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Mastering Your Inbox
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Mastering Your Inbox


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Recent studies have shown that the average worker can spend 28% of their time answering and reading email ( We often find ourselves overwhelmed by our ever growing inbox. During …

Recent studies have shown that the average worker can spend 28% of their time answering and reading email ( We often find ourselves overwhelmed by our ever growing inbox. During this workshop, you will learn:
- How to organize your inbox and its settings to maximum efficiency
- How to use time management techniques to best utilize your time in your inbox
- Tips to keep your inbox from taking over your life
- Tricks to help you find and answer the emails you need and sideline the rest

No matter your email program, these tips will help you get organized and focused in the new year.

Published in: Technology

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  • Be Decisive – Reading an email, closing it, and then leaving it in your inbox is counter-productive. A good rule to practice is “if you open an email you act on it right then.” And if it is something that requires more time or follow-up then add the item to your todo list.Archive/File It – Your inbox shouldn’t be your todo list. Nor is it a file-box. Get those emails out of your inbox.Delete It – Don’t be afraid to use the “delete” button when processing your email. Too many people think they must keep each and every email they receive. Trust me, you aren’t going to suddenly need that “thank you” email down the road.
  • It Is Negative – A simple email rule that never gets followed: Never send a reprimand or negative comment via email. It will be taken the wrong way and create a bigger situation. (If you need another reason, email is forever)
  • Set an Auto Archive – This is a powerful technique.  Set up your email client to automatically archive any messages over two weeks old.  This sets up an automatic rolling deadline, where anything you leave for more than two weeks disappears into your archive.  This is good, because it is there if you need it, and you don’t have to worry about your email inbox reaching 3000 again.
  • Transcript

    • 1. MasteringYour InboxPresenter: Diana Silveira
    • 2. AgendaOrganizeReclaimTime ManagementExtra Tips
    • 3. Organize
    • 4. Creating Filters
    • 5. Use Filters• Committees• Workgroups• Listservs• Frequent Emailers
    • 6. Turn on Threading/Conversations
    • 7. Make Outgoing Email Count Don’t respond to every incoming message Pick meaningful subject lines (3-5 words) Today v Agenda for Holds Queue Committee Don’t go cc crazy
    • 8. Reclaim Your Inbox
    • 9. Tackle It• Start with newest to oldest• Delete it• Deal with your inbox in bulk• Don’t reply unless you have to.• Go on a rampage – clean it out – then do this regularly
    • 10. Toss the bacon Consider Following via Facebook, Twitter or RSS
    • 11. SPAM, Junk or Unsubscribe
    • 12. Keep Companiesout of your inbox• Use a different email address• Authenticate with Facebook or Twitter• Change settings to “do not email”
    • 13. Time Management
    • 14. Turn off Desktop Alerts In Chrome - Settings > General
    • 15. Visit Emailperiodically• Schedule Time With Your Email• Mornings and end-of-day are best.• Deal with email in bulk
    • 16. Open an email: Act Reply Forward Archive/File It Delete ItBe Decisive
    • 17. Its NOT a to-do listTurn To Events/TasksDon’t procrastinate replies
    • 18. Extra Tips
    • 19. Create boundarieswith Smart Phones• Does it need to be read immediately?• Are you expecting something?• Remember balance – work and life• Turn off the “bing”
    • 20. Handling attachments Change the download destination to a meaningful place (for some apps- a browser option)
    • 21. Consider the format Immediacy of Request Complexity of Request Don’t send negative
    • 22. Pick Up the Phone, IM, etc Ping-Pong Emails Complicated Discussions Touchy Topic
    • 23. Try Boomerang Install through browser (gmail and outlook)
    • 24. Find Emails easier
    • 25. Gmail and  Archive don’t delete – important messages  Delete the garbage
    • 26. Auto-Prioritize Email in Gmail
    • 27. Need more motivator… Set an Auto Archive – emails delete after 2 weeks.
    • 28. Questions
    • 29. Contact Me Diana Silveira 877-816-9638