Instagram & Other Photo Apps Presented September 2012


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Instagram is a fast and easy way to transform a cellphone photo into something unique and share it with friends and/or the world. It was recently purchased for one billion dollars by Facebook. Hear how to use the photo-sharing social media app, and learn how to use it as a tool for your library. Additionally, hear about the other emerging social media apps that will transform photosharing and social media.

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  • Download as we go – or after – the slideshow will be on slideshareQuiz: How many of you use Instagram?InstragramA SF based company on has 12 employees!Launched in October 2010 – by Dec had 1 million users, - iPhone OnlyAndroid Version was released April 2012 – and it was downloaded over 1 million times in 12 hoursFB Says – Instagram will continue to run independently….it was its biggest competitor ….what about FB Camera? Conspiracy theorists wonder
  • NormalEffect: Also known as "no filter" (or, more popularly, #nofilter), this is Instagram at its purest: filter-freeUse for: Anything, reallyX-Pro IIEffect: Warm, saturated tones with an emphasis on aquas and greensUse for: That photo of you on the beach with your new boyfriend, meant to make your old boyfriend jealousEarlybirdEffect: Faded, blurred colors, with an emphasis on yellow and beigeUse for: That photo of you at brunch with your new boyfriend, meant to make your old boyfriend jealousLomo-fiEffect: Dreamy, ever-so-slightly blurry, with saturated yellows and greensUse for: Food pictures -- those cookies you just baked, that steak you just grilled, etc.SutroEffect: Sepia-like, with an emphasis on purples and brownsUse for: Arting up photos of otherwise mundane objects: cups of coffee, coffee stirrers, coffee stains on napkins, etc.ToasterEffect: High exposure, with corner vignettingUse for: "Mad Men"-esque takes on your night out, your picnic with friends, your backyard BBQ, etc.Fun Fact: This filter was named after Kevin Rose's dog.Brannan Effect: Low-key, with an emphasis on grays and greensUse for: Pictures of your dogValenciaEffect: True-to-life contrast, with slightly gray and brown overtonesUse for: Pictures of Kevin Rose's dog InkwellEffect: Black-and-white, high-contrastUse for: Giving any old picture a classically old-school effect, and/or disguising bad lighting in your #nofilter photoWaldenEffect: Washed-out color with bluish overtonesUse for: Pictures of last weekend's pool partyHefeEffect: Fuzziness, with an emphasis on yellow and golden tonesUse for: Making last weekend's pool party look like it took place in Palm Springs, in 1960NashvilleEffect: Sharp images with a magenta-meets-purple tint, framed by a distinctive film-strip-esque borderUse for: Photos that call for ironic nostalgia1977 Effect: Gloria Gaynor-level '70s flairUse for: Photos that call for in-your-face nostalgia (particularly useful now that Facebook isTimelined)Lord KelvinEffect: Super-saturated, supremely retro photos with a distinctive scratchy borderUse for: Photos that call for actual nostalgiaDo you have a favorite???
  • Instagram & Other Photo Apps Presented September 2012

    1. 1. Social Applications toWatch: Instagram & OtherTop Photography Apps Presenter: Diana Silveira Novare Library Services
    2. 2. 30 million users Android & Apple Apps Facebook bought for $1 BILLION
    3. 3. How it works Take a new or existing photo… Select a Filter… Click the Green Checkmark Share!
    4. 4. What do the filters do?Image: Wikimedia Commons – Jessica Zollman
    5. 5. How can you share? Social Media Instagram Community EmailInstagram Privacy Setting:Photos Public or Private
    6. 6. What do these other buttons do?Toggles Exit toBorders home Rotate Blur Brighten Hide/Expand
    7. 7. Tips Share – and Tag! Write captions Allow comments @ the Library – GeoTag
    8. 8. Combine PhotosUsing Other Apps:  PicFrame (Apple)  Diptic (Apple & Android)  Photoshake (Apple & Android)  PhotoGrid (Android)
    9. 9. Adobe Photoshop Express  Crop  Rotate  Adjust Color  Add Effects*  Android & AppleTiramisu from Franceso’s in Maitland - Yum
    10. 10. GroupShot  Take multiple shots of a group  Easily choose “best faces” and app integrates them into your photo$.99
    11. 11. Apps for Fun and GamesPhoto: Creative Commons Mr T -
    12. 12. Gif Boom Take 20 sec video Select pics Select Filters/Edit Publish your own gif
    13. 13. Photo Wonder Edit Thin, Remove Acne Add Accessories
    14. 14. Other Fun Apps Fast Camera Pictures in a hurry Note –cost $2.99
    15. 15. PocketBoothOld School Photo StripsNote – cost $.99
    16. 16. Paper Camera Sketch Effects view while you shootNote –cost $1.99
    17. 17. SnapSeed (Apple Only) Editing/Filters and moreNote –cost $4.99
    18. 18. CamWow (Apple Only)Other Fun Apps Fun with filters
    19. 19. PhotoForge2 (Apple Only) Editing (w/ layers)Note –cost $3.99
    20. 20. AndroidRetro CameraVintage camera effects Photos from
    21. 21. AndroidPicasa Tool ProEdit, Manage, Upload to yourPicasa
    22. 22. Android HDR Camera+:  Full resolution  Real HDR  Simple: take a HDR image in one tap  Hand shake compensation  Correct handling of moving objects, de- ghosting  Save original exposure bracketed images  Location taggingNote –cost $1.99 Image from
    23. 23. Sharing Shutterfly Facebook Camera Dropbox Picasa (Android)
    24. 24. General Tips: Privacy Most photo sites default to “Public” Tag- but let people know GeoTag with caution Authenticating with Facebook?  Change sharing option to “Only Me”  Turn off other options
    25. 25. What are your favorite apps?
    26. 26. Diana Silveira