3D Printing and Makerspaces in Libraries
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3D Printing and Makerspaces in Libraries






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3D Printing and Makerspaces in Libraries 3D Printing and Makerspaces in Libraries Presentation Transcript

  • Presenter: Diana Silveira
  • o 3D printing basics o 3D creation software o Why have a makerspace? o Makerspaces and Libraries: Best Practices o 3D Printing Fun
  • Images: http://bit.ly/1igLZGR | http://bit.ly/1igM5yq | http://bit.ly/1igM913 | http://goo.gl/4BQvIO | http://goo.gl/RDNnL
  • Image from: http://goo.gl/0qOcvC
  • Story: http://goo.gl/MValcv
  • Story: http://goo.gl/w9A2RH
  • Story: http://goo.gl/EEieC2
  • http://www.robohand.net/
  • Story: http://goo.gl/GB7u4L
  • Story: http://goo.gl/kefaIp
  • Story: http://goo.gl/PAs5Rl
  • Story: http://goo.gl/7V7RyZ
  • “The baby’s parents took him to the emergency room where it was determined Kaiba would require a splint being inserted in order to hold open his bronchial tube, to hopefully allow the tissue to grow and heal around it properly. Doctors decided to use a 3D printer to create the splint as time was of the essence in order to Kaiba to survive his ordeal. Kaiba was first imaged in order for technicians to get accurate dimensions to then have those measurements used to create a computer model, which acted as the blueprint. With that information, the 3D printer was able to print out the custom splint doctors needed in about a day.” Image from http://goo.gl/LeRpyw Doctors decided to use a 3D printer to create the splint as time was of the essence in order to Kaiba to survive his ordeal.
  • Image from http://goo.gl/XOlY6e
  • Instructions and pictures: http://goo.gl/RDNnL
  • • Polylactic acid is a thermoplastic polyester • Made from renewable resources and biodegradable (http://goo.gl/6Tln1H) • Safe for Food Contact • Roughly: 20 / lb (hard), $30 / lb (soft)
  • • Impact resistant and tough • Hard & Glossy • Petroleum-based • Flammable • Prone to cracking if cooled too quickly • Usually bends before it breaks • Has a strong, toxic smell • Strength is relatively equal to PLA • Roughly $20/lb http://goo.gl/McxHzl
  • • thingiverse.com • 3d.si.edu • Paid: shapeways.com (can also sell here – think Etsy for 3D printers)
  • Image: http://goo.gl/SBYIG7
  • • 3dtin.com • Tinkercad.com • Sketchup • OpenSCAD • Wings3D • Scupltris • Autodesk 123D • Blender project. Image from http://goo.gl/Ldk3pc
  • • Free • Easy to Use • Basic Functionality
  • • Open Source • Uses Code instead of freehand
  • Tips • Patience the learning curve is high • Design in Orthogonal View • Uses Units, for ease 1 unit = 1mm • Use Makerware Software for size
  • - Download an item from http://www.thingiverse.com - Edit in Maker Software and Print
  • • Make it Stand • DIY: Enhancements & Parts • Make Your Own Printer • Use a Glass plate • With PLA, use a cooling Fan to avoid sticking
  • Story: http://goo.gl/0wvcDK Custom hydrographic design for 3D printing
  • • Prime (Use Spray on Primer) • Practice • Plan (Use Acrylic Paints) Story: http://goo.gl/hrSKCS
  • • ReConstructMe (Use with Your Kinect!) • Skanect Image: http://goo.gl/DfFpfG
  • • community-operated workspace • Computers • Technology • Science • digital art • electronic art, • meet, socialize and/or colla borate • Many participate in the use & development of • free software • open hardware • alternative media Source: http://goo.gl/6QrWQ Image from http://goo.gl/v3aMNa
  • • Robotics • Building Drones • Creating Clothes • Creating Medieval Armor • Jewelry Making • Papercraft • Culinary Arts • What else? photos and Ideas: http://bit.ly/NrfCda; ideas: http://goo.gl/jIj41i
  • A credit card-sized computer for $35 • Use as a general purpose computing • Learning to program • Project platform • Media Center • Write your own OS Source: http://goo.gl/6dkRb5, image; http://goo.gl/MeAvb; Write Own OS: (http://goo.gl/z7d37)
  • Images: http://goo.gl/rEZqhn; http://goo.gl/JV8ZkS; http://goo.gl/aIskKh
  • http://makeitatyourlibrary.org/
  • Image from: http://goo.gl/OTGn4W
  • Image from: http://goo.gl/v1uWM5 • “learn how to use tools and processes to help them reach their own goals and realize their own ideas” • “shared spirit, ethics, discipline, mutual respect, reciprocity, self-directed learning” -makerspace.com PlayBook
  • o Heightened motivation and new forms of engagement through meaningful play and experimentation; o Learning that feels relevant to students’ identities and interests; o Opportunities for creating using a variety media, tools and practices; o Co-configured expertise where educators & students pool their skills and knowledge and share in the tasks of teaching & learning; o An integrated system of learning where connections between home, school, community and world are enabled and encouraged Image: http://bit.ly/Nrh0N1 Source: http://goo.gl/w4S47 - Henry Jenkins (http://goo.gl/2leyCU)
  • o Grants, Partnerships with Tech Companies/ Local Makerspaces, Colleges o Start Small – Grow Big, o Kickstarter o Schools: http://makerbot.com/academy/
  • “You can imagine it, you can create it” - makerspace.com
  • o 3D Printing Lab o I Street Press for Community Writing
  • “Allen County collaborated with TekVenture, an educational nonprofit specializing in makerspace technology, to create the lab. Working off a simple one- page agreement, TekVenture agreed to provide the trailer, along with the equipment and some free programming, and Allen County offered free parking.” http://tekventure.org/maker-station/ http://goo.gl/Bcfofb
  • o Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine o 3D Printing and Scanning o Vinyl Cutting Machine o Photography, Videography, and Graphics Design o Music Recording and Production o MakerSpace Computer Access and Meeting Space Image: http://goo.gl/MlT4nn
  • o 3D Printers o PCs o Green Screen Wall and Video Camera o Little Makers http://fflib.org/make/little-makers Image: http://goo.gl/h95Lhw
  • Link: http://libguides.umw.edu/content.php?pid=534048
  • Link: http://campusguides.unr.edu/3dprinting
  • Best Practices
  • • Flexible • Room for “Hang Outs” • Lots of Electric Outlets* • Sealed Concrete Floors recommended • Easy to access supplies/cleaning equipment • Good ventilation • Space for hardware/Space for play Images from http://www.flickr.com/photos/raster/ * Is needed - 220 volts or even three-phase power.
  • • Workbenches/Long Tables • Shelving for storing supplies & ongoing projects • Whiteboards (or Idea Paint!) Furniture can be used or made Image from: http://goo.gl/2NsK6Y
  • • Equipment for each Maker Station • Cleaning Tools • Collaboration Tools • Laptops with specialized software • Handy? Make your own Filament Image from http://bit.ly/NrdOBb Buy used
  • • Safety Glasses for those working with: • Power Tools • Hammering or anything that creates debris • Chemicals • First Aid Kit • Fire Extinguisher • Aprons • Post Workshop Safety Rules • Staff/Volunteer on-duty
  • Rules from: http://bit.ly/NretT5
  • Images from: http://bit.ly/1op7O9N http://bit.ly/1opcRaj http://bit.ly/1opdIrB Great Source: Makerspace Tools and Materials http://goo.gl/Efu5nv
  • --- 2013 Maker Media Makerspace Playbook
  • • Legos • Beginning Robotics • Cardboard Challenge • Make Your Own BathSalts • Bring In a Printer from Area Makerspaces • jaxhax.org • makingawesome.org • Gainesville Makerspace • Hack-A-Thons http://goo.gl/7JD6Y7
  • Images: http://goo.gl/9AHxme http://goo.gl/6ienvL
  • Story: http://goo.gl/oBOfcA
  • Story: http://goo.gl/13gmbd
  • Story: http://goo.gl/qI3pm7
  • Image and More: http://goo.gl/ErmUt
  • http://goo.gl/Z1NiWi
  • • Food • Metal • Human Tissue Image: http://goo.gl/WaE4P
  • http://goo.gl/mVb0xV
  • http://goo.gl/UmRVdT
  • Images from: http://bit.ly/1igK5pQ
  • http://www.twinkind.com/en/landing
  • @MakerBlock @makerfairemiami makezine.com/ makezine.com/craftzine mashable.com (3D printing) libraryasincubatorproject.org news.typeamachines.com Make: Magazine Makr App: http://goo.gl/GYs4Mw Free Playbook: makerspace.com Worth the buy: makezine.com/volume/guide-to-3d-printing-2014 Image from: http://bit.ly/1ehF2og Great info on tools needed & tips
  • Diana Silveira Novare Library Services diana@novarelibrary.com 877-816-9638 Slideshare.net/dee987 Delicious.com/makerspaces pinterest.com/dee987/3d-printing