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Deep Books 2013 Catalogue
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2 health 2 health Document Transcript

  • health & nutrition – general Are Your Meds Be a Survivor Making You Sick? Lung Cancer Treatment Guide A Pharmacist’s Guide to Avoiding vladimir lange Dangerous Drug Interactions, This much needed lung cancer resource is Reactions, and Side-Effects developed in consultation with a large Robert R. Gold national team of experts and features: ●● Candid testimonial by survivors Dangerous drug interactions and common ●● Straightforward, easy-to-understand drug-induced illnesses are a hidden epidemic language throughout the world – where unqualified use ●● Objective and up-to-date information and and abuse of prescription drugs is becoming beautiful colour photos and graphics commonplace and many doctors prescribe ●● An empowering message of HOPE. multiple medicines because they dont have The book addresses each step in the the time to fully diagnose. diagnosis, staging, treatment and ISBN: 978 0 98194 897 3 Robert S. Gold lists his 16 Rules of Safe recovery process and includes a chapter on LM  |  160pp  |  191 x 229  Medication Use that, if followed, can help end-of-life issues and a section specifically for PB £21.00ISBN: 978 0 89793 570 8 prevent the common problems that the patient’s partner or carer.HH  |  240pp  |  140 x 216  medication can cause; gives specificPB £14.99 of related interest: examples of the thirty-six drugs that are the most common offenders and explains how Be a Survivor – Your Guide to Breastof related interest: Cancer Treatment £21.00What You Must Know About even seemingly good drugs can harm a patient’s kidney, liver, brain and heart if the Be a Survivor Colorectal CancerStatin Drugs £13.99 Treatment Guide £21.00 patients medical history and physical vulnerabilities are not taken into account. Be a Survivor Lung Cancer £21.00 The Smart Guide to Women’s Health Fighting Infections Care Revisited for Everything You Need to Know About Fighting Infections 2012... and Beyond Simple Advice for Staying Healthy Longer anne maczulak james a. schaller In THE SMART GUIDE TO FIGHTING INFECTIONS you will learn: In this shorter version of his longer work ●● How to pick the right disinfectant product – It’s Your Life! – Dr. James Schaller ●● How to take antibiotics so they work updates the medical advice provided in his ●● Never again confuse viruses with bacteria 1997 book for women, which challenged ●● Learn a few simple tricks to avoiding them to take control of their own destiny. infections – avoid getting sick when After delivering over 10,000 babies andISBN: 978 1 93763 618 0 everyone around you seems to be counselling thousands of women over aSGP  |  272pp  |  191 x 235  sneezing and coughing 35-year career, he challenges many of thePB £15.99 Make this book work for you for a healthier current but incorrect protocols that govern life by: the advice of his peers in gynaecology. ISBN: 978 1 57733 262 6 ●● Washing hands the right way He provides explicit advice on the BD  |  108pp  |  216 x 216  ●● Avoiding germs at home, at work and on management of hormonal problems in PB £10.99 airplanes women, emphasising treatments that ●● Knowing the correct use for antiseptics should be rejected and treatments which ●● Getting the information you need on should be embraced. vaccines What You Must The Parents’ Guide Know About Dialysis to Hip Dysplasia The Secrets to Surviving Betsy Miller and Thriving on Dialysis THE PARENTS’ GUIDE TO HIP DYSPLASIA is rich snyder the only laypersons guide to one of the The book begins with an introduction to most common birth defects. Now instead of dialysis – how it works, what types are having to comb through medical texts or available and how you can manage scour the internet for information, accessibility and time. The author then concerned parents of children with hip goes on to explain the importance of blood dysplasia can have all the information they tests and how you can learn to read and need for treating their children at their understand them, common drugs and the fingertips. complications that may arise from their use Hip dysplasia affects 1 in 1,000 babies. and the all-too-common problems of With this condition, the childs hip joint inflammation and heart disease. Dr. Snyder structure does not fit together normally andISBN: 978 0 75700 349 3 the problem can grow worse as the child ISBN: 978 0 89793 646 0SO  |  192pp  |  153 x 229  then offers crucial information on natural supplements, lifestyle changes and grows. If untreated, the condition can cause HH  |  160pp  |  140 x 216 PB £15.99 serious hip problems in adulthood. PB £15.99 nutrition. In addition, he looks at the psychological impact of the treatment and Fortunately, this condition responds wellof related interest: offers coping tactics that can help you deal to medical treatment and this book guidesWhat You Must Know About concerned parents through all of theKidney Disease £15.99 successfully with the issues associated with dialysis. options and obstacles of treating a child with hip dysplasia. 29
  • health & nutrition – general Preventing Home Accidents A Quick and Easy Guide Dan Hannan Contrary to the perception that the home is a safe environment, a person is ten times more likely to sustain a serious injury or die at home as a result of an accident than in the course of their employment. This book will help homeowners combat those odds by providingISBN: 978 0 89793 607 1 information adapted from provenHH  |  120pp  |  184 x 235 techniques used by safetycol photos & ills throughout  professionals. Filled with ancedotalPB £10.99 descriptions and examples, the book offers much more than “safety tips”of related interest: as it teaches the homeowner how toClearing £7.99 control risk through hazardYour Spacious Self £15.99 identification. Chapter topics include fall hazards (roofs, ladders, stairs, etc.), electrical safety, fire prevention, hand and power tool safety, emergency planning and others. nutrition The Benjamin Conscious Food Franklin Diet Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating Lose Weight and Live Longer with Jim PathFinder Ewing These Health Secrets from America’s Rooted firmly in eco-spirituality, this guide Founding Father focuses on how modern people can Based on the Writings of regain Spirit in food individually Benjamin Franklin and collectively. The author provides a background on Kelly Wright the emergence of Mens sana in corpore agriculture and the sano – a healthy declining connection mind in a healthy with food as society body – precisely evolved and expresses scrutinises Franklin’s core today’sISBN: 978 1 59120 301 8 values. He firmly “conventional” ISBN: 978 1 84409 596 4BHP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229  believed in and farming that FHP  |  192pp  |  127 x 197 PB £15.99 practised relies upon PB £8.99 regular exercise deadly toxinsof related interest: of related interest: – leaping was a andPrimal Body, Primal Mind favourite unsustainable Food Revolution £16.99£16.99 workout – and fossil fuels. No Happy Cows £14.99 he was The book Reiki Shamanism £8.99 rigorously outlines how abstemious modern people when it came to can avoid being food and alcohol. victims of Recipes for his biocultural evolution favourite foods are and instead followed by sample contribute to the meal plans and the movement toward Appendix contains mindful food choices and seventy-five recipes from better world health, both Thomas Tryon’s 1691 book, physically and spiritually. reputed to be the first vegetarian cookbook ever written.30
  • health & nutrition The Aromatherapy alternative therapies Encyclopedia A Concise Guide to Over 395 Plant Oils Revised and Expanded Edition Esoteric Medicine Carol Schiller and David Schiller and Practical Magic Illustrated by Jeffrey Schiller Experience Nature’s Healing Power with the Ancient Medical Wisdom THE AROMATHERAPY ENCYCLOPEDIA of the Great Masters includes information on the proper safety New Revised Edition and handling of oils, extraction methods, practical everyday uses and methods of use. Samael Aun Weor Chapters detail ancient historical to In ancient times, only the present-day uses from around the world for wisest were trusted with carrier oils, essential oils, CO2 extracts, ISBN: 978 1 59120 311 7 medical knowledge. The absolutes and infused oils. This book, also, BHP  |  288pp  |  216 x 279 teachings of Paracelsus, Galen, provides a convenient listing of oil properties b & w ills throughout Tibetan tantras and others all and a useful resource of alphabetically PB £18.99 agree that a properly prepared arranged botanical names that cross- individual can use Nature to reference the common name of each oil.ISBN: 978 1 93420 698 0 cure any illness. This work of related interest:GP  |  304pp  |  178 x 229  features treatments for an Australian Bush Flower Essences £12.99PB £15.99 incredible variety of illnesses Hydrosols £21.00 and conditions, such as cancer, asthma, Medical Herbalism HB £50.00 the common cold and leprosy. Spagyrics £15.99 of related interest: Deadly Harvest £14.99 Montignac Diet Cookbook HB £36.00 Edgar Cayce’s Primal Body, Primal Mind £16.99 Radical Healing £16.99 Quick & Easy Remedies A Guide to Healing Packs, Poultices, and Other Homemade Remedies Elaine Hruska The Edgar Cayce readings are full of practical advice and applications that are repeated over and over in the more than 9,000 health-related readings. Cayce expert and author, Elaine Hruska, brings those simple remedies to us in laymen’s terms. Author Elaine Hruska has spent more than 30 years working with the Cayce ISBN: 978 0 87604 627 2 health readings at the Edgar Cayce health ARE  |  192pp  |  140 x 210  centres. Her latest book highlights the PB £14.99 wealth of information given with a spotlight on the simplest and most commonly of related interest: The Wild prescribed remedies. Your Key To Good Medicine Solution Health £13.99 Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants Guido Masé Adaptogens in Blending traditional herbal medicine with Medical Herbalism mythology, clinical practice and recent Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds findings in physiology and biochemistry, for Mastering Stress, Aging, and herbalist, Guido Masé, explores the three Chronic Disease classes of plants necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies and minds. He Donald r. yance explains how bitter plants ignite digestion, Weaving together the ancient wisdom of balance blood sugar, buffer toxicity and herbalism and the most up-to-date improve metabolism; how tonic plants scientific research on cancer, aging andISBN: 978 1 62055 084 7 normalise the functions of our cells and nutrition, renowned herbalist and clinicalHAP  |  328pp  |  152 x 229 nourish the immune system and how nutritionist, Donald Yance, reveals how to8pp col insert  aromatic plants relax tense organs, nerves master stress, improve energy levels,PB £15.99 and muscles and stimulate sluggish systems. prevent degenerative disease and age Offering examples of ancient and gracefully with the elite herbs known as ISBN: 978 1 62055 100 4of related interest: modern uses of wild plants, Masé provides adaptogens. Yance’s holistic approach, HAP  |  672pp  |  216 x 280Grow Your Own easy recipes to integrate them into meals called the Eclectic Triphasic Medical PB £43.00Pharmacy £9.99 as seasonings and as central ingredients in System (ETMS), is based on extensiveWild Table HB £34.00 soups, stocks, salads and grain dishes as scientific research, more than 25 years of of related interest: well as including formulae for teas, spirits clinical practice and excellent results with Adaptogens £15.99 and tinctures. thousands of patients. Medical Herbalism HB £50.00 17
  • YOUR BASIC HEALTH LIBRARY FROM ONE O F T H E L E A D I N G H E A LT H P U B L I S H E R S DOCTOR YOURSELF THE SURVIVING THE Natural Healing AROMATHERAPY UNSURVIVABLE That Works ENCYCLOPEDIA Natural Therapies for Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. A Concise Guide Cancer: A Revolutionary to Over 395 Integrative Approach ISBN: 978-1-59120-310-0 Paperback Plant Oils Pavel Yutsis, M.D. Carol Schiller & with Stephanie Golden David Schiller ISBN: 978-1-59120-302-5 ISBN: 978-1-59120-311-7 Paperback PaperbackVEGETABLE JUICING EARTHING ALZHEIMER’S FOR EVERYONE The Most DISEASE How to Get Your Important Health What If ThereFamily Healthier and Discovery Ever? Was a Cure? Happier, Faster Clinton Ober, Mary T. Newport, M.D. Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., ISBN: 978-1-59120-319-3 and Helen Saul Case & Martin Zucker Paperback ISBN: 978-1-59120-295-0 ISBN: 978-1-59120-283-7 Paperback Paperback NIACIN: ORTHOMOLECULAR A COMPLETE BOOK THE REAL STORY MEDICINE FOR OF REIKI HEALING Learn About the EVERYONE Heal Yourself, Others, Wonderful Healing Megavitamin and the World Properties of Niacin Therapeutics for Around You Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. Families and Physicians Brigitte Müller and Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D., and Horst H. Günther Harold D. Foster, Ph.D. Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D. and Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. ISBN: 978-1-59120-288-2 ISBN: 978-1-59120-275-2 Paperback Paperback ISBN: 978-1-59120-226-4 Paperback THE VITAMIN CURE THE VITAMIN CURE FOR DEPRESSION FOR WOMEN’S How to Prevent and HEALTH PROBLEMS Treat Depression Using How to Prevent and Nutrition and Vitamin Successfully Manage Supplementation Women’s Health Bo H. Jonsson, M.D., Ph.D. Problems Using and Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation ISBN: 978-1-59120-282-0 Helen Saul Case Paperback ISBN: 978-1-59120-274-4 Paperback
  • health & nutrition – alternative therapies You Can Surviving the Conquer Cancer Unsurvivable A New Way of Living Natural Therapies for Cancer, ian gawler A Revolutionary Integrative Approach YOU CAN CONQUER CANCER was a Pavel Yutsis revolutionary book when first published in with Stephanie Golden 1984. It has sold more than 250,000 copies Dr. Yutsis’ theory posits that cancer is a worldwide and has become a classic and well-connected whole-body disease linked one of the most widely read books on the to lifestyle, diet, age and how the different subject of cancer management and survival. body systems function. His treatments – This edition is completely updated. It ranging from healthy nutrition, vitamins, contains whole sections which provide supplements, herbs and oxygen therapy, to important new information and self-help acupuncture and exercise – have delivered techniques. The book, remarkable for its positive results in combating cancer. clarity, enlarges upon what is truly Dr. Yutsis wrote this book, he says, to ISBN: 978 1 59120 302 5ISBN: 978 0 85572 410 8 integrated, holistic approach to cancer make people with cancer more aware of BHP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 MAP  |  440pp  |  140 x 216 – emphasising nutrition, the power of the how the benefits of this complementary PB £15.99PB £27.99 mind, meditation, family and social support route can help them survive the seemingly and the spiritual dimension of life. unsurvivable disease of cancer. of related interest: of related interest: Meditation Pure and Simple £19.99 Be A Survivor – Your Guide To Breast Peace of Mind £19.99 Cancer Treatment £21.00 Tell Me What To Eat Before, During and Oxygen To The Rescue £13.99 After Cancer Treatment £10.99 Beyond the The Budwig Magic Bullet Cancer & Coronary The Anti-Cancer Cocktail A New Approach to Beating Cancer Heart Disease Raymond Chang Prevention Diet The Complete Recipes, Updated Research Dr Raymond Chang takes a penetrating & Protocols for Health & Healing look at a bold new way of treating and defeating the disease with what is already Dr Johanna Budwig available today. This revolutionary diet from the German He suggests that certain off-label drugs researcher who discovered omega-3 fatty and supplements are each somewhat acids, shows how to use healing essential effective against the disorder and, by fatty acids, the good fats, to cure yourself of combining these into a powerful “cocktail”, cancer, heart disease and other chronic doctors have found that they can attack the ailments. Dr Budwig’s book includes moreISBN: 978 0 7570 0232 8 cancer on many different levels with the goal ISBN: 978 1 89391 042 3 than 150 exciting recipes and meal plansSO  |  208pp  |  152 x 229  of overwhelming it and halting its spread. FRP  |  176pp  |  152 x 229  for cancer treatment and prevention. ItPB £14.99 PB £13.99 of related interest: provides hundreds of patient testimonials I Have Cancer: What Should I Do? £15.99 and cites scientific studies proving that Dr. of related interest: Primal Body, Primal Mind £16.99 Budwigs diet works! This is the long- Acid Alkaline Diet for awaited follow-up to her internationally Optimum Health £10.99 renowned Oil-Protein Diet which has sold Coconut Oil Miracle £13.99 more than half a million copies worldwide. Omega-3 Answer £10.99 Soul Speak Discover the Secret Language of Your Body Crossing the Julia Cannon Healing Zone From Illness to Wellness The basic premise here is that we are much greater than the sum of our physical parts. Ashok Bedi We are a spiritual beings residing in a Crossing the Healing Zone will appeal physical bodies. Hence, what we feel to readers in the fields of alternative physically can be a manifestation of what is medicine, self-help, personal growth, going on in our spirit. It is critical for our spirituality and Jungian psychology and spiritual growth that we listen to what our healing. The book, a practical and bodies are trying to tell us. theoretical guide to maximising the benefits In this book you will discover what the of medical and integrative-medical messages from the different body systems treatments, addresses the “how to” of mean and how you can heal any situation by engaging Spirit in the healing process.ISBN: 978 1 88694 035 2 understanding the message that is being It brings together and explores manyOMP  |  176pp  |  140 x 216  delivered and acting appropriately on that disciplines and traditions to help readersPB £13.99 message. This is a secret language that is ISBN: 978 0 89254 203 1 create health programmes that integrate now being revealed. It is no longer a mystery. NH  |  336pp  |  152 x 229 and work on all aspects of body, mind,of related interest: full col photos & ills throughout soul and Spirit.Five Tibetans £8.99 PB £18.99Radical Healing £16.99 19
