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"Fundraising is an important aspect of what libraries and their Friends must due to survive especially in today's world. Join Novare Library Services to learn about low-to-no cost ideas for libraries to create memorable and effective fundraising on the web.

During the presentation, we will explore:
• KickStarter, Google Wallet, and other online tools to create effective campaigns
• strengths and weaknesses of each online fundraising tool
• how libraries and Friends groups have effectively used these tools for fundraising "

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  • Online Fundraising for Libraries

    1. 1. Online Fundraising for Libraries PRESENTER: DIANA SILVEIRA
    2. 2. Agenda KickStarter, Google Wallet, and other online tools to create effective campaigns Strengths and weaknesses of each online fundraising tool How libraries and Friends groups have effectively used these tools for fundraising
    3. 3. So you want to fundraise!  Is it a project or a general fund?  How are you going to raise awareness?  What is your goal? Is it realistic?  Can you complete your vision without all the funds?
    4. 4.  Crowdfunding Since our launch on April 28, 2009, over $350 million has been pledged by more than 2.5 million people, funding more than 30,000 creative projects. Most successful projects are $1,000 - $9,999 82% of projects that raised more than 20% of their goal were successfully funded.
    5. 5. Project Criteria Project – not a cause Projects that can be completed, not things that require maintenance to exist. A clear goal No “just help the library” Kickstarter approves @75% of submitted projects
    6. 6. Before you start Create a Detailed Budget* Brainstorm – Rewards/Browse similar projects Create a media plan to promote project Set a Deadline Create an Amazon Payments Account Projects 30 days & less have higher success rates*Kickstarter will take 5% of total donated
    7. 7. On Your Project Page What it is you are trying to do How you will do it How the funds will be used Your qualifications to complete this project The identities of the people on your team (if you have one) Add video Transparency How far along your project is is the key to success
    8. 8. Donors The most popular pledge is $25 Provide Reward Fulfillment to donors Higher donation tier = more rewards! Reward ideas:  Names of plaques/program  t-shirts  Special Opening Ceremony  Thanks! Hugs! Thank donors when they donate on FB & Twitter
    9. 9. IndieGoGo Why have you heard of them? The Oatmeal &  Flexible v fixed goals* The bullied bus driver  Perks! For donations  No application process  Causes & ProjectsWatch those fees: 9% vs 4% + credit card transaction fees
    10. 10. RocketHub
    11. 11. Weeve
    12. 12. Google Wallet 0% transaction fee for nonprofits lesser of 5% or 1.9% + $0.30 per transaction
    13. 13. PayPal Allows users to use their credit card
    14. 14. SQUARE Swipe Credit Cards via your mobile device Can set up “employee accounts” Free to Set-up 2.75% Transactional charge Instant Receipts
    15. 15. Creating a Successful Campaign
    16. 16. Develop Your Pitch! Be able to explain your project in 100 words or less!  What is it?  Who does it benefit?  Why its important? Could you tweet your pitch?
    17. 17. Smart Promotion Use social media Link to information on website Press Releases Consider hosting live pledge parties Create posters/flyers Get out into the community
    18. 18. Create a Video Tell Who You are The story behind the project Call to action: Why you need $ & how you will use it Explain the rewards Explain why its important – what happens if it doesn’t happen Thank everyone!
    19. 19. Engage Your Donors Remember to connect with users Document the program/project – LOTS of pictures and video Update donors along the way Recruit donors to find donors Celebrate SUCCESS!
    20. 20. Examples of Fundraising Success Harvey Pekar Library Statue: Comics as Art & Literature Desk The Henry Miller Library in Big Sur is building a new stage! The Library of Philip Johnson (book of items from library) Santa Cruz Public Library Inside Out The SF Rock Project Lending Library Tumble Mural Grows in Brooklyn
    21. 21. What you use online fundraising for?
    22. 22. Diana Silveira 877-816-9638