Battle of the bloggers 2010 at Online Educa Berlin


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  • Images of game ‘the graveyard’ by Tale of Tales (via Google images)
  • Podcasting Learning Content
    Analysis By: Marti Harris
    Definition: Podcasting learning content involves the prerecorded, radiolike format delivery of content via Really Simple Syndication across a varied set of content themes.
    Position and Adoption Speed Justification: Podcasts are quietly being incorporated in other technologies, including social software tools, learning management tools, and other broadcasting tools that also incorporate video and whiteboard technologies, such as iTunes and YouTube University.
    User Advice: While podcasting is a relatively easy way to deliver lectures for distance learning, as well as for follow-up study access, other tools that include video, audio and whiteboard technologies are quietly incorporating or replacing podcasts (audio only) on some campuses. Social networks are also being used for posting of audio and video and are a growing preference for students. Eventually, podcasting will be part of a larger learning ecosystem to bring digital content to the users. See also the "Lecture Capture and Retrieval Tools" Hype Cycle entry.
    Business Impact: Podcasting is an extremely efficient method for delivering audio and spoken-word content to students, and it can be an important institutional communications tool.
    Benefit Rating: Moderate
    Market Penetration: 20% to 50% of target audience
    Maturity: Early mainstream
    Sample Vendors: Apple; NotePage; Softease
  • Learning in every system, as a by product rather.
    Scope effect.
  • How many learning application in the app stores?
  • Learning in every system, as a by product rather
  • Learning in every system, as a by product rather
  • Instructional designers are… like TV show formats.
  • Learning in every system, as a by product rather
  • Comes out of application development. But application development moved on.
  • Battle of the bloggers 2010 at Online Educa Berlin

    1. 1. Battle of the Bloggers @ OEB10 proudly presents The Graveyard of Learning
    2. 2. What are the concepts, theories, best practices or trends in the land of the learning that we will declare dead and send to the heaven or hell they belong in?
    3. 3. Starring Hans “open source or die” de Zwart John “innovate or die” Traxler Tom “life long learning or die” Wambeke and also a little bit Bert “I do bite” De Coutere
    4. 4. A production by and for The “Just don’t get the microphone near my face” OEB audience
    5. 5. At this time Bert will explain the rules of the session. (the image is NOT Bert)
    6. 6. Placeholder slide for the voting system • Here we will explain the voting system and backchannel system
    7. 7. Trial Topic: Podcasting for learning
    8. 8. Hype cycle for education 2010 Gartner
    9. 9. Trial vote: Podcasting Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    10. 10. Results
    11. 11. 1- One LMS to rule them all
    12. 12. At the one hand… At the other hand…
    13. 13. Trial vote: Monolithic LMS Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    14. 14. Results
    15. 15. 2- Mobile learning content
    16. 16. Let us cram everything on a really tiny screen Mobile content will be the next big thing in 2000 No wait 2001 No wait 2002 No wait 2003 Probably 2004 For sure 2005 Absolutely 2006 Going to happen 2007 Next big thing 2008 Tipping point 2009 Still waiting 2010
    17. 17. Trial vote: Mobile learning content Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    18. 18. Results
    19. 19. 3- Kirkpatrick evaluations
    20. 20. Measuring learning satisfaction, throughput, impact…
    21. 21. Trial vote: Kirkpatrick evaluations Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    22. 22. Results
    23. 23. 4- Learning styles
    24. 24. On the one hand On the other hand It doesn’t matter. If it did, how do we teach Swimming To auditory learners?
    25. 25. Trial vote: learning styles Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    26. 26. Results
    27. 27. 5- Instructional Design
    28. 28. Don’t we have an SME?
    29. 29. Trial vote: instructional design Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    30. 30. Results
    31. 31. 6- Learning for all
    32. 32. The theme of this conference is such a noble thought…
    33. 33. Trial vote: learning for all Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    34. 34. Results
    35. 35. 7- Diplomas and certification
    36. 36. A diploma full of lies that states I know the truth.
    37. 37. Trial vote: diplomas Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    38. 38. Results
    39. 39. 8- The learning function
    40. 40. Learning is a specialisation. Or learning is everywhere?
    41. 41. Trial vote: learning function Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    42. 42. Results
    43. 43. 9- ADDIE
    44. 44. Let’s analyse till we are sure. Then let’s fail in an orderly way.
    45. 45. Trial vote: ADDIE Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    46. 46. Results
    47. 47. 10- Reusable content
    48. 48. Mine, all mine!
    49. 49. Trial vote: Reuse of content Answer options DEAD or ALIVE
    50. 50. Results