Teaching reading by kwl method


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Teaching reading by kwl method

  1. 1. TEACHING READING BY KWL METHOD Presented by : Dede Supriyatna R 031108056
  2. 2. BACKGROUNDReading is one of receptive skills that people extract meaning from the discourse they readKWL method is intended to be an exercise for a study group or class that can guide you in reading and understanding a text. This method one popular techniques in teaching reading.
  3. 3. K KNOW W WANT / WILL L LEARNFounded by Ogle in 1986
  4. 4. WHY KWL METHOD IS IMPORTANT?KWL method helps the student become a good reader, make the students to be active thinkers when they read. In addition helps the teacher to be more creative in teaching.
  5. 5. The Application KWL Method in the Classroom1. Make a group of students (each group consist of 4-6 students)2. Begin by naming topic, asking student of they already know about the topic, share with their partner before answer3. Create a KWL chart on chart paper4. Ask the students what they know about the topic. Write their ideas in the column marked What do we Know?5. Ask the students to think of questions they have about the topic. Write their ideas in the column marked What do we want to Know6. The teacher records these on the chart in the column labeled What did we Learn?
  6. 6. SampleTopic : TurtlesK Animal Where do they live? They live in seaW Slow How do they survive? They usually live in groups and move from one place to another place and protect each other from enemy attackL Age How long do they live? They can live until 150 years old and it is long age from animal
  7. 7. ADVANTAGESCan make the students easier to understand the topic. Stimulate student’s knowledgeHelps students become better readers of expository text and helps teachers to be more interactive in their teaching
  8. 8. DISADVANTAGES KWL Method does not encourage asking questions while reading and the fact that some of background information may not be correct. It also does not help with growing vocabulary, because if a student does not know what a word is, they may just skip it and go on. There is also no encouragement for addressing emotional experience while they read.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION KWL method is one popular and famous techniques in teaching reading. It is a good technique for the students to give themresponsibility for understand the text reading
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