Vocabulary - Number 1


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Created by Bruce at the Palm Harbor, the vocabulary correlates to the vocabulary used in the early chapters of Reading Horizons.

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Vocabulary - Number 1

  1. 1. Maria’s vocabularyNumber one
  2. 2. wolf• N. An animal that howls.• V. to eat quickly. He wolfed down his lunch.• The wolves howled at the moon.
  3. 3. den• 1. a room in the home usually used for TV oran office. We watched the movie in the den.• 2. a home for wild animals There is a Biblestory about Daniel in the lions’ den.
  4. 4. hog• 1. N. a pig – The farmer fed the hogs.• 2. V. to take too much – My sister hogged theentire couch. No one else could sit down.
  5. 5. hop• To make small jumps.• The kangaroo hopped a great distance.• My friend hopped on one leg.
  6. 6. lap• 1. N. An area of your upper legs. The dog saton my lap.• 2. V. to drink The dog lapped up all the waterin the bowl.
  7. 7. lop• V. to cut off• Martha decided to lop off her long hair.• to cut off branches or twigs from• The worker lopped off the lower branches.
  8. 8. mob• N a large or disorderly crowd• The mob rushed at the stage.• Shoppers mob (V) stores the day afterThanksgiving.
  9. 9. nab• to catch or seize in arrest : APPREHEND• : to seize suddenly• The police nabbed the man who stole themoney.
  10. 10. nag• V. to irritate by constant scolding or urging• N. either an old woman or an old horse.• Alma nagged her husband about mowing thegrass.
  11. 11. nod• V. to make a quick downward motion of thehead• I asked if I could go to the park. Mom noddedyes.• This toy dog nods his head.
  12. 12. ram• 1. N a male sheep• 2. V to hit or force• The ram was sitting on the mountain.• One car rammed into another car.
  13. 13. brave• feeling or showing no fear : not afraid .Adjective• He was a brave soldier who fought in the war.• She tried to put on a brave face.[=she tried toappear brave or calm] despite the pain of theinjury.
  14. 14. clam• N.a type of shellfish that lives in sand or mud,has a light-colored shell with two parts, and iseaten both cooked and raw.• He ordered a dozen clams to eat.• When asked questions, the boy clammedup.(v)
  15. 15. Bride and groom• N. A couple who gets married.• The bride wore white. The groom wore atuxedo.
  16. 16. Cling• V. to hold onto something or someone verytightly▪ The children clung together under the littleumbrella waiting for the storm to pass.• The plastic clings to the fruit.
  17. 17. stub• N. a piece of paper that is attached to a checkand has information (such as the amount andthe date) printed on itHe saved all of his check stubs.• I saved my ticket stub from the concert.
  18. 18. wax• N. a hard substance that becomes soft when it isheated and that is used to make various products(such as candles, crayons, or polish)• V. to put a thin layer of wax on (something) : to treator polish (something) by rubbing it with wax▪ He waxed his car today. ▪ The floor has justbeen waxed.
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