The Buyer's Journey


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The world has changed because the rules of the game have change. What made you
successful in the past will not make you successful in the future. Our world is being
transformed by 3 Mega Shifts:

Mega Shift #1. B2B shifts to B2C: We are witnessing the emergence of two new types of
customers: Corporate Consumers and Connected Customers.

Mega Shift #2. The Sales Cycle shifts to The Buyer’s Journey: The sales cycle has reach
its “use by date” Success in the adoption of Cloud Services means aligning all your Sales
and Marketing efforts with the buyer’s Journey.

Mega Shift #3. Quality of Service shifts to the End2End Customer Experience: Longterm
competitive advantage is now determined by your ability to differentiate the End2End
Customer Experience. What are you doing today to rethink your customer touchpoints and
the End2End Customer Experience?

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The Buyer's Journey

  1. 1. The world has changed?
  2. 2. TwoQuestions?
  3. 3. 1. Reality or illusion?
  4. 4. 2. Opportunity or threat?
  5. 5. Is thisgoing to be Easy?
  6. 6. Small hint!
  7. 7. Game-Changer
  8. 8. The Game
  9. 9. The Game
  10. 10. Game ChangerCustomers Economy YOU Cloud Services
  11. 11. A journey into the unknown
  12. 12. Get it
  13. 13. Get it wrong
  14. 14. You feel like this?
  15. 15. A fresh perspective 18
  16. 16. CLOUD Delivery SaaS Service
  17. 17. 1 B2B -> B2C2 The Sales Cycle -> The Buyer’s Journey3 Quality of Service -> E2E Customer Experience
  18. 18. Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2012 SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 22
  19. 19. What isDriving the
  20. 20. The Post-PC
  21. 21. Smartphone sales surpasses PC sales in 2011 SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 26
  22. 22. Welcome to the Digital World *Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 27
  23. 23. B2B Shifts to B2C B to B B to CCustomer volume Restricted clientele Large, diversified clientele B2B buyers buy for their company, are are therefore B2C consumers buy for themselves or their family, forReason for purchase accountable. pleasure. In B2C, consumers can yield to impulse buying, or buy B2B buyers make reasoned purchases, using something theyÕve fallen in love with. The emotional professional procedures. component is important.Buyer behaviour Product positioning must be very clear, with the sales You have to be able to get people to buy for fun, present arguments down pat and a focus on specific added value the product attractively, stage it appropriately and use for the company. sales arguments that appeal to emotions. The B2B buying process is complex: first, it has to comply with business management practices (payment timelines, order approval, logistics, support and For the mass market, the buying process is simple becauseBuying process reporting) and second, the buying decision involves the act of buying is often the decision of a single person. many players and requires internal decision-making processes that can be very long. B2B buyers do not spend their own, but their companys Price is one of the main criteria for end consumers, since itMeans money, so do not see the expense in the same light. is their own money they are spending. Since B2B customers are fewer in number, representatives forge closer and more personalized links Relationships are more limited, with representatives oftenRelationship with them. Relational aspects are more important than never seeing a particular customer again. emotional factors, and loyalty is crucial. B2B products are often complex, since they have to Products are sold at the retail level. They involve all types,Products meet many requirements and involve a large number of from very simple to very complex. people. It can also involve wholesaling. SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 28
  24. 24. CorporateConsumersConnectedCustomers
  25. 25. Bring Your Own Devices
  26. 26. 1 B2B -> B2C2 The Sales Cycle -> The Buyer’s Journey3 Quality of Service -> E2E Customer Experience
  27. 27. The Buying Process SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 32
  28. 28. Start with the Buyer’s Journey Multiplier Now or Never Search Moments Moments Refer Find B A Support Qualify Differentiate Base Up-sell Try Acquire Manage BuyKeep or Lose Make or Break Moments Activate Moments
  29. 29. Example
  30. 30. Constant Contact 35
  31. 31. Constant Contact 36
  32. 32. Eliminating barriers to sale 37
  33. 33. 1 B2B -> B2C2 The Sales Cycle -> The Buyer’s Journey3 Quality of Service -> E2E Customer Experience
  34. 34. End2EndCustomer ExperienceCustomer Satisfaction Quality of Service
  35. 35. Differentiation: 3 Levels of Perceived Value E2E Basic Product/Service: 3 Customer Experience • Technology • Price performance • Product quality 2 Support Services Basic Support Services: • Levels of support 1 Product/Service Basic • Quality of service • Systems YOU Product/Service • Processes E2E Customer Experience: • People • Perceived value • High touch • Exceed customer expectations • Delight and astound customers SalesChannel Europe ©2011 All rights reserved 40
  36. 36. Example
  37. 37. Rackspace
  38. 38. WHAT andHOW
  39. 39. thinkdif erent f
  40. 40. Child-like thinking
  41. 41. (r)Evolution Re-imagine Re-think Re-invent Re-design Re-align Re-engage
  42. 42. Re-peatRe-peatRe-peat
  43. 43. “When the rate ofchange externally isgreater than the rateof change internally,you have a problem.” - Jack Welch 48
  44. 44. External speed of change
  45. 45. Internal speed of change
  46. 46. Becoming …Trusted Advisor
  47. 47. Drivers of adoption
  48. 48. Get it
  49. 49. YOU
  50. 50. YOU David R Ednie President & CEO SalesChannel Europe Ph: +33 676 60 09 25 (FRA)Email: david@saleschannel-europe.comWebsite: