Sgs Climate Change Program


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Sgs Climate Change Program

  3. 3. THE SGS CLIMATE CHANGEPROGRAMME offers a range ofservices addressing the growing needfor mandatory and voluntary reporting ofgreenhouse gas emissions. We aim tofacilitate trade in greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions and promote harmonizationthrough application of standardizedverification procedures. Whether youare in the EU Emission Trading Scheme(ETS), opt out of the EU ETS, have aJoint Implementation (JI) or CleanDevelopment Mechanism (CDM) projector simply want to voluntarily report, wehave the service for you.Your GHG emissions and emissionreductions matter to us - and our future.Thats why we are committed to YOUR COMPANY, YOURensuring they are reported in acomplete, consistent, transparent,accurate and faithful manner. SHAREHOLDERS AND YOUR We validate projects to ensure they STAKEHOLDERS NEED TO BE comply with the relevant eligibility criteria. SURE THAT THESE DATA ARE We verify emissions to determine compliance with mandatory emission limits and for voluntary reporting. RELIABLE. YOU CAN TRUST SGS. And we certify emission reductions.
  4. 4. We hold multiple accreditations and are continuously expanding these. Currently we are accredited for CDM, EU ETS, UK ETS, California Climate Action Registry (CCAR), Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and Clean Air Canada. We employ competent, trained staff and sub-contractors. We have offices in over 1,000 locations in 140 countries. We have one close to your project or your facility. We offer services to all kinds of clients – ranging from the smallest through to the largest multi-site / multi-country emitters, and from simple through to complex and diverse project portfolios. All of our services share one indisputable benefit – they are backed by the SGS brand name.WHATEVER YOUR NEEDS,SGS OFFERS YOUAN OPINIONYOU CAN DEPEND ON
  5. 5. EU EMISSION EU ETS requires annual reporting of emissions data and regulatory compliance. To meet the tight deadlines associated with EU ETS across the EU 25, we offer a split verification process. Every year,TRADING in Q3/Q4 we will undertake the strategic analysis and risk analysis (see Annex 5 of the EU ETS Directive, climat/emission/ implementation_en.htm in order to establish compliance with the approved monitoring plan. We will also identify opportunities for improvement and review available data. The following Q1, we will complete the verification, usually by desk review. This is particularly important in 2005 when issues are most likely to arise. ACCREDITATION We are committed to offering verificationSPLIT VERIFICATION TO services throughout the EU. SGS Affiliates throughout the EU 25 are either gaining local accreditation or planning to useMEET DEMANDING existing accreditations issued by other EA Member Accreditation Bodies and recognized under the EA MultilateralDEADLINES Agreement (www.european- With offices and EU ETS trained staff in all of the EU 25 counties, you can be assured of a locally based service with local language capability and a knowledge of local legislation and EU ETS reporting requirements. Whether large or small, single or multi- facility, you can rely on SGS.WHY CHOOSE THE SPLIT VERIFICATION PROCESS? Early check on your internal system Interim data to aid market related decisions (buy, sell, wait) Time to raise and resolve issues with the Competent Authority (CA) Earlier warning of opportunities for improvement
  6. 6. VALIDATION To protect the environmental and financial integrity of the CDM and JI, we are accredited to offer rigorous validation services designed to ensure that projects generate real, long term emissionAND reductions. Validation involves a desk study and international stakeholder consultationVERIFICATION followed by confirmation of key data and assumptions in the host country. We use our network to source local assessors with knowledge of localOF CDM AND language, common practice, customs and the prevailing policy and legislative environment.JI PROJECTS CDM rules require that a different Designated Operational Entity (DOE) performs the services of validation and verification, with the exception of Small Scale CDM projects where the same DOE can act in both roles. IF YOU DIDN’T CHOOSE SGS TO VALIDATE YOUR PROJECT... Design of project activity; Submission of Project Design Document to DOE VALIDATION PROCESS DOE: Checks validation requirement NEW METHODOLOGY APPROVED METHODOLOGY EB: To consider new methodology If approved, DOE: EB Finalises validation YES REGISTRATION PROCESS Request for review within 8 weeks NO EB: Conduct and conclude review within two meetings CDM project Project activity rejected, activity registed possibly to start process again
  7. 7. Verification involves repeated visits to the project to verify the implementation of the monitoring plan and verification and certification of emission reductions (ERs). Turning Emission Reductions into CASH We believe that we can realistically offer cost effective verification and certification of ERs on a monthly or quarterly basis, turning an annual yield of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) into a regular cash flow. With over 1,000 offices in 140 countries, more often than not we will be closer to your project than anyone else. Verification experience reduces risk We know you have worked long and hard and invested heavily to get this far. We have extensive experience of verification from the UK ETS, EU ETS, CCAR, voluntary projects and other schemes. Don’t risk any further delay or problems. Choose a partner with a proven track record....SGS IS YOUR NATURALPARTNER FOR VERIFICATIONAND CERTIFICATION OF CDMAND JI PROJECTS AND THE FIRST TIME YOU CROSS THE LINE, YOU’LL DESERVE A CELEBRATION!
  8. 8. CALIFORNIA CLIMATEACTION REGISTRYThe California Climate Action Registry(CCAR and isa non-trading register where participantsare invited to register certified (verified)GHG emissions. Two reasons to do soare to create an authoritative record ofan entity’s historic emissions and gainexperience in reporting. Companies can WWW.CLIMATEREGISTERY.ORGthen make better informed decisionsabout abatement options and will bebetter able to understand the implicationsof California’s legislative regime.SGS North America Inc. is an accreditedcertifier to the CCAR. We apply thesame principles and procedures toverification in California as we do in theEU ETS, UK ETS and CDM.Consequently, we firmly believe that weare bringing best practice to verificationin the US and we will continue thispractice as we expand our services intoother schemes and initiativesthroughout the US.CCAR is also developing projectprotocols to include forestry and SGSwill be providing certification services tothese activities as well.
  9. 9. VOLUNTARY ACTIVITIESAND OTHER SCHEMESSGS validates and verifies emissionsreductions from voluntary projects thatare scientifically credible but fail to meetcompliance criteria – usually for politicalreasons. For example, the host countryhas not ratified the Kyoto Protocol orthe project started before 2000. Theprojects must be additional to businessas usual activities, account for leakage,minimize negative environmental andsocial impacts and have infrastructureand resources that will demonstratethat emissions have been avoided.VOLUNTARY PROJECT DEVELOPERS CHOOSESGS BECAUSE OF OUR BRAND NAME.SGS verifies voluntary GHG inventoriesthat can be used for public or internalreporting, cost management anddemonstrating to shareholders andregulators that senior management isaware of the potential impact of acarbon constrained economy on thefuture of your business.SGS is active in a range of other voluntaryschemes such as CCX and CanadaClean Air where third party verification isrequired. As new schemes and initiativesdevelop and the demand for reliablethird party involvement materializes, wewill invest in gaining accreditation tooffer highly credible services.The SGS Climate Change Programmeoffsets emissions from corporatefunded air travel by purchasing carbonoffsets from CLIPP
  10. 10. WHY ARE DATA ANDCOMPLIANCE SOIMPORTANT?GHG emission trading is a market-basedregulatory instrument. Rights to emitGHGs are an asset and the emissionsare a liability. Consequently, significantand sometimes substantial sums ofmoney will need to be passed throughcompany accounts, with impacts uponfinancial performance. Accurate andreliable data is needed to makemanagement decisions. Chief financialofficers and financial accountants willneed to be confident that the data arecorrect before annual accounts can besigned off. Getting the data wrongcould have unpleasant consequences.Mandatory Emission Trading Schemesalso have compliance requirements.Failure to comply could result in a rangeof penalties, culminating in criminalcharges for directors. GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS MATTER TO US ALL. TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY.
  11. 11. CONTACT US: SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With 42,000 employees, SGS operates a network of about 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world. Our aim is to be the clear global leader and innovator in inspection, verification, testing and certification services, building upon our brand, integrity, unique network and the excellence of our people.
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