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Space Management Limited is a leading real estate consultancy firm since 1984, in the state of Gujarat, India.

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Space Management Brochure

  2. 2. Q U A L I T Y P O L I C Y Space Management is a professionally managed Real Estate Agency, availing or providing space, to individuals and corporates, for residential or commercial use, on rent or for sale / purchase, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction, by optimizing the use of technology and trained human resource.
  3. 3. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT Space is one of those ‘rare commodities’ that needs conscious evaluation before taking any decision. One has to manage whatever he has, or get, optimally …and sensibly. And that is precisely what Space Management is here to help you do. Moving out of Ahmedabad temporarily / permanently, and want to lease / sell your property? Just been transferred to Ahmedabad, and need a place to put up in? Would like to provide staff quarters for your company’s executives? Need centrally-located office space? Dream of a peaceful holiday home to stay at, over week-ends? Whatever be your home or work-place needs, we’ll help you! Be it an apartment, bungalow, farmhouse, plot or land ; an office, shop, showroom, mall or multiplex. That’s right. Since 1984, Space Management has been tending to all your Real Estate needs – be it buying, selling or renting, commercial or residential property. All at prime locations in Western Ahmedabad, such as Ashram Road, C.G. Road, Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Sardar Patel Ring Road, Ambawadi, Navrangpura, Mithakhali, Ellisbridge, Satellite, Vastrapur, Drive-in, Bodakdev (Judges’ Bungalows Road)… We consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to serve over a thousand clients down the years. And that includes a wide cross-section of Individuals, Corporates, Government bodies, Banks, NGOs etc. And to ensure that they get proper service at reasonable rates, we stay updated of the latest trends in the Real Estate sector. To help us in this endeavour, is a sprawling 4,000 sq. ft. Office in Navrangpura – the corporate hub of Ahmedabad. It houses state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, and acts as the nodal communication point for all our operations.
  4. 4. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT Real Estate Consultancy & Services Residential Rental Keeping a property is not always an asset. For instance, if your constructed property is lying vacant, with no chances of appreciation, and its upkeep is proving to be bothersome (maintenance, repairs, taxes…), then why not rent it out? This way, it becomes an ‘earning’ asset. Residential Sale / Purchase If there’s no way you can rent out your property, you might as well sell it. And invest that amount elsewhere, where it’ll fetch you better returns. And if you’re going to be around for long, or need a place of your own, instead of spending money on rent, why not buy your own home, on Equal Monthly Instalments. Corporate Rental If you’re a corporate and need office space in the city, your best bet is to take one on rent, in a suitable location. Commercial Sale / Purchase If you’re a developer setting up a new commercial project, we can help you ‘market’ it. If you’re setting up a new business, or expanding, or opening up a branch in the City, and you need to purchase a place, we’ll help you find one. We can also assist you for investment in a commercial property that has potential for appreciation, and fetches high returns regularly, on a long-term basis.
  5. 5. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT Land, Plots & Projects Land : Different people have different needs …and motives. Some people may buy land because they need it, or sell land because that’s their business. Others may buy it merely as an investment, and sell it at a later date to get good returns on that investment. Such investors are visionaries who not only foresee the expansion of cities, but also the places and uses. And they have ample funds, to invest in that future …that vision. All that they need, are experts who know the city inside-out – its past, present and future …of every nook and corner! That is where we come in. Plots : If you wish, you can also go in for a well-defined Plot, with well-planned infrastructure. And this small piece of land, is yours to do whatever you wish : Build a bungalow / farmhouse, set up a manufacturing plant / corporate office, design a shopping-mall / multiplex… Or simply buy it as an investment, and sell it when the prices go through the roof! Projects : A third alternative, would be to go in for a Project. Where three players are involved. The first, being the developer – who just wants to build and sell… He is not interested in long-term lease. Enters a smart investor, who takes the Project off his hands. And he, in turn, leases it out to a corporate / commercial establishment for a long duration (say, eight to ten years). So : whether you’re involved with raw Land, Plots or Projects, Space Management is the place for you. And similarly, whether you’re a Developer, Seller, Investor or Buyer, Space Management is still the place for you ! A common platform, where you all can come together and interact, to ensure that all your needs are met.
  6. 6. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT Documentation This is a significant and integral part of the legal and financial aspects of any deal. Hence, we keep ourselves updated on the latest laws, as well as rules and regulations. As we deal with documents day in and day out, we are not only familiar with all their complexities and finer details, but are also able to ‘read between the lines’. Premises Maintenance We can look after your premises and keep everything in order. Be it your electrical, carpentry and masonry-work, painting, plumbing, pest-control… Loan Assistance You need your own space, but don’t have sufficient funds to purchase it? Don’t worry – we’ll assist you in availing a tailor- made loan, that best fits your requirement. With all the aspects taken care of : terms and conditions, amount of EMI, duration of loan, hidden costs (if any), the best agency to borrow from… Customer Service To us, Customer Satisfaction is more important than any other aspect of our working. Which is why we have set up a specialized Cell, just to solve whatever few problems, grievances and complaints, our clients might have. And to see to it that they never repeat again. In order to ensure that there are no lapses or discrepancies, each issue is handled under direct supervision of the Managing Director.
  7. 7. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT Investments Do you have some money left over at the end of the month? Do you get monthly rent on your property? If so, then we can help you invest this amount regularly, in the best possible way. Come and tell us about yourself, your work, your family, your background…. And we’ll guide you on what investment options are best suited for you. Do you have huge surplus funds, which you would rather put into a viable and profitable venture? Have you just got a big chunk of money lately, that you would like to invest wisely? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll manage your portfolio for you. Just let us know whether you’re a ‘high risk – high return’ or a ‘low risk – low return’ sort of person. And in case you don’t know, just call us. We’ll assist you how much you should invest, in what, when and where. Insurance Whatever is dear to you, needs to be insured. Be it something valuable, like your property, vehicle, belongings… Or be it something invaluable – like your life. If you wish to know the why, when, what and how of Insurance, come to us. We’ll guide you. Corporate Social Responsibility Special discounts to select, deserving categories, such as personnel in armed forces, widows, senior citizens, physically handicapped etc.
  8. 8. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT Why Come To Space Management : The Top 10 Reasons 1 Always by your side – since 1984 Over two decades in the Real Estate industry (a long time, by any standards) has made us a household name today. And we intend to keep it that way. By improving the quality of our services still further, in the years to come. 2 Over a thousand – and still counting… That’s right – Space Management has over a 1,000 satisfied clients, who are responsible for our enviable market share. They comprise Individuals, Corporates, Government bodies, Banks, NGOs etc. These well-wishers not only keep coming back to us for all their Real Estate needs themselves, but also recommend us to their contacts. Which probably accounts for the fact, that we have the largest listing of properties in Ahmedabad. 3 A Sound Infrastructure Modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, play a major role in making us what we are today. Our 4,000 sq. ft. Office is linked by a network of computers that enables synergistic operations. We also have a significant presence on the Internet, with our user-friendly website carrying a huge online property listing. All of which is later transferred to our computerized database, that is always up-to-date. And a user-friendly retrieval system, makes it possible to have all the facts-and-figures at our fingertips, at all times. To add to this client-friendly atmosphere, is our impeccable documentation, accompanied by a host of informative, self-explanatory service brochures. 3 4 Magnificent Manpower If you like to have skilled, experienced, trained and courteous professionals always by your side, to help you with the nitty-gritty of filling forms, following procedures, fulfilling requirements, understanding financial, legal and marketing aspects… this is the place for you! Our executives have also earned a reputation for providing sound, practical advice. 3 5 Not just service, but Value-Added Service Which means we not only do your buying-selling-renting, but also provide pre- and post-deal support services : documentation, legal affairs, renewal reminders, property loans, insurance, property maintenance…
  9. 9. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT 6 Specialized Departments for Specialized Services To ensure that even the smallest detail is taken care of, we have set up specialized Departments, for every activity – major and minor. This way, we ensure that no aspect – however small – of any deal, is ever overlooked. 7 Yours professionally, Ethics. Honesty. Transparency. Disciplined working. …In short – Professionalism. These are the religions we follow : Being open and honest in all our dealings. Conducting all our business legally. Behaving impartially and professionally with one and all… Which is why, several players – even within the same industry – approach us for our services. We are grateful for the implicit faith they have in us. They may differ in their outlook, in their needs, in their ways of conducting business. And yet – if they have one thing in common, it is Space Management. Of course, when we set such exacting standards for ourselves, we expect the same of our clients. Which is why we are very choosy about whom we do business with. More so, considering the reputation …and perception of the industry we are in. Our Quality Assurance involves subjecting every prospect and every document, to the most rigorous checking. And making him a client, only when he …and his papers, have passed every ‘test’. 8 Creating Win-Win Situations When you come to us, we not only appreciate your wants, but also understand your needs. And hence, are in a position to offer you something that takes care of both. That’s one of the many advantages of having a rich, computerized database of Real Estate listings. You get to strike impartial, win- win deals that satisfy both parties : With the buyer getting a customized solution within his budget, and the seller getting the best possible deal. Needless to say, we always provide an honest, unbiased evaluation of every property we handle – both its positive and negative aspects. 9 …Because the Customer is King Ensuring utmost client satisfaction. Providing prompt, long-term and satisfactory pre- & post-deal services. Always pitching in that little extra, to serve you better. Keeping our word, once we have given it. Enjoying good rapport with one and all. Giving personalised attention to each customer – big or small… These are some of the old-time values we believe in. 10 Setting Standards …and Trends Most businesses try to keep up with the times. We always strive to keep ahead of them. That's the price you pay for being a pioneer ; people always expect you to be trend-setters. And we don't like to disappoint them. So we keep on introducing newer and better services, all the time.
  10. 10. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT What They've Said About Us “ Space ManagementofLtd. finest professionally managed & wedded to highofethics, Estate Consultancy Services insatisfaction tothe last about 20 years, but it is one the has not only been the only player in the business Real offering exemplary customer Gujarat for its large base of clients and has a very large team of highly qualified and motivated professionals. “ Anil R. Bakeri Chairman - Bakeri Engineers and Industries Limited “ Space Management is undoubtedly the best real estate agent in Ahmedabad. I have known them for the small beginnings they made many years ago. “ Ajit Mantagani President - Denim Arvind Mills Ltd. “I had the experience of dealing with Space Management, and I found them truly professional and client friendly. Right from the initial discussion stage to the final follow up. They know their job and saw that the things were straightened out without any hassle. I am totally satisfied with my deal, and wish them ‘a happy clientele’ in days to come! “ Chandrakant Bakshi Author “ I have always relied on Space Management for all my property requirements and they have always exceeded my expectations. The executives and the management are very helpful, resourceful and extremely competent. I have always been able to rest assured, since I know that my property is handled by Space. They have really defined professionalism, in the arena of global real estate. “ Chandrakant Jani Administrator - Global Country of World Peace “Since I live out of India, I was looking for a professional and personalized service for my property related matters. During my recent visit, I found a firm that exceeded my expectations through their excellent commitment, professional approach and promptness in services. I would entirely rely on Space for managing my current and future property related needs. “ Madhusudan Pandya Chief Technology Officer - Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd., Singapore
  11. 11. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT “ instrumental, thatrelationship with Spacescope of challenge... I like the way theirassigned to Space,ouram free of alland helps them in sourcingso It has been a great there has never been a Management... The moment a task is team deals with I managers worries... they have been a good house to live... Even post occupying the house, for any issue, the solution is just a phone call away... We expect the same services in coming years... “ Pallavi Bhatt Head Human Resource - Pepsico (I) Holdings Ltd. “ reliable, efficient and transparent. Today, they are1989prime realtyto estateinmatters and I am happy tobuiltthat I have found by sheer dint of I have been dealing with Space Management since the in relation people Ahmedabad. They have say their reputation the Group very hardwork, team spirit and honest dealings and forward looking vision. “ Rasik Somaiya. Chairman, Span capital “Speedy. Professional , Acme of Courtesy Estatebroker “ Ravi Kaul Head Human Resource - Divya Bhaskar “ Space Management is servicesmanaged organization, helping us to finduscompleteend customized solutions for our employeeshassle freewhen professional way. The a well rendered by them suits us as it provides end to housing solutions for our employees in a as and and required by us. They are pioneers in setting standards in their field of operations and professionalism is their hallmark... “ Subir Sinha Head Corporate Human Resources - The Arvind Mills Limited, Ahmedabad. “ accurately completing the documentation, following upprofessionalsandReal Estatemore than what isfromdesire of the Customer makes Space In true sense, Space Management is a team of thorough with office in delivering Industry. Right the understanding the requirements to the market leader in Real Estate Industry. “ Yograj Sinh Asst. Manager Human Resource - Ingersoll-Rand (I) Ltd.
  12. 12. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT Some of Our Esteemed Clients 1 A F Ferguson & Co. 51 Avinash Informatics Technology P. Ltd. 101 Cadila Laboratories Ltd. 151 CP Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd. 2 A T Kearney 52 Babtie Consultants (I) Pvt. Ltd. 102 Caditronics Ltd. 152 Creative Solutions Int. 3 Abacus 53 Babul Products Ltd. 103 Café Coffee Day 153 Cresent Shipping Agency Pvt. Ltd. 4 ABN Amro Bank 54 Bahuma Polytex Ltd. 104 Cakes & Bakes 154 Crest Composites & Plastics Ltd. 5 ACC - Associated Cement Companies Ltd. 55 Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 105 Calyon Bank 155 CRI (I) Ltd. 6 Adani Group 56 Bajaj Electricals Ltd. 106 Canara Bank 156 CRISIL Ltd. 7 Adorn Polymers Ltd. 57 Ballarpur Industries Ltd. 107 Canon (I) Pvt. Ltd. 157 Crompton Greaves Ltd. 8 Afro Asian Fusegear 58 Bank of India 108 Capital Images 158 CTM - Continental Textile Mills Ltd. 9 Agakhan Rural Support Programme 59 Banque National De Paris 109 Carborundum Universals Ltd. 159 CTNL - Consolidated Toll Networks (I) Ltd. 10 Ahmedabad Stock Exchange 60 Baron International Ltd. 110 CARE (I) 160 Cummingham Pvt. Ltd. 11 AIA Magotteux Ltd. 61 BASF (I) Ltd. 111 Cargo Motors Ltd. 161 Dabur (I) Ltd. 12 AIESEC 62 Bausch & Lomb (I) Ltd. 112 Carrier Aircon (I) Ltd. 162 Dairy Den (I) Pvt. Ltd. 13 Air India 63 Bell Ceramics Ltd. 113 Castrol (I) Ltd. 163 Dalal Consultants 14 Airtel (I) Ltd. 64 Bennett Coleman & Co.Ltd. 114 Catholic Relief Services 164 Data Line Research Techno. Ind. 15 Akai (I) 65 Berger Paints (I) Ltd. 115 Catlex Lubricants (I) Ltd. 165 Datamatics Consultant Ltd. 16 Akshaya Apollo Hospital 66 Bharat Overseas Bank 116 CCGL - Cement Corp. of Gujarat Ltd. 166 DB Healthcare Worldwide Ltd. 17 Alcon (I) 67 Bharat Shell Ltd. 117 Ceat Ltd. 167 DCL Polyesters Ltd. 18 Alfa Laval (I) Ltd. 68 Bharti Cellullar Ltd. 118 CEE - Centre For Environment Education 168 DCM Daewoo Motors Ltd. 19 Alidac Genetics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 69 BHEL - Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. 119 Central Bank of India 169 DCM Toyota Ltd. 20 Alliance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 70 Binani Industries Ltd. 120 Centre for Development Alternatives 170 Decision Craft Analytics Pvt. Ltd. 21 Allianz Bajaj Life Insurance 71 Bio Systems India 121 CEPT - Centre for Environmental Planning 171 Delphi Automotive System 22 Ambuja Cement 72 Birla AT&T Communications Ltd. 122 Chartered Carriers Ltd. 172 Dena Bank 23 American Power Conversions 73 Birla Capital 123 Chemet Agencies Gujarat 173 DGP Windsor (I) Ltd. 24 Amtrex Ambience Ltd. 74 Birla Global Finance Ltd. 124 Chinubhai Kalidas & Co. 174 DHL Worldwide Express Ltd. 25 Amul - Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. 75 Birla Sun Life Insurance 125 Choice Laboratories 175 Dialtone Hotline Services 26 Anagram Finance Ltd. 76 Birla Tyres Ltd. 126 Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. 176 Digital Equipment (I) Ltd. 27 Anil Allums Ltd. 77 Bisazza (I) Ltd. 127 CII - Confederation of Indian Industries 177 Digitech International Pvt. Ltd. 28 Anil Starch Products Ltd. 78 Blow Plast (I) Ltd. 128 Citi Financial Services 178 Digvijay Cement Co. Ltd. 29 Anup Engineering Ltd. 79 Blue Blends (I) Ltd. 129 Citibank 179 Dishman Pharma. 30 ANZ Grindlays Bank Ltd. 80 Blue Dart Express Ltd. 130 Citicorp Finance (I) Ltd. 180 Divine Ideas 31 APL (I) Pvt. Ltd. 81 BNP Paribas Bank 131 Citizen's Council 181 Divya Bhaskar 32 Apollo Tyres Ltd. 82 BOC (I) Ltd. 132 Claris Lifesciences Ltd. 182 Divya Tourism Pvt. Ltd. 33 Applitech Solutions Ltd. 83 Boots Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 133 CMC - Commercial Metals Co. 183 DLF Cement 34 Arcoy Industries Ltd. 84 BP - Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. 134 CMIE - Center For Monitoring Indian Economy 184 Dodsal Indmag Ltd. 35 Arvind Mills Ltd. 85 BPL Ltd. 135 Coca Cola (I) Pvt. Ltd. 185 Dolphin Laboratories Ltd. 36 Arvind Telecom Ltd. 85 Brandy & Morris Engg. Co. 136 Community Based Disaster Management 186 Donkey Sanctuary Ltd. 37 Ashima Dyecot Ltd. 85 British Gas 137 Compaq Computer (I) Pvt. Ltd. 187 Doshi Ion Exchange Ltd. 38 Ashima Group 85 British Steels (I) Ltd. 138 Concord Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 188 Dowell Schlumberger 39 Ashok Leyland Finance Ltd. 85 Brooke Bond (I) Ltd. 139 Container Marine Agency Pvt. Ltd. 189 Dr. Reddy's Lab 40 Asia Brown Boveri Ltd. 85 BSNL - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. 140 Contech 190 Dresser Rand (I) Ltd. 41 Asian Age 85 Bush Boake Allen (I) Ltd. 141 Continental Devices (I) Ltd. 191 DRH Logistics (I) Pvt. Ltd. 42 Asian Development Bank (I) Ltd. 85 Business Standard 142 Converge Labs Softwares Tech Pvt. Ltd. 192 DSP Merrilynch 43 Assam Tea Co. Ltd. 85 BVQI 143 Coopers & Lybrand 193 DSS Mobile Communications Ltd. 44 Associated Professional F&A Wipro Ltd. 94 Byte Interface Pvt. Ltd. 144 Core Healthcare Ltd. 194 Dun & Bradstreet Information Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. 45 Astra - Idl (I) Ltd. 95 Cactex Habrion 145 Core Laboratories Ltd. 195 Duncans Tea Ltd. 46 Astron Research Pvt. Ltd. 96 Cadbury (I) Ltd. 146 Core Parenterals Ltd. 196 Duratex Laboratories 47 Atrium Exports Pvt. Ltd. 97 Cadila Diagnostics Ltd. 147 Corporation Bank 197 Dynalog Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd. 48 Atul Ltd. 98 Cadila Exports Ltd. 148 Cosmo Plantagura Ltd. 198 Eastern Circuits Ltd. 49 Auto Tractors Ltd. 99 Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 149 Cotton Corp. of India Ltd. 199 E-Biz Concepts (I) Ltd. 50 Avery (I) Ltd. 100 Cadila Hospital Products Ltd. 150 Countrywide Consumer Financial Ser. Ltd. 200 ECIL - Electric Control Gear (I) Ltd.
  13. 13. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT 201 EDI - Entrepreneurship Development Institute 251 GE Nuovo Pignons 301 Helios Pharmaceuticals 351 Indian Telephone Ind. Ltd. 202 Eicher Tractors Ltd. 252 General Engineering 202 Help Age (I) 352 Indo German Tool Room Ltd. 203 E-Infochips 253 GHCL - Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. 303 Henley Industries (I) Ltd. 353 Indo Pharma. 204 Eklavya School 254 GIIC - Gujarat Industrial Investment Corp. 304 Herly Industries Ltd. 354 Indocem (I) Pvt. Ltd. 205 Elbee Services Ltd. 255 GMAC-TCFC Finance Ltd. 305 Hester Pharmaceuticals (I) Ltd. 355 Inductotherm (I) Pvt. Ltd. 206 Electrotherm (I) Pvt. Ltd. 256 GNFC - Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Co. 306 Hewlett Packard Ltd. 356 Industrial Jewels Pvt. Ltd. 207 Elegant Remedies ((I)) Pvt. Ltd. 257 Godfrey Philips (I) Ltd. 307 Hilton Rubbers Ltd. 357 Infocomm Network Ltd. 208 ELGI Equipments Ltd. 258 Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. 308 Himachal Futuristics Communicate Ltd. 358 Ingersoll Rand (I) Ltd. 209 Eli Lilly & Co. (I) Pvt. Ltd. 259 Godrej GE Appliances (I) Ltd. 309 Hinditron Informatics Ltd. 359 Intas Pharmaceuticals 210 Elitecore Technologies Ltd. 260 Golden Tobacco Co. Ltd. 310 Hindustan Cibagaiki. 360 Intercontinental (I) 211 Emerge Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd. 261 Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd. 311 Hindustan Lever Ltd. 361 International Development Enterprise 212 Enfield (I) Ltd. 262 Goodyear (I) Ltd. 312 Hindustan Motors Ltd. 362 International Standards Certi. South Asia P. Ltd. 213 Enrich Industries 263 Gopala Polyplast Ltd. 313 Hindustan Petroleum Ltd. 363 IOC - Indian Oil Corp. 214 Entertainment Network (I) Ltd. 264 GPEC - Gujarat Powergen Energy Corp. 314 Hindustan Reprographics Ltd. 364 IOM - International Org. for Migration 215 Era Constructions (I) Ltd. 265 Grasim (I) Ltd. 315 Hi-Rel Electronics Ltd. 365 Italia Glass Ltd. 216 Eril (Affilicte Inglcun Miel) 266 Greaves Cotton & Co. Ltd. 316 Hitachi 366 ITC Agrotech Ltd. 217 ERM (I) 267 Greenback Forest Ltd. 317 HMT Ltd. 367 ITC Classic Finance Ltd. 218 Escort Constructions Equipment Ltd. 268 Greencoays Shipping. 318 HMV - Gramophone Co. 368 ITC Ltd. 219 Essar Construction Ltd. 269 GreenPly Ind. Ltd. 319 Holiday Inn 369 ITW Signode (I) Ltd. 220 Essel Packaging Ltd. 270 Grevek Investment & Finance Ltd. 320 HP - Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. 370 J K Synthetics Ltd. 221 ETA General Pvt. Ltd. 271 Grind Well Norton (I) Ltd. 321 HSBC Bank 371 Jaihind Projects Ltd. 222 E-TV Gujarati 272 GROFED 322 Hutch 372 Jain Television Ltd. 223 Eveready 273 Gruh Finance Ltd. 323 Hyatt Regency 373 Jaipur Golden Transport Ltd. 224 Everest Plywood Industries 274 GSFC - Gujarat State Fertilizers Corp. 324 IBM (I) Ltd. 374 Jansatta Press 225 Excel (I) Ltd. 275 Guj Gas Co. Ltd. 325 IBP - Indo Burma Petroleum 375 JCT Web 226 Exide Industries Ltd. 276 Gujarat Agro Industries Ltd. 326 I-call (I) Ltd. 376 JDS Consultants (I) Ltd. 227 FASCEL (I) Ltd. 277 Gujarat Alcohol And Allieds Chem. 327 ICDS Ltd. 377 Jet Airways (I) Pvt. Ltd. 228 Fedders Lloyd Corp. Ltd. 278 Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd. 328 ICI (I) Ltd. 378 Jha Corp. 229 Festo Controls Ltd. 279 Gujarat Ambuja Export Ltd. 329 ICICI Banking Corp. Ltd. 379 Jhalani Tools (I) Ltd. 230 FICCI 280 Gujarat Bulk Packs Ltd. 330 ICICI Lombard 380 Jindal Process House 231 Fidelity Investments 281 Gujarat Education Institute 331 ICICI Prudential Life Insurance 381 JMC Projects (I) Ltd. 232 First Flight Couriers Ltd. 282 Gujarat Instruments Ltd. 332 ICIM 382 Jupiter Infosys Ltd. 233 Fisher Rosemount (I) Ltd. 283 Gujarat Law Society 333 ICRA 383 K P Commercial Pvt. Ltd. 234 Footprints 284 Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd. 334 IDBI Bank 384 Kalpatru Power Transmission 235 Forbes Campbell & Co. Ltd. 285 Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers 335 IDBI Prudential Assets Mgmt. Co. Ltd. 385 Karnavati Medical & Edu. Trust 236 Ford Credit Kotak Mahindra 286 Gujarat Paguthan 336 Idea Cellular Ltd. 386 Kelloggs (I) Ltd. 237 Fortune Cars 287 Gujarat Positra Port Infrastructure Ltd. 337 IDFC - Infra. Development & Finance Corp. 387 Kessar Pulp Canning Ltd. 238 Franklin Templeton 288 Gujarat Siddhi Cement Ltd. 338 IDM - International Data Management 388 Kinetic Engineering 239 Freight Link 289 Gujarat State Exports Ltd. 339 IFFCO - Indian Farmers Fertiliser Coop. Ltd. 389 Kiran Motors Ltd. 240 Freight Wings 290 Gujarat Steel Tubes Ltd. 340 IIM - Indian Institute of Management 390 Kirloskar Oil Engg. Ltd. 241 Frestex (I) Pvt. Ltd. 291 Gujarat Telephone Cables Ltd. 341 IIPM - Indian Institute of Planning and Mgmt. 391 Kirlosker Bros. 242 Frontline Corp. Ltd. 292 Gujarat Torrent Energy Corp. 342 Indchem Electronics Ltd. 392 Kissan Products Ltd. 243 GAIL - Gas Authority of India Ltd. 293 Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd. 343 Inder Residency 393 Klocknor Windsor Ltd. 244 Garware Plastics & Polyesters Ltd. 294 Gujchem Distillers (I) Ltd. 344 Indian Alluminium 394 Kodak (I) Ltd. 245 Gati Ltd. 295 H.K. Finchem Ltd. 345 Indian Express 395 Koerting Engineering Ltd. 246 GCl (I) Ltd. 296 Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. 346 Indian Hotels Co. Ltd. 396 Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. 247 GCL (I) Pvt. Ltd. 297 Handicap Internationals 347 Indian Potash Ltd. 397 Kotak Securities Ltd. 248 GE Apar Lighting Pvt. Ltd. 298 HCL Infosystem Ltd. 348 Indian Quotations 398 KTC Ltd. 249 GE Capital Services (I) Ltd. 299 HDFC Bank 349 Indian School of Micro Finance 399 Lakshmi Card Clothing Mfg. Co. 250 GE Countrywide Financial Serv. Ltd. 300 Heinz (I) Ltd. 350 Indian Shaving Products Ltd. 400 Lambda Therapeutic Research Pvt. Ltd.
  14. 14. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT 401 Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 456 Mudra Communications Ltd. 511 Perfect Business Center 566 Rmax (I) Ltd. 402 Laxmi Nivas Bank 457 N&L's Agency (I) Pvt. Ltd. 512 Petroleum Infrastructure Ltd. 567 RMC Readymix (I) Ltd. 403 Laxmi Vilas Bank 458 NABARD 513 Pfizer Ltd. 568 Rohit Group of Industries Ltd. 404 LEP International 459 Nachmo Textiles 514 Philips Medical Systems (I) Ltd. 569 Rollepaal 405 LG Electronics Ltd. 460 NAFED - National Agency For Export Development 515 Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. 570 Roofit Industries Ltd. 406 Lipton (I) Ltd. 461 Nagaland Plywood Ltd. 516 Pieces International 571 RPG Paging Services Pvt. Ltd. 407 Lloyd's Register (I) Pvt. Ltd. 462 Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. 517 Pioma Industries 572 RPG Ricoh Ltd. 408 Lohia Machinery Manufacturing Ltd. 463 National Council for Cement & Building Materials 518 Pioneer Services 573 RSA Polymers 409 Lohia Sterlinger Ltd. 464 National Engineering Industries Ltd. 519 Pizza Hut - Indmag Ltd. 574 Safmarine (I) Pvt. Ltd. 410 Lomaiz Air Express 465 National Panasonic (I) Pvt. Ltd. 520 Plasmatherm 575 Sahara India 411 Lotus Learning Pvt. Ltd. 466 National Productivity Council 521 Polad Traders 576 Sai Service Station Ltd. 412 LRT Ltd. 467 Navayuga Engineering. Co. Ltd. 522 Polylink Polymers (I) Ltd. 577 Saint - Gobain Glass 413 Lucent Technologies 468 NBCC - National Building Construction Corp. 523 Pooja Marketing 578 Samay Electronics 414 Lupin Labs Ltd. 469 Nedumgadi Bank Ltd. 524 Premier Tyres Ltd. 579 Samsung (I) Electronics 415 M&N Publication Ltd. 470 Nefron Ltd. 525 Prudential Capitals Markets Ltd. 580 Samved Hospitals 416 Ma Foi Consultants 471 NEPC Agrofoods Ltd. 526 Punjab State Co-Op. Milk Fed. Ltd. 581 Sandoz (I) Ltd. 417 Madhusudan Ind. Ltd. 472 NEPC Airlines Ltd. 527 Punjab Tractors Ltd. 582 Sandvik Steel Asia Ltd. 418 Maersk Sealand 473 New Bank of India 528 Punsumi (I) Ltd. 583 Sankel Shipping Ltd. 419 Mafatlal Industries Ltd. 474 NID- National Institute of Design 529 Punwire 584 Sanmac 420 Mafatlal Micron Ltd. 475 NIIT - National Institute of Information Technology 530 Pure Beverages Ltd. 585 Sanscale Shipping Ltd. 421 Mahalaxmi Rubtech Ltd. 476 Nippon Denro Ispat Ltd. 531 PWC - Price Waterhouse Coopers 586 Santrance Mariline Pvt. Ltd. 422 Maheshwari Mills Ltd. 477 Nirlons Ltd. 532 Qualitron Components Ltd. 587 Sapport sankes 423 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 478 Nirma Ltd. 533 Quality BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. 588 Saptak Sales Mkt. Pvt. Ltd. 424 Mahindra Holidays and Resorts (I) Ltd. 479 Nitex 534 Radio Mirchi - Entertainment Network (I) Ltd. 589 Sarda Plywood Inds. Ltd. 425 Mahindra Nissan Allwyn Ltd. 480 NLS Agency (I) Pvt. Ltd. 535 Raj Travels 590 Satyam Infoway 426 Mahindra Petrochemicals 481 Nokia Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. 536 Rajdoot Paints 591 Saumya Construction 427 Mahindra Suitings Ltd. 482 Northwest (I) Pvt. Ltd. 537 Rallis (I) Ltd. 592 Saurashtra Cement Ltd. 428 Malaysian Airlines 483 Nova Petrochemicals Ltd. 538 Rama Newsprints & Papers Ltd. 593 Saurashtra Fuels 429 Mannesmann Recroth (I) Ltd. 484 Novartis (I) Ltd. 539 Ramani Ice Cream 594 Saw Pipes Ltd. 430 Marico Industries Ltd. 485 NTPC - National Thermal Power Corp. 540 Ramky Infrastructure Ltd. 595 SBI - State Bank of India 431 Maruti Udyog Ltd. 486 Nuclear Securities Ltd. 541 Rampion Eyetech Ltd. 596 SBI Capital Markets Ltd. 432 Mathur Micro Motors Pvt Ltd. 487 Oberoi Hotels 542 Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. 597 SBI Cards & Payments 433 Max New York Life Insurance 488 Ochre Revival 543 Rasna Pvt. Ltd. 598 Schindler (I) Pvt Ltd. 434 MCB Techimount 489 Oil & Gas Exploration Co. 544 Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. 599 Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd. 435 McCain Foods 490 Omkar Textile Ltd. 545 Raviraj Foils Ltd. 600 Schoolnet 436 Medsave Insurance 491 Omni Care Specialties Ltd. 546 Real Value Appliances Ltd. 601 Scientific Diagnostic Centre 437 Meghmani Organics Ltd. 492 ONGC - Oil and Natural Gas Corp. 547 Reckitt & Colman of (I) Ltd. 602 Seabridge Maritime AGP Ltd. 438 Merge Systems Pvt. Ltd. 493 Onida 548 Red Eagle Shipping 603 Searle (I) Ltd. 439 Merino Ltd. 494 Orient Ship Agency Pvt. Ltd. 549 Redington 604 Seatrans Logistics 440 Metal Scrap Trade Corp. Ltd. 495 Oriental Insurance 550 REI International Finances 605 Selvel 441 Methodex Systems Ltd. 496 Orion Appliance Pvt. Ltd. 551 Reliance Engineering Associates Pvt. Ltd. 606 Sent Sans Meritime Pvt. Ltd. 442 Metric Marketing & Eco. Consultancy Services 497 Otech Engineers & Consultants 552 Reliance Industries Ltd. 607 SES Computers & Technologies Ltd. 443 Metrochem Industries Ltd. 498 Overnite Express Ltd. 553 Reliance Infocomm 608 Sesa Seat Info. Systems Ltd. 444 MICA - Mudra Institute of Comm., Ahmedabad 499 Oxfam India Trust Ltd. 554 Reliance Petrochemicals 609 SEWA - Self Employed Women's Association 445 Microland Ltd. 500 P&G - Procter & Gamble 555 Reliance Polymers Ltd. 610 SGS 446 Microwave Communications Ltd. 501 Panasonic (I) Ltd. 556 Reliance Telecom Ltd. 611 Shaifali Steels Ltd. 447 MMTC - Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center 502 Pantaloon Retail (I) Ltd. 557 Reliance Webworld 612 Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd. 448 Modern Denim Fabrics Ltd. 503 Parekh Platinum Ltd. 558 Relogistics 613 Shell Hazira Gas Pvt. Ltd. 449 Modern Terry Towels Ltd. 504 Parry Engg. & Export Ltd. 559 Rephnol Resins & Chemicals Ltd. 614 Shiv Energy 450 Modi GBC Ltd. 505 Patel Roadways Ltd. 560 Reserve Bank of India 615 Shonkh Technologies International Ltd. 451 Modi Xerox Ltd. 506 Patira Marketing 561 Rexroth (I) Ltd. 616 Shree Digvijay Cement Ltd. 452 Monsanto Industries Ltd. 507 Patriot Automation Projects Ltd. 562 Ricoh (I) Ltd. 617 Shree Industries Ltd. 453 Montgomery Western Consultant (I) Pvt. Ltd. 508 PCI Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 563 Rinku Commercial Carrier Ltd. 618 Shri International Finance Ltd. 454 Motorola 509 Penar Petersons Securities Ltd. 564 Rivera Hotels Pvt. Ltd. 619 Shri Ram Finance 455 Movimondo (I) Branch 510 Pepsico (I) Holdings Ltd. 565 Riya Travels & Tours Ltd. 620 Shriram Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
  15. 15. SM B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s i n R e a l i t y SPACE MANAGEMENT 621 Shrush Sales 676 Telco Construction Equip. Co. Ltd. 731 Wipro Information Technology Ltd. 622 SHV Energy North West (I) Ltd. 677 Texel 732 Writers & Publishers Ltd. BUILDERS 623 Siddhi Cement Ltd. 678 Texprint Eng. Pvt. Ltd. 733 Xerox Modicorp Ltd. 1 Abhinav Engineers 624 Siemens Information Systems Ltd. 679 The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd. 734 Yamaha Motors Escorts Ltd. 2 Abhishek Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 625 Siemens Ltd. 680 Thermax Ltd. 735 Zee Interactive Learning Systems Ltd. 3 Adicorp Deal Developers 626 Sinar Mas Pulp & Papers (I) Ltd. 681 Thomas Cook 736 Zee TV 4 Aditraj Enterprise 627 Singapore Airlines Ltd. 682 Titan Industries Ltd. 737 Zellweger Uster (I) Pvt. Ltd. 5 Agrawal Estate Organisers Ltd. 628 Sintex Ltd. 683 TNT Express Worldwide (I) Ltd. 738 Zen Solutions 6 Akshar Constructions 629 Sita World Travels 684 Torrent Exports Ltd. 739 Zion Industries Ltd. 7 Akshat Enterprise 630 Skypak Financial Security Pvt. Ltd. 685 Torrent Laboratories Ltd. 740 Zodiac Med equip Ltd. 8 Akshay Associates 631 Smithkline Beechem Consumer Healthcare Ltd. 686 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 741 Zoetic Ayurvedic Pvt. Ltd. 9 Anjalee Builders 632 Sodexho Pass 687 Torrent Power AEC Ltd. 742 Zurich Asset Mgmt. Co. (I) Pvt. Ltd. 10 Aradhaana Developers 633 Soma Textiles 688 Transworld Shipping Ltd. 743 Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd. 11 Archit Construction 634 Sony (I) Ltd. 689 Travel Pac (I) Pvt. Ltd. 744 Zydus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. 12 Arpan Realty 635 South India Viscose Ltd. 690 Trilogy Software Pvt. Ltd. 745 Zydus Research Center 13 B Nanji Enterprises Ltd. 636 SP Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd. 691 Triveni Freight Pvt. Ltd. 746 Zyfine 14 B.Jadav & Company Pvt. Ltd. 637 Specialty Gas Co. Ltd. 692 Triveni Pool Intairdrill Ltd. 15 Bakeri Engineers & Industries Ltd. 638 Spic Phi Seeds Ltd. 693 Trumac Industries (I) Ltd. 16 Deep Group of Companies 639 SPL Ltd. 694 TTK Pharma Ltd. 17 Desai Brothers Developers 640 SREI International Finance Ltd. 695 Tudor (I) Ltd. ADVOCATES & LAWYERS 18 G B Patel Construction Pvt. Ltd. 641 St. Kabir School 696 TVS Electronics Ltd. 1 A. C. Damani 19 Gala Builders 642 Standard Chartered Bank 697 TVS Motor Co. 2 Anand Bapat 20 Goyal & Co. 643 Steel Age Industries Ltd. 698 TVS Srichakra Tyres 3 D. C. Gandhi & Associates 21 Hasubhai Builders 644 Steel Authority of India Ltd. 699 TVS Suzuki Ltd. 4 D. V. Desai & Co. 22 J P Construction 645 Stencil Apparel Brands Ltd. 700 TVS Whirlpool Ltd. 5 H. Desai & Co. 23 Labh Costruction & Industries Ltd. 646 Sterling Computers Ltd. 701 U P Jal Nigam 6 Jani & Co. 24 Mihikita Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 647 Sterling Enterprises Ltd. 702 Unimark Remedies Ltd. 7 Nanavati Associates 25 N G Realtors Ltd. 648 Sterling Holidays Resorts (I) Ltd. 703 Union Bank of India 8 Rupesh A. Bhagat 26 N. G. Group of Companies 649 Sterling Hospital 704 United News of India 9 Singhi & Co. 27 Navkar Realty Pvt. Ltd. 650 Stovac Industries Ltd. 705 Unjha Pharmacy 10 Trivedi Gupta & Co. 28 Navratna Organisers & Developers Pvt. Ltd. 651 Strategic Capital Corp. Pvt Ltd. 706 Uptron (I) Ltd. 11 Vaikunth Trivedi & Ashwin Trivedi 29 Nikita Infrastructure 652 Subhiksha Trading Services 707 US Air 12 Vipin Shantilal Parikh 30 Nilkanth Enterprise 653 Sudarshana Chem Trade Co. 708 Usha Breco Ltd. 13 Wadia Gandhi & Co. 31 Nishant Construction Pvt. Ltd. 654 Sunanda Industries Ltd. 709 Usha International (I) Ltd. 32 Popular Construction Co. 655 Suraj Diamonds Ltd. 710 UTI Bank Ltd. 33 Radhe Organisers 656 Sure Cure Inter Pharma Pvt. Ltd. 711 UTI Mutual Fund 34 S. N. Developers 657 Svitzer Wijsmuller Hazira Pvt. Ltd. 712 Vacation Club International Ltd. ARCHITECTS 35 Safal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 648 Swaraj Mazda Ltd. 713 Value Max 36 Saumya Construction Pvt. Ltd. 659 Swing Steeler (I) Pvt. Ltd. 714 Vam Organic Chemicals Ltd. 1 Ajit Parekh & Associates 37 Savvy Infrastructures Limited 660 Symphony - Sanskrut Comfort Systems Ltd. 715 Vanguard Technologies 2 Amala Shah 38 Shaan Zaveri 661 Syndicate Bank 716 Vanotara High Power Ind. Pvt. Ltd. 3 Anand Arpita Associates 39 Shyam Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. 662 Tai Chon Bang Textile 717 Varuna Pumps 4 Ashok Purohit – Design Unit 40 Siddhi Developers 663 Taj Group of Hotels 718 Videocon International Ltd. 5 Avni Mehta – Manoramya 41 Sujan Developers 664 Tamilnadu Co-Op. Milk Fed. Ltd. 719 Vijaya Bank 6 Bankim Pandya – Pandya Associates 42 Sunderdeep Builders 665 Tata AIG General Insurance 720 Vikram Cement 7 Hemant Shah – Designers Combine 43 Surya Kalash Avenue Pvt. Ltd. 666 Tata Electric Co. Ltd. 721 Vikrant Tyres Ltd. 8 Milan Bhatt – Design Square 44 Vadilal Industries Ltd. 667 Tata Finance Ltd. 722 Vinayak Pharma 9 Mukesh Sheth 45 Vastu Nirman 668 Tata Iron and Steel Ltd. 723 Visual Doctor Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. 10 Narendra Modi – Design Work Shop 46 Vijay Shah & Co. 669 Tata Motors Ltd. 724 Voltas Food & Beverages Ltd. 11 Naresh Gandhi 47 Vishwanath Group 670 Tata Press Ltd. 725 Waters (I) Pvt. Ltd. 671 Tata Tele Services Ltd. 726 Welcome Group of Hotels 672 Tata Tinplate 727 Whirlpool (I) Ltd. 673 Taurus Contractors Pvt. Ltd. 278 Widia (I) Ltd. 674 TCI - Travel Corp. of India 729 Wipro BT Ltd. 675 TCS - Tata Consultancy Services 730 Wipro GE-Medical Systems Ltd.
  16. 16. SM Group Companies : Head Office : Branch Office : SPACE MANAGEMENT LIMITED SPACE HOUSE, 319, Platinum Plaza, Mobile: +91 99258 00000 THE PROFESSIONAL ESTATE AGENCY Opp. Crossword, Opp. IOC Petrol Pump, Tel: +91 79 26447788 Fax: +91 79 26420660 SPACE SPACE MANAGEMENT Near Mithakhali Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009. Judges Bungalows Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380054. E-mail: Visit us at MANAGEMENT Building Relations in Reality