Newsletter Volume IX


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Newsletter Volume IX

  1. 1. The Newsletter…VOLUME IX JULY – SEPTEMER 2012
  2. 2. Contents ……..Editorial …….Message from the Principal …….Toddlers’ Trends (Nursery – III) …..... The Rising Stars (IV – VIII) ……. Seniors’ Speak (IX – XII)……..Activity Galore…….. and much more
  3. 3. EDITORIALThis issue is a glittering and humble tribute to ourshinning stars and their endeavour who have set a newmilestone in the journey of success. It is our consciouseffort to showcase the vibgyor shades enlived by ourstudents. This issue is an attempt to reveal a rare qualityto inculcate, nurture and cherish childhood right fromacademic excellence. It is a contentment to see theModernites brimmed with zeal and exuberance tomaterialize their notions into their work of excellence.“O youth whose hope is highwho dost to truth aspire,whether those live or die,O look not back nor tire”NEWSLETTER TEAM:Ms. Simerdeep KaurMs. Kavita BhatiaMs. Nayan DahiyaMs. Naina NagpalMs. Shruti UppalMs. Kajal Bajaj
  4. 4. Yet another edition of The Newsletter is all set to be released.I’m deeply touched by the soaring success of our students. Theyhave an unrelenting power within them, the power to mouldtheir lives. The youth has been rightly described as a fountainhead of idealism and they can exhibit this trait of their characterby sincerely practising virtues and establishing themselves. Isincerely hope that the youth of today shine as an embodimentof noblest virtue and heroically adhere to goodness. I earnestlywish that my students may be vigilant and diligent in actions,sincere in their efforts embark upon the first step for ‘the journeyof a thousand miles begin with one step.’ I also extend mycongratulations to the staff who rightly monitor and mentor theyoung minds and provide them with opportunities that helpthem to shine out. Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking, Thinking provides you knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.
  5. 5. THE RISING STARSInternational Friendship Day‘A friend is someone who gives youtotal freedom to be yourself.’International Friendship Day wascelebrated on The children took out arally in school carryingplacards24.08.2012 by the Pre-Primarylearners with the objective to learn thevalue of true friendship. The childrentook out a rally in school carryingplacards with slogans on friendshipVisit to Samvedna Institute for Special ChildrenThe purpose of human life is to serve, toshow compassion and the determination tohelp others. With a strong will to help theneedy, the learners of pre-primary classvisited Samvedna Institute for children,Shalimar Bagh on 27.08.2012 (Friday). Theyshared biscuits with the underprivilegedchildren and spent time with them.
  6. 6. Science Wizard ActivityTo titillate the curiosity of the learners about plants andanimals , Science Wizard Quiz activity was organised on30.08.2012(Thursday) in the school premises.Result (ClassIII)Position Name of the student ClassI Md.Asadullah III-DII Mehak Preet kaur Gujral III-EIII Akshat Kansal III-AResult (ClassII)Position Name of the student ClassI Arpita Chhabra II-CI Dhwani Vij II-CI Kirti Singh II-CI Devesh Kumar II-D
  7. 7. English Rhyme CompetitionEnglish Rhyme Competition was organisedon 11.09.2012 (Tuesday) to boost up theconfidence of the little ones of Pre-School,on the theme ‟ Jungle‟. Colorful attire andflawless recitation by the students wereappreciated by all.Visit to a TempleA visit to a local temple wasorganized for the students ofPre School on 13-09-2012(Thursday)to inculcate the feeling of spiritualityand meditation.Dental check-up‘Fine teeth undoubtedly improve our face value‟.A Dental Check-up was organized for the students ofPre-School on 12.09.2012(Wednesday) to make themunderstand the ways to maintain dental hygiene. .
