Next Generation Governance - Digital Engagement - Empowering Citizens Through Digital Innovation

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Next Generation Governance - Digital Engagement - Empowering Citizens Through Digital Innovation.

Next Generation Governance - Digital Engagement - Empowering Citizens Through Digital Innovation.

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  • 1. GOVERNMENT IN DIGITAL ERA Government (at it’s basic level) is a mechanism for collaborative action for social good. Dynamic Historical Context Agenda for Action Perspective Conceptual Economy: from Platform for brains outside of Empower the creative and industrial to conceptual government (Open innovative capitalism Government, Govt. 2.0) Powered By Talents: Provide/preserve technical Coordination, not command creativity is the ultimate infrastructure that and control resource encourages creativity Communication Revolution: Trust / rely on people with Develop new intellectual allows so many more to be access to so much knowledge property rights for the creative and information conceptual economy
  • 2. GOVERNANCE NEED SHIFT NEXT GENERATION Government which promotes use of GOVERNMENT collaborative web 2.0 technology to solve collective problems across all government. city, province, country, international. Government stripped down to it’s core, rediscovered, re-imagined. Government which has moved from the “Need To Know” mindset to the “Need To Share” mindset. Government acting as a Platform for Engagement and Collaboration.
  • 3. CONNECT GOVERNMENT TO IMPROVE GOVERNMENT Speed Up Citizen – Citizen Social Inclusion Government Government Gap Centricity Processes Narrows New Standardised Revenue Collection Collaborative Public Organisational Common / Spending Policy Process Model Infrastructure Efficiencies Gained Back-office Quality Of Life Increased Governance Improved Via Accountability For Reorganisation Innovation Government Pillars of Connected Government Impact of Connected Government
  • 4. GOVERNMENT / CITIZEN MESSAGE FLOW Government Encoding MEDIA Decoding Citizens Selective Selective Retention Attention Noise Selective Distortion Feedback Response
  • 5. GOVERNMENT ACCESSIBILITY = MORE RESPECT People like doing business with people they know … … and love doing business with people they trust. • is personal. • requires risk-taking • is about relationships, not transactions. • is based on being willing to put the other’s needs first. UNKNOWN RECOGNIZED LIKED RESPECTED For Government, being a better messenger means moving from the Less Known to the Most Respected.
  • 6. EVOLVING CITIZEN INFORMED • Seek where the Truth Lies EMPOWERED • Know Value of Voicing their Opinion CONNECTED • Quick, Easy, Cheap ways to be “Always On” CREATIVE • Huge Reservoir of Untapped Creativity “This is not a question of scale. It is a different way of existing”
  • 7. EVOLVING WORLD “The Key is Laying the foundation for an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem.”
  • 8. EVOLVING MEDIA STATIC INTERACTIVE OPEN • Read Only • All Read & Few Write • All Read & All Write MULTI DEVICE & MULTI PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION REAL-TIME & INSTANTANEOUS ACCOUNTABILITY & EMPOWERMENT & VIRILITY MEASUREMENT (ROI) MARKETING & INTERACTIVITY “We must accept the fact that there is no mass in mass media anymore, and leverage more targeted approaches“
  • 11. EVOLVING MASS COMMUNICATION "Advertising was designed to simulate word of mouth when word of mouth was very inefficient. It isn’t any longer.” • Overly focused on creating more usefulness and Trust in ads has relevance with the advertisement messages. fallen while its • Marketers have done almost nothing with the new possibilities structural • Participants are getting more and more annoyed by capacity (reach) interruption and better and better at avoiding it. of generating • Technology is presenting a new range of opportunities. influence has • Audience usage patterns are evolving. also declined • Focus on the understanding of culture as the driver for innovation is becoming more and more substantially. prominent.
  • 12. EVOLVING TECHNOLOGY Social Media will be one • Rapidly advancing consistent, prominent force Communication & Media technologies are making in the Government’s arsenal, available new information as it lets large bureaucracies flow and public relations opportunities never seen engage customers/citizens before. authentically. Classmates Online Banking 6 Billion Online Friendster Bebo Twitter Banner Ads MP3 Broadband LinkedIn Ning E-Commerce MySpace Digg Brand Websites Flickr Adwords Dogster Blogs Facebook
  • 13. EVOLVING GOVERNMENT Open access to Government Openness will strengthen data, means no limit to what democracy and promote contribution people can do. It efficiency and effectiveness in engages the imagination of TRANSPARENT citizens in building the Government. society. AGILE PARTICIPATORY Government can leverage new The prospect of Government Social Media tools to create a COLLABORATIVE using Social Media sites like more open, efficient, effective Twitter will raised a myriad of and transparent government legal, contractual, and policy questions.
  • 14. GOVERNMENT 2.0 – CITIZEN CENTRIC Blogs Bookmarking & Wikis Newspapers Tagging Email Outdoor Content Widgets Aggregation Interactive Flyers (Banner ads) Crowd Sourcing Virtual Worlds & Voting Direct Mail Point-of- Purchase Ratings & Discussion Boards Brochures Door-to-Door And Forums Reviews Magazines Posters Presentation Events & Meets Sharing Television Radio Podcasting Photo Sharing
  • 15. SOCIAL MEDIA – A REVOLUTION What started with Has turned into: A Evolution of How We Communicate
  • 16. SOCIAL MEDIA – SUCCESS STORY Obama – Reinventing Politics, Democracy and Governance Objective: Obama campaign sought to Attract and Differentiate Fundraise Supporters. • Knickerbocker SDK designed email to supporters to embed custom Wiffiti widget in their blogs. • Displayed widget on Times Square NYC screen. • Emailed to 10,000 supporters. • Users messages displayed on all screens – Times Sq, blogs, websites etc • Created media buzz at launch (celebrities at Times Sq). • Raised $400,000 donations in 1 week.
  • 17. SOCIAL MEDIA - DEMYSTIFIED • Social media is primarily Internet and Mobile- Social Media is based tools for sharing and discussing information. becoming many • Social media makes Conversations possible among multiple people around the world using people’s primary Web-based Technologies. • Social media allow people to publicly create, source of News, share, and discuss information. • Social media often refers to activities that Opinion, integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and Information, audio. • Social media is a shift in how people discover, Communication and read, and share information , it is a fusion of sociology and technology, transforming even Entertainment monologue (one to many) into dialog (many to many). Content Conversation Communication
  • 18. SOCIAL MEDIA – THE DEMOCRATIC WEB The reason the social media sits well with people is that it is run democratically, a concept that all people are used to.
  • 19. SOCIAL MEDIA – GOVERNANCE PERSPECTIVE Media Social Media • Government at Center • Citizen at Center • Defines the Space (Limited Flexibility) • Defines the Space (Unbounded Flexibility) • Controls Transaction (Closed and Narrow) • Controls Transaction (Open Omni Directional) • Creates Content (Passive) • Creates Content (Collaborative Co-Creation) • Drives Interaction (Conventional Intelligence) • Drives Interaction (Crowd Intelligence) • Unidirectional (Deliver Message) • Interactive (Create Conversation) • One to Many (G2C or C2G) • Many to Many (G2C, C2C, C2G) • Push / No Conversation • Pull + Push / Conversation • Informative • Influencing (Involving)
  • 20. SOCIAL MEDIA – AN OPPORTUNITY Makes your influence ripples Stronger and Bigger! Authentic connections with citizens, on a Regular & Real-time basis Be the Expert!, Provide Counseling, Build Consensus, Help in Developing Opinion. Listen to Your Audience!, Citizens New Collaborations, with all stake holders of Governance Manifest abstract thoughts into written word. Get the wheels of actions turning. And you can do all this at low or no cost. Its FREE!
  • 21. SOCIAL MEDIA – MULTI ROLE & MULTI TASK Access Citizen Services Community Development Welfare Programs Visibility Influencing (Counseling) Social Cause Promotion Infotainment
  • 22. SOCIAL MEDIA - WHY CARE ABOUT IT? It’s about knowing • Where the conversations are happening • What your share of the conversations is • What the conversations are that you could / should be in • Who the key influencers are who can help build your brand It’s about expanding your news flow • Simple syndication – distribute news via basic sharing tools (eg, Twitter and Facebook) It’s about understanding communities • Which groups, forums and networks matter? • Who drives share of conversation in these communities? • What are the next steps in driving relationships? It’s about leveraging existing content and improving your natural search Generation Y and Z don’t communicate anymore through email but through their Social Networks, people with higher education levels are using more & more social media in their (online) communication
  • 23. SOCIAL MEDIA – THE ECOSYSTEM Management of different information via different online platform reaching out to different target audience through building different social networks and maintaining different multi-lateral communication. •Sharing, Publishing, •Live Feed, Micro •Users becomes Discussion Blog, Social Games, content provider, •Text, Pictures, Virtual World •Vertical, Horizontal, Broadcaster needs Video, Presentation, Interest, Industry to offer instant Sound, Gossip, feedback Rating, Polls Results, Etc Social Media not only Change the Rules of Communication but also the Art of War
  • 25. SOCIAL MEDIA – IT’S CONVERSATION 10% of all time spent on the Internet is on social media sites. Power of Publishers and Broadcasters are moving towards Their Traditional Audience
  • 26. SOCIAL MEDIA – MAJOR ENGINES 350 Facebook 300 Qzone (QQ) MySpace 250 Windows Live 200 Habbo 150 Orkut 100 Friendster hi5 50 Twitter 0 Tagged Users (Million)
  • 27. FACEBOOK - IF IT WAS A COUNTRY It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners. Terrestrial TV took 13 years & the Internet took four years. In less than nine months, Facebook added 100 million users. It will be the 8th largest Country In the World
  • 28. YOUTUBE -THE 2ND LARGEST SEARCH ENGINE More than 13 Hrs of Video Uploaded Per Minute 450 Years to Watch All Videos (2009 – 2459) YouTube is likely to serve over 75 billion video streams to around 375 million unique visitors during this year.
  • 29. WIKIPEDIA - 3,200,000 ARTICLES Wikipedia the most popular encyclopedia has more than 12 million users. Wikipedia has been edited 40,000,000 times.
  • 30. FLICKR - HAVE PHOTOS OF 400 ML PEOPLE 60% of people on earth has a photo in Flickr
  • 31. TWITTER - 1400% GROWTH (JAN – FEB) 10.7% of all active Internet users are touched by Twitter. Traffic to up 541% Jan-April 2009. Since April 2009, Twitter has been receiving around 20 million unique visitors to the site each month, and recently surpassed 1 billion messages via the service. 80 % of Twitter Usage is on Mobile Devices
  • 32. LINKEDIN – 6.5 MILLION BUSINESS USERS 80% of companies use or plan to use LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees this year.
  • 33. SOCIAL MEDIA – HIT AMONGST INTERNET USERS 82.9% 72.8% 63.2% 57.3% 54.8% 52.2% 45.2% 33.7%
  • 34. SOCIAL MEDIA – EXCEPTIONAL VALUE Benefits To Government: Benefits To The Public: • Promotion. Highlights more of what you • Choice. More topics and collaboration do and what you can offer. with other agencies mean more choice • Automation. Messages can be for subscribers. automated; No additional management • Personalisation. Individuals choose the resource. information they want to receive. • Measurement. Measure the success and • Relevancy. Individuals choose what they value of the messages you send. want and what impacts their lives and • Delivery. Ensured delivery channel for daily schedules. official government information. • Satisfaction. Perceived “satisfaction” of a • Collaboration. Cross-promote with other “personal” service. agencies to offer more options. • Public re-engagement. Each message brings people back to your website.
  • 35. SOCIAL MEDIA – STEPS TO SOCIALIZE • Monitor online mentions and hence reputation • Domain, market, segment - Governments • Audience – The Citizen • Pulse - Determine sentiment, motive, associated topics, share of voice • Time-respectful content, highly tagged and easily consumed • Thought Leadership - Vision Documents, Strategic Plans, Comparative Studies • Success Stories - Proof Points, Decision, Perspective, Case Studies • Public Information -How-Tos, Guides, Statistical, Information, Policies, Notices •Hear & Respond •Create Engagement –Feedback, Complaints, Advice, Polls, Information Updates, Comments •Create Tribe – Subject Experts, Volunteers for Cause, Common Interest Groups •Drive Collaboration – Amongst Office Bearers, Citizens, Policy Makers •Find - What influence has engagement created? •Enable - Liking, Following, Fanning, and Forwarding •Identify - those with the greatest influence or dislike •What actions have been inspired by influence? •What policy or decision advocacy has been generated? •How do those actions amplify value?
  • 37. CITIZENS TO AUDIENCE TO COMMUNITY When content is social, it can be shared, trusted and build influence
  • 38. SOCIAL MEDIA - ADOPTION CURVE Collaboration Relationships Participation Take Value → Add Value Broadcast Observation Education 1-way → 2-way Social Media Experience
  • 39. SOCIAL MEDIA – CHALLENGES FOR GOVERNMENT Technology Policy Culture • Access • Terms of service • Awareness • Security Risks • Indemnification • Expertise • Bandwidth • Multiple Jurisdiction • Explorative • Legacy systems (Local, State, Federal) • Information Sharing • Data Silos • Advertising & • Size • Interoperability Endorsement • Agency silos • Compliance • Procurement: free • Top-down tools, gratuitous • Complex, hierarchical • Regulations organizational • Privacy structures • Persistent cookies • Red Tape • Surveys • Old Guard • Control • Bureaucracy
  • 40. SOCIAL MEDIA – BEST PRACTICES Mission drives everything: clarity is crucial Let policy guide, but not paralyze you Know the environment Consider a pilot as a proof-of-concept Secure support of senior leaders Create internal cross-functional alignment Roll out, don’t launch Keep listening & let what you hear inform your participation
  • 41. SOCIAL MEDIA – 360 DEGREE APPROACH BLOGS Journal or diary with social collaboration Information to citizen delivered efficiently. Provides human (comments), generally targeted towards face to Government, using informal tone while opening public Blogger specific subject or subjects conversations and surfacing of issues & inputs to solve them. Collaborative authoring & editing. Act as a global WIKIS brain in action, with everyone contributing their Workgroup or public collaboration for project management, Wikipedia knowledge and expertise while evaluating or knowledge sharing, public feedback and domain expertise. verifying contributions from others. VIDEO Video (Recorded or Live Streams) libraries accessible through common service, allows A cost effective tool for public outreach, education, training, SHARING everyone to become audience as well as the other communication to audiences in real-time. How To videos to improve service and achieve mission. YouTube broadcaster PHOTO Photo libraries which can be arranged and presented in various ways including slides, live Efficient way of propagating pictures of events, places, leaders SHARING streams or even timelines. Any to Any medium and causes. Effective in keeping records with timelines. Useful as pictures are better than 1000s of words. Flickr which encourage sharing of moments by all. DOCUMENT Any to Any medium which encourage sharing Efficient way of propagating official documents like tariffs, SHARING of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, notes by all. forms, notifications. Effective in keeping records with timelines. Scribd Multimedia, primarily audio, content syndicated out Effective way to get message out and build trust with PODCASTING for use on iPods, Mobiles, Computers. Advantage of conversational voice. Useful for updates, deliberations, podcasting is that the user can do other task while messages. A great tool for sound bites and audio quotes from listening to podcast. (While driving, studying) leaders. VIRTUAL Simulations of environments, people, events and surroundings which bring people together Simulation of Future Projects like Townships, Buildings, Public Centers, and Airports even at planning stage, allowing people to experience the WORLDS nd worldwide. A replication of activities of real life amenities before hand at the same time provide vital feedback for project improvement. Also can be used to simulate disasters pre hand 2 Life in virtual environment. providing viable lessons to students and citizens.