  • health & nutrition – alternative therapies Energy Medicine Avicenna’s Medicine Technologies A New Translation of the 11th-Century Canon with Practical Applications for Ozone Healing, Microcrystals, Frequency Integrative Health Care Therapy, and the Future of Health Mones abu-asab, hakima amri Edited By Finley Eversole and marc s micozzi Foreword by Karl Maret A millennium after his life, Avicenna remains Natural, nontoxic, inexpensive and effective one of the most highly regarded physicians alternatives to conventional medicine exist, of all time. His Canon of Medicine, also yet they have been suppressed by the known as the Qanun, is one of the most profit-driven medical-pharmaceutical famous and influential books in the history complex. Presenting a compendium of of medicine, forming the basis of our some of the most revolutionary yet modern understanding of human health still widely unknown discoveries in and disease. Originally written in Arabic, health and energy medicine, this Avicenna’s Canon was long agoISBN: 978 1 62055 102 8 book, edited by Finley Eversole, translated into Latin, Persian and Urdu, ISBN: 978 1 59477 432 4ITI  |  320pp  |  152 x 229 explores the use of microcrystals yet many of the inaccuracies from HAP  |  448pp  |  152 x 22940 b & w ills to harmonise the energies of body, those first translations linger in current HB £30.00PB £15.99 mind and environment; the healing English translations. Translated directly effects of ozone and hydrogen from the original Arabic, this volume of related interest:of related interest: peroxide therapy and much more. includes detailed commentary to Hildegard of Bingen’sNeurofeedback The book, also, reveals the explain current biomedical Medicine £13.99Solution £16.99 scientifically proven health risks of interpretations of Avicenna’s theoriesQuantum Doctor £15.99 genetically modified foods. and ways to apply his treatments today. Everyday Energy Sustainable Boosters Wellness 365 Tips and Tricks to Help You Feel An Integrative Approach to Transform Like a Million Bucks Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Sondra Kornblat Matt Mumber and Heather Reed and Susannah Seton For nearly a decade, award-winning Need an energy boost to get through that radiation oncologist, Dr. Matt Mumber and, long afternoon meeting? Put down that cup yoga instructor, Heather Reed have led of caffeine and pick up EVERYDAY ENERGY retreats for people facing health challenges BOOSTERS with 365 quick and easy tips to of all kinds. Through their eight-week feel more energised all day every day! Sustainable Wellness programme, Bestselling health writers, Sondra participants have found that using simple Kornblatt and Susannah Seton, offer tools consistently creates remarkable energy-boosting tips that can be used health benefits. anytime or anywhere: Whether you’re looking for improved ISBN: 978 1 60163 234 0ISBN: 978 1 57324 584 5 ●● Deep breathing techniques physical health, better ways to manage NPB  |  240pp  |  152 x 229CON  |  384pp  |  140 x 165  ●● Dry brushing your skin stress or just a greater sense of inner 15 b & w ills PB £15.99 ●● Wiggling, Spinal Rocks and other peace and fitness, SUSTAINABLE PB £13.99of related interest: one-minute exercises WELLNESS offers a simple but powerfully ●● Juices, nuts and seeds to keep you effective plan for transformation. of related interest:Better Brain at AnyAge £12.99 energised all day How To Say Yes When YourFrom Fatigued To Body Says No £15.99Fantastic! £15.99 Now Habit £12.99 Ultimate Facercise Goji The Complete and Balanced Muscle- The Asian Health Secret Toning Program for Renewed Vitality Third Edition and a More Youthful Appearance Earl Mindell carole Maggio Earl Mindell, the world’s leading Carole Maggio’s Facercise programme has nutritionist, has unleashed his astounding helped many thousands of women and research on the worlds most powerful men look younger and more vibrant without anti-aging food. It’s called the goji berry and surgery, chemical peels or Botox. it is quite possibly the most powerful and Now, using the most advanced face important natural health discovery ever technology, Carole has devised ULTIMATE made! In fact, goji is the most nutritionally FACERCISE, a programme that is even dense food on the planet.ISBN: 978 0 399 53667 0 faster and more efficient than the original. Goji extract makes it convenient andPGB  |  128pp  |  191 x 230 In just eight minutes, twice a day, you easy to get the benefits of this amazingPB £12.99 can open up your entire eye area, reduce food! Its beneficial health effects include: puffiness and eliminate hollows, lift your ●● Amazing anti-aging properties eyebrows, define your cheeks, plump up ISBN: 978 1 59120 315 5of related interest: ●● Increased strength and energy your lips, turn up the corners of your mouth, BHP  |  96pp  |  133 x 216 Facial Reflexology £16.99 ●● Helps maintain healthy blood pressure, smooth out lines and firm your entire neck PB £4.99Yoga Face £13.99 cholesterol levels and liver function and jawline. of related interest: Pomegranate £9.9920
  • health & nutrition – alternative therapies Chi Nei Ching Basic Practices Internal Muscle, Tendon, and Meridian Massage of Universal mantak chia and william u. wei Healing Tao Good health depends on the free flow of An Illustrated Guide to life-force energy, chi, throughout the entire Levels 1 through 6 body. The accumulation of tensions in the Mantak Chia And William U. Wei muscles and tendons as well as the Organised progressively by level and system stagnation of negative energy can lead to for quick reference during practice or blockages in the body’s energy channels, teaching, this illustrated guide covers all of resulting in pain, low energy or illness. In the foundational exercises in the Universal this full-color illustrated guide, Master Healing Tao’s first 6 levels of instruction. Mantak Chia and William Wei detail This guide includes 220 exercises from massage techniques for unblocking chi, more than 20 of Master Mantak Chia’s releasing tight tendons and muscles, and practice systems, including the Inner Smile,ISBN: 978 1 62055 086 1 alleviating back and joint pain. The authors ISBN: 978 1 59477 334 1 the Six Healing Sounds, Iron Shirt Chi Kung,DB  |  256pp  |  152 x 229 explore the 10 Thai energy meridians DB  |  576pp  |  152 x 229 Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Tendon Nei Kungfull col throughout known as Sen Sib, the 12 muscle-tendon 414 b & w ills  and Karsai Nei Kung.PB £15.99 meridians of Chinese acupuncture, and the PB £21.00 Offering a comprehensive reference to most commonly strained muscles and the beginning and intermediate practices of of related interest:of related interest: tendons of the spine, neck and pelvis. the Universal Healing Tao, this book allows Chi Self-Massage £10.99Advanced Chi Nei you to build a regular Taoist practiceTsang £12.99 Healing Love Through The combining internal and external chi and Tao £14.99Chi Nei Tsang £16.99 sexual energy exercises from the full rangeKarsai Nei Tsang £14.99 Inner Smile £10.99 of Master Chia’s teachings. Iron Shirt Chi Kung £14.99 Five Point The Book of Touch Therapy Oriental Medicine Acupressure for the Emotional Body A Complete Self-Treatment Guide Pierre-Noël Delatte Clive Witham Does emotion rule you or do you rule your This informative guide provides fresh emotions? With Five Point Touch Therapy, Eastern perspectives on wellbeing, allowing you can quickly counter negative emotional readers to take control of their health. With states as they arise, leaving you better able easy-to-understand explanations, clear to cope with a crisis, as well as treat illustrations and straightforward treatment long-term issues such as depression and alternatives, previously unexplained signs anxiety. More than just a self-help method, and symptoms can be researched and dealt Five Point Touch Therapy is, also, effective with. Tried-and-true techniques developed for children and babies, particularly for over hundreds of years: diet, acupressure, sleep problems and colic. massage, exercise, scraping, tapping and Based on Dr. Delatte’s 20 years of lifestyle are offered for common maladies ISBN: 978 1 84409 604 6ISBN: 978 1 59477 495 9 research and decades of hands-on from colds and high blood pressure to FHP  |  256pp  |  191 x 254HAP  |  192pp  |  152 x 229 practice, Five Point Touch Therapy backache and depression. 70 col ills full col throughout  works by sequential activation of 5 of related interest: PB £14.99PB £14.99 acupressure points to produce an Medicine Hands £14.99of related interest: energetic circuit in the body. Photographic Atlas of Acupuncture £99.00Acupressure Atlas £26.00Complete Book ofTraditional Reiki £16.99 Hormone Balance Touch for Health Through Yoga The Complete Edition A Practical Guide to Natural Health with A Pocket Guide for Women Over 40 Acupressure Touch and Massage Claudia Turske New Edition After age 40, decreasing oestrogen and John Thie and Matthew Thie unstable hormone levels can cause everything from hot flushes, weight gain John Thie’s Touch for Health started a and loss of libido to irritability, depression phenomenon that has flourished worldwide ISBN: 978 0 87516 871 5 and vaginal dryness. and has helped more than 10 million people DV  |  380pp  |  279 x 279 Through research and practice the author in over 40 countries restore their natural full col photos & ills developed a yoga programme that combines healing energies and enjoy vibrant health throughout biochemical alignment, modified poses, through his unique treatment of posture and PB £28.00 breathing exercises and simple mudras muscle balancing that combines simple (hand positions) to regulate and balance a aspects of acupressure touch and massage. of related interest: woman’s intricate hormonal system. This new paperback edition includes Complete Book Of ReikiISBN: 978 0 89793 572 2 updated colour photographs and illustrations. Healing £15.99HH  |  72pp  |  133 x 165 of related interest: From this book you willl learn the Subtle Energy Body £26.00col photos & ills throughout Anywhere, Anytime, Any Body Yoga £12.99 techniques that chiropractors, alternativePB £10.99 Big Yoga £15.99 health specialists, athletic trainers and Five Tibetans £8.99 massage therapists have found invaluable Mudras £14.99 in preventive health-care treatment. 21
  • health & nutrition – alternative therapies Lower Blood The Pressure Natural Without Drugs Prostrate Cure Curing Your Hypertension Naturally A Practical Guide to Using Diet and Second Edition Supplements for a Healthy Prostate Second Edition Roger Mason Roger Mason High blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks and congestive heart failure. THE NATURAL PROSTATE CURE provides a Although prescription drugs may effectively unique and effective alternative to risky lower blood pressure, they have potentially prostate surgery and drug therapies, very dangerous side effects. Fortunately, explaining how most prostate problems there are natural alternatives to lowering originate from poor nutrition. Divided into blood pressure and preventing these three parts, the book opens with a basicISBN: 978 0 7570 0366 0 serious health conditions. In LOWER BLOOD lesson in a proper diet and presents the ISBN: 978 0 7570 0370 7SO  |  128pp  |  140 x 216  PRESSURE WITHOUT DRUGS, best-selling best supplements for maintaining a healthy SO  |  144pp  |  152 x 229 PB £8.99 author, Roger Mason, provides a proven prostate. Part Two details the causes of and PB £8.99 nutritional approach to lowering blood natural treatments for common prostateof related interest: pressure safely and naturally. conditions including cancer. Part Three of related interest:Doctor Yourself £19.99 discusses how hormone imbalances are a All About Prostate £10.99High Blood Pressure major factor contributing to prostate issues. Mens Cancers £16.99Solution £14.99 These final chapters provide natural Natural TestosteroneKiller Colas £13.99 hormone treatments that can prevent and Plan £12.99 combat these potentially serious conditions. Lower Your The Natural Cholesterol Diabetes Cure Without Drugs Curing Blood Sugar Disorders Without Drugs Curing High Cholesterol Naturally Second Edition Second Edition roger mason Roger Mason Each year the number of people diagnosed High cholesterol is the leading cause of with diabetes continues to grow. What’s coronary heart disease. While millions take most distressing is that diabetes can be prescription drugs to lower their easily prevented by simply maintaining a cholesterol, the fact is, these drugs often healthy balanced diet. Roger Mason, in this have very dangerous side effects. In LOWER updated edition of THE NATURAL DIABETES YOUR CHOLESTEROL WITHOUT DRUGS, CURE provides a simple, yet effective best-selling author, Roger Mason, offers nutritional approach to preventing andISBN: 978 0 7570 0367 7 you safe and natural alternatives to combating diabetes. ISBN: 978 0 7570 0369 1SO  |  128pp  |  152 x 229  effectively lower your cholesterol levels. He SO  |  128pp  |  152 x 229 does so in a no-holds barred manner, of related interest: PB £8.99pb £8.99 separating the fairy tales from the Tell Me What To Eat If Iof related interest: scientifically valid truths. Have Diabetes £10.99Montignac Diet CookbookHB £36.00 Healing Multiple Beyond the Yeast Sclerosis Connection Diet, Detox & Nutritional A How-to Guide to Curing Candida and Makeover for Total Recovery Other Yeast-Related Conditions Ann boroch Warren M. Levin and Fran Gare Multiple Sclerosis can now be healed and Candida-related complex (CRC) can be the this book shows you how. This completely underlying cause of an imbalanced immune new and revised edition gives a system and seemingly unsolvable clinical breakthrough treatment protocol that can symptoms: mood swings, chronic muscle dramatically restore health to those with MS. aches and joint pain, poor memory, sinus Inside the author describes her own congestion, chemical sensitivities, digestive tumultuous journey with MS including: disturbances, fatigue, anxiety and skin ●● The real causes of MS rashes. BEYOND THE YEAST CONNECTION ●● New and updated case histories of includes a patient quiz, where Dr. LevinISBN: 978 0 97734 464 2 those that have triumphed over MS describes ten possible scenarios that ISBN: 978 1 59120 307 0QH  |  360pp  |  152 x 229 ●● How to develop a personal treatment indicate CRC and a self-examination routine, BHP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 PB £13.99 programme where you look for symptoms. PB £15.99 ●● An updated and expanded step-by-step of related interest:of related interest: vitamin and supplement protocol Yeast Connection andLiving Beyond Multiple Women’s Health £15.99Sclerosis £12.99 Yeast Connection Cookbook £13.99Managing Multiple Yeast Connection Handbook £13.99Sclerosis Naturally £16.9922
  • health & nutrition – alternative therapies Trust Your Gut Optimal Detox Get Lasting Healing from IBS and How to Cleanse Your Body of Colloidal Other Chronic Digestive Problems and Crystalline Toxins Without Drugs Christopher Vasey Gregory Plotnikoff and Christopher Vasey shows how accumulation Mark Weisberg of toxins is the primary cause of illness and Millions of people worldwide suffer from how the key to successful detoxification is chronic cramping, bloating, diarrhoea and identifying the type of toxin – either colloidal gas. If you or someone you love is plagued or crystalline – polluting your biological by chronic digestive distress, you know terrain. He explains how colloidal toxins what it’s like to be held captive by your gut. hinder circulation and organ function, while In Trust Your Gut, Dr. Gregory crystals move around the body damaging Plotnikoff and Dr. Mark Weisberg show how tissues and causing lesions and pain. to listen to your gut to interpret symptoms With clear, practical instructions and as important messages that can help guidance, Vasey explains how to identifyISBN: 978 1 57324 588 3 correct imbalances. Rather than using which type of toxin is triggering your illnessCON  |  256pp  |  152 x 230 ISBN: 978 1 59477 489 8 drugs to mask the symptoms and and which medicinal herbs, hydrotherapyb & w diagrams HAP  |  144pp  |  140 x 210 underlying problems, Plotnikoff and techniques or nutritional options are thePB £15.99 26 b & w ills  Weisberg offer a programme to assess best choice for each specific condition or PB £12.99 how diet, sleep and stress are affecting combination of ailments.of related interest: your life and health. of related interest:Tell Me What to Eat if I HaveAcid Reflux £10.99 Detox Mono Diet £10.99Tell Me What to Eat if I Have Transformational Power of Fasting £14.99IBS £10.99 Heal the Painting the Hidden Cause Energy Body Using the 5-Step Mind Detox Method Signs and Symbols for Vibrational Healing Sandy C. Newbigging petra neumayer The Mind Detox Method is a remarkable way to discover and heal the hidden and roswitha stark unhealthy beliefs causing physical, Geometric symbols and signs have been emotional and life problems. If something drawn on the body to enhance strength and negative is happening in your body or life courage and stimulate the body’s powers of and you don’t know why, then the Mind self-healing since prehistoric times. Detox Method can help. Exploring several simple methods of In this ground-breaking book, the creator working with symbols for physical, emotional of the method, Sandy C. Newbigging shows and spiritual healing, Petra Neumayer and you how getting peace with your past can Roswitha Stark illustrate the key symbols improve your health, wealth and happiness. used in this practice and reveal how to ISBN: 978 1 59477 480 5ISBN: 978 1 84409 614 5 Heal the Hidden Cause includes: select the proper symbol or symbols for your HAP  |  160pp  |  152 x 229FHP  |  208pp  |  127 x 197   ●● The top 20 unhealthy beliefs that Sandy condition. They explain how to use these 80 b & w illsPB £9.99 has found to be negatively impacting signs directly on areas of pain and injury – PB £14.99 health, wealth and happiness from mosquito bites to eczema – for quickof related interest: ●● Sandy’s 5-Step Mind Detox Method for relief, on bandages to speed healing and on of related interest:Now Habit £12.99 discovering and healing your own acupressure points and meridians to treat Animal Healing andThunk! £9.99 unhealthy beliefs more complex conditions. Vibrational Medicine £13.99 Vibrational Medicine £15.99 Your Natural Tired – So Tired! Medicine Cabinet And the Yeast Connection A Practical Guide to Drug-Free william g. crook Remedies for Common Ailments TIRED—SO TIRED! explains why so many Burke Lennihan people experience exhaustion and, more importantly, presents easy-to-follow steps Featuring the latest cutting-edge for boosting energy and regaining health. information on healing over 100 common After years of research, Dr. William G. ailments, YOUR NATURAL MEDICINE Crook discovered that sugar and yeast, CABINET focuses on the fastest-acting along with other foods and chemicals to natural products available. Ideal for which people can develop sensitivities, are families, busy households and anyone major dietary culprits and can cause interested in natural alternatives. everything from headaches to chronic This guide covers everything from acid fatigue syndrome. He, also, found a reflux, flu and insomnia to earaches, connection between fatigue and certainISBN: 978 0 98344 302 5 constipation and emotional first aid and nutrient deficiencies. With this information ISBN: 978 0 7570 0063 8GHP  |  248pp  |  140 x 216 recommends readily available natural in mind, the doctor developed a diet and SO  |  408pp  |  152 x 230PB £12.99 remedies to address the core conditions vitamin plan that can eliminate fatigue and b & w ills throughout underlying common ailments. related symptoms. PB £13.99 23
  • health & nutrition – alternative therapies Animal Healing with What You Must Australian Bush Know About Flower Essences Bioidentical Marie Matthews Hormone Australian Bush Flower Essences are totally safe and work incredibly quickly with Replacement animals (as they have far less emotional imbalance/baggage than humans). Therapy This book explores many different case An Alternative Approach to Effectively studies and suggests Australian Bush Treating the Symtoms of Menopause Flower Essences that will support sound amy lee hawkins management, balanced diet, exercise and good veterinary care in maintaining an Many women are confused about the animal’s prime physical and emotional treatments available for menopause. WhileISBN: 978 1 84409 610 7 well-being. While the focus of this book is they may be experiencing severe ISBN: 978 0 7570 0380 6FHP  |  192pp  |  178 x 260 mainly on dogs, cats, horses and to a lesser symptoms, the news about Hormone SO  |  240pp  |  153 x 22912 b & w ills extent birds, other animals feature Replacement Therapy (HRT) use is not PB £15.99PB £11.99 throughout the text. encouraging. HRT may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer and of related interest: of related interest: blood clots in the lungs and legs. On the Hormone Balance Through Australian Bush Flower Essences £12.99 other hand, there is a lesser known Yoga £10.99 Bach Flower Remedies for Animals £7.99 treatment – Bioidentical Hormone Users Guide To Crystal Healing for Replacement Therapy (BHRT) – that can Natural Hormone Animals £8.99 help effectively diminish menopausal Replacement £4.99 symptoms without the dangers of synthetic drugs. In her new book, Dr. Amy Lee Hawkins provides women with a complete guide to understanding and using BHRT to diminish or eliminate the symptoms of menopause. Telsa Healing Lyme The True Story of a Dog’s Extraordinary Healing Powers Disease Rosemary Stephenson Coinfections Telsa came into the life of Rosemary and Complementary and Holistic her son as a puppy after the break-up of Treatments for Bartonella and their family home, a smallholding with quite Mycoplasma a number of animals around. She really stephen harrod buhner was her son’s dog to start with but One of the largest factors in misdiagnosis developed a close relationship to Rosemary of Lyme is the presence of other tick-borne with whom she stayed after her son went to infections, which mask or aggravate college. As a healer, Rosemary gave the symptoms of Lyme disease – sessions to individuals and groups and two of the most common and damaging Telsa turned out to often be instrumental in Lyme coinfections being Bartonella amplifying the healing energies just by and Mycoplasma. being in the room. After her passing, Telsa ISBN: 978 1 62055008 3ISBN: 978 1 84409 611 4 Stephen Buhner explains how these continued to connect with Rosemary in HAP  |  512pp  |  152 x 229FHP  |  144pp  |  127 x 197 coinfections create cytokine cascades in healing sessions. PB £16.9924 col &1 b & w photo   the body – essentially sending the immunePB £9.99 of related interest: system into an overblown, uncontrolled Animal Whispers Empowerment of related interest: response. Detailing effective natural Cards £14.99 inc vat holistic methods centred on herbs and Alchemical Medicine for Whale Whisperer £9.99 supplements he reveals how to treat The 21st Century £14.99 Whale Whispers Lions Roar CD £9.99 inc vat specific symptoms, interrupt the cytokine Medical Herbalism cascades and bring the immune system HB £50.00 back into balance. Transformational Power of Fasting £14.9924
  • health & nutrition – alternative therapies The Natural Medicine The Vitamin Cure Guide to Autism for Depression Stephanie Marohn How To Prevent and Treat Depression Using Nutrition and Vitamin THE NATURAL MEDICINE GUIDE TO AUTISM Supplementation covers the basics of autism – what it is and what causes it – and the factors that are Bo H. Jonsson often involved in the disorder: Many people suffering from depression have heavy metal toxicity, nutritional never been encouraged or even informed, deficiencies/imbalances, food about nutritional (orthomolecular) medicine. allergies, digestive problems Standard medical treatments for depression and fungal overgrowth, viruses rarely consider that psychiatric issues can or viral overload, immune be highly dependent on individual lifestyle dysfunction, problems in the factors and ignore environmental factors birthing process, energetic such as food and environmental toxins. legacies from unresolved THE VITAMIN CURE FOR DEPRESSIONISBN: 978 1 57174 687 0 family issues in previous ISBN: 978 1 59120 282 0 offers a solid overview on depression andHRP  |  312pp  |  140 x 216  generations and vaccines. It, BHP  |  192pp  |  133 x 216  gives you the facts you need to helpPB £16.99 also, covers a range of natural PB £12.99 yourself feel better and stay healthier, bothof related interest: medicine treatments, including mentally and physically. elimination diets, listening andNatural Medicine Guide To of related interest: learning skills, nutritionalBipolar Disorder £14.99 Vitamin Cure For Chronic Fatigue supplements to correctNatural Medicine Guide To Syndrome £12.99 imbalances, cranial osteopathy toDepression £14.99 Vitamin Cure For Diabetes £12.99 reverse birth trauma and more. Vitamin Cure For Heart Disease £12.99 Vitamin Cure For Migraines £12.99 Alzheimer’s Disease What If There Was A Cure? The Vitamin Cure Updated & Expanded Edition Mary T. Newport for Infant and This book’s first edition, which details Dr Toddler Health Newports discovery and use of medium- chain fatty acids to aid her husband, Steve, Problems had such a strong reception in 2011 that a How to Prevent and Treat Young second edition was called for. Here Dr Children’s Health Problems Using Newport, a neonatal practitioner, continues Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation the story of Steve’s progress and provides Ralph Campbell the most recent research on such topics as and Andrew W. Saul possible causes of Alzheimer’s due to the herpes simples virus and nitrosamine Most paediatricians are so certain of what substances and how infection, inflammation is ‘proper’ care that they are super-sensitiveISBN: 978 1 59120 319 3 and genetic makeup may affect an about a parent telling them (or suggesting)BHP  |  398pp  |  152 x 229 individuals response to fatty acid therapy. what to do. This is where this book is trulyPB £16.99 different: it is written by a paediatrician who of related interest: ISBN: 978 1 59120 303 2 actively supports empowering parents and Better Brain Book £14.99 who, also, strongly advocates nutritional BHP  |  224pp  |  133 x 216  Brain Fitness for Women £12.99 medicine for babies and small children. It PB £12.99 Coconut Oil Miracle £13.99 provides commonsense approaches to of related interest: many of the problems parents face with Vitamin C: The Real Doctor Yourself young children. Topics include colic, ear infections, diarrhoea, breastfeeding, solid Story £15.99 Natural Healing That Works foods, respiratory infections, nappy rash, Vitamin Cure for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), Alcoholism £12.99 Second Edition – Revised and Expanded whooping cough and an holistic discussion Andrew W. Saul of vaccinations. The human body evolved to live well and fight off disease on a supply of only a couple of dozen essential nutrients. Unfortunately, modern meat-laden, high-sugar, processed- food diets provide catastrophically inadequate levels of those nutrients. Updated and expanded with the latest research and more helpful advice, DOCTOR YOURSELF provides proven methods for combating almost every possible healthISBN: 978 1 59120 310 0 condition – from asthma and Alzheimer’s toBHP  |  352pp  |  152 x 229  cancer, depression, heart disease andPB £19.99 more – all presented in Dr. Saul’s unforgettable style. Whether he’s deliveringof related interest: commonsense tips on subjects such asEarthing £15.99 weight loss and longevity or getting yourOrthomolecular Medicine children to eat correctly, Dr. Saul makesFor Everyone £16.99 taking charge of your family’s health an experience that is both valuable and fun. 25
  • health & nutrition – alternative therapies Migraine Natural Posture for Identify Your Triggers, Break Your Dependence on Medication, and Pain-Free Living Take Back Your Life The Practice of Mindful Alignment An Integrative Self-Care Plan for Wellness New Edition of Ageless Spine, Lasting Health Sharron Murray kathleen porter Migraine disease affects millions of people worldwide. Murray, a nurse and former Our bones are the framework of support for college professor, shows readers how to our bodies, much like the walls and beams develop their own health plan and regain of a house. Yet the alignment of the control of their lives. skeleton along the vertical axis of gravity is Murray explains the cause of the largely overlooked today, even by fitness disease, where it comes from and the experts and yoga teachers. ISBN: 978 1 62055 099 1 difference between primary and secondary Sharing photographs from around the HAP  |  288pp  |  203 x 254 headache types, along with the impact of world of “gurus” of natural posture andISBN: 978 1 57324 595 1 full col throughout injuries and diseases that may occur authentic strength, such as toddlers learningCON  |  208pp  |  152 x 230  PB £18.99 alongside migraine disease. Emphasis is on to walk, Kathleen Porter shows what naturalPB £14.99 treatment of the whole person and the role skeletal alignment truly looks like. of related interest: of the individual in one’s health care plan. Providing easy-to-follow instructions for New Rules ofof related interest: mindful alignment during the most ordinary Her plan includes advice on how to identify Posture £15.99Magnesium Solution For one’s triggers, plus the foods, supplements, daily activities, even sleeping, as well as aMigraine Headaches No-Risk Pilates £16.99 bodywork, meditation and guided imagery chapter on practising yoga safely, Porter Rolfing £21.00£4.99 techniques and lifestyle adjustments that shows how returning to our forgotten Trigger Point Self-Care can help reduce or eliminate migraine onset. alignment from childhood can offer relief Manual £16.99 from chronic pain and tension and can provide easy flexibility, enduring strength and vitality well into old age. 15 Natural How Come They’re Remedies Happy and I’m Not? for Migraine The Complete Natural Program for Healing Depression for Good Headaches peter bondiorno Proven Effective Treatments For millions who suffer from depression, for Adults & Children prescription drugs have not been effective Jay s. cohen or have produced intolerable side effects. Now, naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, Over the last few years, several powerful Peter Bongiorno, offers a proven drug-free and expensive migraine drugs have approach for healing depression. become available through prescription. In HOW COME THEY’RE HAPPY AND I’M Unfortunately, although many work, most NOT?, Dr. Bongiorno explains that have side effects that can cause individuals depression and chronic low moods often to stop treatment. For anyone who has yet have roots in physical ailments: ISBN: 978 1 57324 580 7 to find relief from migraine attacks, inflammation, digestive problems, poor CON  |  256pp  |  152 x 229 best-selling author, Dr. Jay Cohen – aISBN: 978 0 7570 0358 5 nutrient absorption, disease. PB £14.99 leading authority on the dangers ofSO  |  160pp  |  102 x 178 Bongiorno suggests working with one’s prescription drugs – offers a concise andPB £6.99 doctor to help identify underlying causes of related interest: practical guide to alternative treatments with blood tests and then recommends Everyday Alchemists that are just as effective as theirof related interest: dietary changes, botanical medicines, yoga, Happiness Handbook £8.99 conventional counterparts, but areMagnesium Solution For massage and acupuncture points, to tailor Living With Bipolar naturally safe.High Blood Pressure £4.99 a treatment plan based on an individual’s Disorder £8.99 particular symptoms and circumstances. Lost Art of Being Happy £11.9926
  • health & nutrition – drugs drugs Cactus of Mystery The Psychedelic The Shamanic Powers of the Peruvian San Pedro Cactus Future of the Mind How Entheogens Are Enhancing Ross Heaven Cognition, Boosting Intelligence, and San Pedro, the legendary cactus of vision, Raising Values has been used by the shamans of Peru for Thomas B. Roberts at least 3,500 years. Exploring the history and shamanic uses of the San Pedro As psychedelic psychotherapy gains cactus, Ross Heaven interviews practising recognition through research at universities San Pedro shamans about ancient and and medical establishments such as the modern rituals, preparation of the visionary Johns Hopkins Medical Institute and Bellevue brew, experiences with the healing spirit of Hospital, the other beneficial uses of San Pedro and their teachings on how the psychedelics are beginning to be recognised cactus works on the mind, body and illness. – from enhancing problem-solving and He investigates the conditions treated by increasing motivation to boosting theISBN: 978 1 59477 491 1 San Pedro as well as how it can enhance immune system and deepening moral and ISBN: 978 1 59477 459 1PSP  |  392pp  |  152 x 229 creativity, providing case studies from those ethical values. Thomas B. Roberts reveals PSP  |  352pp  |  152 x 2298pp col insert  who have been healed by the cactus and how new uses for entheogens will enrich 10 b & w illsPB £16.99 accounts from those who have been individuals as well as society as a whole. PB £15.99 artistically and musically inspired through With contributions from Charles Grob andof related interest: Roger N. Walsh, the book explains how of related interest: its use.Plants of The Gods £26.00 psychedelics can raise individual and Hallucinogens £15.99Psilocybin Solution £15.99 business attitudes away from Inner Paths To OuterSacred Vine of Spirits: selfcentredness, improve daily life with Space £16.99Ayahuasca £14.99 strengthened feelings of meaningfulness and Psilocybin Solution £15.99Tryptamine Palace £16.99 spirituality and help us understand and Spiritual Gift Of redesign the human mind, leading to the Madness £18.99 possibility of a neurosingularity – a time when future brains surpass our current ones. Shamanic Quest for LSD and the the Spirit of Salvia Divine Scientist The Divinatory, Visionary, and Healing The Final Thouhts and Reflections Powers of the Sage of the Seers of Albert Hofmann ross heaven Albert hofmann Salvia divinorum has been used since ancient times by the Mazatec shamans of foreword by christian Rätsch Mexico for divination, vision quests and This book – Hofmann’s last work before his healing. Known by many names – nearly all death in 2008 at the age of 102 – offers associated with the Virgin Mary, who has the acclaimed scientists personal come to symbolise the spirit of salvia – this experiences and thoughts on chemistry, plant ally is now regarded as the most the natural sciences, mind-altering drugs, powerful natural hallucinogen. the soul and the search for happiness and Reviewing the traditional Mazatec meaning in life. Hofmann explains differentISBN: 978 1 62055 000 7 ceremonies surrounding salvia’s harvest methods of pharmaceutical research basedPSP  |  248pp  |  152 x 229 and use, Heaven describes appropriate on traditional plant medicine and discusses ISBN: 978 1 62055 009 08pp col insert  methods of consumption, typical dosages psilocybin, the active compound in PSP  |  128pp  |  152 x 229 PB £14.99 and the shamanic diet he used to increase psychedelic mushrooms that he PB £12.99 salvia’s effectiveness. Examining firsthand discovered. He examines the psychologicalof related interest: of related interest: accounts of salvia journeys from around role of psychoactives, their therapeuticPlants of The Gods £26.00 the world, he decodes the meaning of the Acid Diaries £14.99 potential, and their use in easing theSalvia Divinorum £12.99 symbolic images experienced during DMT: The Spirit Molecule life-to-death transition.Vodou Shaman £14.99 salvia’s ecstatic embrace and details the £14.99 interplay between salvia and the lucid LSD: Doorway to the dreaming state. Numinous £15.99 Psychedelic Explorers Guide £15.99 27
