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According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of adult cell phone owners use text messaging. On average, teens send and receive five times more texts per day than adults; however, both of these demographics are sending questions, receiving notifications, and communicating with their friends, family, and social networks. As users grow more comfortable with this messaging environment, libraries have a unique opportunity to communicate directly with these users via their mobile devices.

Join Novare Library Services to learn how to enhance your library services with text messaging. From answering reference questions to pushing circulation notifications to promoting library programming, new resources, and service information to their users, libraries can learn how SMS can create more regular and more efficient communication between you and your users.

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  • Updated figures! Feb-Apr 2011http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/consumer/android-leads-u-s-in-smartphone-market-share-and-data-usage/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+NielsenWire+%28Nielsen+Wire%29
  • Shoutbytext and other similar companies
  • Tblc april 2012 sms for libraries

    1. 1. SMS Services for Libraries
    2. 2. Objectives o What is SMS? o Some Facts o SMS in your library o Promoting your SMS Service o Future of SMS o Questions/Discussion
    3. 3. The Basicso SMS - Short Message Service (i.e., text messaging)o 160 character limito Shortcodeo Blast (one to many)o Incoming/outgoingo Smart phoneo Clever phoneo Google Texting Lingo
    4. 4. http://bit.ly/JEJoZi
    5. 5. The Facts  250+ million Americans carry mobile phones (80% of the nation)  4 of 5 teens carry a wireless device, and the majority (57%) view their cell phone as the key to their social life  Teens today have NEVER known a world without cellphones http://bit.ly/IGl05D, http://bit.ly/IGm2hQ
    6. 6. What’s your library’s policy?Uploaded to Flickr on November 8, 2007 by Travelin Librarian/ Uploaded to Flickr on November 29, 2006 by Michael Casey
    7. 7. Reference Questions • Ask a Librarians SMS • Twilio • Mosio • Google Voice
    8. 8. Create a simple ( & free) SMS Reference Service 1. Set up a free Google Voice number. 2. Promote number. 3. Optional: use free GVMax service to send notifications via Instant Messaging, emails, Prowl & Howl notifications, Twitter, HttpPost, and SMS. 4. Optional: use Twitter and go800corp.com so users can text your twitter name to 46800 and be connected to your phone.
    9. 9. Circulation Notices Existing software that can help a library send hold, overdue, and other circulation-based notifications to users. Some examples: • Mosio • Shoutbomb • Twilio • ILS Vendors with functionality: Koha, Innovative, and Polaris.
    10. 10. Send Catalog Records
    11. 11. Other Ideas for SMS in your library • Blast Announcements! • SMS Programming Ideas • Trivia Night • Polls • Registration for Programs • Open Communication • Contests
    12. 12.  Create Treks Challenges Rewards Libraries get accounts upgraded for free Options Play with Native App SMS http://bit.ly/IGmVab http://bit.ly/IGnVet http://bit.ly/IGyvSI
    13. 13. Promoting SMS • QR Codes • Email • Website • Facebook and other Social Media • Word of Mouth
    14. 14. Pros and Cons of SMSPros: • Low Cost • Easy to Implement • Immediately available • Flexible • Connects directly with users • Statistics • Platform ubiquitous Cons: • Leaves out non-SMS users • Standard texting rates may apply
    15. 15. Future of SMS • Payments • Group Messaging • Geo-fencing marketing • Voice (TTS, STT) • App to Person Messaging • Person to App Messaging • Directions/Maps • SPAM/Malicious apps! Image from http://www.tuvie.com/wp-content/uploads/window-phone4.jpg
    16. 16. Questions/DiscussionWhat are your plans for SMS?
    17. 17. Contact Information Diana Silveira diana@novarelibrary.com slideshare.net/dee987 Delicious.com/dee987/SMS https://www.facebook.com/NovareLibraryServices Novare Library Services 877-816-9638