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5 philosophy


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Deep Books 2013 Catalogue

Deep Books 2013 Catalogue

Published in: Education
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  • 1. philosophy The Great Seal eastern philosophy Limitless Space & Joy: The Mahamudra View of Diamond Way Buddhism Lama Ole Nydahl One Bird, One Stone THE GREAT SEAL, Lama Ole Nydahl’s 108 Contemporary Zen Stories refreshing and modern commentary on this Sean Murphy classic Buddhist text about the nature of mind, makes these teachings accessible to Introduction by many people. THE GREAT SEAL describes natalie goldberg our basis for development, the path and This is a distinctly Western take on the the goal of Diamond Way Buddhism and ancient tradition and practice of Zen offers insight into both the conditioned Buddhism. Drawn from the archives of world and absolute reality. THE GREAT major Zen centres in America and SEAL, or Mahamudra view, is compared to ISBN: 978 0 97529 540 3 interviews with some of the most seminal painting on water. Everything fits perfectly FWP  |  240pp  |  140 x 216  figures of American Zen, including Philip in the moment, yet while it appears it is, PB £15.99 Kapleau, Bernie Glassman and Walter also, dissolving. Enlightened actions work Nowick. One Bird, One Stone presents in the same way: here and now, beyond the notable encounters between teachers expectations or fears, without holding on or and students, the moments of insight and pushing away.ISBN: 978 1 57174 697 9 wisdom, the quotable quotes and the of related interest:HRP  |  228pp  |  152 x 229  humour of Zen as it has flowered in Entering The Diamond Way £12.99PB £16.99 America over the last hundred-plus years. Riding The Tiger £21.00 of related interest: Tell Me Something About Buddhism £14.99 Buddha’s Golden Path £13.99 Way Things Are £8.99 Monks and Me £14.99 Tell Me Something About Buddhism £14.99 Zen and the Art of Happiness chris prentiss The Zen of doing anything is doing it with a particular state of mind that brings the enO traP experience of enlightenment – and, through that experience, happiness. In ZEN AND THE ART OF HAPPINESS you will learn how to think and feel so that what you think and feel creates happiness and vibrancy in your luoS eht fo nedraG life rather than gloominess or depression. of related interest: ISBN: 978 0 94301 572 9 PP  |  137mins  |  146 x 152  Be Who You Want, Have What ou Want £13.99 CD £19.99 inc vat Little Book Of Secrets £8.99 Zen And The Art of Happiness £9.99 Rumi’s Buddha Speaks Little Book of Life To The Buddha Nature Within The Garden of the Soul, Rashmi Khilnani the Heart, and the Spirit This book provides powerful Rumi transformational healing through the keys of the Buddha teachings and brings deep Translated by Maryam Mafi insights into the present time about how and Azima Melita Kolin the wisdom of the past can be translated From Madonna to Deepak Chopra, celebrities into the here and now. It emphasises many have been recording and embracing Rumis of the historical Buddha’s teachings poetry for decades, creating a resurgence of ondetachment and the causes of pain, interest in this 14th century Sufi mystic. suffering and ignorance, while placing them This beautiful collection of 196 mystical in a contemporary context. If you wish to poems, previously unavailable in English, bring meditation into your eating, sleeping, focuses on one of lifes core issues: coming waking states of being; if your intention isISBN: 978 1 57174 689 4 to become centred in detached awareness to terms with the inner life. During the ISBN: 978 1 93790 703 7HRP  |  224pp  |  127 x 178  in all realms of your life; if you wish for course of life, each of us is engaged on an RR  |  128pp  |  140 x 216 PB £12.99 practical down-to-earth and simple ways in inner journey, and this is a guidebook for PB £15.99 that journey. The poetry is a companion for which to walk your talk and bring spiritualof related interest: wisdom into the here and now, this is the those who consciously enter the innerForbidden Rumi £12.99 book for you. world to explore the gardens within – out ofHafez £14.99 the everyday world of dust – through an of related interest:Rumis Four Essential ascending hierarchy that restores ones Buddha For Beginners £14.99Practices £12.99 soul to the heart; the heart of the spirit;Sufi Book of Life £13.99 and in finding spirit, transcending all. 59
  • 2. philosophy – eastern philosophy Tai Chi Wu Style Wide Awake Advanced Techniques for A Buddhist Guide for Teens Internalizing Chi Energy Diane Winston Mantak Chia and Andrew Jan Many of today’s teenagers are tired of the Centred on a “small frame” stance – that pressure to compete and consume – and is, feet closer together and arms closer to are looking for a different way to live their the body – and a slower progression of lives. This book offers an alternative: the movements, Wu Style offers a gentle Tai Chi 2,500-year old practice of Buddhism. form for beginners. The more functional Written in a style that will have immediate stance, smaller movements and appeal to young “seekers” and those conservation of internal energy make wanting to understand the ancient Wu-Style Tai Chi ideal for older practitioners teachings, this book addresses such as well as those with health disabilities. relevant topics as peer pressure, emotional Condensing the 37 movements of Wu difficulties, stress, fostering peace and Style into 8 core forms, Master Mantak even protecting the environment. ForISBN: 978 1 59477 471 3 Chia and Andrew Jan illustrate how to build everyone looking for self-help, self-esteemDB  |  256pp  |  152 x 229 a personal short-form Wu-Style Tai Chi and self-awareness. ISBN: 978 0 39952 897 2full col throughout  practice. They explain how Wu-Style Tai Chi PGB  |  304pp  |  133 x 203 PB £15.99 removes energetic blockages and helps PB £13.99 to elongate the tendons, reducingof related interest: stiffness and allowing the limbs to of related interest:Inner Structure Of return to their natural length and Tiny Buddha £14.99Tai Chi £16.99 full range of motion. RegularIron Shirt Chi Kung £14.99 practice of Wu Style relieves backTai Chi Fa Jin £15.99 pain as well as reducing abdominal fat, the biggest hindrance to longevity. Demystifying The Monks and Me Patanjali How 40 Days in Thich Nhat Hanh’s French Monastery Guided Me Home The Yoga Sutras (Aphorisms) Mary Paterson Paramhansa Yogananda With the death of her father, Mary Paterson A great spiritual master of ancient times, felt as if she had no place to stand. She had Patanjali, presented humanity through his lost her home. Paterson’s response to this Yoga Sutras with a step-by-step outline of life crisis, was to embark on a pilgrimage to how all spiritual aspirants achieve union Plum Village, the retreat of Nobel Prize- with God. He called this universal nominated Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat experience “yoga” or “union.” Since then, Hanh. This wonderfully frank and funny scholars have written commentaries that chronicle of her 40-day sojourn offers bury Patanjalis insights in confusing terms readers the 40 Buddhist precepts that she like “mental modifications.” Thankfully, a learned. The primary theme is the necessity modern yoga master – Paramhansa of discovering how to “take refuge” or find a Yogananda – has resurrected Patanjalis permanent home within ourselves – withoutISBN: 978 1 56589 273 6 ISBN: 978 1 57174 685 6 original teachings and revelations. taking oneself too seriously.CC  |  196pp  |  152 x 229  HRP  |  256pp  |  140 x 216  In DEMYSTIFYING PATANJALI, Swami With chapters such as The LessonPB £14.99 PB £14.99 Kriyananda shares Yogananda’s crystal in a Bad Fish, The Man Who Nicked My clear and easy-to-grasp explanations. Headphones, How a Monk Washes His of related interest: of related interest: Face, and How Not to Be Sneaky, this Buddhism Without Autobiography of a Yogi £11.99 lyrical, wise, and witty personal journey Beliefs £11.99 Mudras £14.99 book is inspirational and a joy to read. Dhammapada £12.99 Polair Illustrated Yoga Dictionary £9.99 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali £15.9960
  • 3. philosophy – jewish interest Tough Questions jewish interest Jews Ask A Young Adult’s Guide to Building a Jewish Life The Sabbath Soul Second Edition Rabbi Edward Feinstein Mystical Reflections on the Transformative Power of Holy Time In Judaism we’re allowed to ask questions. But for young people, it often feels as if no Selection, Translation and one is willing to take tough questions about Commentary by Eitan Fishbane religion, ourselves and the world seriously. Enrich your spiritual experience of Shabbat This updated and expanded new edition by exploring the writings of mystical turns that all around. With honesty, humour masters of Hasidism. Drawing from some of and respect, Rabbi Edward Feinstein the earliest teachings in the family of the tackles topics as diverse as: Ba’al Shem Tov through late nineteenth- ●● Why does God let terrible things happen? ISBN: 978 1 58023 454 2 century Poland and the homilies of the ●● What is God anyway? JL  |  160pp  |  152 x 229 Sefat ‘Emet, Eitan Fishbane evokes the ●● What’s the meaning of life? Is that a PB £13.99 Sabbath experience – from candle lighting stupid question? and donning white clothing to the Friday With insight and wisdom Rabbi Feinstein of related interest: night Kiddush and the act of sacred eating. encourages young people to make sense of I Am Jewish £15.99ISBN: 978 1 58023 459 7 Fishbane interprets a wide range of Hasidic the Jewish tradition by wrestling with what What You Will See Inside AJL  |  208pp  |  152 x 229  sources previously we don’t understand. Synagogue £7.99PB £15.99 unavailable in English thatof related interest: reflect the spiritual transformation that takes Text MessagesJewish Spirituality £10.99 place on the seventh day. A Torah Commentary for TeensShabbat £16.99Wit and Wisdom of The edited by rabbi jeffrey k. salkinTalmud £12.99 Young people need to be included in the struggle for meaning, for the right questions From Defender to ask and the search for useful and relevant answers. This is the book that has to Critic been missing from the ever-expanding bookshelf of Torah commentaries – a The Search for a New Jewish Self collection of messages on each Torah david hartman portion, specifically for today’s teens. It shows them how each Torah portion Dr. David Hartman presents his own painful contains worlds of meaning for them, for spiritual evolution from defender of the what they are going through in their lives rule-based system of Jewish law to and how they can shape their Jewish revolutionary proponent of a theology of identity as they enter adulthood. ISBN: 978 1 58023 507 5 empowerment. In this daring self- examination, he explains how his goals of related interest: JL  |  304pp  |  152 x 229  were not to strip halakha – or the past – of Modern Men’s Torah HB £21.00 its authority but to create a space for Commentary £21.00 questioning and critique that allows for the Way Into Torah £14.99 traditionally religious Jew to act out a moral Womens Torah life in tune with modern experience. Commentary £16.99ISBN: 978 1 58023 515 0 In achieving this synthesis of traditionJL  |  336pp  |  152 x 229  with the sensibilities of contemporaryHB £30.00 Judaism, Hartman captures precisely what creates vitality in living Judaism and charts Maimonides the path to nurture its vitality forever. Essential Teachings on Jewish Faith & Ethics We Have Sinned The Book of Knowledge & the Thirteen Principles of Faith Sin and Confession in Judaism – Annotated & Explained Ashamnu and Al Chet Translated By Edited By Rabbi Marc D. Angel Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman No Jewish thinker has had a more Through a series of lively introductions and significant impact on Jewish religious commentaries, almost forty contributors thought than Moses Maimonides (1138– – men and women, scholars, rabbis, 1204). A mediaeval philosopher whose theologians and poets, representing all vision covered an extensive range, he Jewish denominations – examine the created a method of mediating between history of confession in Judaism, its roots in revelation and reason that laid the ISBN: 978 1 59473 311 6 the Bible, its evolution in rabbinic and groundwork for a rational, philosophically SLP  |  224pp  |  140 x 216  modern thought and the very nature of sophisticated Judaism. PB £15.99 confession for men and women today. In this accessible examination of of related interest: Maimonides’s theological and philosophical of related interest:ISBN: 978 1 58023 612 6 All These Vows £21.00 teachings, Rabbi Marc D. Angel opens up Hasidic Tales £14.99JL  |  304pp  |  152 x 229  End of Days £14.99 for us Maimonides’s views on the nature of Hebrew Prophets £14.99HB £21.00 God, providence, prophecy, free will, human Zohar £13.99 nature, repentance and more. 61
  • 4. philosophy – religion Edgar Cayce’s Story religion of the Bible Robert W. Krajenke According to Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), the The Cathar View most-documented psychic of our time, the The Mysterious Legacy of Montségur Bible is a sourcebook for spiritual development that applies to every facet of Edited By Dave Patrick our lives. Beginning with the story of The Thirteenth-Century Cathars, slaughtered Genesis and the creation of at Montségur in 1244, today offer an souls and culminating with alternative to mainstream Christianity that, the promises of Jesus for many, integrates better both with ancient and The Revelation, pagan traditions and with modern new age you will discover the attitudes than does the church. powerful plan that Contributors to THE CATHAR VIEW range has been in place ISBN: 978 0 87604 703 3 from the scholarly to the ‘alternative’. since the Beginning ARE  |  560pp  |  152 x 229  Chapters take us from accounts of their – a plan set in PB £24.00 predecessors, the Bogomils, through to a motion to restore review of recent ‘heretical’ viewpoints about humanity’s fallen the holy Grail – the basis of the Da Vinci consciousness to itsISBN: 978 1 90539 828 7 code and the burgeoning legend of Mary true heritage as spiritualPOP  |  288pp  |  183 x 254  Magdalene. There are contributions about beings.PB £12.99 Cathar sympathisers such as Otto Rahn,of related interest: who for many is the original for Indiana Jones and a look at some of the occultists Professional SpiritualCrusade AgainstThe Grail £14.99 who have been intrigued by the Cathar inheritance, such as the mysterious Polaires. & Pastoral Care A Practical Clergy andMontsegur and The Mystery Chaplain’s Handbookof The Cathars £15.99View £11.99 Edited ByView Beyond £12.99 Rabbi Stephen B. Roberts This essential resource integrates the classic The foundations of pastoral care with the latest approaches to spiritual care. It is specifically Angel intended for professionals who work or spend time with congregants in acute care hospitals, and The psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation centres and long-term care facilities. Sorcerer Offering the latest theological perspectives and tools, along with basic ISBN: 978 1 59473 312 3 The Remarkable Story of the Occult SLP  |  480pp  |  153 x 229 theory and skills from the best pastoral and Origins of Mormonism and the Rise of HB £44.00 spiritual care texts, research and concepts, Mormons in American Politics the contributors to this resource are Peter Levenda of related interest: experts in their fields and include eight current or past presidents of the major Caresharing £14.99 Based on Levenda’s research into Disaster Spiritual Mormonism, Freemasonry and esoteric chaplaincy organisations. Care £35.00 societies over the past thirty years, this Jewish Pastoral book is intended for an audience that is Care £26.00ISBN: 978 0 89254 200 0 curious about Mormonism in light of theIB  |  224pp  |  152 x 22912 b & w ills  fact that at the beginning of 2012 there were two Mormons running for the GOP Answering thehB £15.99 presidential nomination against two Roman Catholics. There has been much confusion Contemplative Call in the media over various Mormon First Steps on the Mystical Path phenomena, such as the “magic Carl McColman underwear”, polygamy “Big Love” style and much else. This book examines the beliefs McColman shows readers how to apply and reveals the facts of Mormon ideas and the riches of the mystical tradition to practice, starting with its founder Joseph daily living. Smith Jr. who began his religious career ●● “Recognising the Call,” explores how with rituals of ceremonial magic and each one of us is called to the mystical divination and ended it with Freemasonry, life and what that might look like. the largest militia in the state of Illinois, a ●● “Preparing for the Journey,” shows what candidacy for US president and we need to do in response to the assassination. contemplative call. ●● “Embarking on the Adventure” of related interest: considers what those first steps on the ISBN: 978 1 57174 677 1 Book of Mormon £14.99 path might look like. HRP  |  192pp  |  140 x 216 Freemasonry £10.99 Along the way McColman quotes from the PB £14.99 Ratline £23.00 great mystics of the Christian tradition who Tantric Temples £55.00 have, also, travelled this path, including of related interest: Teresa of Avila, Thomas Merton, Evelyn Big Book of Christian Underhill and more. Mysticism £18.99 Life of Evelyn Underhill £15.9962
  • 5. philosophy – religion Sacred Treasure A Fight for The Cairo Genizah Religious Freedom The Amazing Discoveries of Forgotten A Lawyer’s Personal Account Jewish History in an Egyptian of Copyrights, Karma and Synagogue Attic Dharmic Litigation Rabbi Mark Glickman Jon Parsons In 1896, Rabbi Solomon Schechter of The compelling story of a groundbreaking, Cambridge University stepped into the attic 12-year legal battle launched against the of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo and smaller Ananda Church by the established there found the largest treasure trove of and wealthy Self-Realization Fellowship – mediaeval and early manuscripts ever both followers of spiritual master, discovered. He had entered the Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the synagogue’s genizah – its repository for classic Autobiography of a Yogi. SRF’s damaged and destroyed Jewish texts – intent was, as the judge observed,ISBN: 978 1 58023 512 9 which held nearly 300,000 individual “to put Ananda out of business.” ISBN: 978 1 56589 266 8JL  |  288pp  |  152 x 229 documents, many of which were over Includes rare vignettes that offer a CC  |  232pp  |  152 x 229 b & w photos  1,000 years old. timeline glimpse into the challenges of PB £14.99PB £15.99 This is the first accessible, comprehensive Yogananda’s own mission to the West. account of this astounding discovery. It will of related interest:of related interest: delight you with its fascinating adventure Autobiography of A Yogi £11.99Discovery Of The Nag story and it will show you how Schechter’s Autobiography of A YogiHammadi Texts £16.99 find, though still being “unpacked” today, Card Deck £16.99 inc vatMystery Of The Copper forever transformed our knowledge of theScroll Of Qumran £21.00 Jewish past, Muslim history and much more. Create Your Graces Own Religion Prayers and Poems for Everyday Meals and Special Occasions A How-To Book without Instructions June Cotner Daniele Bolelli Seeing the need for such inspiration at her family’s table, June Cotner compiled a Create Your Own Religion is a call to notebook of poems, prayers and songs that arms – an open invitation to question all she solicited from friends, poets, family the values, beliefs and worldviews that members and ministers. She has turned humanity has so far held as sacred in order her family’s well-worn notebook into this to find the answers we need to the very elegantly packaged edition, which will practical problems facing us. complement your finest table setting. Writer, philosopher, and professor of Arranged by thirteen themes, this comparative religion, Daniele Bolelli, leads beautiful gift-book contains 133 poems, the reader through three thousand years of prayers, songs, invocations and salutationsISBN: 978 1 93887 502 1 mythology, misogyny, misinformation and that span the centuries and draw from ISBN: 978 1 57324 578 4DIS  |  352pp  |  152 x 229  the flat-out lies about “revealed truth” that many traditions, by figures as diverse as CON  |  184pp  |  140 x 165 PB £16.99 continue to muddle our ability to live a Robert Browning, Walt Whitman, Starhawk, PB £13.99 peaceful life, free of guilt and shame and Chief Seattle, Helen Keller, Kahil Gibran, the ultimate fear of death. Saint Francis of Assisi and Albert of related interest: Irreverent, and illuminating, Create Schweitzer. From prayers at mealtime and Pearls of Wisdom £21.00 Your Own Religion challenges readers to special holiday graces to a Gaelic Blessing Seeker, The Search, The re-examine what it means to be human and or an ancient Chinese Prayer, GRACES Sacred £14.99 bring a better way of life into existence. offers fitting words for every occasion. The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide 5th Edition Edited By Peter Morales THE UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST POCKET GUIDE is one of the most complete introductions to Unitarian Universalism available, covering ministry, worship, religious education, social justice and history. The 2012 edition is the most complete revision in over a decade. Contributors include Kay Montgomery, JohnISBN: 978 1 55896 606 2 Crestwell, Gail Geisenhainer, RosemarySHB  |  120pp  |  127 x 178  Bray McNatt, Jane Ranney Rzepka, MarkPB £5.99 Belletini, Judith Frediani, Rebecca Parkerof related interest: and Dan McKanan.Unitarian Universalism Is aReally Long Name £10.99 63
  • 6. philosophy – religion I’m God You’re Not The Individuation Observations on Organized Religion & Other Disguises of the Ego of God Integrating Science and Religion Lawrence Kushner peter b. todd With his signature candour, wit and compassion, Kushner helps us reconnect Todd argues for the integration of science with the why and how of our spiritual lives. and religion to form a new paradigm for the He encourages us to find new perspectives third millennium. He counters both the on the life-stuff that shapes them and arguments made by fundamentalist gently reminds us of the Source of it All. Christians against science and the rejection These inspiring often startling insights of religion by the New Atheists, in particular will warm you during the dark times of your Richard Dawkins and his followers. Drawing own doubts even as they brighten your on the work of scientists, psychologists, quest for meaning, faith, identity, philosophers and theologians, Todd community and holiness. challenges the materialistic reductionism of our age and offers an alternativeISBN: 978 1 58023 513 6 of related interest: ISBN: 978 1 88860 255 5 grounded in the visionary work takingJL  |  256pp  |  152 x 229  Book of Miracles £14.99 place in a wide array of disciplines. CH  |  192pp  |  152 x 229PB £15.99 Eyes Remade for Wonder £15.99 PB £16.99 of related interest: God Is Not Dead £16.99 Self-Aware Universe £14.99 The Essential The Perfect Mystics, Poets, Matrimony Saints, and Sages Why Sex and Religion are Inseparable A Wisdom Treasury Samael Aun Weor Richard Hooper THE PERFECT MATRIMONY contains a complete introduction to the profound and This is the world bible for mystics, with beautiful mystical knowledge from which all entries from hundreds of men and women the world’s great religions have blossomed. saints from all ages and religions. This First published in 1950, this book contains volume stresses the beauty of religious the first public revelation of the esoteric language and mystical experience, teachings of Alchemy, Tantra, Kabbalah and including hundreds of entries from the the mysteries of the Mayans, Aztecs, greatest poets and mystics of all time. Egyptians, Tibetans, Eleusians, Essenes Included are selections from William and hundreds more. Blake, Ramakrishna, Rumi, St. John of theISBN: 978 1 57174 693 1 of related interest: Cross, Osho, Tagore, Chuang Tzu and ISBN: 978 1 93420 668 3HRP  |  384pp  |  152 x 229 another 150 more mystics from the Mystery Of The Golden Blossom £12.99 GP  |  384pp  |  152 x 229b & w photos  Christian, Sufi, Hindu, Jewish, Taoist and Sex Texts From The Bible £14.99 PB £15.99PB £18.99 Buddhist traditions.of related interest:Monks and Me £14.99Rumi’s Little Bookof Life £12.99 The Thomas Jesusgate Keating Reader A History of Concealment Unraveled ernie bringas Selected Writings from the Contemplative Outreach Newsletter This is not a religious book; it is a book Thomas Keating about religion. Specifically, this work seeks to assess the Jesusgate phenomenon. The For a quarter of a century, Trappist monk, term Jesusgate, used herein, indicates that Fr. Thomas Keating has been contributing Christian leaders, by acts of commission articles on Centering Prayer to the and omission, have seriously neglected newsletter of Contemplative Outreach, their responsibility to share with the laity the organisation that he helped establish vital information about the origins of to promote this tradition. THE THOMAS Christianity and the Jesus tradition. As a KEATING READER gathers for the first result, an incredible knowledge gap has time thirty of those articles to offer a ensued between what scholars of religion valuable overview of some of the main now know, as opposed to what lay peopleISBN: 978 1 59056 343 4 strands of Fr. Thomas’ thinking and have been led to believe. practice on Centering Prayer, Lectio ISBN: 978 1 93790 704 4LTB  |  272pp  |  127 x 203  of related interest: RR  |  336pp  |  152 x 229PB £16.99 Divina and interreligious dialogue. Jesus The Wicked Priest £13.99 PB £15.99 Woman with The Alabaster Jar £14.99 of related interest: Centering Prayer and The Healing of The Unconscious £16.99 Divine Therapy & Addiction £12.9964
  • 7. philosophy – spirituality & inspirational Saint spirituality & inspirational Ignatius Loyola The Spiritual Writings Seeing, Selections Annotated & Explained Knowing, Being mark mossa A Guide to Sacred Awakenings This fascinating introduction to Ignatian John Greer spirituality draws from contemporary translations of original texts focusing on the Living a spiritual life has nothing to do with practical mysticism of Ignatius of Loyola. fixing ourselves. It is simply a matter of Excerpts from The Spiritual Exercises, his awakening to what we already are. The real autobiography and his collected letters and work of self-discovery – and the answer to our instructions provide direct insights from suffering, emptiness and loss of meaning – is Ignatius about the role of humility, learning to see in a different way. obedience, discernment, sin and self- ISBN: 978 159473 301 7 In this all-embracing work, Greer artfully awareness in spiritual life. Substantive SLP  |  288pp  |  140 x 216  traces the steps and stages of the delicate facing-page commentary illuminates PB £15.99 process of awakening. He shows how we Ignatius’s perspectives on many key aspects can move from society’s hand-me-down of Christian spirituality.ISBN: 978 0 61552 183 1 version of reality to the wonder of our trueTCP  |  256pp  |  140 x 216  nature – from conceptual, habitual patterns of related interest:PB £12.99 of thinking to knowing the truth by being. Infancy Gospels of Jesus £14.99 What Greer shows, with great wisdom Lost Sayings of Jesus £14.99of related interest: and compassion, is that when you put Sacred Writings of Paul £14.99Pearls of Wisdom £21.00 aside the map of the mind, you can follow Spiritual Writings on Mary £14.99Seeker, The Search, The the compass of your heart.Sacred £14.99 Rastafarian Karma is Negotiable Children of Solomon Destiny and the Divine Power of Love The Legacy of the Kebra Nagast and Nikais Annas the Path to Peace and Understanding Karma is not blind destiny or divine Gerald Hausman judgment, but is the principle that describes During his 15 