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Customer Adoption is the new ROI
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Customer Adoption is the new ROI


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Time to Market is a misguided measure of success. Time to Market is necessary, but not sufficient. Time to Revenue is what really counts. How do you accelerate Time to Revenue? By focusing everything …

Time to Market is a misguided measure of success. Time to Market is necessary, but not sufficient. Time to Revenue is what really counts. How do you accelerate Time to Revenue? By focusing everything you do on maximising Customer Adoption. Because Customer Adoption is the ultimate measure of ROI.

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  • 1.
  • 2. The future has changed
  • 3. Moving to the Cloud means change
  • 4. 4
  • 5. isCHANGING5
  • 6. Change is Changing source: SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 6
  • 7. Change is Changing source: SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 8
  • 8. We want morePredictability 9
  • 9. 10
  • 10. We want lessUncertainty 11
  • 11. The Cloud is the answer toBUSINESSUNCERTAINTY 12
  • 12. Business Uncertainty“The rate of change in business today really puts you at a disadvantage if you make long-term investments in anything.” - a customer SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 13
  • 13. Moving to the Cloud:opportunity or threat?
  • 14. Let’s take a closer look
  • 15. The Challenge is navigating the journey
  • 16. A journey into the unknown
  • 17. Get it
  • 18. Get it wrong
  • 19. Customer Adoptionis the new 20
  • 20. Customer Adoption is the new ROI Time to Market Time to Revenue Customer Adoption • Business/Offer strategy • Demand generation and incubation programs • Value proposition • Thought Leader/Influencer seeding programs • Marketing Plan • Getting talked about, creating a tipping point • Pricing and positioning • Sales channels trained, enabled and activated • Communications campaigns • Simple to purchase, easy to try before buy • Training sales channels • On-boarding innovators and early adopters • Sales incentives • Creating a remarkable customer experience • Customer promotions • Building buzz: recommendations & referrals • Ready for first customers • Maintaining buzz: staying connected to tribe SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved
  • 21. Customer Adoptionis the new 23
  • 22. You feel like this?
  • 23. A higher level perspective 26
  • 24. CLOUD Delivery SaaS Service
  • 25. 1 The Corporate Consumer2 The Psychology of Adoption3 Customer Adoption is the new ROI
  • 26. Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2012 SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 30
  • 27. What is drivingAdoption?
  • 28. The Post-PC era
  • 29. The Post-PC era No BYOD No cloud No cloud No clients No clients No company 33
  • 30. It’s all about empowering the individual
  • 31. Smartphone sales surpasses PC sales in 2011 SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 35
  • 32. Welcome to the Digital World *Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 36
  • 33. B2B Shifts to B2C B to B B to CCustomer volume Restricted clientele Large, diversified clientele B2B buyers buy for their company, are are therefore B2C consumers buy for themselves or their family, forReason for purchase accountable. pleasure. In B2C, consumers can yield to impulse buying, or buy B2B buyers make reasoned purchases, using something theyÕve fallen in love with. The emotional professional procedures. component is important.Buyer behaviour Product positioning must be very clear, with the sales You have to be able to get people to buy for fun, present arguments down pat and a focus on specific added value the product attractively, stage it appropriately and use for the company. sales arguments that appeal to emotions. The B2B buying process is complex: first, it has to comply with business management practices (payment timelines, order approval, logistics, support and For the mass market, the buying process is simple becauseBuying process reporting) and second, the buying decision involves the act of buying is often the decision of a single person. many players and requires internal decision-making processes that can be very long. B2B buyers do not spend their own, but their companys Price is one of the main criteria for end consumers, since itMeans money, so do not see the expense in the same light. is their own money they are spending. Since B2B customers are fewer in number, representatives forge closer and more personalized links Relationships are more limited, with representatives oftenRelationship with them. Relational aspects are more important than never seeing a particular customer again. emotional factors, and loyalty is crucial. B2B products are often complex, since they have to Products are sold at the retail level. They involve all types,Products meet many requirements and involve a large number of from very simple to very complex. people. It can also involve wholesaling. SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 37
  • 34. Birth of the…CorporateConsumer
  • 35. Bring Your Own Devices
  • 36. 1 The Corporate Consumer2 The Psychology of Adoption3 Customer Adoption is the new ROI
  • 37. behaviour
  • 38. Understand how they decide
  • 39. Buyer Personas
  • 40. Delight tomorrow’s customers
  • 41. Need to understand Barriers toADOPTION
  • 42. Barriers to adoption
  • 43. Barriers to
  • 44. Barriers to adoption
  • 45. No. #1 unasked question
  • 46. What is the “return path”?
  • 47. What are we searching for? Predictors ofADOPTION
  • 48. The Technology Adoption Life Cycle Main Street Base infrastructure deployed ”Tornado” Hypergrowth +1 marketing Mass market adoption Commoditization New Paradigm accepted by market Downward price pressure Just ship product / operational efficiency Get to new (lower) price points first Aim: establish ‘gorilla’ status Win customers for life Chasm End of Life Innovators Visionaries Pragmatists Conservatives Skeptics 2% 14% 34% 34% 16%Early Market Bowling AlleyVisionaries are influenced by techies Niche based adoption by verticalsProvide break-through competitive In advance of mass marketadvantage to pilot customers Keep providing whole product to new verticalsImmature product & custom solutions Customer-centric phase, until mass-market SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 52
  • 49. Implications for Marketing Traditional Marketing / Brands Marketing 2.0 / Smart Brands Strategy Beliefs Plan Actions Process Principles Annual/quarterly horizon Daily adaption ROI Meaning Control Permanent crisis Consistency Surprise Data Intuition Fast turn-around Real time Centralised knowledge Decentralised knowledge Command and coordination Empowerment and networks Go-To-Market Distributed presence Message Content 53
  • 50. Implications for Sales SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 54
  • 51. Customer adoption
  • 52. Starts with the Buyer’s Journey Multiplier Now or Never Search Moments Moments Refer Find B A Support Qualify Differentiate Base Up-sell Try Acquire Manage Buy Keep or Lose Make or Break Moments Activate Moments
  • 53. Example
  • 54. Constant Contact 58
  • 55. Constant Contact 59
  • 56. Re-think your assumptions 60
  • 57. Rethink your IT AssumptionsWhat are these assumptions? The current convention assumes the following: • Everyone works in an office. • The company owns the infrastructure, endpoints and applications. • Everything is eventually connected by a wire. • All applications are on-premise. • IT is a monolithic paradigm. • Applications come in suites.The new assumptions are actually today’s policy exceptions, meaning they addincremental costs to incorporate into the IT fabric: • Everything is mobile. • Endpoints and devices are more consumer-oriented and user-owned. • Everything is wireless. • Every device and user will consume cloud services. • The IT paradigm is “microcentric.” • Applications come from stores. SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 61
  • 58. 1 The Corporate Consumer2 The Psychology of Adoption3 Customer Adoption is the new ROI
  • 59. It’s not aboutSelling More Stuff
  • 60. It’s about something farmore important to us all
  • 61. Customer Satisfaction Customer Service
  • 62. Delivering a great E2E Customer Experience“The business is all about the customer. We need to be in as many channels as customers are in and align them as closely as we can, whether the customer is on smart phone, iPad or in a brick and mortar store. The goal is to have consistency and visibility across these channels and heighten our understanding of the customer.” - Gareth Beer, Ecommerce Manager Speedo International SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 66
  • 63. Differentiation: 3 Levels of Perceived Value E2E Basic Product/Service: 3 Customer Experience • Technology • Price performance • Product quality 2 Support Services Basic Support Services: • Levels of support 1 Product/Service • Quality of service • Systems Your Cloud • Processes Services E2E Customer Experience: • People • Perceived value • High touch • Exceed customer expectations • Delight and astound customers SalesChannel Europe ©2011 All rights reserved 68
  • 64. Example
  • 65. Rackspace
  • 66. WHAT andHOW
  • 67. thinkdif erent f
  • 68. Child-like thinking
  • 69. Favorite App? SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved
  • 70. (r)Evolution Re-imagine Re-think Re-invent Re-design Re-align Re-engage
  • 71. Re-peatRe-peatRe-peat
  • 72. Break through the glass ceiling
  • 73. “When the rate ofchange externally isgreater than the rateof change internally,you have a problem.” - Jack Welch 78
  • 74. External speed of change
  • 75. Internal speed of change
  • 76. By becoming a…Trusted Advisor
  • 77. …and drive Customer adoption
  • 78. Business Drivers of Cloud Adoption 1 3 4 2Source: Survey conducted by IDG Connect on behalf of CA Technologies, October 2012 SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved
  • 79. Drivers of adoption
  • 80. Get it
  • 81. Your Cloud Services
  • 82. Your Cloud Services David R Ednie President & CEO SalesChannel Europe Ph: +33 676 60 09 25 (FRA)Email: david@saleschannel-europe.comWebsite: