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6 C Learning In 6 Questions
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6 C Learning In 6 Questions


Overview of the 6C learning framework via 6 questions. …

Overview of the 6C learning framework via 6 questions.

6C learning says you need to pay attention to 6 areas to make a succesful learning project.

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. 6C learning in 6 questions For succesful e-learning projects, you need to pay attention to 6 areas.
  • 2. 1C - Concept
    • The question on vision:
    • Why does learning matter?
    • It matters because you want to achieve something. In the concept you need to address the vision on learning for the project, the goals you set out.
    • Hint: business people might help.
  • 3. 2C - Computer Infrastructure
    • The question on the infrastructure:
    • What technological building blocks do I have/need for this?
    • You need to get the fundaments of the learning house right. That means a solid, reliable technological infrastructure. Address the technical aspects of your learning infrastructure.
    • Hint: IT people might help.
  • 4. 3C - Content
    • The question on what to learn:
    • What content will I need to find, make or buy?
    • You need to decide on the content, and how to present it to your learners. Some you buy, some you will make, some you will find for free.
    • Hint: pedagogical folks might help.
  • 5. 4C - Context
    • The question on culture, attitude, constraints and other circumstances:
    • How can I fit the learning in to give optimal result?
    • Nothing is done in splendid isolation. You need to take into account individual preferences and company culture.
    • Hint: change management experience might come in handy.
  • 6. 5C - Collaboration
    • The question on the social aspect of learning:
    • How do I organise and support people learning together?
    • Learning is a social activity because people learn from one another. Think about how people can learn from their peers as well as from experts, how they connect and have conversations.
    • Hint: everyone might help.
  • 7. 6C - Coordination
    • The question on managing your learning project:
    • How do I monitor and steer the project and its outcomes?
    • You need to monitor and steer the project so it is a sustainable one, that delivers on its goals within its constraints.
    • Hint: managers might help.
  • 8. The 6C learning framework is about...
    • 1C Concept
    • 2C Computer Infrastructure
    • 3C Content
    • 4C Context
    • 5C Collaboration
    • 6C Coordination
    • www.6Clearning.com
    Photographs taken from Flickr (alhowat, leo reynolds, bigbluemeanie)