Battle of the bloggers 2009 - Online Educa Berlin


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Version as used at Online Educa Berlin on Dec 4 2009. The panel included Clive Shepherd, Donald Clark, Ellen Wagner and Jane Hart.

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  • It’s not really a battle. It’s not really just for bloggers either. The year is right: 2009.
  • The oldest profession in the world. The biggest in terms of %. But so scattered, spread, don’t agree on anything it seems.
  • A fool with a tool.
  • Learning as fundamental in the tool, special purpose. Or learning as a byproduct in a general tool?
  • Does this have implications for what and how we do what we do?
  • There are walls all around us.
  • For example; culture Not anyone can call himself a doctor, yet for teacher or trainer that is possible…
  • Battle of the bloggers 2009 - Online Educa Berlin

    1. 1. Battle of the Bloggers Talk of the Twitters War of the Wave 2009 Live from Berlin, it’s the second…
    2. 2. Introduction & Warm Up
    3. 3. <ul><li>Backchannel: - oebbattle </li></ul><ul><li>Microphone </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>The audience is talking…
    4. 4. The panel is also talking…
    5. 5. <ul><li><insert wordle image> </li></ul>Inspiration 1/3 : This is what the crowd says…
    6. 6. Inspiration 2/3 : This is what Herman says…
    7. 7. <ul><li>When the world ends on Dec 21 2012, learning will be… </li></ul>Inspiration 3/3 : This is what we are saying… Education will be … Tools will be … Innovation will be … Talent management will be… Technology will be … Online Educa will be …
    8. 8. About the brain
    9. 10. Can findings in brain science give us better learning in schools and workplace? At the other hand… At the one hand…
    10. 11. The urban legends of learning
    11. 13. Is there a common language in the learning field? What do we agree on? At the other hand… At the one hand…
    12. 14. It’s not about the tools but… it is.
    13. 16. What are the learning tools of the future? What tools do we need more of? At the other hand… At the one hand… We need dedicated tools for learning to support proper methodology, instruction, tracking and process.
    14. 17. Succeeding
    15. 19. What kind of learning has the most impact? At the other hand… At the one hand… Instructionally sound Contextually relevant
    16. 20. The wall
    17. 22. Which walls should we bring down? Which walls should remain? At the other hand… At the one hand… In an interconnected world, we need to bring down all walls. Walls protect what is inside them.
    18. 23. Can learning save the world?