  • health & nutrition – drugs The New Science of Psychedelics At the Nexus of Culture, Consciousness, and Spirituality david jay brown Sharing insights from his discussions with luminaries such as Terence McKenna, Edgar Mitchell, Candace Pert, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Jerry Garcia, Albert Hofmann, Annie Sprinkle and Rupert Sheldrake, author, David Jay Brown, explores the revelations brought about through his psychedelic experiences and his workISBN: 978 1 59477 492 8 with visionaries of the psychedelicPSP  |  384pp  |  152 x 229  and scientific communities. HePB £15.99 investigates the role of psychedelics in lucid dreaming, time travel, sex andof related interest: pleasure enhancement, morphic fieldAnimals and theory, the survival of consciousnessPsychedelics £10.99 after death, encounters withChaos Creativity and nonhuman beings and the interfaceCosmic Consciousness between science and spirituality.£14.99Hallucinogens £15.99Morphic Resonance £16.99 general 101 Questions & Outliving Cancer Answers about The Better, Smarter, Faster Way to Beat the Odds Hypertension Robert A. Nagourney William Manger By rethinking what cancer is and how it and Norman Kaplan behaves, Dr. Nagourney has developed a Hypertension, or high blood pressure, smarter, more effective way to treat cancer affects millions of people and is a major patients. In OUTLIVING CANCER, Dr. contributor to cardiovascular disease. Nagourney describes the scientific Through proper management the effects of rationale for his particular approach to hypertension can be minimised. This book cancer medicine – beginning with an answers all the most important questions interest in cancer as a disease and his about hypertension and its relationship to good fortune to work with many other diseases, from hypothyroidism and accomplished doctors, to the obstacles he Alzheimer’s to arteriosclerosis and encountered along the way. In this book, ISBN: 978 1 59120 306 3ISBN: 978 0 89793 571 5 readers will come to understand that preeclampsia, among others. It, also, has BHP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229 HH  |  264pp  |  140 x 216  cancer is not what it once appeared to be, suggestions for positive lifestyle changes as PB £15.99PB £14.99 that its management has often been ill well as information on alternative and traditional treatment options. conceived and ill applied. And finally, the of related interest:of related interest: reader will see that simple insights have Earthing £15.99High Blood Pressure enabled Dr. Nagourney to demonstrably You Can Conquer CancerSolution £14.99 improve his patients’ outcomes. By taking a £27.99Killer Colas £13.99 fresh look at some of medicine’s mostTransformational Power of sacrosanct dictates, he has found better,Fasting £14.99 faster, smarter ways to solve even the most complex problems.28
  • health & nutrition – nutrition The Complete Wood Eat Yourself Slim Pellet Barbeque The World’s BEST Method to Lose Weight and Stay Slim Cookbook New Updated Edition The Ultimate Guide and Recipe Book Michel Montignac For Wood Pellet Grills Enjoy chocolate, cheese and pasta and still Bob Devon stay slim! The original eating plan from Bob Devon, barbeque master extraordinaire, internationally renowned author and begins by explaining how you can use a dietician Michel Montignac, who lost 2½ wood-pellet grill as a smoker, grill, barbeque, stone in three months. This classic book oven and broiler to cook virtually any food contains the simple food rules that will keep out of doors. He then kicks off the recipes you slim and still allow you to eat your with a medley of barbeque rubs, marinades favourite foods. Based on the GI Diet, Michel and sauces designed to transform even the reveals the secrets of good nutrition so you most mundane food into a culinary treat. can lose weight and live healthily forever.ISBN: 978 0 7570 0337 0 The Montignac Method challenges the ISBN: 978 2 35934 210 9SO  |  208pp  |  203 x 254  Following this are recipes for steaks; ALP  |  280pp  |  150 x 220 burgers, hot dogs and sausages; pork; traditional dietary wisdom with the boldPB £15.99 claim that to be healthy and to lose weight full col throughout chicken; turkey; seafood; vegetables; breads PB £19.99of related interest: and pizzas and even desserts. we do not have to starve ourselves. All we have to do is follow a nutritionally balanced of related interest:Romancing The Stove diet that excludes saturated fats and£13.99 Acid Alkaline Diet for carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.Whole Herb £12.99 Optimum Health £10.99 Glycemic Index Diet for Weight Loss £10.99 Montignac Diet Cookbook HB £36.00 Global Kitchen Primal A Cookbook of Vegetarian Favorites From The Expanding Light Retreat Cuisine Cooking for the Paleo Diet Diksha McCord Pauli Halstead The delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes in GLOBAL KITCHEN are inspired by many of Improve your health, boost your energy the world’s most enjoyed culinary cultures levels, increase your brain power, live longer – Italian, Thai, Indian and Chinese, among and even save money on your grocery bills others. Tried and true favourites, they have with 150 budget-conscious paleo diet been served for many years, to many recipes from gourmet chef, Pauli Halstead. thousands of guests at The Expanding Light Chef Pauli’s step-by-step advice to yoga and meditation retreat, known for its eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates and great-tasting, healthy, vegetarian cuisine. optimise protein and healthy fat intake demonstrates how the foods of our ISBN: 978 1 59477 486 7 of related interest: ancestors – such as wild-caught fish, HAP  |  288pp  |  203 x 254ISBN: 978 1 56589 102 9 Complete Idiot’s Guide To Vegan grass-fed meats and organic vegetables, full col throughoutCC  |  202pp  |  133 x 203  Living £15.99 nuts, seeds and berries – are still the best PB £16.99PB £12.99 Food Revolution £16.99 choice when it comes to improving your Gluten Free Vegetarian Kitchen £15.99 physical and mental health. of related interest: Deadly Harvest £14.99 Primal Body, Primal Mind £16.99 Healing is Possible Main Street Vegan New Hope for Chronic Fatigue, Everything You Need to Know to Eat Fibromyalgia, Persistent Pain, and Healthfully and Live Compassionately Other Chronic Illnesses in the Real World Neil Nathan Victoria Moran Foreword by Jacob Teitelbaum In MAIN STREET VEGAN, Moran offers a complete guide to making this major lifestyle Dr. Nathan identifies the twelve major shift, with an emphasis on practical “baby imbalances in the body that often contribute steps” (you dont have to throw out your to chronic and/or complex illnesses, such as leather shoes, animal-tested soap and meat chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Often and dairy products all in one day!). Not just overlooked by mainstream medicine, by for foodies or “health nuts,” this book identifying and treating these imbalances provides practical advice and simple, savoury symptoms often improve or resolve recipes for everyone – from Main Street to completely. While further investigation is Wall Street and everywhere in between. sometimes necessary for complete healing,ISBN: 978 1 59120 308 7 The steps presented in this book can be ISBN: 978 1 58542 933 2 when a well-informed effort is made on theBHP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229  taken in almost any order and performed at JPT  |  384pp  |  127 x 203  patient’s behalf, Dr. Nathan assures readersPB £15.99 your own pace. PB £13.99 that healing really is possible. of related interest: of related interest: Complete Idiot’s Guide To From Fatigued to Fantastic £15.99 Eating Raw £14.99 31