years living in Jamaica, Gerald the natural reverberation that emerges from Hausman developed deep friendships with every action, whether that action is physical, Rastafarians and rootsmen, enabling him to emotion, mental or spiritual. Suffering and experience first hand the beliefs and pain are not punishment from a tyrant God, traditions of these followers of the Kebra nor are they “normal” or mere “coincidence.” Nagast – the African gospel excised from the When we truly understand the law of action King James version of the Bible. and consequence, we can see that our lives Through interviews with fishermen, are a result of our own moment to moment mystics and wise men, as well as direct ignorance of the effects of our actions. encounters with spirits, he reveals the deep ISBN: 978 1 59143 154 1 No matter what religion or background wisdom that underlies the “old ways” of theISBN: 978 1 93420 652 2 BC  |  152pp  |  152 x 229 we come from, through conscious action Rastas. He connects their stories, lives andGP  |  216pp  |  102 x 153  8pp col insert  from moment to moment, we can originate teachings with biblical passages as well asPB £9.99 PB £11.99 a new set of causes, which in turn will reggae songs. generate a new set of results. The power of related interest:of related interest: to change is in our hands.First Steps On A Spiritual Great Book of Hemp £19.99Path £5.00 Hemp Manifesto £7.99Practical Conscious Marijuana Medicine £21.00Creation £12.99 Pot Book £16.99 Finding Time The Rule of Antioch for the Timeless Deus Caritas Est Spirituality in the Workweek herman adrian spruit John McQuiston II The Rule of Antioch is LOVE. “Antioch” is where the apostles and followers of Jesus This collection of actual examples offers gathered and were first called “Christians,” refreshing stories of everyday spiritual and represents the earliest spiritual practices people use to free themselves tradition of those who practised the from the work and worry mindset of our teachings of Jesus. This apostolic lineage culture. Full of insight and inspiration, continues to this day, in a blend of Catholic FINDING TIME FOR THE TIMELESS will help sacramentalism and mysticism, while its empower you to see how even your busiest essential message remains the same – working week can include spiritual habits “LOVE is not only the Rule of Antioch – it isISBN: 978 1 59473 383 3 and routine. a Law of Life.’slp  |  208pp  |  127 x 165  This small book by the “Bish,” as he of related interest:PB £8.99 was lovingly called, is an introduction to the How To Reduce Workplace Conflict and writings of a mystic, as penned in an ISBN: 978 1 57733 255 8 Stress £12.99 ecstasy of Love with all creation. BD  |  66pp  |  140 x 216  Zen Leader £14.99 PB £8.99 65
  • 8. Paramahansa “ Fa t h e r o f Yo g a Yogananda i n t h e We s t ” The Yoga of Jesus The Yoga of Understanding the the Bhagavad Gita Hidden Teachings of the Gospels An Introduction toCompiled from The Second Coming of Christ India’s Universal Science of God-Realization Quality Paperback, 160 pages £12.99 Quality Paperback, 192 pages £12.99 ISBN 978-0-87612-556-4 ISBN 978-0-87612-033-0 Autobiography of a Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda’s soul-awakening life story is a spiritual journey of love and enlightenment that has changed the lives of millions. Long considered a classic, this book introduces the revival of Kriya Yoga as a science for realizing God. Quality Paperback+Free CD, 520 pages, 80 photos £10.99 ISBN 978-0-87612-083-5 Mass Market Paperback, 604 pages, 53 photos £7.99 ISBN 978-0-87612-079-8 The Second Coming God Talks With Arjuna of Christ The Bhagavad GitaA monumental interpretation that reveals Yogananda’s illuminating the deeper teachings of Jesus. translation and commentary. Quality Paperback, 2-volume slipcase, Quality Paperback, 2-volume slipcase, 1,688 pages £26.00 1,224 pages £26.00 ISBN 978-0-87612-557-1 ISBN 978-0-87612-031-6 Man’s Eternal Where There Is Quest Light Collected Talks & Essays Insight and Inspiration Quality Paperback, 472 pages for Meeting Life’s Challenges £15.99 Quality Paperback, 216 pages The Holy Science ISBN 978-0-87612-232-7 £9.99 Scientific Healing An immensely profound yet little known ISBN 978-0-87612-276-1 Affirmationsspiritual treatise written in 1894 by Yogananda’s Quality Paperback, 78 pages £5.99 guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar ISBN 978-0-87612-144-3 Hardcover, 128 pages £12.99 ISBN 978-0-87612-051-4 T C W  P Y S e l f - R e a l i z at i on F e l l o w s h i p F O U N D E D 1 9 2 0 B Y PA R A M A H A N S A YO G A N A N D A
  • 9. philosophy – spirituality & inspirational The Seven Kosmos Chakra Sisters An Evolutionary and Wholistic Account of Creation Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy, Laughing, Dennis Milner Loving, and Wise Dennis Milner proposes that our Universe is Linda Rosenthal part of a living, evolving “Kosmos” that “started life” as an unconscious state of Each of us have 7 major energy centres or dormant energy. This energy stirred into chakras located along the spine. The activity and out of this there has arisen a chakra theory/energy healing theory is succession of Universes, in which the based upon the idea that if you sort out Kosmos expresses and experiences itself. your chakras, if they are balanced properly, The scientific investigations have shown you will be healthier and happier. how the Universe and life on Earth have This book teaches the principles of energy developed, the Kosmos viewpoint shows healing through an imaginary tale that is fun, why it has all happened in the way that it accessible and mildly zany. Rosenthal has and the meaning and purpose behind ISBN: 978 1 88694 030 7ISBN: 978 1 57174 692 4 introduces us to the chakras as if they were it all. It offers new insights into: OMP  |  592pp  |  216 x 279 HRP  |  256pp  |  140 x 216  seven sisters for example – Aneeda, the ●● The Creation versus Evolution controversy PB £24.00PB £14.99 Needy One, the root chakra (color red) ●● The nature of “God” and Intelligent Design Through her droll exploration of the ●● The Big Bang theory of the creation ofof related interest: personalities and relationships of these our UniverseChakras £16.99 chakral siblings, Rosenthal concretelyMicrochakras £21.00 explores how the chakras affect healthSubtle Energy Body £26.00 and well-being. Chakras Auras Coming Full Circle Subtle Bodies Ancient Teachings for a Modern World white eagle Lynn Andrews There is another part of the self – which Lynn Andrews has gathered stories from exists in tandem with the physical – the most profound teachings she has and through which one is able to access received over the years from the women of levels of reality which are not physical, but the Sisterhood of the Shield, members of are what the Ancient Wisdom used to call an ancient shamanic society deeply etheric or we might call spiritual. Through embedded in native cultures and traditions this book White Eagle shows us how to all over the world. These shamanic, understand these other parts of ourselves philosophical and inspirational teachings and to work consciously with them to raise of wisdom are now our own awareness and to help others. condensed into one very important book. Her unique and eloquent narrative style ISBN: 978 1 93790 701 3ISBN: 978 0 85487 231 2 reveals and explains RR  |  286pp  |  140 x 216 WE  |  192pp  |  138 x 216  how the application of PB £15.99PB £8.99 ancient healing techniques of related interest: can relate to the Tree of Dreams £12.99 modern world. Writing Spirit £12.99 Seed Sounds for The Power Tuning the of Ecstatic Trance Chakras Practices for Healing, Spiritual Growth, and Accessing the Universal Mind Vowels, Consonants, and Syllables for Spiritual Transformation Nicholas E. Brink James DAngelo A student of Felicitas Goodman and Belinda Gore, psychologist, Nicholas Brink, Using the Sacred Alphabet sound-healing examines more than 20 traditional trance teacher, James D’Angelo, explores the postures for divination, decision making, intimate connections between vowel, letting go of guilt and grief, healing of consonant and syllable combinations, each illness and emotional pain, spirit journeys, of the 7 chakras and their corresponding shape-shifting, interacting with animal psychological traits. He explains, for spirits and the dead, and discovering past example, how the vowel sound “uh” lives. Exploring the physiology andISBN: 978 1 59477 460 7 connects to the root chakra and is found in psychology of ecstatic journeying, he offers ISBN: 978 1 59143 152 7DB  |  128pp  |  152 x 229 such words as “support” and “trust,” words guidance for those with little or no BC  |  288pp  |  152 x 2293 b & w ills & 66 min CD  deeply linked to the emotional character of experience as well as methods for longtime 22 b & w illsPB £12.99 this chakra. Revealing the voice as the practitioners to deepen their practice and PB £15.99 master instrument for transformation, he reclaim the extrasensory power of ourof related interest: provides an extensive selection of vocal ancient ancestors.Healing Power of The exercises to re-tune and purify each of related interest:Human Voice £16.99 chakra. The accompanying CD guides you through each exercise and the proper Ecstatic Body Postures £24.00Sound Medicine £18.99 Ecstatic Experience £16.99 toning of each chakra’s sounds. 67
  • 10. philosophy – spirituality & inspirational Light from Darkness The Seasoned Soul The Practical Science of Reflections on Growing Older Spiritual Awakening Eliza Blanchard Samael Aun Weor No matter where are on the path, growing Everything in existence functions because older is a journey we all share. of laws of nature. Knowledge of those laws These eighty-seven elegant essays is what allows us to accomplish anything in reflect on aging, using wise and inspiring life. Our spiritual and religious life is no quotations from many cultures and different. Spiritual awakening is, also, religious traditions. They will help you tap managed by laws in nature. On every level into your own resources, lightening your of existence, there are basic facts that spirit and the spirits of those around you. manage creation, development, decay and Throughout, they provide guidance and death. Our consciousness or soul is no encouragement, for navigating life changes, exception to these facts and by knowing dealing with fear, retaining dignity and about them, we can achieve our complete passion and living a life of meaning.ISBN: 978 1 93420 669 0 development as a human being. THE SEASONED SOUL will help all of us ISBN: 978 1 55896 662 8GP  |  192pp  |  102 x 153  Samael Aun Weor explains the face the joys and challenges of aging with SHB  |  184pp  |  140 x 216PB £8.99 fundamental laws and energies that we the insight and grace. PB £11.99 need to consciously harness in order to of related interest:of related interest: reach our full potential.Revolution of Creative Aging £14.99Beelzebub £10.99 Living Your Unlived Life £12.99World of Klipoth £11.99 Stress Less (For Women) £13.99 The Spiritual The Keys to the Power of Sound Universe Cards The Awakening of Consciousness Diana Cooper and and the Laws of Nature Kathy Crosswell Samael Aun Weor You can become an enlightened ascended At every level of the universe, creation is master in this lifetime and The Keys to movement, sound, a vibration of energy. The Universe Cards accelerate your That is why all the ancient scriptures progress to this illumined state. Each exclaim that creation begins with a sound, beautiful card has 144 words, the number symbolised by the Word of God that says, that resonates with Source and the angels “Let there be Light.” Spiritual light – insight, will guide you when you work with them. understanding and personal experience of These cards will change your life. the Divine – is, also, created by means of There are 50 Keys in total: sound, by the motion of energy within us. ●● 48 Keys which will enable you to unlock Learn how the forces of creation flow in all the secrets of other realms ISBN: 978 1 84409 609 1ISBN: 978 1 93420 682 9 of nature, especially within us. By ●● 2 Golden Cosmic Keys, Hollow Earth FHP  |  52 cards  |  133 x 191 GP  |  176pp  |  102 x 178  conscious use of the energy that pulses and Sirius allowing you to attune to the PB £12.99 inc vatPB £8.99 within us, we can open our spiritual eyes wisdom of the whole cosmos. of related interest:of related interest: and ears to the creative power of sound. The perfect accompaniment to the book “The Keys to the Universe”, Angels of Light CardsHealing Sounds £14.99 packaging the essence of this title £6.99 inc vatSoundscape £14.99 in a practical card format. Keys to the Universe £10.99 Transition To The Golden The Future of Age In 2032 £8.99 Human Experience Dawn Visionary Thinkers on the Science of Consciousness of the j. zohara meyerhoff Akashic Age hieronimus New Consciousness, For almost three decades Zohara Quantum Resonance, Hieronimus has interviewed spiritual and the Future of the World teachers and, as Hieronimus reveals, one Ervin laszlo and common theme resonates through them kingsley l. dennis all: the power of human consciousness. Sharing insights from her discussions with The world is changing. The transition from Larry Dossey, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Graham the mechanistic worldview to one that Hancock, Raymond Moody, Rupert recognises the interconnectedness of all Sheldrake, Zecharia Sitchin, Gay Bradshaw, life is upon us. It is the dawning of theISBN: 978 Candace Pert and many others, Hieronimus Akashic Age. The Akashic field thatDB  |  352pp  |  152 x 229 explores what these visionary thinkers connects the universe is now recognised by31 b & w ills  ISBN: 978 1 62055 104 2 foresee for humanity based on current cutting-edge science. What we know aboutPB £16.99 ITI  |  224pp  |  152 x 229  trends in medicine, science, agriculture, communication, energy and consciousness PB £12.99of related interest: Earth history, robotics and spirituality. is rapidly evolving in tandem with the newNew Science and quantum worldview. Many adults are of related interest:Spirituality Reader £12.99 consciously evolving to meet the New Consciousness For aScience and Psychic transitional challenges at hand, while New World £14.99Phenomena £15.99 today’s youth have arrived already Science and The AkashicSelf-Aware Universe £14.99 hard-wired with the new consciousness. Field £12.9968
  • 11. philosophy – spirituality & inspirational Sacred Geometry Living the and Spiritual Science of Mind Symbolism Unabridged Audio CD The Blueprint for Creation Ernest Holmes read by Scott Vance donald b. carroll Living The Science Of Mind is Ernest There is evidence that the “knowing” of Holmes’ own commentary on his classic spirituality can be unified with the Science Of Mind textbook. While the ISBN: 978 0 91133 611 5 observations of science through two foundation and principles of Science of DV  |  140 x 140 geometric symbols consisting of the Mind are well-established in the textbook, 15 CDs  triangle and the arc and their aspects. here you’ll find the guidelines, applications, CD £50.00 inc vat Author, Carroll, shows how, through the topics and lessons conveyed in the personal millennia, religions have intuited the of related interest: style that filled Dr. Holmes’ classes and importance of these shapes and Basic Ideas Of Science of Sunday-morning meetings to overflowing. incorporated their symbolism throughout Mind £8.99ISBN: 978 0 87604 736 1 Founder of the Science of Mind philosophy their beliefs, while these same shapes have Basic Principles Of Science4D  |  288pp  |  140 x 210  and worldwide movement and author of been found by modern science to be the of Mind £18.99PB £15.99 metaphysical bestsellers, Dr. Holmes essence of life and the cosmos. This shared Living The Science continually sought to simplify his teaching geometry is not mere coincidence. of Mind £19.99of related interest: so people could understand, adapt and Questions and AnswersDimensions of realise the benefits of these spiritual On The Science of MindParadise £14.99 principles in an ever-changing world. £12.99Math for Mystics £14.99 Spiritual Ecology The The Cry of the Earth Edited By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Heart-Mind Matrix How the Heart Can Teach the Mind With its accelerating climate change, New Ways to Think species depletion, pollution and acidification of the oceans, our present ecological crisis Joseph Chilton Pearce is the greatest man-made disaster this Foreword by Robert Sardello planet has ever faced. A central aspect of Expanding the revolutionary theories this crisis is our forgetfulness of the sacred explored in the bestselling The Crack in the nature of creation and how this effects our Cosmic Egg and The Biology of relationship to the environment. There is a Transcendence, Joseph Chilton Pearce pressing need to articulate a spiritual explains how the heart provides the response to this ecological crisis. This is vital balancing intelligence to the brain’s and necessary if we are to help bring the calculating intellect, an innate system of world as a living whole back into balance. emotional-mental coherence lost This compilation includes contributions ISBN: 978 1 59477 488 1 generations ago. By severing ourselvesISBN: 978 1 89035 045 1 from Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Berry, Sandra PSP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 from our heart intelligence, we are left withGS  |  296pp  |  140 x 216  Ingerman, Pir Zia Inayat Khan, Bill Plotkin, 13 b & w ills  our selfish, survival-oriented reptilianPB £10.99 Jules Cashford, Wendell Berry, Winona PB £14.99 brains, which create and reinforce “strange LaDuke and Brian Swimme, among others. loops” between potential and actual reality, of related interest: leading to our modern world’s endless cycle of self-inflicted disasters and social crises. Biology of Pearce explains that in order to break these Transcendence £14.99 cycles, we must reconnect with the Crack In The Cosmic The Lotus compassionate intelligence of the heart. Egg £14.99 Heart’s Note £7.99 and the Lily Access the Wisdom of Buddha and Jesus to Nourish Your Beautiful, Abundant Life My Life Pages A Journal Janet Conner Janet Conner THE LOTUS AND THE LILY offers a new 30-day programme for accessing your Conner’s programme is based on the true creativity, breakthrough thinking teachings of Buddha and Jesus and includes and divine guidance. Janet Conner prompts for reading, reflection, exploring and continues her unique method of deep nourishing one’s soul writing. The goal is to soul writing by showing readers how to access divine wisdom and guidance that exit their conscious minds, get in touch dwells just below conscious awareness. with their authentic selves and activate This journal enables readers of The Lotus the voice of wisdom within. and the Lily to practise the principles of soulISBN: 978 1 57324 586 9 writing and to create the receptive conditions Feeding the spiritual hunger forCON  |  256pp  |  140 x 216  that nourish a rich and creative interior life. transformative living, Janet Conner teachespb £14.99 Janet Conner is a major voice for spiritual ISBN: 978 1 57324 618 7 us how to hear the spiritual masters with growth and understanding, which became a CON  |  192pp  |  178 x 229 of related interest: fresh ears, explore the deep intelligence of catalyst for deep soul change after a series HB £15.99Buddhism Without our own soul, create brand new prosperity practices and integrate those practices into of personal traumas. Her landmark book,Beliefs £11.99 Writing Down Your Soul connects readers to of related interest:Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and our daily lives. their “extraordinary voice within.” Writing Down YourLao Tzu £15.99 Soul £14.99 69
  • 12. Support for your journey... ...teaching from the Wisdom School of the Heart The White Eagle Publishing Trust NEW TITLE FOR APRIL 2013 ISBN 978-0-85487-046-2ISBN 978-0-85487-116-2 £9.95 £12.50 ISBN 978-0-85487-231-2 ISBN 978-0-85487-110-0 £8.99 £8.95 ISBN 978-0-85487-109-4 £7.95ISBN 978-0-85487-183-4 £5.00 White Eagle’s timeless wisdom—a wide range of subjects on spirituality for the New Age traveller! ISBN 978-0-85487-214-5 For more titles visit £7.99 ISBN 978-0-85487-169-8 ISBN 978-0-85487-172-8 £9.95 £7.50Deep catalogue page copy 2.indd 1 31/10/2012 14:27:04
  • 13. philosophy – spirituality & inspirational Songlines of the Soul Women, Spirituality Pathways to a New Vision for a New Century and Transformative Veronica Goodchild Leadership Foreword by Thomas Moore Where Grace Meets Power The title for this book comes from the Edited By Kathe Schaaf, ancient Aboriginal concept of “song lines” Kay Lindahl, Kathleen S. Hurty – pathways to another world reached and Reverend Guo Cheen through dreamtime and visionary insight. This empowering resource engages women Veronica Goodchild addresses how dreams, in an interactive exploration of the synchronicities, UFO/ET encounters, Crop challenges and opportunities on the Circle mysteries and NDEs all point to the frontier of women’s spiritual leadership. new unfolding vision of reality. She draws Women will be inspired to new expressions on ancient mystery traditions to explore of their own personal leadership and calledISBN: 978 0 89254 168 3 how this metamorphosis is already into powerful collaborative action. ISBN: 978 1 59473 313 0NH  |  384pp  |  152 x 229  reflected cross-culturally in Hopi, Aztec, SLP  |  288pp  |  152 x 229 PB £19.99 Mayan, Hindu, Tibetan, Maori, Zulu, Dogon HB £21.00 and Egyptian cultures. The Gift of Love Hidden Treasure The Spiritual Nature and Meaning of Love Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story Joel S. Goldsmith Gangaji As people grow and change, so grows their In this life-changing book, renowned spiritual love. Not just in physical terms, but in teacher, Gangaji, uses the telling of her own spiritual and emotional terms as well. This life story to help readers uncover the truth of can be a painful transition that yearns for a their own. She was given the name Gangaji foundation to rest upon whether basking in by her teacher, Sri H. W. L. Poonja, in 1990. loves glow or wallowing through the lonely Brought up in the 1950s in the racially times of solitude and isolation. Regardless divided southern states of the USA, she of where one may be at any moment, the married young and had a daughter. Following reality is that love is there with the potential the dissolution of her first marriage, she to elevate any soul to the highest level of moved to Northern California and immersed happiness. Joel S. Goldsmith recognised herself fully in the spiritual culture that was this potential and in THE GIFT OF LOVE he flourishing there – but all her efforts toISBN: 978 1 88905 185 7 shares his intimate views on love, Christ achieve lasting fulfilment ultimately fell short. ISBN: 978 0 399 16053 0ACP  |  96pp  |  127 x 178  and the eternal challenge faced by anyone In 1990 she travelled to India and to the JPT  |  224pp  |  133 x 210PB £10.99 seeking to transcend the material world meeting that would change everything. On PB £13.99 and resonate in the peacefulness of love. the banks of the river Ganges, she met of related interest: Poonja, also known as Papaji, who opened her mind to the eternal presence of being. Collected Essays of Joel S. Goldsmith £14.99 of related interest: Infinite Way £9.99 Autobiography of A Sadhu £15.99 Way of The Practical Mystic £13.99 Autobiography of A Yogi £7.99 Encounters with Babaji £12.99 Fullness of Joy The Dayspring A Spiritual Guide to the Paradise Within of Youth John Stephenson Harness Nature’s Highest There is a direct correlation between Energy for Health, Happiness, knowing your spiritual self and living a and Spiritual Elevation joyous life and there are great mystical and M metaphysical principles to help us discover our spiritual self. First published in 1931, this mysterious John Stephenson studied with the book by an “anonymous” author opened the renowned spiritual teacher, Joel S. doors for sincere seekers to real spirituality. Goldsmith and the principles in this book The book explains how proper will help the reader gain a new perspective management of our psychological and that stimulates a mystical way to look at the physical energies brings us into harmony world, a way that is based on spiritual law with the divine. His message is at once and the revelations from the great mystics scientific and mystical, intuitive andISBN: 978 0 87516 870 8 of the world. concrete and completely in harmony with ISBN: 978 1 93420 677 5DV  |  160pp  |  140 x 216  the scriptures of every religion. It provides a GP  |  300pp  |  152 x 229  of related interest:PB £13.99 deep yet easy to understand explanation of PB £13.99 Collected Essays of how our bodies and minds relate to nature Joel S. Goldsmith £14.99 and to the superior levels of existence and of related interest: Consciousness Is What I Am £15.99 what we must do if we long to escape the Book of Secrets £13.99 Infinite Way £9.99 suffering in our lives. Five Tibetans £8.99 Secret Doctrine £15.99 Secret Teachings of All Ages £21.00 71
  • 14. philosophy – spirituality & inspirational Touching the Time Loops and Light Day by Day Space Twists 365 Illuminations to Live By How God Created the Universe Meg Blackburn Losey Fred Alan Wolf Meg Losey’s teachings help readers “get In his most important book since Taking the real,” claim their own power and use it for Quantum Leap, Fred Alan Wolf will explain the good of their mind, body and spirit of how our understanding of time, space and others. TOUCHING THE LIGHT DAY BY DAY matter have changed in just the last few offers 365 quotes and brief healing and years and how with these new ideas we inspiring meditations. It’s invaluable for have a glimpse into the “mind of God.” both the novice and the expert to get Making comparisons to Hindu, in touch with their own inner voices Vedic and Judeo-Christian and spirit guides. Losey invites us to cosmology, Dr. Wolf explains how open our hearts and merge with the universal command of theISBN: 978 1 57863 527 6 God Consciousness, something, as Deity “Let there be light” now takes ISBN: 978 1 93828 900 2WB  |  144pp  |  127 x 178 she teaches, anyone can do. on a new scientific meaning: HIE  |  324pp  |  152 x 229PB £12.99 These illuminations come to Everything is literally made of light 70 b & w ills  Meg Losey each morning. She and the reader will learn how PB £15.99of related interest: invites readers to use them as they Quantum Physics proves this is so.Children of Now £13.99 will – for daily meditation, open at of related interest:Conversations With The random to find a helpful thought or God Is Not Dead £16.99Children of Now £13.99 use them to invite our own spirit Self-Aware Universe £14.99Secret History of guides into our lives.Consciousness £14.99Touching The Light £24.00 These Are The Words A Vocabulary of Jewish Spiritual Life The Heartbeat 2nd Edition of God Revised and Expanded Finding the Sacred in the Arthur Green Middle of Everything The vocabulary of Jewish life is the framework katharine jefferts schori that Jews use to hand their past down to their children. It is, also, the vocabulary that people In this book, Jefferts Schori looks at the of other faiths need to know to understand intersections of faith with the major issues of Judaism and Jewish life. our day – poverty, climate change, the In this revised, expanded, highly economy, health care. How does faith speak readable, enlightening and entertaining to those issues and what is the faith new edition of “the ultimate Jewish primer,” response? How can believers from an one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our astonishing variety of faith traditions find time takes readers – Jews and non-Jews common ground while honouring the divine, ISBN: 978 1 58023 494 8 alike – on a historical and spiritual journey serving one another and creating a deeper JL  |  320pp  |  152 x 229  through Judaism. Dr. Arthur Green explains community? THE HEARTBEAT OF GOD will be PB £16.99ISBN: 978 1 59473 292 8 the meaning, history and origin of over 150SLP  |  240pp  |  152 x 229  an up-close look at the “secular” issues of core Hebrew words that are shared and of related interest:HB £18.99 our day that have profoundly religious roots. understood throughout the Jewish world. Ehyeh £15.99 Seek My Face £16.99 The Light of Tormented Master £16.99 Your Word Is Fire £13.99 the Christ Within Conversations Reverend John Laurence with Jesus A Direct Disciple of An Invitation to Dance Paramhansa Yogananda Book 2 elana joan cara alexis eldridge John Laurence – minister, The friendship with Jesus continues in this modern mystic and direct extraordinary second volume of disciple of the great spiritual master and conversations. The purpose of the world teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda communication is pure and simple: Jesus presents, in this volume of talks, an outline wishes to convey to us that the majority of the of the inner path with practical spiritual inhabitants of the planet Earth are heading inISBN: 978 1 56589 267 5 teachings. Laurence’s speaking style is the wrong direction. Greed, power and apathyCC  |  308pp  |  152 x 229  refreshingly straightforward and lively as he are ruling our cultures, both East and West.PB £14.99 highlights timeless truths via fascinating Jesus came to Earth to remind us that the stories from the lives of saints from East golden rule, “Do unto others as you would ISBN: 978 1 93790 700 6of related interest: and West. Laurence’s message of how to have do unto you,” is the basic rule of RR  |  208pp  |  140 x 216 Autobiography of grow spiritually is universal and non- spiritual practice. If people would live by the PB £15.99A Yogi £11.99 denominational and his compelling love that underlies that simple philosophy, theAutobiography of A Yogi discussions of life after death are centred earth would become paradise overnight. of related interest:Card Deck £16.99 inc vat in the foundation of Laurence’s own psychic abilities and high spiritual state. Conversations With Jesus £15.99 73
  • 15. philosophy – western mystery traditions Desert Fathers western mystery traditions and Mothers Early Christian Wisdom Sayings Annotated & Explained The Book of Job Annotated by Christine Valters Paintner Annotated & Explained The desert fathers and mothers were Translated By Donald Kraus ordinary Christians living in solitude in the Foreword by Dr. Marc Brettler deserts of Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Arabia who chose to renounce the world in order to THE BOOK OF JOB, celebrated as a classic deliberately and individually follow God’s call. of world literature and one of the glories of Their spiritual practice formed the basis of the Bible, can often be puzzling and Western monasticism and greatly influenced frustrating - puzzling for its dialogue form both Western and Eastern Christianity. and off-putting because of the many Their writings, first recorded in the questions it leaves unanswered. The book ISBN: 978 1 59473 373 4 fourth century, consist of spiritual advice, was written in a world very different from our SLP  |  192pp  |  140 x 216  parables and anecdotes emphasising the own and yet the fundamental questions it PB £14.99 primacy of love and the purity of heart. raises are still ones we grapple with today: Is Focusing on key themes of charity, of related interest: it worthwhile to act for the best? Does life fortitude, lust, patience, prayer and have a meaning beyond itself? Why do the Celtic Christian self-control, the Sayings influenced the rule Spirituality £14.99ISBN: 978 1 59473 389 5 righteous suffer and the guilty prosper? of St. Benedict and have inspired centuriesSLP  |  256pp  |  140 x 216  Daughters of The of related interest: of opera, poetry and art. Desert £12.99PB £14.99 Celtic Christian Spirituality £14.99 Lost Cities and Ancient End of Days £14.99 Mysteries of Africa and Gospel of Thomas £14.99 Arabia £12.99 John & Charles Wesley £14.99 The Gospel The Secret Book of Thomas of John Annotated & Explained The Gnostic Gospel Translated AND Annotated & Explained ANNOTATED Translated AND By Stevan Davies ANNOTATED By Stevan Davies In 1945, twelve ancient books were found THE SECRET BOOK OF JOHN is the most inside a sealed jar at the base of an significant and influential text of the Egyptian cliff. One of those texts was THE ancient Gnostic religion. Part of the library GOSPEL OF THOMAS, one of the most of books found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in important religious archaeological 1945, this central myth of Gnosticism tells discoveries of the twentieth century. While the story of how God fell from perfect illuminating the origins of Christianity, it Oneness to imprisonment in the material raises the question whether the New world and how by knowing our divine nature Testament’s version of Jesus’ teachings is and our divine origins – that we are one ISBN: 978 1 59473 082 5ISBN: 978 1 89336 145 4 entirely accurate and complete. with God – we reverse God’s descent and SLP  |  208pp  |  140 x 216 SLP  |  160pp  |  140 x 216  Written at the same time as the find our salvation. PB £14.99PB £14.99 canonical Gospels, THE GOSPEL OF of related interest:of related interest: THOMAS portrays Jesus as a wisdom-loving Discovery of The Nag sage. The aphoristic sayings emphasise theEcclesiastes £14.99 Hammadi Texts £16.99 value of the present, teaching that theGospel of Thomas Gospel Of Philip £14.99 Kingdom of God is here and now, ratherA Spiritual Practice Hidden Gospel of Matthew £14.99 than a future promise or future threat.Guidebook £12.99 The Gospel of Thomas The Gnostic Bible A Spiritual Interpretation for the The Pistis Sophia Unveiled Aquarian Age Second Edition Rev. Daniel Chesbro Samael Aun Weor with Rev. Jim Erickson “The Pistis Sophia” is a deeply mystical This companion to The Order of the teaching given by Jesus about the suffering Melchizedek offers profound and inspired of Sophia as she attempts to ascend to the insights into the sayings of Jesus as highest spiritual truth. This scripture is recorded in the Gospel of Thomas and remarkable for its profound mysticism, its brings their message into todays world and clear rebuke of unethical behaviour and its emerging consciousness. Through a unique perspective on the spiritual role of women. combination of artistic renderings and a spiritually inspired interpretation of each of of related interest: the 114 sayings, this guide offers fresh Gnostic Philosophy £19.99 perspectives into the teachings of Jesus Gospel of Mary and their relevance. ISBN: 978 1 84409 602 2ISBN: 978 1 93420 681 2 Magdalene £12.99 FHP  |  144pp  |  152 x 229GP  |  620pp  |  152 x 229  of related interest: 114 b & w ills PB £21.00 Order of Melchizedek £9.99 PB £8.9974
  • 16. philosophy – western mystery traditions The Path of The Initiation Magdalene Version Spiritual Evolution and the Restoration Secret Wisdom from a Gnostic of the Western Mystery Tradition Mystery School J. S. Gordon Stuart Wilson As the precessional cycle transits from and Joanna Prentis Pisces to Aquarius, great shifts in spiritual For the past twenty years, Stuart evolution are on the horizon – not for all of Wilson and Joanna Prentis have humanity but for those who have explored the early Essene undertaken the necessary spiritual community, the life of Jesus and preparation and initiatory work. the power of the teachings of Mary Drawing from his deep immersion in the Magdalene through the use of Mystery traditions of both East and West, past life regression. In the course author, J. S. Gordon, investigates the of these sessions, someISBN: 978 1 62055 173 8 initiatic path from ancient times to modern fascinating information emerged, ISBN: 978 1 88694 029 1ITI  |  616pp  |  152 x 229  day, detailing the step-by-step process of including: OMP  |  312pp  |  140 x 216 PB £26.00 initiation and the sequence from spiritual ●● Jesus survived his crucifixion PB £13.99 aspirant to the highest Adeptship. He and was spirited away from the tomb.of related interest: explains the natural logic and ●● There were a number women disciples of related interest:Egypt Child of characteristics of each stage of initiation, led by Mary Magdalene. Essenes £13.99Atlantis £21.00 including the associated problems and ●● The secret role of the Order of Mary Magdalene Bride InLords of The Left-Hand psychological issues that need to be faced Melchizedek in the Essene Community. Exile £16.99Path £21.00 in order to move forward to the next stage. ●● Jesus did not stand alone, but had the Power Of MagdaleneMadame Blavatsky £14.99 He shows how humanity is naturally full backing of the Essene community, £12.99 inclined to spiritual evolution and the led by Joseph of Arimathea. development of higher consciousness. Expanding on the information in their first two books, The Essenes and Power of the Magdalene, Wilson fully explores the ancient mystery teachings of Mary Magdalene and Jesus that have never been revealed before. The Way of The a Pilgrim Imitation of Christ The Jesus Prayer Journey Adapted from John Wesley’s The Annotated and Explained Christian’s Pattern Translated AND ANNOTATED Selections Annotated & Explained By Gleb Pokrovsky Thomas à Kempis THE WAY OF A PILGRIM is the timeless Annotated by account of an anonymous wanderer who Paul Wesley Chilcote set out on a journey across nineteenth- century Russia with nothing but a Next to the Bible, THE IMITATION OF CHRIST backpack, some bread and a Bible, with a is the most widely read devotional work burning desire to learn the true meaning of within the Christian community. Thought to the words of St. Paul: “Pray without be compiled by fifteenth- ceasing.” In this completely accessible new century cleric Thomas àISBN: 978 1 89336 131 7 abridgment, all the terms and references Kempis (c. 1380–1471), this spiritual classic ISBN: 978 1 59473 434 2SLP  |  144pp  |  140 x 216  are explained for you – with intriguing focuses the contemporary SLP  |  224pp  |  140 x 216 PB £13.99 insights into aspects of the text that are God-seeker on a religion PB £14.99 often not available to the general reader. of the heart. It advocates of related interest: the cultivation of virtues, of related interest: Gnostic Writings on The Soul £14.99 like humility and purity of John & Charles Proverbs £14.99 intention, by inviting the Wesley £14.99 Sacred Writings of Paul £14.99 spirit of Jesus to dwell Spiritual Writings on Mary £14.99 richly in our lives. 75