  8. 8. Hindi DivasImmense creativity and enthusiasm was showcased bythe students of classes I, II and III on the occasion ofHindi Divas which was celebrated on14.09.2012(Friday). The day was truly celebrated withthe objective to help the learners portray the literaryskills in their native language.Visit to Gandhi SmritiAn excursion to Gandhi Smriti was organized for thestudents of class II on 15.09.2012(Saturday) to makestudents learn more about Mahatma Gandhi and hissimple way of living.International Flower DayInternational Flower day wascelebrated by the students of PreSchool on 21.09.2012(Friday) in theschool premises. The idea behind theactivity was to let the studentsexplore the aesthetic world offlowers. Dresses, hats andaccessories were innovatively decorated out of flowers.
  9. 9. Picnic to Bal BhawanStudents of class I visited the National Bal Bhawan on22.09.2012(Saturday). They attended the workshops onhandicrafts, weaving, painting, clay modeling.Visit to RajghatAn educational trip to Rajghat wasorganized on 22.09.2012 (Saturday) forthe young learners of Class III. Studentspaid homage to the Father of the Nation.It was a memorable experience foreveryone.
  10. 10. AD ZapperAdvertisement of a product or service is‘a way to enhance its worth‟. AD Zapperactivity was held in the school premiseson25.09.2012 (Tuesday), for the studentsof Pre Primary. The little ones came up with very creative and innovative advertisements. Mass participation encouraged them to work as a team and brought in them a feeling of co-operation and togetherness. Position Name of the student Yash Munjal Nimeesha Naruka I Hitesh Jasotani Shaurya Pritha Paul Aryan Chauhan Gauri Yadav Tanmay Chhabra II Arshira Viihani Bhavya Jain Dikhsa Vashishtha Siya Garg Parkhi Aggarwal Khushboo Vaswani Karamjot Kaur III Nyonika Gupta Revti Sanjay Jadhao Shambhavi Sharma
  11. 11. Monaco Topping ActivityMonaco Topping Activity was organized for Pre Primarystudents on 28.09.2012 (Friday). Students got biscuits,cheese slices and ketchup and presented the lusciousbiscuits. Children learned to work independently throughthe activity.Movie MadagascarChildren of Pre Primary were takenfor a movie “Madagascar III” at DTShalimar Bagh on 18.09.2012(Tuesday). They were very excitedand had a gala time there. They tooka lot of interest in watching the movieand enjoyed the Popcorn and PepsiTreat too.
  12. 12. TODDLER’S TRENDSMy Mirror I look into my mirror It shows my face Telling me the truth With a lot of grace It shows that I‟m pretty In all the ways And will always be In the coming days Stuti Jain II ABlue, My Favourite I always wonder who made this world so rich in colour. All colours when put together make a beautiful rainbow. They all are very good but my favourite is „Blue‟. Blue, because it is the colour of the sparkling sea and the colour of the sky that looks down on me. My school dress is also blue in colour. So, East or West, blue is the best!! Somya Jain I-D
  13. 13. A Plea to Gandhiji Truth and Non-Violence, where are you?? Are you still with Gandhi ji?? The world needs it now To spread the happiness around Oh! The leader of leaders, Send them back to hold our hands And brighten the sun of our lives!! Mahi Singhal III-BMy Last Night Dream Dreams are more real than reality itself, theyre closer to the self. Last night in my dream, I was playing in a park, full of trees and beautiful colourful flowers. A butterfly in bright purple colour came and sat on my hand. But it flew away when i tried to catch it. Butterfly! Butterfly! I tried to call it back but all in vain. How pretty you were purple in colour. Come again in my dream. Kevin Patel
  14. 14. SENIORS’ SPEAK CHANGING FASHIONChange is the spice of life .It relieves us of our boredom and makeslife worth living .The desire for change is not something novel ;it isimplanted in every human being as it is a human instinct. Fashion is always on the move. One fashion is replaced by otherdeclaring the first one to be outdated. It knows no stagnancywhether you live in the east or the west. These days fashion isborn and brought up in western countries and then with passageof time they infiltrate into the oriental countries. The film industryplays an important role in changing fashion. Actor and Actressesare the models for the common masses. They copy them in clothesand looks; they imitate them in speech and manners.It is not only dresses in which the fashion exists. Even in speechand talks the fashion dabbles. The use of the word ‘yaar’ by thefashionable girls of today is so common that today they feelneither a shamed nor modest in saying so. Similarly after ‘thanks’the expression. ‘Mention not, please’ are rarely heard. It is nowthe word ‘welcome’ which is so glibly spoken to terminate thematter. Fashion is as contagious and infectious as mannerism. Thoughthe youngsters are the pioneers of fashion, the grey headedpersons too do not remain untouched by this magical word. ---SHIVANI MITTAL IX-A
  15. 15. PrayWhen things don‟t seem to go my way,I sincerely sit to pray.My troubles are then fled away,My thoughts don‟t go strayMy heart is filled with gratitude,That now I can give up my negative attitude.My faith has grown up in magnitude.I am rescued from the devil named depressionWhich can take away all your expressionAnd my feelings don‟t suffer suppressionI am feeling the presence of the eternalThe tranquility I posses is internalThe courage I have now is not naturalSuch is the power of prayerBut people identify it rareAnd just don‟t seem to bareBut I suggest sincerely,Next time things don‟t go your wayJust sit to PRAY -By Harkirat Kaur
  16. 16. Learning is a never ending process. It must go on…Resource Person Topic Target GroupNIE Assocoiate Life skills to overcome Class XII weaknesses in a subtle manner.Associate of Hindu Positive Thinking and Self Class XI Management to develop necessary competencies and optimistic approach towards life.Akash Institute Choice of subject after class X Class X to help them in getting focused and determined.Ms. Megha Mehra Vedic Maths to improve memory Class VI—X and concentration.Ms. Vandana Tandon Effective Communication Skills to Classes IX-X improve voice modulation, intonation and body language.Mr. Gaurav (Zee To learn and understand Class VIIILearning) different principles of Physics by doing different activities.Mr. Ayush Arjun (NIE) Robotics to apprise students with Class X the different parts of robots and their assembling.Ms. Anu Singh NIE Tips for Adolescent issues tips were Class X given To handle peer pressure.
  17. 17. Workshop on Life Management :- A workshop wasconducted on Life Management for the staff membersby Dr. Harish Chaudhary on 23 July 2012. With an aimto live a stress free life,Various anecdotes were given tothe teachers regarding classroom teaching. Seven habitsof Covey were the major concerns supplemented withnumerous examples.Workshop on Capacity Building of Teachers -Ms. Inderjeet Kaurattended the Workshop on Capacity Building of Teachers,PedagogicalConcerns and Popularization of Science was organized by theUniversity of Delhi along with Vigyan Prasar for three days from 26thto 28th July 2012 to enable the teachers to evolve context based actionplans and strategies for teaching of science.Workshop on learning Conversation skills - Ms. Kavita Bhatia andMs. Neetu Luthra attended a workshop by Goyal Brothers Prakashanon Learning conversation Skills and Advanced conversation Skillsat KIIT World School to improve classroom experience for the individuallearners and thereby making teaching learning process enriched.Workshop on Theatre - Theartical workshop was organized by KhilonaGroup for the language, Art, Music and Dance teachers to make peopleunderstand the importance of drama for education and Life. Mr. V. K. Singhand Mrs. Kiran were the eminent speakers.
  18. 18. Workshop on Adolesence issues :- Ms Meena Seth (Class IV Rep) andMs Kirti Vyas(School Counselor) attended the workshop on ‘Aggression& Violence in School going Children Emerging Issues , Challenges andInterventions’ organized by Association of Indian School Counselors andAllied Professionals(AISCAP) on 6 October 2012.Various aspects ofLearning Disabilities and Management of Individual cases were discussedby learned Speakers Dr. Sameer Parekh and Dr. Puneet Dwedi.Workshop on effective English teaching :-English Department was facilitatedby attending the enriched class ofMs. Kirti Gulati in Collaboration with British Council to discuss various principles of teaching English. Various tips were given to make the language learning in a playful and interesting way.
  19. 19. Modernites have brought laurels for the school by winning the Rolling Trophy from various schools mentioned below.Queen‟s Mary School NAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITION Roshni Kalia VIII Vansh Makhija VII First Mansha Bhatia IV Kashish Madan IV Bhavneet Kaur IV Rudra Vijhani IV Raghav Goel IV First Mayank Gupta IV Rishabh Malwa V Khyati Pareek V Harshit Bhatia V Vanshika Mann V Madhav Dingliwala IX Shakti Sethi X First Priya Goyal IX Dimple Hotchandani IX Second Shivanshi Vikram Singh VIII Kirti Garg VIII Second Sugandh Kakkar VII Apoorva VI Second Ananya Mittle VIII Shweta Rath VIII Second Ankita Yadav XI Rishabh Bhatti XI Second Prateek Garg VIII Japneet Singh Makkar VIII Second Shivam Bindra X Kanku Vyas X Third Yashika Jain IX Parth Jindal VI Vaishali Sharma V Third
  20. 20. KIIT World SchoolNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONShivanshi VIIIMehul Soni VII FirstKeshav Dingliwala XIAnkita Yadav XINeeti Jain XISahil Gupta XI SecondRohan Mehrotra XIAayush Ajmera XIJaskirat Singh XIKaran Keswani VIII SecondVanshika V ThirdSanchit Thurkral XDivya Rao X ThirdFollowing students have made their presence felt among manycompetitors and have come out with the flying colors.Jaspal Kaur Public SchoolNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONBhavya JainPrerna Dewan V Second
  21. 21. Modern School, Bharakambha RoadNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONShakti Sethi X FirstDeeksha Bajaj XII SecondBal Bharti Public SchoolNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONManmeet Kaur VMuskaan Mittal V SecondDAV Public SchoolNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONChhaya Sharma XII ThirdSV Coed BT BlockNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONAnanya Mittal VIIIRoshni Kalia VIII FirstRPVV Shalimar BaghNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONDivya VIIIShivam Bindra X First
  22. 22. Sports has always been a forte of MPS and the laurels brought byour Spectrum exhibit the effectiveness of a carefully plannedsystem of physical culture Our school students have won Second position in Zonal and also won the championship. In Zone IX Hand ball Tournament the Senior Girls team won the championship trophy and bagged the Second position. Delhi State Talent Search Athletic Meet 2012 held at Chattrasal Stadium Model Town III (9 Oct to 13 October 2012) in which our pillars won different prizes in different events. Swati Singhal was declared the Best Athlete in Senior Girls Category. Swati Singhal of Class XII brought laurels by bagging the First position is 200 mt and 400 mt. race in Sr. Girls category. Apoorva Mohta of Class IX won Second and Third category in 100 mt. and 200 mt. race respectively. Our school students participated in the Zonal Football Championship 2012-13 held at Prabhu Dayal Public School from 3 Oct – 5 Oct and bagged the Second position. Judo players proved their mettle by their victorious performance in CBSE North Zone – 1 Judo Championship 2012-13 held at Chandigarh from 27 sept 2012 to 30 Sept. 2012 Swati Singhal of Class XII once again proved herself in Delhi State Sports festival for Women 2012-13 held from 29 Aug to 31 Aug 2012 and won laurels. Modernites made their impressions in Delhi State Summer Athletic Meet 2012-13, wherein :  Swati Singhal won First position in 200 mt and 400 mt. race under 19 category.  Harsh Jindal secured Third position in Javelin throw.  Anuj Sharma got Fourth position in Javelin Throw.
  23. 23.  Apoorva Mehta bagged Fourth position in 200 mt and 400 mt. race.  Aman Mohta also won at Fourth position in 100 mt and 200 mt. race  Swati Singhal was declared as the Best Athlete in Delhi.Imtiaz Ali of Class VII bagged the Third position in TalentSearch Judo Championship.MPS athletic team roared again and subsided others in 72ndDelhi State Athletic Championship held at Jawahar Lal NehruStadium from 26 July to 28 July 2012. The following studentsmade their presence felt: Swati Singhal bagged First position in 400 mt. and 800 mt. respectively. Anuj Sharma and Harsh Jindal won Fourth position in Javelin Throw. Manveen Kaur and Apoorva Mohta won 400 mt even in women category and bagged First and Third position respectively.Athletic team of our school brought laurels by maximumwinning entries in 16th CBSE National Athletic Championship2012 held at DPS Meerut.Our Basket ball team secured Second position and won runnersup championship Trophy in Zonal Basketball competition heldat Mahavir Model School.Pratyaksh Jindal of Class VII B was ranked Third in Inter zonalKho – Kho competition.
