Expectation of Corporates from Professionals


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Expectation of Corporates from Management Professionals - ABCD Approach!!

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Expectation of Corporates from Professionals

  1. 1. Welcome… By CA Deepak Rajdev
  2. 3. Master in areas of strength  Specialized Knowledge What boss needs  Listening capacity is a must Knowledge of subordinates work  to improve efficiency of subordinates Motivation  Must in today’s to deal with the team Remember that Degree is only entry to the Profession, After that only your Performance Matters!!!
  3. 4. <ul><ul><li>Time Management –No Excuses for failure </li></ul></ul>Personal Qualities Decision Making – Entrepreneur skills <ul><ul><li>Leadership Quality </li></ul></ul>Confidence – Knowledge + Creativity <ul><ul><li>Optimist – Work under pressure </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Flexibility – Ability to generate new ideas </li></ul></ul>
  4. 5. <ul><li>“ A happy employee add more values for the organization and make happy others” </li></ul>Avoid Leg Pulling Happiness
  5. 6. B+ -- “I Can Do This” Be Alert at Work Yes Theory
  6. 8. Gyaan ki Goliya
  7. 9. Mobile Services A * not applicable to Head of Academics – Alesco Business School Bad Bosses Bosses are of 2 types Very Bad Bosses * Ex: Immediate bosses Ex: Bosses boss Gyaan ki Goli number 1 – Types of Bosses
  8. 10. When I asked God, which are good bosses? God said Gyaan ki Goli number 1 – Types of Bosses वत्स , यह सवाल पूछ कर तुमने मेरी दुखती नस पर हाथ रख दिया . मैं खुद बरसो से अच्छे बॉस को ढूंड रहा हू . इसलिए तुम अच्छा बॉस मिलने की कल्पना त्याग दो .
  9. 11. Tsunami is of 2 types Natural Tsunami Comes rarely. Timing is not known. Survival depends on luck. Geography gets changed. People don’t change. Comes periodically. Once in 2 years like Aamir Khan movie. Geography remains same. People get changed. Survival depends on people who change. Business Tsunami
  10. 12. Gita is of 3 types Bhagwad Gita Modern Gita Office Gita
  11. 13. Types of Gita – Bhagwad Gita कर्म किए जा . फल की चिंता मत कर .
  12. 14. Types of Gita – Modern Gita F जितना कर्म करेगा , उतना फल मिलेगा . Modern Gita
  13. 15. Types of Gita – Office Gita कर्म ज़्यादा भी करेगा तब भी अंतत : फल यही मिलेगा .
  14. 16. Talks are of 3 types Business Talks One Sided Talks Paid Talks Talks in smoking zone. Talk between 2 employees at same level . Talk between Boss & Subordinate
  15. 17. “ Mantras of Success”
  16. 18. ABCD of Management
  17. 19. God told to learn ABCD of Management to be Successful To be a Successful Management Professional, a conference call was setup with God.
  18. 20. Accounting As on today, it’s a must for ALL kind of Professionals to be Financially Sane……. Matter of Dukh Dard for Non Commerce Background
  19. 21. Blogs Start putting blogs on networking sites, for academic matters as well . … .even monkeys are not left out.
  20. 22. Communication Skills Profession giving an opportunity to improve communication
  21. 23. Direct Taxes Although Everything is Direct…………par phir bhi samajh nahi aate hai
  22. 24. Economics Economically keeping others well………….but not getting Good Salaries
  23. 25. Financial Management … Manage Money of Others……… Should not use it Otherwise…..
  24. 26. Globalisation Make yourself eligible for Global Level Now chances to go to Abroad also
  25. 27. High Value Customers Can’t afford to loose them. Just bribe them…. …… .by giving good service.
  26. 28. IFRS Professionals gone Global Abhi to India ke hi Standards samajh Nahi aaye hai
  27. 29. Jugaad Key for success in today’s time. Jugaad
  28. 30. Knowledge Centric Speak to the point............. But ensure that others should not pull their hairs!!!
  29. 31. Last Date Having Special Importance in the life of Professionals . …… All the things are being planned in accordance with the Last dates
  30. 32. Modesty Enquire of colleagues / subordinates well being; Exhibit a Problem Solving Approach …… ....Should not be GRAPEWINE only
  31. 33. Negotiation Skills Require  Every Professional to deal with Employers / Clients...... Jeevan Jeene ki Kalaa....
  32. 34. Opportunity In todays’ dynamic environment, one has to be ACTIVE enough to catch Opportunities........ Coz, opportunity lost will not come back..............
  33. 35. Presentation People got barred  Lots of presentation……..UFF…. …… But it help learn and improve art of presenting yourself.
  34. 36. Quality Speed first, Quality always.
  35. 37. Research & Development Employers / Clients are having Lot of Faith in us.................... One need to be creative But Not able to represent ourselves at HOME. GHAR KI MURGEE DAAL BARAABAR.....
  36. 38. Seminars (Conferences) More Seminars , more Friendship. And of course more Lunch & mocktails
  37. 39. Targets Must be ready to face lot of targets…………. Specially in Sales After All, Its an opportunity to earn Handsomely…………..
  38. 40. Understand Decisions Again one of the Big Deal........... We have to bear with the Interpretation derived by others..... Ek Decision ko samajh paaye uske pehle dusra aa jaata hai.
  39. 41. Versatile Competition is HUGE with all other Professionals........ Required to prove that U are the BEST.....!!!
  40. 42. Worthiness Acknowledge efforts of others and appreciate other’s contribution Don’t be dishonest either in words or in deeds.....!!!
  41. 43. XYZ…. Word used when left with no examples. I also couldn’t get any example for XYZ.
  42. 44. If you will Implement from A to Z, you will become a PERFECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL
  43. 45. …… .. This is the Beginning ABCD of Management [email_address] Reach me at -