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Product Packaging in Marketing
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Product Packaging in Marketing


Packaging innovations to …

Packaging innovations to
provide solutions to satisfy the

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  • 1. Packaging Of Products
    Ankit Agarwal
    MBA (2008-10)
    DMS, SOM
    Pondicherry University
    Emerging Trends- Food Packaging
    • Easy to handle packs are preferred.
    In use convenience is the call of the
    • Easy to use packs are gaining
    popularity. People are ready to pay
    premium for “In use” convenience
  • 3. Consumer convenience
    Easy to tear LASER etched pouches
  • 4. Consumer convenience
    Two sided dispensing feature
  • 5. Consumer convenience
    Horlicks in Composite Containers with spoon for measurement
  • 6. Consumer convenience
    Push-open for one handed dispensing
  • 7. Consumer convenience
    Flip-top cap for easy dispensing
    Easy to hold packaging formats
  • 8. Consumer convenience
    Inbuilt handle in Jar for
    ease in carrying
    Inbuilt handle in cap for
    ease in carrying
  • 9. Consumer convenience
    Beverage Carton
    Reclosable Opening
  • 10. Consumer convenience
    Self heating coffee can
    Pull the tag, coffee heats up automatically
    Microwavable packaging
    Unique tear strip for easy use
  • 11. Emerging Trends-
    Food Packaging
    Consumer Convenience
  • 12. Shelf & Consumer Appeal
    • Shelf visibility and consumer appeal
    is becoming very important.
    • Modern trade outlets call for instant
    consumer attraction.
    • Pack appearance and ability to
    engage consumers are becoming the
    key consideration for any new
    packaging design
  • 13. Consumer Appeal
    Modern trade - fighting for consumer attraction.
    Differentiated shapes/ attractive graphics are the need of the day
  • 14. Shelf & Consumer Appeal
    Shaped stand up pouches for Kids
  • 15. Shelf & Consumer Appeal
    Unusual fun shape
    Jar with profile shape
  • 16. Shelf & Consumer Appeal
    Beverage Packs
    Custom Design Caps
    Fruit shaped jar
  • 17. Shelf & Consumer Appeal
    Instant coffee in a pack
    shaped like a coffee bean!
    And communicates a
    superior, persona
    Instant coffee in a Double
    contoured wave design
    glass container.
    Bottle design reflects
    novelty in shape
  • 18. New Formats
    • Ready to use pack- Food already cooked- “Heat and Eat”
    • On the Go- To meet the demand of fast pace of life. Have your food “Anywhere &
    • Vending formats- Strongest emerging format
  • 19. New formats
    Ready to use / microwavable packs
  • 20. New formats
    On the go packaging formats
  • 21. New formats
    Vending machines for coffee & Chocolate + snack food
  • 22. Nutritional labelling
    Label declaration
    More and more labels are coming
    with nutritional information. Enhance
    consumer awareness
    • List of ingredients / nutrients
    • Serve size / % Daily Requirement
    • Benefits
  • 23. Emerging Trends- Pharmaceutical
    Anti-counterfeit measures
    • What is Counterfeit?
    – Counterfeiting is manufacturing and selling Spurious drugs using the
    packaging similar to that of original drug manufacturer.
  • 24. Anti-counterfeit
    Original pack (old) on top and counterfeit
    pack on side
  • 25. Anti-counterfeit
    Original pack (old) on top and counterfeit
    pack on side
  • 26. Anti-counterfeit
    • Solution to counterfeit:
    – To do something either on the Product or Packaging,
    which makes the Brand different from its counterfeits and helps in authentication of its genuineness at the point of purchase
  • 27. Anti-counterfeit
    • Dot Matrix 2-D, 3-D hologram
    • Flip action, background text,
    kinetic movement, Micro text and a
    laser code
  • 28. Shift from Loose to Packed
    Every tea garden has its own branded tea value
  • 29. Shift from Loose to Packed
    From a local shopkeeper selling loose
    Vegetables to hygienically packed Vegetables
  • 30. Dairy Milk Hygienically Packed Milk
  • 31. Innovative Food Packaging
  • 32. Shift from Rigid to Flexible
    Bottles to Flexible
    Rigid packaging is giving way to flexible packaging in the form of standup
    pouches, retort pouches, spouted pouches which offer similar
    performance and shelf appeal at lower cost.
  • 33. Shift from Rigid to Flexible
    Rigid packaging is giving way to flexible packaging in the form of
    stand-up pouches, retort pouches, spouted pouches which offer
    similar benefits at lower weight and cost.
  • 34. Dynamic Growth
    Key Sectors
  • 35. Commodity Foods
    There is a surge in demand for well packed commodity foods like atta,
    cereals, rice, sugar, salt etc. Packaging is being designed for convenience,
    shelf appeal and to retain freshness.
  • 36. Nitrogen Flushed Snack Foods
    Nitrogen flushing process is used to pack a variety of food products like wafers, namkeen ( range of products by Haldirams), snacks (cheese balls, French fries) and coffee. Indian Snack foods are catering to regional preferences.
  • 37. Packaged Fruits and Vegetables
    Newest Challenge for the Packaging Industry
  • 38. PE Extruded Nets and Rachel Bags
    • PE Extruded nets will be used to pack
    – Onions
    – Potatoes
    – Garlic & Ginger
    – Hard fruits like Ber
    Rachel Bags will help Retail Businesses to pack 25- 50 Kg produce at
  • 39. Packaged Fruits & Vegetables
    • Pre- weighed beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, etc. automatically packed on horizontal packaging machines in
    clear PE pre-formed bags will become popular with growth
    in organized retail business.
    • Stretch- Cling films will find wider applications when large
    fruits and vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, gourd,
    melons, etc. are individually wrapped for enhanced shelf life.
  • 40. Dried fruits provide great value addition and very popular in Turkey, Asia and US as a snack.
    Widely marketed as snack and food supplement.
    • Mangoes
    • Strawberries
    • Apples
    • Kiwi
    • Berries
    • Figs
    • Mushrooms
    • Plums
    • Broccoli
    Dried Mangoes
    Dried Strawberries
    Fruits are marginally processed with sugar, salt etc for added flavours.
  • 41. Frozen Food
    Frozen ready meals, includes frozen meat, poultry and fast food. These products require excellent barrier with EVOH, PVDC, etc.
  • 42. conclusions
    With enhanced consumer driven
    needs , packaging innovations to
    provide solutions to satisfy the
  • 43. THANK YOU