  • 17. philosophy – yoga & meditation yoga & meditation Living with the Sacred Rites for Practice Rejuvenation Collected Writings on the A Simple, Powerful Technique for Transformative Potential of Yoga Healing and Spiritual Strength Swami Radhananda Second Edition This collection of Swami Radhananda’s samael aun weor previously published writings brings The health and vitality of the physical body together her signature, intelligent and is essential for anyone who aspires towards inspirational teachings. She presents yoga the awakening of the consciousness. as a living system that we can engage with Initiated students of Tantric traditions are everyday, a journey of continuous learning taught exercises called Yantra Yoga to and growth. Sharing examples from her promote health and fortitude needed for own life and the keen observations from their rigorous self-development. Samael over thirty years of teaching yoga, her Aun Weor, a reincarnated lama from theISBN: 978 1 93201 837 0 essays explore the potential of yoga Sacred Order of Tibet, teaches in this bookTB  |  216pp  |  140 x 214  to transform our minds, our self-image, our a synthesised and refined sequence ofpb £16.99 bodies and our hearts. Swami Radhananda ISBN: 978 1 93420 679 9 Yantric exercises with profound benefits encourages practitioners to live their yoga GP  |  108pp  |  102 x 178 that anyone can experience.of related interest: in daily life and to realise their potential PB £6.99 of related interest:Radha £18.99 through self-inquiry, service and devotion. Aquarian Message £15.99 Divine Science: Eternal Techniques or Authentic Mysticism £13.99 Dream Yoga £9.99 LifeParticle Energy Foundations of Yoga Meditation CD The Traditional Teachings of Revitalizing Your Brain with Deep Sri Shyam Sundar Meditation and Breathing Goswami Ilchi Lee Basile P. LifeParticles are a concept Ilchi Lee Catoméris discovered through meditative practice. Foundations They are the particles of matter and energy of Yoga that give rise to all life forms. LifeParticles presents the fullISBN: 978 1 93512 752 9 can be directed by the mind and serve as a yogic training ofBLM  |  66 mins  |  127 x 152 bridge between a persons inner traditional HathaCD £18.99 inc vat consciousness and the physical world to Yoga as taught by make your intentions a reality. In essence, renowned Indian yogaof related interest: LifeParticles are pure love. The moment you master the late Sri ShyamHealing Chakras £18.99 focus on a person, thing or goal, Sundar Goswami. Written by his disciple ISBN: 978 1 59477 454 6Healing Chakras Meditations LifeParticles are immediately sent to it, and spiritual heir, the book emphasises ITI  |  160pp  |  152 x 229and Affirmations £10.99 materialising your intentions in the physical metaphysical, spiritual and psychological 16pp col insert &Wisdom Cards £21.00 inc vat world. The best way to receive or send cultivation in addition to physical practice. 33 b & w ills  LifeParticles is with a calm, open mind and As the teachings and life of Sri S. S. PB £12.99 a pure, sincere heart. You can reach this Goswami show, by strengthening the body, heightened consciousness and a pure, vital force and mind, one can master all of related interest: highly activated and energetic state of being three for a long, healthy, harmonious life. Advanced Hatha through LifeParticle Energy Meditation. Woven together with stories from Sri Yoga £21.00 Shyam Sundar Goswami’s life, the book Five Tibetans £8.99 explains in-depth all of the physical and Heart of Yoga £16.99 mental exercises associated with the Mudras £14.99 pratice of Yoga and explores the philosophy of Yoga, sharing meditative exercises for introspection, expanding consciousness and seeking your true divine nature.76
  • 18. philosophy – yoga & meditation Soul Soothers Soul Soothers Meditation CD Mini Meditations for Busy Lives Mini Meditations For Busy Lives Cindy Griffiths-Bennett Cindy Griffith-Bennett Soul Soothers is designed for those of us that only slow down when stuck in the SOUL SOOTHERS MEDITATION CD is supermarket queues! “I don’t have time to designed for those of us that only slow meditate, let alone read a book about it!” down when stuck in the supermarket Soul Soothers is written so you can queue! It is a great companion for the Soul read the one page meditation and be outISBN: 978 1 84409 618 3 Soothers book. If you are the person who the door practising your meditation all day!FHP  |  60 mins  |  135 x 120 finds listening to guided meditations easier No longer do you need to sit like a pretzelCD £9.99 inc vat than reading them, you will find everything on a special cushion while choking on you need in SOUL SOOTHERS MEDITATION incense. Now you can meditate when doing CD to enjoy the benefits of meditation the dishes, walking from work to your car, without sitting like a pretzel on a special listening to a dog barking, waiting at your cushion while choking on incense. After doctor, sitting at your computer and even listening to SOUL SOOTHERS MEDITATION taking your shower! ISBN: 978 1 84409 608 4 CD, you will learn to meditate when your FHP  |  128pp  |  127 x 197   are at work, running errands, waiting in PB £9.99 a queue and even taking a shower! of related interest: Meditation Lifestyle £8.99 Thunk! £9.99 Soul Expansion 8 Minute Meditation CD Meditation Meditations For Spiritual Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life and Psychic Development Victor Davich Cindy Griffith-Bennett In recent years, people have begun to come The meditations in SOUL EXPANSION will around to meditation in a big way-and help the listener gain easier access to their scientific studies are suggesting that the intuition and spiritual guides. These physical and mental benefits are solid andISBN: 978 1 84409 619 0 meditations, focussing on spiritual and real. But to many, it remains somethingFHP  |  60 mins  |  135 x 120 psychic growth, are designed to gradually mystical and inaccessible... and spiritually-CD £9.99 inc vat raise your vibrational levels and awareness. oriented tomes on the market dont do By listening to this CD for five minutes, a much to make it easier.of related interest: few times a week, the listener can soon As interest in meditation continues toVoyage of Purpose £8.99 enjoying a greater connection to the grow, this book offers a simple, no- assistance their soul, guides and angels nonsense programme to help beginners are offering them. experience reduced stress and increased ISBN: 978 0 39952 995 5 focus in only eight minutes a day. Designed PGB  |  208pp  |  133 x 210 by meditation expert and bestselling PB £11.99 author, Victor Davich, this programme teaches the basic principles of meditation of related interest: while clearing up the misconceptions and Meditation A Foundation myths that too often get in the way. Course £7.99 Simply Meditation £9.99 Why Meditation Works £6.99 LifeParticle Sound Healing CD AUM Ilchi Lee The Melody of Love THE LIFEPARTICLE SOUND HEALING CD The Spirit Behind All Creation uses the sounds of the crystal bowls, gongs, flutes and other instruments to generate Joseph Bharat Cornell subtle, yet powerful vibrations in your body We have all heard of the sacred word AUM that will calm and purify your mind and and heard it chanted as a mantra by emotions. Played by world-renowned meditators. But what is AUM and what does meditation teacher,Ilchi Lee, while in a ISBN: 978 1 93512 751 2 it signify? This book takes readers on a meditative state, the sounds have the power BLM  |  66 mins  |  127 x 152 journey into the deeper teachings of AUM to activate the bodys energy centres and CD £18.99 inc vat and the blissful realisations that await allow energy to flow powerfully through your those who access this expansive sound body. The more you listen to these eight of related interest: vibration. music tracks, the more negative energies Crystal & Sound HB Book & willbe released, leaving your body and mind CD £24.99 inc vatISBN: 978 1 56589 254 5 of related interest: healthy, refreshed and clear. Singing BowlCC  |  160pp  |  140 x 178 Aum Mantra of Eternity CD £16.99 inc vat20 b & w ills Sharing Nature with Children II £8.99 Handbook £15.99PB £10.99 Sharing Nature with Children £8.99 Working With Singing Bowls £6.99 77