Shall We Go Ahead


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Shall We Go Ahead

  1. 1. Welcome to an interesting presentation poems by P.S.MANIVANNAN
  4. 4. SHALL WE GO AHEAD Blessing sun is showering; Milky moon is smiling; Twinkling stars are glittering; To join them they are calling, Shall we go ahead ! Highest Hill beckons; Tallest tree dances; Smallest river sings; To join them they are calling; Shall we go ahead ! Flower blooms; Baby pranks; Mother loves; To join them they are calling, Shall we go ahead ! P S MANIVANNAN
  6. 6. MOTHERHOOD Children are like plants; Plants and children are Basically barbarians as their own; All the children choose their mother; To be a mother is the sacredness! Motherhood bloom through child; Mother and child is the Remarkable relativity in the world! Mother has responsibility to Educate them to be civilized; Teach them the way of life; With the joyous and sacrifice! Take them carefully, playfully, But not seriously; like Playing musical instruments; Help the children and feel thankful! If the child become a beautiful Human being, the motherhood will Be benefited by it; motherhood Is nothing but the godliness! P.S.Manivannan
  7. 7. Sannyas Sannyas is not an idea; It is a method; to be awakened; Freed from conditions of customs It is a process of unconditioning! Unconditioning is according to Consciousness; if you can do anything Consciously, sannyas is being started; It is a new concept; that we are all one! One become a sanyasin, he is the Citizen of the world; he is apart From nation, religion, language; he is the Character of the characterless; that is self awareness Self awareness gives more courage; Sanyasins are having insight; Sanyas is nothing but the State of ecstasy and benediction! -P.S.MANIVANNAN
  8. 8. E E means what? Scientist says Electronic; wealthy person says Earn and earn; healthy people say Early and east; spirituality says Ecstasy; philosopher says endless end -P.S.MANIVANNAN
  9. 9. He is a son of the Sun! As he likes his Father He doesn’t distinguish Any of them who are Living in the World! Earth is his Mother! As he likes her Nativity; He can endure and Love all of them Lying on her Lap! Air is His Brother! As he likes his Reality; He can give the Future; To all of them dreaming, Flying under his Swing! Water is His Sister! As He likes her Grace; He will quench the thirst; To all of them having it Floating in Illusion! He wants to be the Sky! As He likes its limit; He welcomes to place on him All of them loving To Glitter in the Space! Space has enough Space To Accommodate All! Relativity is nothing But The Human nativity! Reality is nothing But The quality of the NATURALIST P.S.MANIVANNAN NATURALIST
  10. 10. I WAS………BUT NOW……… I was always thinking something, But now about nothing; I was always feeling the words, But now in between the words; I was always listening the words But now I feel myself as a part of nature; I was always avoiding the sound But now I love the sound of music! I was always earning the wealth, But now I am learning the worth; I was always restless, But now I am in rest! I was always speaking the silence; But now I am silent! Silence is nothing, But the language of wisdom! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  11. 11. MAY NOT………….. BUT MAY BE Horizon may not be reached, Mirage may not be credible, Miraculous may not be expected. But meditation may be experienced! Taste may not be explained, Trust may not be revealed, Time may not be revised, But Truth may be realized! Dreams may not be alive, Desire may not be fulfilled, Divine may not be explored, But Dedication may be exhibited! Whatever may not be, But may be by Truth; Truth and dedication are The State of Meditation. P .S. MANIVANNAN
  12. 12. KNOW YOURSELF Know your Height; Know your Weight; Know your Might; To know your Health! Know your Income; Know your Expenses; Know your Savings; To know your Wealth! Know your Kindred; Know your Children; Know your Spouse; To know your House! Know your Knowledge; Know your Language; Know your Courage; To know your Magnitude! Know your Books; Know your Friends; Know your Mind; To know your Majesty! Know your Master; Know your Teacher; Know your leader; To know your Future! Know your Rite; Know your Sight; Know your Talent; To know yours P. S.MANIVANNAN
  13. 13. DESIRE ! To have, or not to have I like to have, DESIRE ! Because, Desire is The energy of life; But it should not be An obsession to me; Running River, Flying Bird, Rising Sun, Blooming Flower; Having not known, As they have desire; Desire is nothing but The state of Reality P.S.MANIVANNAN
  14. 14. BELIEF I Believe, or not, means, I don’t know of being! Being is loving of Knowing! knowing is an Experience of Being! Whenever I am Knowing, Belief is disappearing! When getting rid of Belief, Then there is Silence! Silence is Nothing, But The state of No mind! Belief is Nothing, But The State of Ignorance! Ignorance has no doubt; Doubt has no belief; Belief would be relieved, On one’s own experience! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  15. 15. PRESENT Anything may be bought for its price! Something cannot be; by giving, Anything, as nothing is, as its price; Something is nothing but the PRESENT! Seeing the Birds flying in the sky; Spreading Fragrance by Blooming Flowers! Shining East at the time of Dawn; Singing of the River, while falling down; Reading between the lines; Watching between the Breath Listening to music, while Playing, you are lost into it. P.S. MANIVANNAN
  16. 16. INSIGHT I can only hear; Hence I would not ask Any question; because, Answer is within me! I have only sight; But, I have not seen Any Image; Because, Insight is within me! I can only adore; Though I could not make Any adorn; because, Almighty is within me! Question is the state of ignorance; Image is the Destitute of sense; Insight is the human nature; Almighty is the answer to all! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  17. 17. LISTEN Learn to listen and Listen to learn certainly! Warn your mind, not to think Before you learn ultimately! Do not run after your mind; Try to understand its nature; And to be friend to yourself; Listen and feel the Godliness! Listening is an art of learning; Learning means not to be egoistic; Just listen to the happenings around you; Best to listen while you are doing! Doing means walking, talking, Thinking, singing, swimming Just listen while doing, and Knowing of your being remains! Then find the truth itself! And doer is not you, When god is doing in you; So listen within you! P.S.Manivannan
  18. 18. AGNOSTIC He is not an Atheist; And also not Theist; he is an agnostic ; so that he is majestic ! Theist has belief, But not Atheist; But both have concerned Belief! Atheist and Theist are Antagonist; But Agnostic loves them All! Atheism and Theism have Greed, But Rationalism has Pride! Rationalism is nothing But The Principle of the Agnostic! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  19. 19. Mind Mind is desiring, planning; It is experience of knowledge; It leads us astray; it is Always in the past and future! But not in the present. Present means being pleasantry; Pleasantry presents spontaneity; Spontaneity is understanding! That seeing the futility of desires. Desire is sneaking away; Once getting rid of desires, Then there is no mind; Normally mind could not Be understood, and also Explained ultimately; but No mind is ecstasy; rejoice - P.S.Manivannan
  20. 20. Death Death means an accident; It may happen to anybody, At any time, as unexpected; But it should be deliberated! Death may be adjourned, And avoided for sometime; Normally it happens at The time of old Age! Since the deactivation of Organs of the body and mind; It can be rectified and Regularized of its Function! Some of our ancestors Tried their best to know The prudence of Death; But not Revealed it, exactly to us! Life is a Dewdrop, as it is Present; Death means The Riddle of the Past; But not Future; Let’s Feel Ourselves as the Part of Nature! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  21. 21. LOVE THEM ALL! Love to Live and Earn; Live to Love and Learn; Learn to Teach and Love; Learning and Teaching are The State of an art; Learn and Teach them All! Love your Office and Post; Love your Work and Colleague; Duty is the Beauty of the Post! Love is Nothing but The State of Dedication; Live and Love them All! Love the Birds and Flowers; Love the Dawn and Dusk; Love the Sun and Moon; Love the Sky and Stars; Sky is the Limit to Love! Feel and Love Them All!! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  22. 22. Fear Fear is an Illusion Feeling of meaningless; It need not be removed; As well as controlled Fear is not being in the Present; It’s the experience of the Past; It should not be expected Which will bring more difficult. To avoid the fear of Ignorance; We should be in Present With Proper Self Confidence At what we are doing. P.S.MANIVANNAN
  23. 23. BENEDICTION Do not demerit your Spouse; As well as your friend; Otherwise you may not be Considered as Civilized person; Do not blame anybody; But Responsibility should be taken by Somebody; Make the correction properly; When you find it immediately! Find the defect in your Action; Mind will clear by its Reaction; Kindness and consideration for Perfection; Lead the life of Benediction! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  24. 24. Views Views are different as well as Viewers; Review means to View again for Correction Review shouldn’t be differentiated! Preview is meant by Prevision; Prevision is not the Presumption; Preview is the Provision of Providence; Providence would have purview; Purview is Preface of the Interview; Interview may reveal the fact; But it shouldn’t be hurt That will be the Prudential Activity Eagle view means keen Vision; Legal view guides to do Lawful; Certain Views may be acceptable; But it should have certainty! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  25. 25. Opinion Opinion is the word From Opine, on the Known; Knowing is the Knowledge, On certain subject ultimately! Opinion may be different; But can be considered, And rectified on Particular; But it should have Certainty! Anybody may give their Opinion on anything; But Nobody should be hurt and Made revenge on any Circumstance; P.S.MANIVANNAN
  26. 26. DEFECT AND AFFECT Small defect brings always, Bigger affect, in all ways; To avoid defect and affect; Be in Present and Alert! Remembering past and Dreaming Future, never Changes yours; But Being Present gives Pleasant! Defect and affect are the Nature of the human effect; Effect without Defect is perfect; Perfect presents Ultimate as its Result! P.S. MANIVANNAN
  27. 27. DAWN AND DUSK Dark is being hugged, At the time of Dusk; Dark is being left, At the time of Dawn; Then there would be A light of Might! Feel thy Godliness, When you realize the Holiness! In the midst of Dawn, And the middle of Dusk, There would be silence! Silence is the language of No Mind! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  28. 28. Ecstasy Innocence is the best state to be in love, Love is Divine; Mind Makes love with body, And Delivers the Energy! Energy is spread over; Feel it everywhere; It is being realized As Benediction and Ecstasy! Ecstasy is an experience; It cannot be explained; It is neither given nor received; but only shares itself ! Self realization is an Exercise; to attain the State of ecstasy; It is Nothing but the innocence! P.S.MANIVANNAN .
  29. 29. MORE OVER I love in the midst of Friends, Moreover, to be Alone! I enjoy the Dawn and Dusk, Moreover, the stars at Night! I like to play Music, Moreover, to listen the Birds! I like to read and Write Moreover, to be in Leisure! I opine with Pleasure; Moreover to be Silent! Silence is no Mind No mind is Blissful! Bliss and Ecstasy will Be No More over! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  30. 30. MEDITATION Meditation is the word from Medicine, to the ill mind; Mind is the light; arouse The light, when it becomes dull; To drive out the Dark! Dark means unknown, Ignorance; Light is the knowledge to know all; Observing means knowing; Observe at what you are doing; Reserve your mind for being yourself! Being is nothing But the Absence of the Observer; Feel thy yourself; But in silence itself! - observing Silence, is the state of Meditation! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  31. 31. God God is not a noun; it is an adverb ; State of ones own mind; as well As heaven and hell; Hence We need not fix a name or a place! God is not only by means of Idols’ scriptures and pictures; Not to be seen or shown; But to feel and enjoy it’s holiness! Whenever we do sing, Dance, play and laugh, Just have a look inside; Then the I disappears! Absence of the I is The state of meditation; Meditation can happen only In the state of receptiveness! We can find god in our own Life and anywhere; it makes Us alive as it is everywhere ; Feel thy godliness with rejoice! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  32. 32. UNDERSTAND I Love to and I Learn to But I never try to Because I accept myself As what I am; Often It is happening in myself; Then I realized ultimately! What I loved and what I learned To understand! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  33. 33. SCIENCE Science is the language of knowledge; According to the conscience; Apart From religion and region; Science is the maturity of knowledge; Knowledge is one’s own experience; Experience is the result of self Enquiry; discovery and invention Are not the only means of science; Science is also seeking the Secret of mind and self; Search and research about The nature of living truth! Truth is nothing but the Reality of human nature; Studying and feeling of self is Also part of natural science! p.s.manivannan.
