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TRUECPA Group is formed by na interdisciplinary professional team of accountants, lawyers and specialists, trained in all the processes related to accounting, tax compliance, secretarial, payroll, …

TRUECPA Group is formed by na interdisciplinary professional team of accountants, lawyers and specialists, trained in all the processes related to accounting, tax compliance, secretarial, payroll, business intermediation and tax consulting services.

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  • 1. Corporate Presentation Brazil
  • 2. Index • • • • • Introduction About True CPA Group Our Mission, Vision e Values Services Contacts
  • 3. Introduction - Market Today’s complexities in doing cross-border business requires that international companies stay current with the continuously changing local market regulation and requirements in the different countries in which they have subsidiaries. This requires from organizations, not only international expertise, but local grounded knowledge, which is costly and takes time to set up. With True CPA international companies obtain scalable and tailor made support for their subsidiaries. True CPA could help on audit, due diligence, advisory, finance and administrative back-office functions is more cost effective and provides international companies immediate access to local knowledge maintaining at the same time expertise required to manage their head office requirements.
  • 4. About True CPA Group Our firm is comprised of professionals with vast experience, and has more than 30 years supporting local and multinational clients. This great tradition in professional services, recognized in the market, allows us to state that: We deliver a high quality service advice, personalized and comprehensive, timely responding to your needs and professionals with high standards. Our business knowledge may have added international experience, with professional experts in areas such as: Auditing, IFRS, Taxes and Tributary services, Labor and Business Consulting. All of our professional works are guided by high ethical values ​of integrity, responsibility, respect for the people and independence, which allows us to establish long-term business relationships with our clients.
  • 5. Our Mission, Vision e Values Mission: True CPA aims to turn the knowledge into value for the benefit of its clients, its people and its community. Vision: To have a proactive thinking, with an orientation to the future, dedication to the success of our clients and community. Be recognized as: • • • The firm preferred by the best talent in the world Attracted by our reliability, prestige, culture and diversity The firm chosen by the clients and professionals, attracted by the quality, wide ranging and thoroughness of our services. Values: Defining who we are, are the fundamental beliefs and reflecting the deep respect that our clients and partners have for us. Guiding our actions and behavior. Influencing the way we work with each other, and the way we serve our clients and collaborating with the communities, building confidence. • • • • • • Open and honest communication We respect the personal integrity, respect and teamwork. People with energy, enthusiasm and courage to lead. People who build relationships based on doing on the straightway People able to nourish themselves with the needs and concerns of others People are able to see things with a wider perspective
  • 6. Audit Our focus on audit is based on the strategic business risks for which we focus our assistance in significant areas of your financial statements, representing a value aggregated to the Corporative Board of Directors. Our services are: – – – – – – – – Financial Statements Auditing Assistance in the conversion to IFRS Auditing Procedures Agreed Limited Review and Acting Preparation of Financial Statements according to IFRS Evaluation of Internal Control Systems Review of Financial Information Specific review of accounting and financial areas, and advisory services in application of accounting principles. – Compliance with Rules and Regulations – Courses of IFRS normative application
  • 7. Advisory Services Our area of ​business advisory is focused on assisting your company in different areas such as: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Internal Auditing Due Diligence of Financial Statements Advice on the company restructuring liabilities Financial Risk Management Business management and searching of strategic partners Recruitment and selection of executives Benefits and compensations Asset management, human capital, processes and research and HR studies Our team of professionals has huge experience in identifying significant risks, which will be fundamental support key to get control on all aspects of your company’s financial information Financial structuring of new business; Strategic planning; Mergers and acquisitions business Due diligence; Business plan.
  • 8. Tax Legal and Corporate – – – – – – – – Establishment of new Companies, Mercantile and Civil Contracts Merger and Acquisition of Businesses Wealth Structuring Individual and Family Equity Tax Planning Wealth of Family with high value added equity Business and Corporate Reorganizations Tax Advisory in Inheritance and Donations Tax recovery Taxpayer Defense before the Tax Authority and Courts with respect to the taxes – Tax Consulting
  • 9. Tax Compliance – – – – – – – – – – – Legal Due Diligence and tributary Reviews for Business Acquisition´s purposes Advice on the definition of Income Tax methodology Tax treatment of foreign investment and payments to abroad Act as Representative before the Tax Authorities Preparation of Income Tax Return (Individual and Corporate) Compliance with Accessory Obligations on Sales Tax and Fiscal books (Federal, State and Municipal) Compliance with accounting, statutory, tax, paralegal and labor obligations (BPO). Tax Diagnosis and Auditing Tax Services to the Expatriate Transfer Pricing
  • 10. Tax Compliance (BPO) True CPA is allowed to act in outsourcing services in the accounting, fiscal books, treasury and administrative back-office services, delivering cost-effective solutions while optimizing efficiency and quality for our clients. We are committed to provide our services under a “One Stop Shop” concept with our trusted partners in Brazil. As such, we serve as a real partner for international companies seeking assistance for their subsidiaries in the understanding of local markets and the compliance with local regulations.
  • 11. Establishment of new Companies Our services encompass the full life circle of an entity starting with setup and strategic planning. We help our clients with the selection and set-up of the appropriate entity type to support local business objectives, with the setting up of books and procedures while helping through the registration process before the appropriate local tax authority, administrative and banking authorities. We count with trusted partners networking as law firms, paralegal, brokers and others specialists to help us in some activities. Special licenses to run business in Brazil depends directly on our trusted partners to obtain it. Financial ERP system ready to use.
  • 12. Management & Domiciliation Upon contracting our Management & Domiciliation services you entrust us the controllership of your local business to see that your company´s objectives are met succesfully, while assuring at the same time, the local entity´s goods standing with rules and regulations.. Either through True CPA or externally, we can provide you with highly qualified and experienced representatives , officers or proxy holders who can individually or jointly assume full or partial responsibility for day-by-day management of your subsidiary. When using our local registered address, the client is assured of the timely and accurate processing of all formal communications received, thereby also assuming the appropriate response to these documents. * Management Services just could be provided, if True CPA will be responsible for accounting, tax compliance. treasury services and payroll
  • 13. Fiscal Books & Obligations The extensive, complex and ever-changing local rules and regulations requires companies to focus more and more on handling compliance. In organizations with reduced staffs, we are the ideal partner to keep them up to date and in compliance with these constantly changing regulations. Our comprehensive range of services includes, among others: • • • • • • Taxes, duties and charges calculations and respective payment voucher Timely tax fillings of the obligations to the local Tax Authorities, Brazilian Central Bank and others Coordination and attendance of tax auditing Transfer Pricing calculations among the related companies Local tax review Preparation of Annual Income Tax Return of the Entity and Individual
  • 14. Accounting & Reporting You can rely on our experienced staff to keep your subsidiary´s books and records and to issue the necessary reports in accordance with local and international rules and group policies, so as to assure and strengthen transparency and accountability of your business. Our comprehensive range of services includes, among others: • Day-by-day bookkeeping work • Timely local and management reporting • Account analysis preparation and reconciliation • Fixed Asset accounting control and respective depreciation • Inventory accounting control and cost of good sold • Managerial report according to internal company policy • Issuance of local Financial Statements • USGAAP or IFRS • Attendance of internal or external auditing
  • 15. Treasury Our team has huge experience in interbank relationship that could help the company to maintain the control of payments and collections electronically in accordance with the local and international rules and group policy. Our comprehensive range of services includes, among others: • Accounts receivable controls, including the issuance of the collection voucher through the bank system and send it to the client • Accounts payable controls to assure the payment on the due date • Electronic interface with the bank for sending and receiving data • Bank reconciliation • Issuance accounts payable & receivable position reports
