Accelerating Time To Adoption
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Accelerating Time To Adoption



The challenge is not technology. The challenge is accelerating adoption of your cloud services. Shift your thinking from "Time to Market" to "Time to Revenue." In the new connected world your cloud ...

The challenge is not technology. The challenge is accelerating adoption of your cloud services. Shift your thinking from "Time to Market" to "Time to Revenue." In the new connected world your cloud services are being adopted by "Corporate Consumers." In the new world Marketing shifts to Demand Generation and Sales shifts to Customer Adoption.



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    Accelerating Time To Adoption Accelerating Time To Adoption Presentation Transcript

    • The world has changed?
    • “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one mostadaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin 1809 - 1882 3
    • “Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt.” - Brian Solis _ 4
    • The end of business as usual
    • or beDisrupted
    • Disruptive change
    • Experimental thinking
    • Anticipate change
    • #1. Opportunity or threat?
    • #2. How are you going to develop your business?
    • “If we are to achieveresults never before accomplished, we must employ methods never before attempted.” - Sir Francis Bacon - Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) 13
    • A journey into the unknown
    • Get it
    • Get it wrong
    • You feel like this?
    • A higher level perspective 19
    • Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2012 SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 20
    • CLOUD Delivery SaaS Service
    • 1 B2B -> B2C2 The Sales Cycle -> The Buyer’s Journey3 Product focus -> Marketing Engine focus
    • What isDriving the
    • The Post-PC Era
    • Smartphone sales surpasses PC sales in 2011 SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 30
    • Welcome to the Digital World *Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 31
    • B2B Shifts to B2C B to B B to CCustomer volume Restricted clientele Large, diversified clientele B2B buyers buy for their company, are are therefore B2C consumers buy for themselves or their family, forReason for purchase accountable. pleasure. In B2C, consumers can yield to impulse buying, or buy B2B buyers make reasoned purchases, using something theyÕve fallen in love with. The emotional professional procedures. component is important.Buyer behaviour Product positioning must be very clear, with the sales You have to be able to get people to buy for fun, present arguments down pat and a focus on specific added value the product attractively, stage it appropriately and use for the company. sales arguments that appeal to emotions. The B2B buying process is complex: first, it has to comply with business management practices (payment timelines, order approval, logistics, support and For the mass market, the buying process is simple becauseBuying process reporting) and second, the buying decision involves the act of buying is often the decision of a single person. many players and requires internal decision-making processes that can be very long. B2B buyers do not spend their own, but their companys Price is one of the main criteria for end consumers, since itMeans money, so do not see the expense in the same light. is their own money they are spending. Since B2B customers are fewer in number, representatives forge closer and more personalized links Relationships are more limited, with representatives oftenRelationship with them. Relational aspects are more important than never seeing a particular customer again. emotional factors, and loyalty is crucial. B2B products are often complex, since they have to Products are sold at the retail level. They involve all types,Products meet many requirements and involve a large number of from very simple to very complex. people. It can also involve wholesaling. SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 32
    • 1 Corporate Consumers2 Connected Customers
    • Connected customers
    • The post-PC Era
    • The post-PC
    • 1 B2B -> B2C2 The Sales Cycle -> The Buyer’s Journey3 Product focus -> Marketing Engine focus
    • Commoditisation
    • Commoditisation
    • Race to the bottom
    • The Buyer’s Journey
    • The Buying Process SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 42
    • Start with the Buyer’s Journey Multiplier Now or Never Search Moments Moments Refer Find B A Support Qualify Differentiate Base Up-sell Try Acquire Manage BuyKeep or Lose Make or Break Moments Activate Moments
    • The Buyer’s JourneyExample
    • Constant Contact 45
    • Constant Contact 46
    • Eliminating barriers to sale 47
    • 1 B2B -> B2C2 The Sales Cycle -> The Buyer’s Journey3 Product focus -> Marketing Engine focus
    • Standing out from the crowd
    • Differentiation
    • Opportunity platform
    • Differentiation = different thinking
    • “Every battle is won_ before it is fought.” Sun Tzu 544 - 496 BC
    • Differentiation: 3 Levels of Perceived Value E2E Basic Product/Service: 3 Customer Experience • Technology • Price performance • Product quality 2 Support Services Basic Support Services: • Levels of support 1 Product/Service • Quality of service • Systems Your Cloud • Processes Services E2E Customer Experience: • People • Perceived value • High touch • Exceed customer expectations • Delight and astound customers SalesChannel Europe ©2012 All rights reserved 55
    • areThe DIFFERENCE
    • DifferentiationExample
    • Rackspace
    • Building aMarketingMachine
    • Tipping the
    • “Victory in marketing doesn’t happenwhen you sell something, but when youcultivate advocates for yourbrand.” - Steve Knox, CEO of Tremors, P&G’s Word of Mouth Business Unit
    • Advocates are your best influencers
    • Typical Conversion Rates 1. Cold calling: Between 1-5% 4% 2. External Recommendation: 44% 10 X Cold calling 3. Internal Recommendation: 88% 20 X Cold calling
    • Applying theSales Formula
    • Basically, it works like this
    • P = Number of prospectsP x CR = SALES CR = Conversion Ratio 66
    • 10 33% (Typically 25%-50%)P x CR = SALES S=3 Example 1 67
    • 10 40% * P x CR = SALES S=4*Requires considerable effort. Not easily sustainable Example 2 68
    • 20 * 33% P x CR = SALES S=6*Requires less effort. Is sustainable Example 3 69
    • Becoming a…Trusted Advisor
    • “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford - 1854 - 2014
    • Guide them to the right solutionSalesChannel Europe ©2011 All rights reserved
    • Show them the best way forward SalesChannel Europe ©2011 All rights reserved
    • Show them a better futureSalesChannel Europe ©2011 All rights reserved
    • Be their cloud architect SalesChannel Europe ©2011 All rights reserved
    • Help them achieve Value Migration
    • Drivers of adoption
    • Social media
    • “When the rate ofchange externally isgreater than the rateof change internally,you have a problem.” - Jack Welch 79
    • External speed of change
    • Internal speed of change
    • “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety- nine percent perspiration.” - Thomas A. Edison
    • 1 Innovate or Die2 Focus on the Challenges facing Customers3 Create Compelling Value Propositions4 Differentiate at Level 2 and Level 35 Aligning with The Buyer’s Journey6 Design the End2End Customer Experience7 Tipping the Funnel8 Help customers achieve Value Migration9 Eco-system thinking10 Become a Cloud Trusted Advisor
    • Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Quality of Service
    • One more thing
    • Milk
    • Cow
    • Get it
    • YOU
    • Your Cloud Services David R Ednie President & CEO SalesChannel Europe Ph: +33 676 60 09 25 (FRA)Email: david@saleschannel-europe.comWebsite: