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Présentation deegr 1305 eng

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  • 1. Efficient interactions and better fidelization for increased ROI
  • 2. Deegr is a discovery and recommendation algorithm, that works by pairing similar taste profilesThanks to clever and customizable criterias, deegr can bring forward : _products corresponding to the users affinities _trustworthy users profiles from which to get advice ...because our friends dont always have our tastes!
  • 3. Deegr leads to better interactions and more sales...Sales finalizationTurn a clients purchase hesitationinto a sale thanks to the advisoryof appropriate fellow customers Boost your ARPU Drive your customers towards consumption by highlighting better suited items and contents
  • 4. ...and helps you keep themIncreased customer fidelityUsers will have a way to get to knowtheir fellow customers and shareopinions on affinity based products Galvanization of the community Interactions between users lead to discoveries, recommendations and consumptionClients and users acquisitionGaming mechanics push users intoinviting friends for better advicesand more virtual rewards
  • 5. efficient and customizableMastered technology and powerfulalgorithm that enable deegrto make pertinent andinstantaneous searches Easy to configure, it can adapt to any type of content and to either active or passive data (ex: History/Customer basket analysis)
  • 6. Characteristics of the current solutionsDeegr works with any kind of products, and its modularity allows it to include its own Collaborative Filtering solution as an extra
  • 7. Some figures80% - of visitors that havent finalized a purchase would havedone so if they had been assisted in live (Timeliving 2011)90% - of online visitors would welcome a human interactionwhile shopping online (Jupiter Communication)7x - Online customer engagement raises the sales conversionrate from 2% to 15%(Internet Retailer)81% - of consumers consider to be "very important" thepossibility to have access to other customer reviews(Iperceptions)
  • 8. A solid backup and a reliable teamCap Oméga Guillaume de MalzacThe incubator, Paris Dauphine, 3 years of Financeacknowledged as Business Dev, Algorithmone of the best in guillaume@deegr.comEurope andbased in Florent TeissierMontpellier, has Polytech Montpellierselected deegr Development, Back-End, Databasesfor the quality of florent@deegr.comits service andits team Nicolas Kermarc Polytech Montpellier Development, Front-End, Design nicolas@deegr.com