-long plan are time-tested principles, OPB  |  188pp  |  127 x 178 Everyday Alchemist’s HappinessLTB  |  176pp  |  127 x 178  pragmatic strategies, enlightening examples HB £10.99 Handbook £8.99PB £11.99 and Biblical and real-life role models that will Now Habit £12.99 edify and inspire. Pearls of Wisdom £21.00 Your Ultimate WOW Life Plan A Handbook for Living: 31 Methods for Empowerment and Change How to Deeply Transform Your Everyday Experience and Create Changes That Last Zen Ohashi and Zono Kurazono Dr. Jennifer Howard Zen Ohashi is a master management coach whose methods have been introduced to YOUR ULTIMATE LIFE PLAN is the missing more than seventy major corporations, “how to” for getting unstuck and moving companies such as Exxon-Mobile, past your problems and into a richer and Fuji-Xerox, British Airways, Canon, Honda more meaningful life, creating lasting and Mitsubishi. In this volume he has change and making a difference. It’s a created a method for living. A way you, too, roadmap to living your most happy, most can be successful and powerful in your authentic, most amazing life. everyday life. Thirty-one phrases are It will help you improve every moment of coupled with simple methods and short your life by teaching you how to build: explanations designed to implementISBN: 978 1 60163 231 9 ●● Confidence: remove what is stopping you empowerment and change in lives of ISBN: 978 0 97850 848 7NPB  |  288pp  |  152 x 229 ●● Strength: move from your wounded ego readers. Designed to be carried with you OPB  |  208pp  |  152 x 22920 b & w ills into your sacred self and pulled out when you need it, WOW is b & w photos throughout PB £14.99 ●● Courage: make smarter choices by the ultimate handbook for life. PB £12.99 embracing your four levels ofof related interest: consciousness of related interest:From Fatigued To ●● Success: rise to your next level of Leader Phrase Book £12.99Fantastic! £14.99 happiness, clarity and transformation Manager’s PhraseNew Way To Be Book £12.99Human £13.99Now Habit £12.99 Your Spacious Self Thunk! Clear the Clutter and How to Think Less for Discover Who You Are Serenity and Success Stephanie Bennett Vogt Sandy C. Newbigging The author’s premise is that particularly in Positing that excessive thinking is stressful this time (a time when are lives seem to be for the body and can cause unwanted lived at warp speed), it is time to slow down, physical conditions, this informative book clear a space for oneself. This is a book that offers methods to create more peace of shows you how to clear the clutter from your mind and happiness by using less thought. home and from your soul. This is a book that Rather than change perceptions or teaches you to revel in your own attitudes about life, readers are asked to spaciousness, a place of stillness and joy. rise above beliefs to experience the real Our clutter, writes Vogt, becomes like self – beyond concepts of good or bad – another member of the family that we feed, and the peace that accompanies it. house and lug around. She shows us that it’s Bridging the gap between serenity and not our stuff, but the holding on to it that ISBN: 978 0 98187 718 1ISBN: 978 1 84409 603 9 success, this enlightening guide depicts the creates a force field of “stuck-ness” that HIE  |  224pp  |  178 x 229FHP  |  208pp  |  125 x 195  mind as a tool to be picked up and used as clouds our perceptions and paralyses our PB £15.99PB £9.99 required and then put away when its no lives. Clutter is not just the junk spilling out of longer needed, allowing for improvements the closet. It is any thing or thought that of related interest:of related interest: in relationships, creativity and intuitive- prevents us from experiencing who we truly Clearing £7.99Meditation Lifestyle £8.99 decision making. are. Clearing is not a tedious exercise of Healthy LivingNew World Mindfulness throwing away, but a gentle journey of slowing Space £18.99£14.99 down, letting go and cultivating self-care. Simply Feng Shui £9.9998