  34. 34. PROVIDENCE Birth is light; Death is Dark; Light is white; Dark is Black; Light is the Presence of liveliness! Dark is the Absence of the light! Birth may be celebrated; Death should be deliberated! Deliberation is nothing But the Discussion of Reasons of the Nature! Black and White are Not at all Colours; Birth and Death are The Result of the Providence! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  35. 35. STOP ENOUGH Speak the Providential wisdom, Stop enough, when the listeners longs; Watch your breath and mind, Stop enough, when you find your kind; Walk smartly ,stop enough, When you feel to walk more; Eat well and Taste stop enough, When you feel to take more: Try to earn the providence, Stop enough, when you realize yourself; Realization of self is nothing But the state of enlightenment. P.S.MANIVANNAN
  36. 36. , LANGUAGE Between the Persons to Convince And exchange their views And ideas by using the System known as Language! Language Contains words and Literacy Phrases; and ways of Expressing in one’s own style Manners are also called Language! Language of Braille has Made the Dots as letters of Words and Phrases; To Convey Through other Languages! Other than human being Others make peculiar signals To convey between them They have their own Language! Dance and Music are also the Language of Musing and Divinity! Silence is the Language of Wisdom; Language is nothing but the IS ness P.S.MANIVANNAN
  37. 37. RELIGION Religion is an art of living; It has certain Manner of Discipline to follow and worship; Religion is only in Humanity! Humanity is based on Religion; Understanding self; Relief from Ignorance and Belief; Free from guilt! Guilt is not for children Because they don’t have any belief; Belief is unknown; guilt is ones Own experience of Knowledge! Knowledge of guilt is Nothing but Presumption; Religiousness means naturalness, acceptance, awareness, rejoice! P .S. MANIVANNAN
  38. 38. Beware of Disguise Disguise means hidden; Hiding the original behavior; We should be aware of its Action; To face it, Beware of its Reaction! The person who disguise have An Aim to attain something Aims may be Remarkable; But The method must be given up Disguising of others may be Differentiated easily, but in Human kind, it’s difficult To be aware, Beware of them. P.S.MANIVANNAN
  39. 39. Creation! Create means, the new, The fresh, the unknown; To bring into being From nothing to shape! Mind can not create; Mind is known; knowledge; It has information, language; Creativity is out of consciousness! Consciousness brings insight; Creator has insight; he can See things, but in different aspects; Creativity is an art of creator Creator is not the doer; He is just like an instrument; Something happened through him Then there is creativity Creativity is nothing but The meditation; he has been Into that space; from that He brings a few fragments A few fragments make some Creations with the help of mind Then there will be a silence And fragrance as the result - P.S.Manivannan !
  40. 40. ENLIGHTENMENT Whenever you are being happy; Happiness is being understood; Understand means just a recognition; Recognition is a deep look inside! Then there will be a mighty light; Light of might makes deep silence; Silence and lightening may disappear; But still remember the quality of those! These are the experiences, happening; Like a fragrance spread over around You for a moment; often Feel thy Godliness, when you realize yourself! Self realization is an exercise, to Attain the state of ecstasy in silence; Silence is the language of meditation; Meditation is the state of Enlightenment! Enlightenment is our nature; flowering inner experience, being or becoming ; instant or gradual changes; sharing overlaps, like fragrance of blooming Blooming may happen at any moment it is like a flash; in those fragmentary spaces’ you can be happy; it may be eternal or momentary; you are enlightened ! P.S.MANIVANNAN .
  41. 41. REJOICE Joy yourself and make others By Jubilant Phrase and Words Rejoice; rejoicing means more Delight; Act of being glad! There is a golden key as the word in your hand To open your Joyous House Not to standing out of yours Enter and allow everybody Enjoy and follow the Words Rejoice, Rejoice, as the Centre of the House as Benediction . P.S.MANIVANNAN
  42. 42. She She is my friend but I don’t know her name but I know her fame I am a fan of her poetry She never used to write But she is like a poem She can walk without feet She can fly without wings She is a dream girl to the poets Children are eating and Flowers are blooming in Her presence at the night She is very cool but I never touched her she Is the moon in the blue sky! -P.S.MANIVANNAN .
  43. 43. Negativity Negativity is against to nature; Positivism means adjustment and Acceptance with all as they are; Prosperity is the result positivism! Positivism is the reality, but Negativity is being created; As well as more attracted by mind; Mind is the book of knowledge! Knowledge is the dustbin of experience; Experience may not be repeated; But it is always being expected and Negativity brings as its own! One’s own experience will give Awareness to avoid hesitation; Hesitation is the state of negativity, According to unconsciousness! Unconscious people may not Know That they are wrong; Negativity Is Making the problem but positive Thinking is the solution to all -P.S. MANIVANNAN
  44. 44. Representation Requirement may not be Fulfilled without acquirement; Project may not be Succeeded without target; Proposal may not be Completed without disposal Ornament may not be valued without adornment; Aim and goal may not be Effective without attainment; Achievement and talent may not be appreciated without exhibited Promotion and honor are based On only proper recommendation; Meditation is meaningless Without self dedication; Every thing will be approved With proper representation; Representation is nothing but The state of emphasis! P.S.MANIVANNAN represent
  45. 45. Mystics Mystic is the word from Mysticism; means one who Seeks union with God through Meditation and spiritual insight! Insight means self realization; So many mystics are living In the universe; they are known as Sufis, Zen, saints and sidhars! Sidhars are very much popular In south India; they have the knowledge ultimately in multi subjects particularly in astronomy! Astronomy and medicine are the Great contribution of them; the are Apart From Language religion ,region; They Are always in the state of meditation Meditation is a great boon to us; Excellently taught by the them In proper methods easily to us We shall be glad to bow to Mystics! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  46. 46. FIST Fist is not a riddle; but It makes so many guesses; It is ridiculous; but Still it happens as its own! We can go on keeping our Fist closed; by putting effort In closing it; but the Fist opens of its own accord! Truth is always unbelievable; Because truth is a mystery; No need to put effort to know; It blooms of its own accord! Truth is our nature; As well as Godliness; We should not prevent it; It will reflect as its own! P.S.MANIVANNAN.
  47. 47. Up to you Nobody can blame you; As you can do to yourself; But rectifying is up to you! Nobody can cheat you; As you can do to yourself; But awakening is up to you! Nobody can teach you; As you can do to yourself; But learning is up to you! Nobody can make you happy; As you do to yourself; But learning is up to you! Nobody can know you; As you do to yourself; But understanding is up to you! Nobody can accept you; As you do to yourself; But how long is up to you! Whatever, whichever, whoever, Can not do something; As you do to yourself; You and only you can! -P.S.MANIVANNAN
  48. 48. Guilt Guilt is meaningless anguish; We have been told something Is basically wrong with life; We have to be freed from guilt; To free from guilt, we should Accept our self as we are; Ignore the guilt; Even if it is Against to nature and mind; Mind leads us to tell lie; Guilt is a condemnation of life; One has to get out of it, otherwise Life will be a long sad, sorrow! Sorrow of guilt is one thing; Responsibility is another thing; Guilt makes us feel week; Responsibility gives us strong! Strong means confidence trust; Then guilt is getting riddance; Once getting rid of the guilt; Then there is freedom and rejoice! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  49. 49. Heaven and hell Heaven and hell are illusion; Fantasies of human kind; not to Be seen in other than human kind; Life is divine; love is ecstasy! Make others love and Feel thy heavenly forever; Love sheer joy; God Loves through you as its own! Love is not misery; and also Life is not a riddle; but They have been contaminated; Hell is the result of pollution! Prayer raised out of love; Merged in love and meditate it; Heaven and hell are nothing But one’s own experience! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  50. 50. RESOLUTION Resolutions are struggle and ego; And they are the self imprisonment; Resolutions are restrictions for the future; And they are always against to nature! Resolutions are deciding today For tomorrow; deciding today Means destroying tomorrow; And its own spontaneity! So never make any resolution; Keep the windows open; Let the air come in its own way; Let it bring in its own gift! Shall we drop the resolution? That may be the only resolution; The only golden rule is that There are no golden rules! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  51. 51. LOVE Waves love the banks; Clouds love the sky; Fishes love the water; Wind loves the earth! Love is not only between two; There is no need to gender at all; As well as even if other kind; Love is an inner blossom! The person who makes love, Will not expect anything else, Other than love; he is the one Who is showering not receiving! P.S.MANIVANNAN
  52. 52. LIFE Life is immensely beautiful; It is divine according to nature; Nature is to love; to enjoy, To laugh, to sing and dance! These are the flows of nature; Artificially we are repressed and Flow makes us feel guilty; Guilt made us chains! To be free of guilt is To be free of all past! That is to be a man, who has No guilt, with no repression! Then life has its own rhythm And its own melody; and Life is such a blessing and Ecstasy in human being P.S.MANIVANNAN
  53. 53. PARENTS Parents have some ambition; They would like to fulfill Through their children; they Want to use the children! Using the children as a means, Violence has come in; as Against their individuality; And children are destroyed! Destroying children means Parents are moldings them According to their desires; This looks so unjust! Unjust is parents are Forgetting that they have Own soul; as they may not Know about soul and god! Soul and God are as n You and your children; Love them for love’s sake; Parenthood is benediction! Benediction and ecstasy means Love and respect them; allow Them as their own way; as They wanted to be as they are! P.S.MANIVANNAN.
  54. 54. Thank YOU SHALL WE GO AHEAD .