  24. 24. English DebateNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONChirag VIIIA Best ContentAbhishek Srivastava VIII C Best ExpresssionRoshini Kalia VIII D Most Confident ChildMuskan Grover VIII B Overall Performance Hindi Samachar PrastutiNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONKartik Saini VI A Most Confident ChildYugank Gupta VI A Best PresentationVanshika Batra VI E Best ReporterAmisha Patel VI D Best Group PerformanceGrishika Virodhiya VI D Rangoli MakingNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONChhavi VE IKavya Kapoor VB IISanna Saini VD IIIYashika Choudhary VE III
  25. 25. Hindi Poem RecitationNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONGauri Saini IV D Best ContentRiya IV B Best PresentationNaman Katra IV A Most Confident ChildBhavneet Kaur IV B Most Confident ChildAryan Arora IV E Best Content And make UpSatya Kumar IV D Consolation Budding Scientist ActivityNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONVijwal Aggarwal VIII DHardik Sharma VIII D Best Presentation Electro HydraulicNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONPiyush Sharma VIII DShubham Sachdeva VIII D Best Explanation Hydraulic RobotNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONGaurav Dhingra VIII C Overall PresentationSiddhart Patni VIII C Best Explanation
  26. 26. Sound sensing Military Robot -1NAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONIsh Chauhan VIII AMayank Mishra VIII A Most Innovative group Atmospheric pressureNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONNandini VIII AAlisha VIII A Most Confident Group Fused Light Made FunctionalNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONPallavi Gulati VIII A Best in practical skillsKirti Garg VIII A Salt Water CarNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONSonali Jain VIII AVaibhav Jain VIII A Most Creative Group Electricy from Wind EnergyNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONDivyanshu Choudhary VIII C Upcoming ScientistsTushar Khandelwal VIII C Rangoli on Ply – PatriotismNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONKashish VI A IArushi Singh VI A IIRuchika Manglani VIII B III
  27. 27. E.V.S. QuizNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONRiya IV B IBatul Dingliwala IV E IILakshya IV A II Computer Pamphlet MakingNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONArihant Jain VI E Best Overall presentationDivya Gupta VI D Most CreativeKartik Sahni VI E Best ContentChehek Aggarwal VI C Best Presentation Computer Activity Fun with Ms PaintNAME OF THE STUDENT CLASS POSITIONAnjali Jain VB Overall PresentationDrishti Kumar VA Most CreativeSanyam VC Best ContentJobin Daniel VA Best Presentation
  28. 28. Youth Parliament The much awaited programme of 47th Youth Parliament was organized by the Modernites to give an opportunity to the youth to engage with the Parliament and its procedures.It enriched the political experience of thestudents. Sh. Briten Sen Gupta( Ex member ofParliament) , Sh. Ramesh Chander Mohanty (Gen.Sec. Member of Parliamentary Affairs & Ms.Manju Saxena (Supervisor, Physical Education )graced the occasion.It was a feast to the eyes.The judges applauded theparticipants for exhibiting awonderful Parliament scene.The program received heapsof praises from the judgesand audience.
  29. 29. Teachers’ Day CelebrationTo acknowledge the noblest work of cultivating thesouls, Teachers’ Day was celebrated in the schoolpremises . Students of Class XIItook charge for the smoothconduction of teaching learningprocess through their responsibleenactions as pupil teachers. Asumptuous lunch was organizedfor the staff followed by manyexciting and hilarious activities.Hearty laugh of one and allpresent apparently made thefunction, a grand success.