  • 16. Payroll In the local environment of constantly changing of payroll regulations, relying on our Payroll Outsourcing services is the best solution. Our comprehensive range of services includes, among others: • • • • • • • • • Drafting of locally compliant employment contract Maintenance of employee confidential records Assistance on the hiring and dismissal process Gathering payroll data and ends with the preparation of payment instructions for salaries Process the advance salary and monthly calculation Control and calculation of vacation and 13th annual salary Tax and social charges calculations Preparing and filling the payroll obligation to the Labor Authority Loan Staff - manpower assignment
  • 17. IT Solutions To make easier the day-by-day and facilitates the internal controls, True CPA has a standard Financial ERP system to process the services or sharing the process with the clients, as follows: • • • • • • • • • TOTVS ERP, the major software house in Brazil listed at BOVESPA (SP SEC) TOTVS ERP is totally compliant with the Brazilian Tax Legislation ERP hosted at TOTVS data center and cloud access remotely Secure access and data safety according to the SAS procedures Standard Financial ERP system ready to use, clients does not need to invest in ERP generating savings ERP is segmented per modules, as: billing, purchasing, treasury (AR/AP), inventory, accounting, fiscal books, fixed asset and payroll Allow us to permit the client being part of the process according the scope of services and responsibilities agreed Develop a tailor made process and the specific ERP customization belongs to the client for future internal requirements Build a specific BI (Business Intelligence) cube for internal controls of the management team * If specific customization is required, it will be charged separately
  • 18. ERP Flow Process Taxes (Fiscal Books) B Finance C Fixed Assets (Depreciation ) D Purchasing (Incoming Invoices) A A (Accounts Receivable) Documents review, fiscal analysis, tax B calculations, tax compliance and filings service are under DA responsibility A Billing (Invoices Issuance) Accounting Bank F (Payments & Collections) Finance (Accounts Payable) C C Payroll routine services and monthly process, tax and social charges calculation, E payroll filings and compliance are under DA responsibility F Inventory (COGS) D Finance services could be performed by DA or Client Services under DA responsibility for D Month End Closing in BR GAAP and preparation of managerial reports D Payroll Process E Posting Data in the System, this service could be performed by DA or Client DA upload the payments in the Bank and Client will approve it electronically
  • 19. Curriculum Vitae Clóvis Rocha Décio Deep • • MBA in Controllership & Financial – Fundação Getúlio Vargas Bachelor in Accounting Administration – Faculdade ÍtaloBrasileiro • Bachelor in Accounting Administration – Faculdade Newton de Paiva Qualifications • More than 25 years experience in accounting, tax compliance, tax consulting, finance , controllership and BPO area • Strong actuation in the preparation and coordination of Managerial Reports and USGAAP/IFRS • Experience in strategic planning, feasibility study, budget preparation & control and selling price • Responsible for IT, managing and validating the internal processes and implementing the ERP systems, as: JDEdwards, Datasul, Oracle e Totvs Qualifications • More than 30 years experience in accounting, tax compliance, HR & Payroll, finance , controllership and BPO area • Strong actuation in the preparation and coordination of Managerial Reports and USGAAP/IFRS • Experience in new law Nr 11.638/07 and Nr 11.941/09 • Overall experience in HR and Payroll • Business advisory focused in expansion projects • Developing new businesses and tax planning • Tax consulting and Income Tax Background Develops its experience in the multinationals companies in the auditing, consulting, outsourcing and industries, as: Arthur Andersen, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, TMF-Group, Honda (Motorcycles and Vehicles) e Sara Lee Corp (Coffee Division) Background Started his career as Head of Accounting Dept and controller of national and international companies, as: Metalur, Eletrosilex, Itaminas. As entrepeneuer, since 1988 established an BPO Firm (Plano Contábil) till the joint with True CPA. Languages Portuguese, English and Spanish Languages Portuguese, English and Spanish
  • 20. Contacts Décio Deep Clóvis Rocha São Paulo Office Rua Urussui, 238, 1º andar Sala 12 CEP:04542-051 - Itaim Bibi São Paulo – SP – Brasil Phone: ++ 55 11 3168-4865 Belo Horizonte Office Rua Santa Rita Durao, 19 CEP: 30140-110 – Bairro Funcionários Belo Horizonte – MG - Brasil Phone: ++ 55 31 3284.1110 Other office in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro & Brasilia Other Countries: Chile, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela and Caribe Thank you!!! Partners: