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Purely Safe No Side Effects.
Approved by Singapore Government

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Tra safety

  1. 1. TRA的安全性Your safety is our Priority!您的安全是我们的首要责任!Pharmanex Assures youwith 6S Quality Assurance….华茂生技的6S 品质保证措施
  2. 2. 奥运指定产品如新、华茂的产品已成为美国奥运代表队唯一指定品牌
  3. 3. 科研团队 阵容惊人 中西香尔博士 雷派克博士 雷米契博士 翁启惠博士 确定银杏化学结构的化学家 抗氧化剂之父 发现儿茶素能仰止细菌的科学 世界级的多醣体专家 家 超过150的科学家,75位博士级以 上口服避孕药之父 翟若适博士 第一家保健品公司列入美国医师桌上手册
  4. 4. Pharmanex® 6S® Process 1. Select best possible natural products to be studied 精选 最好的天然产品来 研究 2. Source the most effective raw6. Substantiate efficacy with materials来源 于最 clinical studies 实证 有效 有效的原材料 性于临床试验 3. Know the chemical5. Extensive safety studies, structure of all contaminant analysis ingredients 广泛的 安全性 研究, 污 知道所有成分的 染分析 化学 结构4. Standardize to active markers for consistent efficacy and quality 标准 化 活性成分以达到一致的有效性 和品质标准
  5. 5. 2005/03/13蘋果日報 2004/10/17 聯合報 含有麻黄素的产品 会危害身体!
  6. 6. 麻黄素会危害心脏,肺部及中枢神经系统!
  7. 7. Common Harmful Ingredients in Slimming Products 常見的有害成分的減肥藥 Adulterants Side effects/ damages to 西藥成分 the body 副作用/損害身體CNS Amphetamine Increase heart rate and causestimulants Caffeine irregular heart rhythms, restlessness, difficulty in& Clobenzorex sleeping, tremor, headaches,Anorectics Cocaine and even psychotic episodes. Ephedrine中樞神經 Fenfluramine Associated with life-興奮劑、 Mazindol threatening liver disease.食慾抑制 Methylamphetamine劑 Fatal pulmonary hypertension Norephedrine and heart valve damage. Phentermine Stroke and liver failure. Phenylpropanolamine
  8. 8. Common Harmful Ingredients in Slimming Products 常見的有害成分的減肥藥 Adulterants Side effects/ damages to the body 副作用/損害身體 西藥成分Diuretic Acetazolamide Bumetanide Numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes, Chlorothiazide Frusemide taste alterations, blurred vision, calcium oxalate Indapamide and calcium phosphate kidney stones,利尿劑 dehydration and headaches. Nausea / Vomiting. Seizures, GI problems, kidney damage, lethargy, collapse, comaLaxatives & Bisacodyl Phenolphthalein Allergic reactions (difficulty in breathing;Purgatives swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; hives); rectal bleeding;瀉藥 severe abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting; or no bowel movement.
  9. 9. Common Harmful Ingredients in Slimming Products 常見的有害成分的減肥藥 Adulterants Side effects/ 西藥成分 damages to the body 副作用/損害身體Lipid Orlistat steatorrhea - meaning oily,Absorption loose stools,Inhibitor fecal incontinence, frequent or urgent bowels,脂肪吸收抑 flatulence.制劑Thyroid Agents Di-iodothyronine Possible serious health Liothyronine consequences including甲狀腺成分 Thyroxine heart attacks and strokes Tiratricol
  10. 10. Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Test Report – TRA Complex
  11. 11. Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Test Report - Duolean
  12. 12. Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Test Report – Diene-O-Lean
  13. 13. TRA Complex- 控制压力,减少脂肪囤积 Stress causes more abdominal fat deposition!
  14. 14. TRA Complex- Banaba Leaf 控制食欲 Banaba leafBanaba leaf is widely used in is widely used in Philippines to to help regulate Philippines help blood sugar and regulate blood sugar control craving! and 帮助调节血糖,控制食欲! control craving!
  15. 15. TRA Complex-茶叶提高新陈代谢 Increase metabolic rate and prevent fat deposition. 提高代谢,防止脂肪 囤积。
  16. 16. DuoLean-降低脂肪及淀粉的吸收 1. 第14天, NeOpuntia® 降低 LDL 10% 2. NeOpuntia®改善 “好胆固醇” (HDL ) 的数值 3. 第 42天, 将近 40% 使用 NeOpuntia® 组的妇人代谢症候 群完全消失了!E. Linares et al. "The effect of NeOpuntia® on blood lipid parameters - Risk factors for the MetabolicSyndrome (SyndromeX)". Advances in Therapy Vol. 24; No.5, September/October 2007; (1113-1123 ).
  17. 17. Diene O Lean- 降低体脂, 提高肌肉 Helps in building up muscle and burn fat! 帮助降低体 脂肪及 提高肌肉比例!
  18. 18. TrimShake- 建构肌肉,燃烧脂肪 Helps in building up muscle and burn fat! 帮助建构肌肉及燃烧脂肪!
  19. 19. Product Key Function Scientific ingredient supportTRA Banaba leaf Control craving 控制食欲 √Complex Relaxation F. Control stress 控制压力 √ Tegreen Fat storage 减少脂肪囤积 √ Calcium Metabolic rate 提高代谢 √DuoLean Cactus Ext. Blocking fats 阻挡脂肪吸收 √ Wheat Ext. Blocking carbo 阻挡CHO吸收 √FibreNet Chitosan Neutralizing fats 中和脂肪 √Trim Shake HQ protein Meal replacement 代餐 √Diene O Lean CLA Building muscles 建构肌肉 √ Burning fats 燃烧脂肪LifePak M Vits/ Mine/ Reduce Oxidative stress, 提高SCS √ Antixidants Increase antioxidant protectionDermatic Malvaceae, Remove Cellulite 消除蜂窝组织 √ Hibiscus, Honey,Effect Firm up sagging skin 使皮肤更结实 Echinacea extra, Hyaluronic acid
  20. 20. Effective, Comprehensive & SustainableProduct TrxSlxx Meal Lose fats and Blocks carbo Meal Burns fats Blocks Blocks Blocks replacement a enhance only replacement a only carbo and carbo and carbo only very low figure very low calorie burns fats burns fats calorie diet through diet (VLCD) only only (VLCD) whenHow it works comprehensiv used three when used e multi- three times per times per day faceted day as the sole as the sole approach source of source of nutrition nutrition Carbo Blocker √ √ x √ √ √ x x x x x Fat Blocker √ x x x x √ x Fat Burner √ x √ x x x Increase Lean √ x x x √ x x x MusclesControl Stress √ x √ x x x x x √Provide right amounts of x x x x x x x nutrients
  21. 21. Free from Harmful IngredientsProduct TrxSlxx No No No (contains Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (contains (contains guarana)Caffeine-free yerba mate) yerba mate) No (contains No (contains Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes yerba mate) No (contains guarana &Stimulant-free yerba mate) bladderwrack) No (contains No (contains No (contains No (contains YesLaxative-free Yes senna) Yes bladderwrack) chicory) chicory) YesEphedra-free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesDiuretic-free Yes Yes Yes No (contains guarana) No (contains chicory) No (contains chicory) Yes No
  22. 22. Safe & Free from Side Effects TrxSlxx Side effects of Yerba mate Guarana is a Phaseolamin Phaseolamin Yo-yo effect. Only mealPossibl None stimulants contains central nervous (White (White Cycling on and replacemente Side range from the stimulants stimulant with kidney bean kidney bean off of diets can drinks, feel jitters to similar to diuretic effect extract extract slow your hungry easily.Effects cardiac arrest. caffeine. and also similar blocks only blocks only metabolism. Lose weight Senna contains Stimulants to caffeine. carbo and carbo and Rapid weight but not fats. powerful may cause Bladderwrack, has no effect has no effect loss means Quick weight laxatives called anxiety, as a thyroid on fat or oily on fat or oily rapid regain. loss but quick anthraquinone. diarrhea, hormone food. food. The company weight regain. Senna can jitters, stimulant, recommends Depressed and cause severe diarrhea. increases the Chicory Chicory eating only 3 of stressful. abdominal metabolic rate, (chicorium (chicorium their pre- Cannot enjoy cramps and breaks down intybus), intybus), packaged food , depend pains, lean muscle meals a day (a solely on meal electrolyte mass, harmful Laxative, Laxative, total of 500 replacements. imbalance, to health and diuretic. diuretic. calories or Unhealthy severe weight regain Emmenagog Emmenagog less). starvation slimming may hemorrhoids, rapidly. ue (to ue (to produce cause kidney diarrhea, stimulate stimulate ketones. failure. weakness, menstruation menstruation Ketones cause fatigue, dark ) and ) and bad breath, & pigmentation in abortive abortive can produce colon. effects. effects. strain & scarring on kidneys.
  23. 23. U Brand A Brand H Brand Nuxxxxx Poxxxxx SxxxxxProduct 4 products + Shake + Shake + Shake + Bar + LifePak + Multivits+ Bar Vit B, C, E + otherregimen Dermatic Fiber pill complementary productsProgram Combine with 3 Incomplete Incomplete Too key elements regimen regimen complicated – strong emphasis on shakes onlySafety +++++ + ++ +Efficacy +++++ ? ++ +++Yo Yo Effect No Yes Yes Yes
  24. 24. WHY TRA ?TRA vs ?
  25. 25. TRA vs. Herbxxxx 竞争比较vs贺xx TRA 贺xx 1. Reduceweight (Kg)1. ReduceFAT and 强调减少?公斤 enhanceFIGURE 2. Only meal replacement drink, 强调减脂肪,雕塑曲线 get hungry easily2. No hunger 不容易肚子饿 只能吃代餐,易有饥饿感3.Happy, stress-free 3. Depressed and stressful 心情沮丧,压力大 减重时心情愉快,无压力 4.Quick result and quick to gain4.Effective weight maintenance back 减重速度快,易复胖 有效维持体重
  26. 26. TRA vs. Herbxxxxx 竞争比较vs贺xx TRA 贺xx5.Enjoy healthy weight loss for life 5.Unhealthy slimming may cause 让你健康享瘦一辈子 kidney FAILURE6. Choose food wisely and follow 减得不健康,恐致肾衰竭 the 3333 Diet Rule, enjoy food 6.Cannot enjoy food, DEPEND solely with gaining weight on Meal Replacements 只要聪明选择食物,依照 无法享受美食,完全依赖代餐 3333原则,仍可享受美食, 不发胖
  27. 27. TRA 产品特点 其他品牌减去身体脂肪 增加肌肉 减体重 脱水 加速新陈代谢 骨质流失 雕塑身材 减掉肌肉 效果持久,有效 不会造成体内自由基增加 体重回弹,效果不持久