J.J. Abrams admits lying about Star Trek 2's Khan was a mistake


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Seriously, they're a pair of distinct things. Had the actual character been announced as Khan, there...

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J.J. Abrams admits lying about Star Trek 2's Khan was a mistake

  1. 1. J.J. Abrams admits lying about Star Trek 2's Khan was a mistake Seriously, they're a pair of distinct things. Had the actual character been announced as Khan, there might be like a couple of crazy people inside the general audience involving America who'd possess said, "What? There's the character named Khan in this movie? Well, forget it!" However 99.99% just wouldn't provide a shit. If that they don't know who Khan is, they don't care. That's the complete point. The funny portion here, besides Abrams trying to indirectly blame the entire debacle on Paramount (much simpler now which he's jumped ship in order to Disney as well as Star Wars), is actually he thinks revealing Khan might have somehow twisted the marketing with the movie to be entirely for fans. That's nonsense. Sure, fans are your type who treatment in regards in order to the character, yet almost all Paramount could have to do to keep Khan through skewing the actual advertising could be not to use Khan inside the marketing. In the event that Abrams had confirmed whom the particular character was, nobody has been likely to put a new gun up to the marketing along with advertising department's collective heads and also force them to consist of Khan in the commercials. Oh, yet another thing: Hey, would you guys remember a show that will came out around 1982, I consider it absolutely was calledThe Wrath involving somebody as well as other, as well as the title character had been really at this point a new character that had just appeared in the single episode associated with a quantity of TV showfrom 15 years ago? Seems that way movie does okay pertaining to itself. The individuals who do value Khan, i.e. Star Trek fans, could be viewing the movie absolutely no matter what. Thus all involving the denial did was annoy fans who have got been pissed off with being so obviously lied to, and ruin the actual non-reveal of Khan's character towards the simply those who were built along with a potential for giving any shit in the 1st place. S J.J. Abrams admits lying regarding Star Trek 2's Khan was a mistake The truth is I believe it most likely would happen for you to be smarter simply to say upfront 'This is actually whom it is.' That was just wanting to preserve the entertaining associated with it, and it may have given much more time for an individual personally to acclimate and accept that's what the one
  2. 2. thing was. The facts is as it has been therefore crucial to the studio that individuals not angle this factor pertaining to current fans. If we stated it was Khan, it would really feel just like you've actually have got to understand what 'Star Trek' is all about to determine this movie," he said. "That would are already limiting. I could realize their particular argument to use to aid keep which quiet, nevertheless I do surprise if it might get seemed a little bit less like an work with regard to balance deception if we had just emerge together with it. [Via /Film] As Abrams informed MTV (the money quote is actually beneath the video, if you never wish to sit by means of the actual interview): http://io9.com/j-j-abrams-admits-lying-about-star-trek-2s-khan-was-a-1475078061 The the majority of irritating part of Star Trek In To Darkness was your reveal associated with Benedict Cumberbatch as Kirk's arch-nemesis Khan, because 1) J.J. Abrams swore with regard to months, multiple times, the character had certainly not been Khan, but 2) all involving us knew Cumberbatch had to be playing Khan simply because it ended up being not worth trying for you to keep some other character secret, so that 3) when the movie revealed it was indeed Khan, it has been not shocking in all, just obnoxious. and now J.J. Abrams type of agrees.