Introduction to Mobile Wallets


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Using mobile phones to pay and to collect payments for a variety of things like buying ringtones, apps, parking, overdue fines etc. is one of the quickest growing tech trends today. This introductory workshop with show you how to pay and receive payments via SMS, Direct Mobile Billing, Web Payment Services, traditional credit card, and the developing Near Field Communication (NFC). The workshop will cover the pros, cons, and other options for each method above and give you simple steps to get started.

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  • Will be able to pay at the end of March at any Home Depot with PayPal.PayPal Mobile Payments – $4 Billion in 2011
  • Only on the Nexus S 4G by Google right nowNFC devices can be used in contactless payment systems, similar to those currently used in credit cards and electronic ticketsmartcards, and allow mobile payment to replace or supplement these systems. For example, Google Wallet allows consumers to store credit card information in a virtual wallet and then use an NFC-enabled device at terminals that also accept MasterCard PayPasstransactions.[7] Germany,[8] Austria[9] and Latvia have trialed NFC ticketing systems for public transport. And China is using it all over the country in public bus transport. In India NFC based transaction is being implemented in box offices for ticketing purposes.Usages of NFC:-Matching encrypted security code and transporting access key;Due to short transmission range, NFC-based transactions are possibly secure;Instant payments and coupon delivery using your handset, as we do with your credit card or debit card;Exchange of information such as schedules, maps, business card and coupon delivery in a few hundred milliseconds;Pay for items just by waving your phone over the NFC capable devicesTransferring images, posters for displaying and printing(wikipedia - Inc. and Visa Europe today announced that NFC-enabled smartphones from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Research In Motion (RIM) have been certified for use with Visa’s mobile application for payments at the point-of-sale, Visa payWave.The Samsung Galaxy SII, LG Optimus NET NFC, BlackBerry  Bold  9900, BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry  Curve 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 have been added to the list of Visa compliant payment products available for commercial deployment by financial institutions.All the new devices certified by Visa host the Visa payWave application on a secure SIM card and feature NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the short range communications standard that enables mobile phones to securely transmit payment information to a contactless payment terminal.
  • Lock down your phone – password protect!!!!!!!!! Iphone – turn on “Find My iPhone”
  • Introduction to Mobile Wallets

    2. 2. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY • Mobile Commerce is HERE – NOW! • “Normal” People are buying from their phones • The market is still wide open • Privacy & security will be the biggest issues
    3. 3. BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MOBILE WALLETS• Amazon• I-Tunes• App-based purchases
    4. 4. AGENDA • SMS • Direct Mobile Billing • Mobile Web payments • NFC (Near Field Communication)
    5. 5. SMS 1. User sends SMS with Keyword and unique number to a Premium Short Code. 2. User receives a PIN (User billed via the short code on receipt of the PIN) 3. Finally user enters PIN to get access to content or services. from:
    6. 6. SMS (I.E. TEXT MESSAGING)• PayPal• Venmo - Need account - P2P
    7. 7. PAYPAL• Request & send money via SMS• Discounted Non-profit Rates• PayPal SMS or PayPal Mobile• Bump to exchange contacts & send money
    8. 8. DIRECT MOBILE BILLING• Declining in use• Ideal for: • One-time purchases • Timed Access • On-going subscriptions from Apps
    9. 9. SQUARE• Swipe Credit Cards via your mobile device• Free to Set-up• 2.75% Transactional charge• Instant Receipts
    10. 10. DWOLLA• Up and coming• Charges the recipient 25 cents per transaction. And the money sender has the option to assume this cost.• Right now mainly P2P• Ties-into Facebook and Twitter
    11. 11. NFC (NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION)• Google Wallet: Beta/Limited Availability• Mastercard PayPass• Visa PayWaveBenefits: Stays with you, ease of use,
    12. 12. SECURITY AND PRIVACY ISSUES• Hackers• Unsecured Transmissions• 3rd party access to your data• Pick Pockets!!!
    13. 13. BIOMETRICS• Motorola and others actively working on implementation• Fingerprint/Voice security on mobile devices Image from
    14. 14. QUESTIONS?
    15. 15. CONTACT INFORMATION Diana Silveira Novare Library Services 877-816-9638