Whitelabeling to Win
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Whitelabeling to Win



Break out of the old and outdated business logic of "Build it and they will come"? The world has moved on and now there are new and previously unavailable ways to get to market faster using Buy ...

Break out of the old and outdated business logic of "Build it and they will come"? The world has moved on and now there are new and previously unavailable ways to get to market faster using Buy Strategies. Whitelabeling to Win looks at three of the key decision points to consider when making the Build vs Buy judgment call. Are you going to make the smart Build vs Buy decision?



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Whitelabeling to Win Whitelabeling to Win Presentation Transcript

  • The world has changed?
  • www.flickr.com/photos/maestropastelero/258000448How are you going to developyour Cloud business?
  • “Should I Buy or Build?”www.flickr.com/photos/seatbelt67/502255276 View slide
  • Build vs Buy View slide
  • Build vs Buy
  • Build your own platformwww.flickr.com/photos/limjoeypics/5576384558
  • Whitelabel someone else’s platform
  • Cloud Strategy?www.flickr.com/photos/tpf/3760071072
  • Agility1Utility2A strategy that delivers…
  • The killer question?www.flickr.com/photos/coreytempleton/3935005227
  • What is the problemfor which you are thesolution?
  • Questions:The Customer:1.What do your customers value the most?2.Why?3.How will you deliver it to them?Your Business:1.Where is the business value for you?2.Where is the economic value?3.What will it take for you to achieve it?
  • No Killer answers
  • Door to the futurewww.flickr.com/photos/maurymccown/1614878016
  • Focus on the Business Opportunity
  • You feel like this?
  • 19A higher level perspective
  • Value Migration
  • Success: Accelerating Adoption of Lync services33 Myths of Scale2Time to Market1
  • Time to Marketwww.flickr.com/photos/georges/390274922
  • Time to Marketwww.flickr.com/photos/kevandotorg/5837174879
  • Time to Market
  • 1. Support2. Service3. Training4. GTM strategy5. Marketing6. Sales7. Customer satisfaction8. End 2 End Customer Experience9. Value proposition10. Demand generation11. Customer acquisition12. Customer take up13. Customer on-boarding14. Revenue planning15. Cost and complexityof platform upgradesWhat you didn’t think aboutBusinessissues
  • 1. Building a technical solution to the problemWhat you did think about
  • Changewww.flickr.com/photos/90585146@N08/8222922317
  • www.flickr.com/photos/daniele_sartori/2371157397Whitelabel Model
  • Whitelabel Model
  • Selected Lync Whitelabel Partners:
  • Time to Market ≠ Time to RevenueTime to Revenue = Time to AdoptionConclusion #1
  • Time to Market isNecessary butnot sufficientConclusion #2
  • CustomerAdoptionWhat is the critical factor?
  • 3 Myths of Scale2Time to Market13 Success: Accelerating Adoption of Lync services
  • #1. Learn the business firstwww.flickr.com/photos/dugspr/4546083147
  • Avoid linear thinkingwww.flickr.com/photos/alphageek/116975715
  • www.flickr.com/photos/atomicity/14570249Minimize complexity
  • Strategic directionMaximize agility
  • www.flickr.com/photos/29456235@N04/3665618772#2. Scale kills business agility
  • Business agility
  • Adapting to change
  • Responding to change
  • Reacting to change
  • “The rate of change inbusiness today really putsyou at a disadvantage ifyou make long-terminvestments in anything.”- a customerBusiness uncertainty
  • www.flickr.com/photos/tomwachtel/8483561666#3. Scale is a competitive advantage
  • Build a compelling valueproposition and they will comewww.flickr.com/photos/tomwachtel/8483607472
  • …your path to profitability?www.flickr.com/photos/ktb/103625316
  • Build: cost per seatThe Myth of ScaleTimeCostBuy: cost per seatBuildBuy
  • Build: cost per seatThe Myth of ScaleTimeCostBuy: cost per seatBuildBuildBuy BuyBuy
  • Conventional thinkingwww.flickr.com/photos/1suisse/3504595493
  • Get ahead of the herdwww.flickr.com/photos/pirateparrot/3176580968
  • Quality of ServiceCustomer SatisfactionCustomer Experience
  • www.flickr.com/photos/sundazed/2976653570Where is the value?
  • 3 Myths of Scale2Time to Market13 Success: Accelerating Adoption of Lync services
  • “If I had asked people whatthey wanted, they wouldhave said faster horses.”- Henry Ford- 1863 - 1947
  • Guide them to the right solutionwww.flickr.com/photos/pursuethepassion/3822008906
  • Show them the best way forward
  • Show them a better futurewww.flickr.com/photos/sziszo/2632802003
  • Be their CloudSolutions Architecthttp://ad009cdnb.archdaily.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/20120110_JG_2901dusk-1000x752.jpg
  • Misperception
  • Co-Create Brainstorm, learn, create, produceShare, contribute, improve, make decisionsTalk, chat, exchange information and ideas• Efficiency, productivity, creativity, innovation• Effectiveness, more desired outcomes• Motivated, Engaged and Energised• Sense of satisfaction, contribution, feel valued• Maximize discretionary effort• Sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilmentConnectCommunicateCollaboratePresence, click to connect, anytime/anywhere
  • 64“When the rate ofchange externally isgreater than the rateof change internally,you have a problem.”- Jack Welchwww.flickr.com/photos/nathaninsandiego/3466495191
  • www.flickr.com/photos/sergei24/306212854External speed of change
  • Internal speed of changewww.flickr.com/photos/14degrees/440515255
  • 67Eliminating barriers to success
  • Binary thinking
  • the Business firstBuildKey messageBuildthe Platform
  • 1stBuyBuild2ndTakeaway
  • 1. Agility and Utility3 benefits of whitelabeling2. Service as a Service3. Predictability & Certainty
  • One more thing
  • Milk
  • Cow
  • EnterpriseCOLLABORATIONEnablementWhat business are you in?
  • www.flickr.com/photos/horacio/3781750David R EdniePresident & CEOSalesChannel EuropePh: +33 676 60 09 25 (FRA)Email: david@saleschannel-europe.comWebsite: www.saleschannel-europe.comYour CloudServices