  • 21. psychology – self help Living the Promises Inspired and Coming to Life on the Road to Recovery Unstoppable Jenifer Madson Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! Living the Promises is a personal, Tama Kieves warm 365 reader that includes quotes and exhortations, celebrations and lists Tama Kieves, Harvard lawyer turned career of thanks and all manner of real-life coach, has spent the last decade crossing inspirations. Each month begins with the United States and Canada, speaking to a promise and each day explores tens of thousands of people and sharing that promise. her inspiring story of moving from a Jennifer Madson shares her ongoing career that was killing her to a life that story of recovery: what it was like, what has uplifted her, chronicled in her first happened and what it is like now, not with book, This Time I Dance! Creating the “drunkalogues,” but with stories, sayings Work You Love.ISBN: 978 1 57324 597 5 and strategies that will help you or Kieves discovered along her journeyCON  |  256pp  |  127 x 178  someone you know get sober, stay sober, that the way to success is an inspired path, ISBN: 978 1 58542 929 5PB £14.99 and live a life of joy. not a linear one. She brings her ideas and JPT  |  336pp  |  152 x 229  actions together in her latest work, HB £21.00 revealing that it is only in unleashing this Writing – the purpose that you can become truly happy and satisfied. Sacred Art Beyond the Page to Spiritual Practice rabbi bami shapiro The Freedom This isn’t about how to write spiritual books. of Being It isn’t about the romance of writing. It At Ease with What Is doesn’t cover the ins and outs of publishing and building a brand. Instead, this fresh and Jan Frazier unapologetic guide to writing as a spiritual Spiritual writer and teacher, Jan Frazier, practice approaches writing as a way to turn author of Step Into Freedom, offers the spiral of body, heart, mind, soul and practical and effective suggestions for spirit that leads to spiritual awakening. remaining in the present. She shows how Lead by renowned spirituality teacher, the more we pay attention without Rami Shapiro and award-winning writer and judgment, the closer we get to nirvana/ writing coach, Aaron Shapiro – andfeaturing heaven on earth.ISBN: 978 1 59473 372 7 over fifty unique, practical exercises – it Whether you feel stuck in your life, wantSLP  |  192pp  |  140 x 216  takes you beyond assigning inspirational simply to feel better or suffer less and livePB £14.99 words to the page. It shows you how to use more consciously, THE FREEDOM OF BEING your writing to unlock the joy of life and the offers a blueprint to make the shift. ISBN: 978 1 57863 517 7 infinite perspectives and possibilities that of related interest: WB  |  288pp  |  140 x 216  living provides. PB £15.99 Emergence £16.99 of related interest: When Fear Falls Away £14.99 Dance – The Sacred Art £14.99 Haiku – The Sacred Art £14.99 Sacred Art of Bowing £12.99 The Power of The Pen and the Bell Awareness Mindful Writing in a Busy World neville Brenda Miller Here is a signature volume and Holly J. Hughes of one of the most quietly Foreword by Norman Fischer influential and radical works ever written on the It can be difficult to create space for our creative potentialities of spiritual lives in a world crowded with human thought, THE distractions. THE PEN AND THE BELL is POWER OF AWARENESS. In this book, about gaining access to our deeper selves author, Neville, presents a concise, in the workaday world and bringing forth unforgettable statement of his core this authentic self in our writing. With both philosophy: that the world around you is a meditative and writing exercises in each picture in your minds eye, created by your chapter, it will help you awaken your thinking and susceptible to change by ISBN: 978 0 39916 266 4 creative soul and find a more rewarding life. altering your thoughts and feelings. JPT  |  208pp  |  133 x 210 ISBN: 978 1 55896 653 6 THE POWER OF AWARENESS, also, PB £10.99SHB  |  256pp  |  158 x 178 includes a special bonus work, AwakenedPB £12.99 Imagination, originally published in 1954. of related interest: This two-in-one volume forms a brilliant Beyond The Secret £8.99of related interest: introduction and users guide to the practical Neville Reader £15.99Becoming A Writer £12.99 philosophy of a great spiritual thinker. Resurrection £12.99Writing Spirit £12.99 Self-Aware UniverseWriting the Natural £14.99Way £15.99 99
  • 22. psychology – self help The Power of Instant Healing Patience Gain Inner Strength, Empower Yourself, and Create Your Destiny How This Old-Fashioned Virtue Can Improve Your Life Susan Shumsky M.J. Ryan INSTANT HEALING can help anyone find instantaneous transformation. By using This is a book that teaches you how to slow simple prayers and affirmations, we can the rush and to reclaim the forgotten virtue experience immediate healing, comfort and of patience. When you reclaim the forgotten solace. We can gain self-empowerment, inner virtue of patience you will: strength and wellness beyond our dreams. ●● Make better decisions INSTANT HEALING is for all those who ●● Feel better about yourself each and want to transform their minds and the every day atmosphere… in an instant. It provides ●● Create excellence hundreds of healing affirmations, along ●● Get more of what you want with instructions on how to use them. ●● Connect to hope These methods are simple and effectiveISBN: 978 1 57324 599 9 ISBN: 978 1 60163 239 5 ●● Live longer and with less stress and require no background or training. JustCON  |  224pp  |  140 x 216  NPB  |  224pp  |  152 x 229  ●● Waste less time, energy and money read the formula out loud, let go and allowPB £12.99 PB £13.99 ●● Create happier love relationships the words to work. The field-proven, ●● Become a better parent non-denominational, universal methods of of related interest:of related interest: ●● Grow in tolerance and empathy spiritual healing in this book have changed Ascension £13.99Attitudes of In short, this wise and warm guide teaches the lives of millions of people worldwide.Gratitude £12.99 Everyday Alchemist’s you how to enhance the quality of your lifeGiving Heart £12.99 Happiness Handbook £8.99 and the lives of those around you. How To Hear The Voice of God £14.99 Shades of Hope The Gift How to Treat Your Addiction to Food of Pain Tennie McCarty Transforming Hurt Into Healing Foreword by Ashley Judd Reissue There are millions of people who bounce Barbara Altemus from one diet to another with no Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, pain understanding of the link between comes in many forms, diligently avoided by emotional eating (compulsive overeating) most of us, even at the risk of sacrificing and not being able to keep off the weight. the quality of our lives. But pain can – and Author, Tennie McCarty, was herself an should – be a catalyst for change, a overeater, food addict and bulimic. Tennie doorway through which we travel on our confronted her addictions to unhealthy journey from suffering to joy. relationships, food, work and was finally In THE GIFT OF PAIN, author, Barbara able to find the one thing we all ultimately Altemus, links her personal journey of crave – serenity.ISBN: 978 0 42525 743 2 discovery with parallel experiences of ISBN: 978 0 39952 778 4 Using her trademark humour, inBB  |  352pp  |  133 x 210  world-renowned visionaries, artists, healers PGB  |  240pp  |  152 x 229  SHADES OF HOPE Tennie offers practicalPB £13.99 and peacemakers to explore and PB £12.99 solutions and a step-by-step programme understand the nature of pain. By drawing that teaches you how to let go of the bad of related interest:of related interest: on themes of pain – failure, loss, addiction, feelings that have imprisoned you and theAcid Alkaline Diet for lack of community and loss of homeland, Chronic Pain and never-ending cycle of diets, binges,Optimum Health £10.99 among others – these contributors share Debilitating Conditions negative behaviour and broken promises.Primal Body, Primal their intensely personal times of darkness Resolution £12.99Mind £16.99 and how these experiences ultimately lead How To Say Yes When YourSecrets of A Former to spiritual awakening and even joy. Body Says No £15.99Fat Girl £12.99Yoga Face £13.99 Blue Sky, White Clouds A Book For Memory-Challenged Adults Eliezer Sobel In spending time with his 86-year-old mother