  • health & nutrition – nutrition So I Need to Lose The Smart Guide 15 Pounds to Nutrition Shiho Torii Everything You Need to Know About Fighting Infections Who hasn’t worried about their weight at one time or another? This book presents an Anne Maczulak amusing new way to look at dieting. A THE SMART GUIDE TO NUTRITION gives you non-fiction self-help book written in a comic all the essential information for format, it takes the hard issue of dieting understanding how your body uses nutrients, techniques and presents them in the where nutrients go in the body and how you humorous style of Japanese manga. can optimise your dietary choices and Popular diets such as Macrobiotics, calories. Author, Anne Maczulak covers the based on traditional Japanese cuisine, to main topics of nutrition, starting with the way out there diets, such as using essential nutrients needed by all cells and ISBN: 978 1 93763 638 8 experimental NASA equipment and building your knowledge of whole body SGP  |  272pp  |  191 x 235ISBN: 978 0 97850 843 2 hypnosis, are tested in a 27 diet challenge. nutrition. PB £15.99OPB  |  176pp  |  152 x 204 Readers can find motivation to lose weight This Smart Guide offers a quick referencefull col throughout  and helpful information on which diets give to the carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitaminsPB £10.99 the best results while laughing all the way. and minerals your body needs as well as of related interest: water and energy. Acid Alkaline Diet For Optimum Health £10.99 Reverence for Vegetable All Life Juicing for The Path to Ahimsa: Vegetarianism Everyone Janice Gray Kolb How to get Your Family Over twenty years ago, the author Healthier and Happier, Faster! announced that she had decided to no Andrew W. Saul longer eat meat, fish or poultry. This was no and Helen Saul Case complicated decision for her and she hadn’t struggled or pondered it with a great Why juice? You cannot buy freshly prepared deal of thought. She simply decided that vegetable juice in any store at any price... with her view and love of animals, it was no unless they literally juice the vegetables longer possible to eat them and made a right in front of your eyes and you drink it vow to never again eat meat. down before they make you pay for it. Any Janice Kolb firmly believes that if done juice in a carton, can or bottle has been thoughtfully, a vegetarian life style is fully heat treated and was certainly packaged atISBN: 978 1 57733 258 9 ISBN: 978 1 59120 295 0 satisfying, fully healthy and a strong least a few days, if not weeks, months orBD  |  102pp  |  140 x 216 BHP  |  224pp  |  152 x 229  statement of social concerns on how we even years ago. This applies to frozen juice,b&w ills PB £15.99 should treat the animals with whom we too. So you need to make your own.PB £10.99 share this planet… and that there are Read this book and you will find lots of of related interest: healthy, wonderful and abundant juicing hints, funny stories, and solid Complete Idiots Guide Toof related interest: medical support for juicing all manner of alternative choices of fruits and vegetables Eating Raw £14.99101 Reasons Why I’m A with which to make delicious meals. produce. Lose weight, eliminateVegetarian £16.99 Juice Ladys Guide To gastrointestinal problems, banish fatigue, Juicing For Health £14.99How to Eat Like A prevent chronic infection, stop Crohn’sVegetarian Even If disease, spastic colon, IBS, urinaryYou Never Want To Be tract infections and much more.One £16.99 Your Time to Bake The Ultimate A First Cookbook for the Novice Baker Allergy-Free Robert L. Blakeslee To help establish a firm foundation, the Snack Cookbook book opens with three primer chapters that Over 100 Kid-Friendly Recipes provide essential baking information For the Allergic Child – staple ingredients, basic equipment and Judi and Shari Zucker common baking terms and techniques. Kids love snacks, but they pose a special What follows next is a fantastic array of danger when kids have food allergies, since easy-to-prepare recipes, including a nearly all supermarket treats contain dairy, delectable assortment of biscuits, eggs wheat (gluten), soy, peanuts or tree nuts brownies, pies and tarts, cakes and – the six key foods that cause over 80% of all cupcakes, cheesecakes, muffins, quick food allergies. To help parents gain some breads and flaky puff pastry creations, as control, Judi and Shari Zucker have written well as luscious icings, fillings and toppings.ISBN: 978 0 7570 0355 4 THE ULTIMATE ALLERGY-FREE SNACK Over 1,500 full-colour photos and ISBN: 978 0 7570 0346 2SO  |  400pp  |  203 x 254 COOKBOOK, a collection of over one hundred illustrations help make the step-by-step SO  |  192pp  |  191 x 242 full col photos & ills nutritious and delicious allergen-free treats. instructions clear and accessible. PB £13.99throughout  of related interest: of related interest:HB £26.00 Vitamin Cure for Wild Table £34.00 Allergies £12.99 Your Time To Cook £26.00 Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook £15.9932
  • health & nutrition – nutrition The Vegan Global The Secret of Vigor Family Cookbook How to Overcome Burnout, Restore Metabolic Balance, and Reclaim brian p. mccarthy Your Natural Energy For fans of The Vegan Family Cookbook – Shawn m. talbott and anyone who is concerned about Millions complain of feeling tired, stressed animals, the environment and their health or depressed. They are lacking in something – Chef, Brian McCarthy, is back with a that psychology researchers call “Vigour.” cookbook that shows that international Vigour is defined as “a 3-tiered sustained vegan food is not only good for the planet mood state characterised by physical and good for you, but it’s easy and fun to energy, mental acuity and emotional prepare too. THE VEGAN GLOBAL FAMILYISBN: 978 1 59056 415 8 well-being.” Vigour is a true measure of COOKBOOK contains more than 300 simple,LTB  |  368pp  |  178 x 203 wellness because it encompasses much nutritious recipes, such as Turkish BeanPB £18.99 more than simply feeling energetic or being Soup and Cardamom Coconut Bread in a good mood or having a sharp mind. Pudding.of related interest: People with high levels of vigour are those can-do individuals who get things done – ISBN: 978 0 89793 573 9Complete Idiots Guide To HH  |  264pp  |  140 x 216 Vegan Living £15.99 they’re motivated. For many people, however, vigour is a state that PB £12.99Lantern Vegan FamilyCookbook £16.99 they have not experienced in of related interest:Vegan Diet As Chronic many years. Cortisol Connection £12.99Disease Prevention £16.99 Everyday Alchemist’s Happiness Handbook £8.99 From Fatigued To Fantastic! £15.99 history Forgotten Covert Wars Civilization and Breakaway The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future Civilizations The Secret Space Program, Celestial Robert M. Schoch Psyops and Hidden Conflicts Weaving together a new view of the origins Joseph P. Farrell of civilisation, the truths behind ancient wisdom and the dynamics of the planet we Oxford-educated historian Farrell’s sequel live on, Schoch maintains we must heed to Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops delves the megalithic warning of the past and into the creation of a breakaway civilisation collectively prepare for future events. by the Nazis in South America and other Combining evidence from multiple parts of the world. He discusses the scientific disciplines, Schoch shows how the advanced technology that they took with last ice age ended abruptly in 9700 BCE due them at the end of the war and theISBN: 978 1 59477 497 3 to coronal mass ejections from the Sun. psychological war that they waged for ISBN: 978 1 93548 783 8ITI  |  384pp  |  152 x 229 These solar outbursts unleashed electrical/ decades on America and NATO. He AUP  |  292pp  |  153 x 229 16pp col insert  plasma discharges upon Earth and triggered investigates the secret space programmes PB £16.99PB £15.99 volcanic activity, earthquakes, fires and currently going on by the massive floods as glaciers melted and breakaway civilisationsof related interest: lightning strikes released torrential rains and the current militariesLost Technologies of from the oceans. He explains how these in control of planet Earth.Ancient Egypt £21.00 events eradicated the civilisation of the time Plenty of astoundingVoyages of The Pyramid and set humanity back thousands of years, accounts, documents andBuilders £14.99 only to reemerge around 3500 BCE with speculation on the scattered memories and nascent abilities. incredible alternative history of hidden conflicts and secret space programmes that began when World War II officially “ended.” of related interest: Cosmic War £15.99 Grid of The Gods £16.99 Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops £16.99 33