  • 42. SOCIAL MEDIA – 360 DEGREE APPROACH Automated notifications of frequently updated Do more with RSS, XML/Web feeds. Expand reach. Pull content together across various sites and information sources. SYNDICATED content (think RSS). It allows people to access all required information at one place without Authoritative source which can also reduce duplication. WEB FEEDS visiting a number of websites. As updates are Government can provide feeds for all important websites or services which need real time, dynamic information. E.g. Friendsfeed pushed rather than pulled, makes audience Weather Information, Results for Polls, News, Traffic access information in real-time. Information. Lots of potential to improve government reach, service, Combine content from multiple sources for usefulness, and functionality. Integrate external data including MASHUPS an integrated experience at the same time weather, traffic etc. Can be used for public information e.g. Locations of all Government offices, Hospitals, Police Stations. Google Maps adding context (location, time etc) and Geo tagging can be used to locate nearest place of interest. Also presentation enriched by GIS. a cost effective tool for tracking its Key personal, vehicles or assets. This can be very effective in Disaster Management. Small applications & code delivering WIDGETS - information in real-time on web pages or desktop making service more effective, rich, Increase awareness, use, and usefulness of sites, GADGETS easier to use. Brings content to the user’s information, and service. Desktop widgets can provide live information from various government sources. Yahoo Widget home page, frequented internet locations and even mobile phones. SOCIAL Increase the popularity and use of pages, information, BOOKMARK Ways of sharing content and news with and services. Effective tool for viral marketing, hence others as it happens. Users are themselves driving popularity. Government can use such services to & NEWS creator and consumer of news or discussion. drive traffic to their other services. Such services can also be use to judge the interest of public for certain issues. Digg Seek input, broadcast messages, announcements. Real time MICRO- Form of blogging which allows brief (Instant Message size) text updates. Short updates reporting of key events or activities of key people. Can be used as a tool to spread thoughts of leaders and view of Government BLOGGING make it easier for people to share activities, across masses and also for feedbacks from masses, It can be used to gather information about public perception regarding Twitter thoughts and intentions. various issues. It can be a great channel where a common man can directly interact with top officials and leaders.
  • 47. THE ROAD AHEAD Better Access
  • 48. PARTNER US “We are in the Business of connecting with our customers" Planners Strategists Media Researchers Experts We Are A Group Of “We use co-creativity to enable Government to interact directly with citizens, on and offline, in real time delivering a range of insight, innovation and strong media recall.”
  • 50. WE CAN ASSIST YOU New Media Strategy, Accessibility & Usability Building Community and Sharing Best Practices Market Research & Knowledge Management Manage New Media Providers & Vendor Community Ideation Platforms, Crowd Sourcing & Innovation Process Design Analytical Studies, Contests & Challenges Success Metrics & Engagement Strategy Legal and Policy Advisory
  • 51. WHY US - DELIVERING INCLUSIVE SOLUTION We strive to be an accelerator for government-wide new media and citizen engagement technologies, tools, practices, and policies. Extensive Expertise in Media Building Strategy Viable Human Development Interaction Experience Models Un-Rivaled Extensive Connections Experience within New with and Partnership Traditional Building Media We help governments to tap into citizens’ best ideas and priorities
  • 52. THE WINNING PROPOSITION Leverage Create Gain New Reach New Our Rewarding Insights and Audience Knowledge Partnerships Expertise Gain More Add Value Visibility Target More Use Less To Existing and Mind Citizens Resources Competence Space
  • 54. WE ADDED VALUE TO ……
  • 55. Extend Your Reach + 91 9898269489 deepak.pareek 56