in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, author, Eliezer Sobel, discovered something astounding. Although ISBN: 978 1 93790 707 5 she could no longer speak full sentences or RR  |  32pp  |  279 x 216 follow a story line, his mother could still full col photos throughout  read! He observed her sitting in rapt HB £16.99 attention as she looked through magazines and coffee-table books, reading individual of related interest: words and short phrases aloud. He wrote Alzheimer’s Disease £15.99 BLUE SKY, WHITE CLOUDS for her: a Alzheimer’s Early simple, adult picture book with beautiful, Stages £14.99 realistic photographs and large, easy-to- Living with Alzheimers and read captions – perfect for any loved one Other Dementias £17.99 suffering with Alzheimers or dementia.100
  • 23. psychology – self help The Little Book Fearless Loving of Light 8 Simple Rules That Will Change the Way You Date, Mate And Relate One Hundred Eleven Ways Reissue to Bring Light Into Your Life New Edition Rhonda Britten Mikaela Katherine Jones Rhonda Britten continues to share her wisdom on achieving our full potential by Sad or stressed out by life and need a little ridding ourselves of the fears and doubts extra comfort, inspiration and love? that just get in the way. Shattering many of Whether you’ve lost your way or are just the conventional myths about relationships, having a bad day, THE LITTLE BOOK OF Rhonda Britten illuminates eight LIGHT is the ideal pick-me-up, reminding us basictruths of fulfilling love and her that love and joy are available in every step-by-step advice and renowned moment of our lives. “fearbuster” exercises will show how to use This elegantly packaged little gift book those truths to transform love and life.ISBN: 978 1 57324 577 7 will inspire, uplift and enlighten readers ISBN: 978 0 39952 942 9CON  |  128pp  |  102 x 152  with digestible nuggets of inspiration. PGB  |  272pp  |  152 x 229 HB £12.99 of related interest: PB £12.99 Everyday Alchemist’s Happiness of related interest: Handbook £8.99 Happy Pocket Full of Money £14.99 Change Your Life In 30 Days £12.99 Fearless Living £12.99 Living the Surviving Year 12 Life You Love A Sanity Kit for Students and Parents The No-Nonsense Guide to Total New Edition Transformation dr michael carr-gregg Paula Renaye In this new edition, Michael Carr-Gregg, Wishing your life were different doesn’t Australia’s leading adolescent psychologist, make it so. If you want to live a life that you gives advice on how to work smarter, truly love, it takes deliberate and soul- de-stress, get enough sleep and enjoy the searching work to work out what you really final year! want, why you don’t already have it and Updates in this new edition include a what you’re honestly willing to do to get it. discussion on how to avoid being trapped Like a best friend dispensing a little tough by social networking plus more love, Paula Renaye wraps a sturdy arm encouragement from leading school around your shoulders, forces you to look in principals: “Be positive, avoid disaster the mirror and says, “You can do this.” And thinking. You are more than your ‘score’!”ISBN: 978 0 96747 869 2DiB  |  208pp  |  140 x 216  then with a simple and practical step-by- ISBN: 978 1921 462 443PB £13.99 step process, she shows you how to FP  |  192pp  |  136 x 210  discover what’s been holding you back and PB £18.99of related interest: how to turn those limitations into life-Now Habit £12.99 transforming choices. of related interest:Practical Conscious Maximze YourCreation £12.99 Memory £12.99 Healing Rhythms CD Music for Dynamic Meditation and Vibrational Healing sun poong HEALING RHYTHMS utilises the healing power of rhythms to restore the vibrational integrity of your body, mind and spirit to an ideal state. When you listen to rhythmic sounds, your body, brainwaves and energy centres begin to vibrate in response. TheISBN: 978 1 93512 754 3 various sympathetic resonances that thisBLM  |  49 mins  |  126 x 140  CD produces with drums, flutes and thePB £18.99 inc vat human voice help to open the bodys energy pathways, promote healing andof related interest: stimulate creative expression. Use these sixHealing Sounds £14.99 music tracks to improve your meditationMusic and The Power of practice, release stress, feel more vibrantSound £21.00 or experience deeper self-awareness. EachSeed Sounds for Tuning track presents a unique experience ofThe Chakras £12.99 healing rhythms.Six Healing Sounds £14.99 101
  • 24. psychology – sexuality sexuality Magia Sexualis Making Love Sexual Practices for Magical Power Sexual Love The Divine Way Paschal Beverly Barry Long Randolph Barry Long shows us how And Maria de to restore the quality of Naglowska love that all women long Translated from for and most men the French with ignore. He explains where men go wrong an Introduction and why sexual and Notes by problems occur. He Donald Traxler identifies the errors women This has been heralded as the sometimes make and most influential book about sex magic encourages both partners to ever written, surviving solely through Maria rediscover the lost romance of love.ISBN: 978 1 59477 418 8 de Naglowska’s French translation. Barry Long is not concerned with sexual ISBN: 978 1 89932 414 9ITI  |  192pp  |  152 x 229 Published more than 50 years after techniques or controlling the orgasm - in BL  |  128pp  |  121 x 191 14 b & w ills  Randolph’s death, while the greater part contrast to other contemporary tantric PB £10.99PB £14.99 can be traced to Randolph’s known works, teachings. His purpose is to awaken a a significant portion cannot – leading to the profound awareness of the mystery of love of related interest:of related interest: and produce a genuinely divine union. For Making Love CD conclusion that this work wasAdvanced Sex Magic supplemented by Naglowska’s own sex the man and woman to be truly united a £17.99 inc vat£14.99 magic work and occult teachings. couple must bring honesty and truth into Meditation A FoundationLight Of Sex £14.99 This work shows that true power of the their whole life and partnership. And when Course £7.99Sacred Rite Of Magical spirit is acquired in conjunction with the the woman knows she is truly loved by the Start Meditating Now 2 CDLove £14.99 power of sex – affirming that “sex is the man they are both fulfilled. Set £17.99 inc vat fundamental force in every being, the most powerful force in Nature and the most characteristic evidence of God.” Sacred Sexual Sex Mudras Union Energy Movement Exercises for Sexual Vitality The Alchemy of Love, Power, and Wisdom Serge Villecroix Anaiya Sophia Mudras have been used for thousands of years in Hinduism and Buddhism to In these sacred unions we recognise the channel the movement of energy in the merging not only of Twin Souls, but, also, of body for physical enhancement and these lovers with the Divine. Anaiya Sophia spiritual enrichment. These sacred shows this Holy Marriage, complete gestures of the hands and body create a reunification with your Twin Soul and God, tangible link between body and mind, is not a secret reserved for the initiated or a conscious and unconscious and can be tradition lost to the ages. It is a potent, used to strengthen and invigorate specific living spiritual path enabling two beloveds organs or bodily systems. to experience the primordial state of Exploring the mudras of sexual vitality,ISBN: 978 1 62055 007 6 creation as one soul blessed by the Serge Villecroix, illustrates energy ISBN: 978 1 62055 003 8DB  |  192pp  |  152 x 229 Divine Light and Love of their Creator. movement exercises for men and women to DB  |  128pp  |  152 x 229 19 b & w ills  More than a meditative or yogic tone the genitals, increase libido, improve PB £12.99PB £14.99 practice, SACRED SEXUAL UNION offers a endurance and enhance pleasure. He transformative spiritual path to embrace reveals mudras for men to reach orgasm of related interest:of related interest: the threefold flame of power, love and without ejaculation and details shared Dare To Have SexForbidden Rumi £12.99 wisdom and satisfy your souls longing for exercises for couples to harmonise male Everywhere But InTantra £30.00 wholeness and reunion with the Divine. and female energies. Bed £9.99Womb Wisdom £16.99 Karsai Nei Tsang £14.99 Mudras £14.99 Sexual Reflexology £15.99102