Social Media Sites to Use in the Classroom


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Social Media Sites to Use in the Classroom

  1. 1. What Are Some Social Media Websites? Now that we have answered the question of what is social media, we can move on to social media websites. Because social media is such a broad term, it covers a large range of websites. But the one common link between these websites is that you are able to interact with the website and interact with other visitors. Here are some examples of social media websites: Category: 1. Social Bookmarking. (, Blinklist, Simpy) Interact by tagging websites and searching through websites bookmarked by other people. 2. Social News. (Digg, Propeller, Reddit) Interact by voting for articles and commenting on them. 3. Social Networking. ( Twitter) (LinkedIn) (Facebook, Hi5, Last.FM) Interact by adding friends, commenting on profiles, joining groups and having discussions. 4. Social Photo and Video Sharing. (YouTube, Flickr) Interact by sharing photos or videos and commenting on user submissions. 5. Social Collaborations - Wikis. (Wikipedia, Wikia) Interact by adding articles and editing existing articles. And these websites are not the only social media websites. Any website that invites you to interact with the site and with other visitors falls into the definition of social media. 1
  2. 2. What is Social Networking? Getting Started With Social Media • Getting Started With Web Trends • How To Get Started With Social Bookmarking • How to Get Started With Social Networking • The Top Social Networking Sites Related Articles • Social Media Should Rock Your World - Ten Reasons to Participate in Social ... • Top Ten Reasons Social Media Should Rock Your World - Networking on Social ... • Select cute icons for your profile that reflect your personality, interests, and background. Connect with other friends "whzzz keys" or bring your profile to the real world by ordering your personalized t-shirts and business cards! A listing of social networks used in educational environments or for educational purposes. Wiki Site Here: Elgg: • Schools in ME - Schools in Middle East social network and community.Schools in ME, is welling to be the biggest social network and community for education in Middle East, it’s a good place for schools, students, teachers and parents to meet all together using the power of community communications to set their goals. • The Schools United - The Schools United website is a networking site dedicated solely to the education community worldwide. It provides schools and staff with the no-cost facility to share educational resources, ideas and experiences. The site encourages schools from around the globe to 'link' with each other prior to sharing these resources. • LL4Schools - Learning Landscape for Schools - an e-safe Social Network (based on Elgg) for schools including blogs, wikis, social bookmarks, file storage, access controls, etc. • Primary School Teaching - Primary School Teaching is a site for teachers to share resources, lesson plans and other teaching materials. Contributors recieve a profit share from ads placed on the site. Primary School Teaching is mostly a UK focused site. 2
  3. 3. Facebook: • don Quijote Schoolon Facebook. Here you can find a network of Spanish students. • Schools on Facebook private, secure Facebook application. • Multilingualism Global group to discuss the learning and teaching of languages • e-Learning in developing and developed countries - The challenges facing e-learning in developing countries are ongoing and require everyone's attention. Global learning and cultural exchange via e-learning can unite and contribute to co-existence and world peace. The group was created on Facebook to collaborate and hopefully bridge the digital gap so that all learners can benefit from e-learning. Please join the group so we can collectively search for ways to promote, develop, and encourage others to see the value of connecting the world via e-learning. • Active Learning Group is a discussion group in Facebook for discussing methods of engaging students. • Teaching Critical Thinking is a discussion group in Facebook about teaching higher order thinking. • Teacher2Teacher Network Groupis a discussion group in Facebook concerning the private and exclusive social network for educators around the world. • Wikieducator - Turning the digital divide into digital dividends using free content and open networks. Vision: A free education curriculum for all sectors and levels by 2015. Register for free online courses on how to use Wikieducator for instruction and learning. • Atlantis - EU - US Exchange Scheme for Staff & Students at Universities in Sunderland, Algarve, Hagen, Little Rock Akansas, Troy Montgomery, San Diego • CMU Off-Campus Programs - Here any current, past or prospective students of Central Michigan University's Off-Campus Programs can join and receive updates on current news, events, and programs. • Class Connector by - Class Connector on Facebook allows you to find other Facebook and users that are taking the same classes you are from around the world. Linked In: • Great Books Group • Learning, Education and Training Professionals Group • Response To Intervention & Universal Design For Learning Central Group • Teacher2Teacher Network Group - This network is meant to be a meeting place for teachers (k- HED, SPED to Gifted), parents, Education Professionals, etc. to share resources for Response to Intervention and Universal Design for Learning. Ning: (Updated list will be posted to regularly.) • - Edward de Bono's New Thinking methods for schools. An international site. 3
  4. 4. • - Teaching resources to complement Edward de Bono's New Thinking in schools. • ArtEd2.0 - Using New Technology in Art Classrooms • Assessment FOR Learning - educators collaborating on how to included AFL ideas into the classroom • Business Social Network • Called to Teach - for teachers who want to live their faith in an appropriate manner in a classroom setting • Classroom 2.0 - the social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education. Classroom 2.0 is a free, community-supported network. • CMU Off-Campus Programs • The Educator's PLN - dedicated to the support of a personal learning network (PLN) for educators • Freshman Transition Network - dedicated to helping schools transition freshmen into successful high school students • - a social network for educators who are interested in teaching studetns explicitly about memory, the brain, emotions and learning, and how to be resiliant in the face of setbacks. • NCTE Ning- National Council of Teachers of English • NMSA Ning- National Middle School Association Ning • Response To Intervention & Universal Design For Learning Central • rainbow community school in Cornwall England has a growing educator network • TCEA - Texas Computer Education Association • a social Network for teachers to share and learn from each other. • The International School Teacher a social and professional network for teachers working in international schools. • Innovative Urban Learning Community Urban educators collaborate for success in the 21st century General: • - A new, exciting, and completely unique global social education network and academic platform. Web 2.0 tools bring education outside the walls of the classroom, revolutionizing and enhancing learning by truly Making Education Social ™. • Blended Learning and Instruction - where educators and students discuss online and face-to- face instruction and learning ideas. • Bloombla - Storytelling network that has an english structure way of presenting ones stories. • Classroomn - A network to be used as an online classroom. • Classroom 2.0 - Web 2.0 in the Classroom • ClassScene - Safe, secure media sharing site developed • Creating an Online Learning Community- this space is open for discussions about online learning and sharing. How can we optimize online learning spaces to share and learn from each other? How can online learning communities improve student learning and engagement? specifically for schools • - Online Classes Resource • College 2.0 - Higher Education, Online Education and Web 2.0 4
  5. 5. • Coming of Age - The Book on Web 2.0 in the Classroom • Content Literacy - Promoting a literate approach to teaching content. • Digital Arts Education - A place for Digital Arts Technology Academy students, staff, and alumni to converse and display. • EduBloggerWorld - International Edubloggers • Edusim Users - Social network for Edusim virtual worlds in the classroom • - Social Network for Studying spanish as a second language. • -Social Network dedicated to families of individuals with special needs and the profesionals that serve them. Deals with Autism, Aspergers, Down's Syndrome, Sensory Processing disorder, Visual impaired, Physical impaired, Neurological disorders. • Enrichment 2.0 -Social network of educators interested in collaborating on online enrichment clusters. • Fielfindr A portal to connect classrooms to the world: Global citizens can share talents and skills with students. • A site that provides resources on school leadership, democratic practice, and youth voice. FFP also has an online network ( that connects people who share a commitment to First Amendment freedoms, democratic schools, and the idea that all children deserve to be seen and heard. • Fireside Learning (ning) - "Conversations about learning. Sit by the fireside and share your thoughts." This is a network of educational leaders and do-ers, people from around the world who care about educational reform and want to share and think things through as "reflective practitioners." • Gifted Education Ning space for parents and teachers started by Ginger Lewman to discuss gifted issues • Global Classroom - A social network of students, teachers and adult learners who want access to education and top educators across the globe. Providing free online classrooms for Teachers in order to integrate the internet into today's classrooms. • The Global Education Collaborative - Promoting Global Awareness • HSC Ancient History NSW This Wiki aims to help Ancient History students studying for the HSC by forming a brains trust on the Ancient History topics. Both teachers and students are encouraged to contribute and join discussion groups. • Inquiryschools - freely sharing good primary educational practice • International Collaboration - High school and university students worldwide collaborate and learn about each others' cultures and life styles • International Classroom - Social network created for classes around the world. Space where pupils can share, talk about themselves ,show pictures and videos etc,and get to know each other's culture. • ISTE Member Ning - Community network for members of the International Society for Technology in Education. • ILTCE - Illinois Technology Conference for Educators - Learning Without Boundaries 2008 • ISEnet - Independent School Educators Network for k-12 educators & students • Laptop Learning Community - Preparing Students with 21st Century Skills • Learning 2.0 - Creating Collaborative Learning • Literacy in a Digital Classroom- A social network for educators to share ideas for using digital media in reading, writing, speaking or other areas of your curriculum. . 5
  6. 6. • Mr. Bruns 360 A social network for my 9-12 grade social studies students. • NewLearning - a community for teachers and educators interested in continuous new learning • New Teacher Resources (A Supportive Community for New Middle School Teachers) • Next Generation Teachers - Improving Teaching and Learning with New Technologies • PYP Exhibition Members - Inquiry Schools - A community of teachers involved in teaching the Exhibition year in the Primary Years Program of the IB • NYSCATE - Leading the Transformation of Teaching and Learning through Technology • Ohio Education Technology Network - A social network for Ohio educators to collaborate about education and technology • Voices Of The World - Teacher's community to learn about new technologies to connect children around the world together using their voice rather than the written or typed word. • Online Instruction - Teachers need ongoing support and information to facilitate online classes. Online Instruction caters to instructors' needs. • Online Projects 4 Teachers - Linking Teachers Together • PBS Teachers - Using a private Ning network to Connect with our Teacher Advisory Group • ProjectsByJen - PreK - 6th Grade Teacher Collaboration • Promethean Whiteboard Resources and Training Companion- A site created for teachers who recently received ACTIVboards in their secondary classroom. A compilation of sites for training and tips as well as content sites that work well on interactive whiteboards. (Just started- work in progress!) NOTE: This Ning is by "invitation only" -- no information is available about how to be invited. • Response To Intervention & Universal Design For Learning Central -This network is meant to be a meeting place for teachers (k-HED, SPED to Gifted), parents, Education Professionals, etc. to share resources for Response to Intervention and Universal Design for Learning. • School 2.0 - The Changing of Education • SchoolRack - Free service for K-12 teachers and faculty to establish a classroom website or blog for sharing information online with students and parents • Smallsteps - a class based network set up to support 14yr old design students with a design and make project centred around the topic of waste reduction. • Teacher2Teacher NetworkA private and exclusive online network of educators around the world. • - A network of teachers using technology • - A network for teachers to share ideas, discuss different issues, suggest tools for and learn more about the use of internet in teaching • - A network of educator message boards, divided by interest group, areas of specialization, grade level, and social interests. Monthy newsletters, Harry WOng exclusive articles, and live chats with fellow educators make this network a worthwhile bookmark to visit everyday. • Teacher Content - A network of teachers using technology to teach content • WEBTAS (Web Teaching and Academic Support Learning Community) • Web2learning (For Teachers interested in using Web 2.0 technology’ to enhance online teaching and learning activities) • Web 2.0 Applications and Tools (Web 2.0 online discussion site about applications and tools related to multiple topics in research and education. Mainly in Portuguese.) • -A free online self-education knowledge and social network on IT 6
  7. 7. Art: • ArtEd2.0 - Using New Technology in Art Classrooms • Asia Region Art Educators A personal learning network for art educators • Art Snacks- Teaching Art • Art Education in the Digital Age - lots of videos of Exhibits/Lectures/Artist from Boston and a Web 2.0 Hybrid Drawing class. • Comic Art School Open community with resources for drawing and making comics. • Drawing Faces - Course for drawing faces, portraits, cartoon heads and caricatures. • Museums and Students - A network for museums and students to interact and learnAg • National Art Education Association - Elementary Division - Interactive tool for Elementary Art Specialists Classroom Networks: • Across Generations Homework help, resources, projects from students, resources for students and parents. • Big Dog Science - eighth grade science class network for student collaboration on chemistry projects • CCM Music - a network to connect students and staff across music courses at City College Manchester, an FE and HE college in the UK. This is a closed network but a video tour is here.. • Creative Media Classroom - Private network for 11th-12th grade students taking Creative Media (an evolution from Creative Writing) as an elective at a college preparatory school. • Flat Classroom Project - Planning, communication and collaboration Ning for the Flat Classroom Project • FreshMontanaTheory - 1st year music theory at the University of Montana • Global Classroom - A social network of students, teachers and adult learners who want access to education and top educators across the globe. Providing free online classrooms for Teachers in order to integrate the internet into today's classrooms. • The Global Cooling Collective - Planning World Concerts, Creating World Change, Empowering Global Youths • Reading Revolution - This network is to promote student interest in reading books. The network is between a class in an inner city school in California and a class in rural Iowa. Students are encouraged to be social and talk about the books they are reading or want to read. Students make and post videos and podcast about their favorite books, authors and their communities. • Second Grade - Private network for a 2nd grade class students and parents to share multimedia, to communicate and practice writing in an informal environment.. English as a Foreign Language: • APAC A network of teachers of English in Catalonia • ePals Find native speakers of English in US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa to pair with your EFL students, using free SchoolMail, SchoolBlog, student forums, and protected chat. 7
  8. 8. • EFL Classroom 2.0 - an international community of thousands of teachers and resources. Always Free, Always New. > • EFL University. Teachers and Students have FUN = Frivolous. Unanticipated. Nonsense to learn together in English and Spanish • Mexico English Teachers' Alliance :: META Web 2.0 - META is a social and educational network for English teachers that promotes learner-centered teaching methods and Web technologies in and out of EFL classrooms. • Where pupils from all parts of the world can meet chat, share, work together. Created for younger teens 12 to 14, who would like to join us? • TOEFL Prep - stands for "Test of English as Foreign Language", used broadly as an entrance requirement for higher education studies in English. • IELTS Prep - "Internation English Language Testing System", similar to TOEFL. English as a Second Language: • CSWE 3 Werribee - An adult ESL network for my class of new refugees and immigrants to Melbourne, Australia (closed - may open up) • - An Adult ESL network for migrant students at Mt Gravatt, TAFE, Brisbane, Australia French as a foreign language: • Echanges FLE - Communication - Collaboration in FLE (FFL) • ePals- Teachers of French pair students as pen pals, for twin blogs, using free, safe and protected communication tools such as email, blogs, forums and more • - False friends alias words that look the same but have a different meaning in French and in an other language. • Foreigners in Lille - French as a foreign language in the french learning communauties of Lille - University of Lille 1 USTL. • FLE Education - FLE (français langue étrangère) and Web 2.0 • - French grammar. • - French vocabulary. Language Learning: • www.bilingual • Enfoidiomas: Nuestros Centros en Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca y Valencia imparten cursos de idiomas (inglés, francés, alemán, español, catalán y chino mandarín), así como cursos para la preparación de exámenes oficiales. • Talkabout Primary MFL- for those teaching (or considering teaching) foreign languages in Primary schools (ages 3-11) Leadership: • Education Leadership - A community for educators to discuss effective leadership, to share best practices, and work toward - lead - a culture of positive change in education. 8
  9. 9. • A site that provides resources on school leadership, democratic practice, and youth voice. FFP also has an online network ( that connects people who share a commitment to First Amendment freedoms, democratic schools, and the idea that all children deserve to be seen and heard. • Progressive Learning Community- A place to share strategies, exchange ideas, to lead, to teach and to learn • School Leadership Center Long Island - New York State Leadership in Education Community. • TICAL Community - Join other administrators and leaders to discuss and share effective decision making in our schools and districts today. This site was started by The Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL). • Innovative Urban Learning Community urban leaders collaborating for success in the 21st century Music: • General Music Co-op - A global networking space for general music teachers, pre-service music teachers, music teacher educators, and all those interested in general music education. • MusicTechieTeachers - A community for music educators that use technology in their classrooms. Libraries • Library 2.0 • TeacherLibrarianNing - A community for teacher-librarians and other educators Professional Development: • Cooperative Learning Community - Popular community with discussions and pedagogical resources. • Collaborating with Judy Campf - Professional network for educators using (or thinking of using) Web 2.0 technologies with K-12 students and staff. • Digital Citizenship resources for educators. • A site that provides resources on school leadership, democratic practice, and youth voice. FFP also has an online network ( that connects people who share a commitment to First Amendment freedoms, democratic schools, and the idea that all children deserve to be seen and heard. • Global Classroom - A social network of students, teachers and adult learners who want access to education and top educators across the globe. Providing free online classrooms for Teachers in order to integrate the internet into today's classrooms. • Instructional Designers is an open group for people who develop instructional materials. • iTeach is a site for teachers to share and learn about both technical and nontechnical resources. • Literacy Coach Network - best practices in literacy coaching • OnlineProjects4Teachers - Linking Teachers Together 9
  10. 10. • PassionateTeachers A group of those teachers/educators who are passionate about teaching- learning new strategies to make learning a joyful experience. • Pixels, Please collaborate and share resources, ideas, lesson plans, etc. amongst educators about how to use Digital Images in the classroom. • Professional Development 2.0 - Educators Learn the 2.0 Way • Tapped In is a professional educators' collaborative with over 600 professional development groups, university and K-12 classes. Members may create their own office and up to two group rooms (including secure K-12 classrooms for their own students). Tapped In uses a split interface (Java based chat on the bottom frame, Web based on the top) to facilitate real time meetings as well as asynchronous threaded discussion boards, file sharing, etc. Tours of the interface as well as real time meetings may be found by looking at the Tapped In Calendar. Real time help is often available. Membership is free and ad free. • Teachers 2.0 - Teaching in the digital age. • The Teacher Collaborative - A social network of teachers and educators attempting to integrate technology into current curriculum practices by developing global project ideas and classroom partnerships. • Teachers as Writers - This is a place where teachers who are writers or wannabe writers can share their enthusiasm for whatever it is they have put on paper or want to put on paper. It's about encouraging people to write and "carve their niches in the edifice of time." • Vidsnacks: Video training for teachers wishing to incorporate video into their lessons. Science: • Bergmann Science Awesome example of an organized online science classroom with resources and activities available! Also thousands of student discussion posts, pictures, videos and much more. • Science collaborative projects from ePals- Climate change, habitats, maps, water, natural disasters, weather are some of the free projects. Your classroom can collaborate with classes in another state or on another continent, using the Teacher and Student Project Forums or the global community.. • Middle School Science Teachers - The middle school science teacher has a unique set of challenges in order to connect with students. While 2.0 technologies are important, so are the tried and true hands-on activities. We know, in this day of high stakes testing, that helping students learn content takes time and foresight. So if you have a special lesson plan, demonstration, hands-on activity or other way of connecting with your students, share that knowledge here for others to use. • The Synapse A SYNAPSE is a minute gap between nerve cells which transmits crucial information through the nervous system. The goal of this network is to perform a similar "synaptic" function between biology instructors of all levels and locations. • Molecular Forces- A network for Physics and Chemistry educators to share ideas, ask questions and be nerdy. Social Studies: • The Way We Are Project- Students will engage in a collaborative learning experience. Through email exchanges, students learn about the daily lives, cultures, climates and geography of children who live in other regions of the world. 10
  11. 11. • Teaching Digital History - A community focused on ideas and resources for teaching using digital historical resources. • I Teach Social Studies - A community for social studies teachers to share their ideas, resources, etc. Spanish as a Foreign Language: • don Quijote Spanish School - Spanish courses in Spain and Latin America. • Intermediate Spanish in a rural place of the United States - Videos, música, noticias, fotos, podcasts, ejercicios, ideas... en español y para clases de español como idioma extranjero. • Profesores ELE en Holanda - for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language working in the Netherlands (in progress) | Profesores de Español como Lengua Extranjera (ELE) que trabajan en los Países Bajos • Profesores de español.- Una red para los profesores de español como segunda lengua para compartir materiales, aprender cosas nuevas, hacer contactos. Indicado también para estudiantes que quieran ser profesores en el futuro. Special Education and Web 2.0: • Special Ed in the 21st Century - No Child Left Behind? Special Needs and Self-Contained are often left behind, academically & socially. Our mission: Informing and educating parents, educators, decision makers in the use of Web 2.0 tools and 21 Century Skills for this unique class of learners. The rise of the read/write web provides a voice and creative outlet (and possibly a brighter future) for one of our most isolated and in-need populations. Technology: • ArtEd2.0 - Using New Technology in Art Classrooms • Blended Learning and Instruction - Engaging students and teachers in active learning by using technology and combining online with face-to-face instruction. Members will share various 2.0 tools and ways of integrating technology effectively. • Elementary Tech Teachers This is the place to share plans, ideas, tools, frustrations and any other ideas related to teaching and using technology in the computer lab setting or as an elementary tech facilitator. • ePals- Safe and protected Web 2.0 tools for collaboration and communication, including SchoolMail, SchoolBlog, and forums. Embedded language translation for nine years, now offering 35 languages. Social network of classrooms for project-based learning. • Online Instruction - Teachers need ongoing support and information to facilitate online classes. Online Instruction caters to instructors who wish to discuss ways of developing, implementing, and providing learners with the most effective means of online instruction. • SchoolRack - Free service for K-12 teachers and faculty to establish a classroom website or blog for sharing information online with students and parents • Teachers Collaborating via Technology- a network for teachers that want to share what they are doing via technology. • Teaching 'N Technology - A brand new network designed for teachers and technology specialists to share strategies, ideas, and tools regarding technology integration. 11
  12. 12. • Tech Integration - With the growth of web 2.0 applications the phenomenon rises many questions in education. Can any of this new applications be used effectively in the classroom? Should we just stick to the traditional technology integration activities? • Technology Integration - Gathering perspectives and best practices from teachers, administrators, students, parents, Board of Education members, support personnel, vendors and others regarding technology integration in education. Site also available by visiting • Video production and multimedia - Video is the language of the 21st century. Learn how to do it here. • WiZiQ is an online teaching platform, which provides a free virtual classroom environment for teachers to interact online and teach students in real time. Teachers can also build a profile, keep an availability schedule, and maintain a content library, which is associated with their profiles, by uploading PowerPoint presentations and PDF Files. • Project TREE - Technology Recycling for Excellence in Education. Partners hardware donors with schools to provide open-source computer technology for 1/10 the cost of traditional computer labs. Vocational: • Etools and Tips for Educators - Vocational e-learning and training • Mobile Communication - The social implications of mobile communication ( this site is focused on the academic analysis of mobile communication in society) • SkillsTech Australia - Stonemasonry students, employers and teachers • Vocational e-Learning Mentors - Vocational e-learning and training A customized Google search just of Ning networks (a good way to find conversations and networks by topic). Other: • Atlantis - • Crossroads of Learning- This website is geared to tutors, tutor training and includes a community Journal, a meeting space, and many free resources for professionals involved in one-to-one education. • ChitChat - An 'educational network' that allows educators to find/share course content, make class websites, author interactive study tools, and discuss education-related topics. • Curriki - This website is community of educators, learners and committed education experts who are working together to create quality materials that will benefit teachers and students around the world. • Delicious - Social bookmarking at its finest. Log in with your Yahoo! ID and create an aggregated list of resources/bookmarks that can be tagged, searched, and shared with others. • Edmodo - A private micro-blogging site for educators for use in the classroom with their students. Features include private classes, activities, & groups, posting of Notes, Links, Files, 12
  13. 13. Alerts, Assignments & events. Teachers also have the ability to send a private post to a public timeline to share with anybody with an RSS feed. • Elluminate - an online teaching and learning platform, providing advanced synchronous tools enabling K-20 teachers and students connect and collaborate in real-time. • Flashcard Friends - a social network for creating, sharing, learning and self-testing using online flashcards • Gifted Kids Network Network for gifted students to collaborate on advanced learning projects and enrichment clusters. (private; will accept new members) • Wiki: Contirbutor:Francisco Athens Description: HyperEd strives to facilitate exploration of Social Justice and Visual Culture issues through the medium of Free Open Source Software! This wiki allows registrants the ability to edit and create wiki pages, create blogs, post images and participate in the forums to create a supportive community among educators around computer technology. • iEARN - Global educational network with 20 years experience linking classes in online collaborative project-based learning, now among 125 countries • italki - A social network where you can find everything you need to learn a language online, for free. italki is home to a global community of language learners and educators representing over 100 languages worldwide. • LearnCentral - A free social network started by Elluminate currently in early public beta, specializing in educators connecting, sharing content, and being able to engage in live online meetings. • LearnHub - Test Prep, Study Abroad, Career Counseling - Social learning network with 130,000+ educator and student members. Includes the world's largest free question banks for GMAT and other subjects. • ManyOne - A revolutionary new, FREE platform for serious content management under Dublin Core 'light' (international standard), fully-hosted, integrated, directory-based, with white-label social networking and more. Launching December 15, 2008. "Something special is happening" • - A learning community where teachers and students share educational podcasts, videos, and discussion to improve learning in school subjects. • - A personal learning environment for academic writers who wish to interact with expert feedback in real-time. • Muse - a social utility that connects you with Internet2-enabled technologies and educators in your region and around the globe. Learn how next-generation Internet applications are being used everyday to inspire educational excellence. • Promethean Planet - Free 240,000+ user portal for educators using Interactive Whiteboards, Learner Response Devices and Software and developing best practices in connecting the key educational technologies of classrooms and virual learning together. Features blogs, forums, resource sharing and reviewing and even its own Private virtual island! Promethean Planet content can also be found on Itunes and TeacherTube channels. • Saywire Complete private network specifically for the education community. Includes blogs, wikis, profiles, multimedia, eNotes (like email but no mail address or mail server), and also allows members to build and manage their own pages for classrooms, clubs, sports, professional development, personal interests and more. • SchoolRack - Free service for K-12 teachers and faculty to establish a classroom website or blog for sharing information online with students and parents • Sharing Links - Free social bookmarking site for educators to save, discover and share links. "Delicious for teachers." 13
  14. 14. • Teacher Leaders Network Forum - Private professional network of U.S. teachers, with public aspects, based in customized Drupal environment. • TeacherRated - free online community where K-12 teachers find, share, rate and review the best online educational resources on the Internet • uSync - Social Networking and Project-Based Learning Software for Education I just saw a demo this week on a pre-released software that finally delivers on social networking for schools and as a teacher, I don't have to build it myself. It is stunning! It runs locally on school- based servers and I can best describe it as a combination Facebook and YouTube rolled into one. It blows away anything I have looked at. My kids said they liked it BETTER than Facebook. I am anxious to give it a try. Was told it is pilot phase now and they will launch the product last week of May. • WiZiQ is an online teaching platform, which provides a free virtual classroom environment for teachers to interact online and teach students in real time. • - Beta Site for creating your own teacher and learner knowledge marketplace. • wePapers - a free social knowledge sharing web application which allows college & university students and lecturers to share their papers, notes and other materials, ask each-other questions and more. • YouFig - Custom Collaboration Communities for Academia 14