Using Technology to Energize Teens and Tweens


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SMS, QR codes, augmented reality, gaming and other technologies can create a new level of engagement for teens and tweens. Learn new programming ideas, tips for augmenting existing programming with technology, how to promote with technology, and tips for hosting a successful event.

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  • Using Technology to Energize Teens and Tweens

    1. 1. Presenter: Diana Silveira
    2. 2.  Learn new programming ideas Tips for augmenting existing programming How to promote with technology Tips for hosting a successful eventAgenda
    3. 3.  Tweet Pictures/items found in library or community QR Codes - Hide QR Codes through outlibrary…most scans win SMS Treasure Hunts Photo Hunts (Send in pictures of specific items) Use Augmented Reality Apps to “find”tweets/items/thingsScavenger HuntClue Ideas: A Red Book, A NYT Bestseller, a SMILE, a book with Mr Darcy as the main character,
    4. 4. SCVNGR
    5. 5.  (Send in picturesof specific items) Use Google Voiceto ManageEntriesPhotoHunt
    6. 6. Camera Phones Activities Chalkboard SpeechBubble Instagram Retro Tech: Polaroid It!
    7. 7.  Photo Hunt Guess Where? Guess What?Photo GamesImage from -
    8. 8. Identify the PhotoHorse from What?Extreme close-upsOdd Angles
    9. 9. Items in the libraryWhen they find item:Have QR codeshave them take a picture
    10. 10.  Vine Video Edit Magisto Video StarMobile Video
    11. 11. Gaming Game Nights/Tournaments Word With Friends Tournament Game/App Tournaments Leaderboards to createa buzz and a grand prizewinner
    12. 12. Skype or Google+ Interact with teens from other countries Book Talks with Authors Speakers... Bring on the Experts
    13. 13. Just for Fun How Secure Is my Password?
    14. 14.  Online Voting for: Book Movie Song TV Show Video Game App & More Live Program toAnnounce WinnersTeen Choice Awards
    15. 15. Tapping into theircreative side
    16. 16. Make a Meme
    17. 17. High Tech Recycling
    18. 18. Engaging Teens and Tweensin Library Services Create a soundtrack fora book or a book trailer Podcasting – with thekids in the driver seat Teen Tech Tutors forsenior patrons
    19. 19.  ProgramFollow-up Live-Tweetingand AttendeeEngagementsTwitter
    20. 20.  Tie-in Social Media Sites “Preview” or “Inside Look” Link to Registration Just for Fun: Link to Random Video Use Randomizer to create different experiences Link to video content Name Tags with QR CodesQR Codes
    21. 21. Utilizing SMS SMS Alerts forprograms SMS Trivia Night Solicit ideas
    22. 22. Feedback Vote by QR Codes SMS Twitter Trivia Night Answer via SMSResources: Poll Daddy, Poll Everywhere
    23. 23.
    24. 24. 
    25. 25. Event Posters
    26. 26. Video “Interviews” with participants Record portions of programs & share on Social Media
    27. 27.  Use Twitter to Promotebeyond our libraryborders Promote on Teen Pageon FacebookPromote Events
    28. 28. Tech to Handle RegistrationWhat You NeedGoogle FormsQR CodesHave a Fee? Use Square to accept payment @ the door
    29. 29. SMS• Announce Events/Insider’s Club• Remind those interested of an event
    30. 30. Encourage Check-ins on Social Media
    31. 31. Practice, Practice, Practice
    32. 32. Helpful TipsProvide Instructions on technologies
    33. 33. Know your audience
    34. 34. Don’t push technology you don’t know
    35. 35. No technology for technology’s sake– limit the amount per an event
    36. 36. Share Your Events via Social Media• Tag People• Post during event• Use “Facebook Pages” to post via your mobile phone
    37. 37. Questions
    38. 38.  MeDiana SilveiraVisit ourboothsFLA - #204ALA - #250