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Gaining Insight for Website Improvement
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Gaining Insight for Website Improvement



You built it; is any one coming to your website? Are people successfully completing the tasks/goals? Is the website successful in meeting/exceeding the businesses/organizations goals?...

You built it; is any one coming to your website? Are people successfully completing the tasks/goals? Is the website successful in meeting/exceeding the businesses/organizations goals?

Many times, once a website is launched, that's it. Many times, these websites fail at meeting their intended goals. Find out how to gain insight into what's happening with your website, through website analytics, A/B Split testing, memory/navigational tasks and usability tests. This session will include demonstrations of these methods, including an actual live usability test. You won't want to miss this session if your interested in learning how to continually improve your (or your client's) website.



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Gaining Insight for Website Improvement Gaining Insight for Website Improvement Presentation Transcript

  • Gaining Insight for Website Improvement
    Dennis Deacon
  • Dennis Deacon
    • 17+ yr Web Professional
    • Web Designer / Developer
    • Web Marketer / User Experience Specialist
    User Experience / Web Site Goals = My Passion
  • My goal …
    • Stop thinking of websites as destinations
    • Start thinking of them as solutions to solving problems
    • Make you think, laugh
    • Walk away with motivation, inspiration to take action.
  • STOP!
    Presentation & resources discussed available online at
  • 5 Dubya's
    • WHO
    • WHY
    • WHEN
    • WHAT
    • HOW
  • Questions…
    • How many own websites?
    • Happy with the results?
    • Meeting intended goals?
  • Questions…
    • How many design / develop websites for clients?
    • Know their website’s goals?
    • Are they successful?
    • Do you care?
  • Frankly my dear …
    I don’t give a damn!(about website visitors)
  • Build it, and…
  • …they MAY not come.
  • WHY?
  • Usability
    User Experience
  • Usability
    • Once key to creating successful websites
    • Many sites now “get” usability
    • Somewhat assumed, expected
  • User Experience
    • Spin-off from usability.
    • Focus not on can they …… focus now on will they
  • Usability
    • The ability to use something
    • Requires little mental effort
    • Few mistakes , easily recoverable
    • Can do more, faster
    • Learnable, intuitive
  • User Experience
    • The desire to use something
    • Create happiness, good feeling about using something
  • Jared Spool — User Interface Engineering
  • Jared Spool — User Interface Engineering
    • Customer visits a large electronic retailer’s website looking for a digital camera.
    • Quickly finds the desired camera, puts it in the cart, and pays for it using the same day option to pick it up at the store
    User Experience
    • Customer arrives at store and after being unable to locate where to pick up online purchases, goes to the customer service desk
    • After 10-minute wait, is told in the wrong place, needs to find another desk labeled “Online Receiving.”
    • Clerk who can’t wait for shift to end, sighs & says camera is out of stock.
    • Can buy a different camera, but needs to call 800 number to credit her original online purchase.
    • She ends up leaving the store without a camera and a charge on her credit card she needs to resolve.
  • Noodle Restaurant
    • Originally saw restaurant mentioned on WTTW’s Check Please!
    • Looked good … had to go.
    • Visited restaurant, looking for carry out.
    • Looked for a menu, was told no carry out menu, go online.
    • Looked up restaurant’s website to view menu.
    • Website in Flash, Blackberry phone (early 2010), cannot view menu.
    • Left, never to return.
  • User Experience
  • Do you really know your web site’s audience?
    • What they’re looking for?
    • What they’re trying to do?
    • Their wants, needs, desires?
  • Don’t Test …
    unless you
    plan to act
  • WHEN
    • Now
    • Tomorrow
    • Continually (forever)
  • WHAT
    Landing Pages“…a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement.”
    — Wikipedia
  • WHAT
    Landing Pages“Any page that acts as an entrance / first impression to your content / web site / product.”
    — Dennis Deacon
  • HOW
    • Web Site Analytics
    • Heatmaps
    • Scrollmaps
    • A/B Split Testing / Multi-Variant
    • Memory / Click Tests
    • Usability Testing
  • Differences
    • Web Analytics
    • Usability Testing
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Heatmaps
    • Scrollmaps
    • Memory Tests
    Personal – Details
    High Level – Big Picture
  • Web Site Analytics
    • Can highlight what & where
    • Cannot answer why
    • Cannot provide solutions
  • General Metrics
    • Can highlight what & where
    • Cannot answer why
    • Cannot provide solutions
  • General Metrics
    “Houston, we may have a problem…”
    • Can highlight what & where
    • Cannot answer why
    • Cannot provide solutions
  • Meeting Expectations?
  • Content/Feature Usage
  • Goal Funnel Visualization
  • Heatmaps
    • Can show what elements on a page are clicked the most.
    • Might show elements that get the most attention, most persuasive
  • Scrollmaps
    • Can show what portions of the page are viewed
    • Specifically, how far down the page before people stop scrolling
  • A/B Split Testing
    • Provides Quantitative Results (i.e. how much, how many, which one)
    • Tests two or more versions of pages with small/large differences
    • Does not address Why or How
    • Up-front preparation, then no maintenance
  • B
  • Google Website Optimizer makes A/B Split Testing Easy
    • What’s the original page
    • Variation page #1, #2, etc.
    • Goal page
    • Insert Javascript into pages, verify, then turn test on.
    • …wait…
  • Memory / Click Tests
    • Can test a landing page’s first impressions
    • Can test if priority / emphasis is placed on the right element
    • Can test intuitiveness of navigation, content panels, etc.
  • Memory / Click Tests
  • Memory / Click Tests
  • Memory / Click Tests
  • Memory / Click Tests
  • Memory / Click Tests
    Things to remember when creating
    memory / click tests…
    • Focus the initial instructions on the specific task
    • Limit the testing to something specific (easily accomplished within five seconds)
    • Post-test questions should be limited to the focused observation at hand.
    • Try to ask on observations, not quiz
  • Usability Testing
    • Obtains users thought process; answers Why and How
    • Immediate results
    • Time consuming
    • Resources intensive (manual)
    • Can be costly
  • Usability Testing
    • When?
    • What?
    • Who?
    • How?
  • Usability Testing
    • When?
    • Now
    • The earlier the better
    • Don’t wait for final designs, or build phase.Test earlier, sketches on napkins is ok.
    • Test often, frequently, continually
  • Usability Testing
    • What?
    • Your site…
    • Tasks that lead to existing goals
    • Other people’s sites
    • Sketches
    • Wireframes
    • High-fidelity Designs (Photoshop)
    • Working prototypes
  • Usability Testing
    • How?
    • First, make sure the tester understands that they are not being tested, the website is.
    • The tester needs to think out loud as they use the website / perform tasks
    • If possible, record the session, so that you can focus on the moment, not taking notes.
    • Do not lead the tester.
    Anyone can test. However, designers/developers who designed/developed the site / application are less effective due to subjective thinking, coercion
  • Usability Testing
    Usability test Demonstration
  • Case Study — The Button
    • Major eCommerce website
    • Web form
    • Encountered after clicking Check Out button ……before entering their payment info.
    Log In
    Forgot Password?
  • Case Study — The Button
    • Business owner thought form helpful
    • Repeat customers could purchase faster
    • First time customers wouldn’t mind, for the benefit of making future purchases easier
    • Right?
  • Case Study — The Button
    • Testing showed…
    • First time consumers…
    • Resented having to register “I'm not here to enter into a relationship. I just want to buy something.”
    • Couldn’t remember if they had shopped or registered before. Became very frustrated when each email and password combination failed.
    • Felt mistrust, thinking the requested information was only to market to them in the future. Some even felt an invasion of privacy.
  • Case Study — The Button
    • Testing showed…
    • Repeat consumers…
    • Couldn’t remember the email address or password they used. They’d try/guess several times. Some even requested a password reset/new password, but couldn’t remember the correct email address in the system.
  • Case Study — The Button
    • System analysis uncovered …
    • 45% of all customers had multiple registrations
    • 160,000 password reset requests per day
    • 75% of these people never tried to complete the purchase once requested
    The form, intended to make shopping easier, prevented sales - a lot of sales.
  • Case Study — The Button
    • The Fix…
    Log In
    Forgot Password?
    You do not need to create an account to make purchases on our site. Simply click Continue to proceed to checkout. To make your future purchases even faster, you can create an account during checkout.
  • Case Study — The Button
    • The Impact …
    • 45% increase in customer purchases
    • Increase in first month purchases: $15,000,000
    • Increase in first year purchases: $300,000,000
  • Resources
    Web Analytics
    • Google Analytics
    • Web Site Measurement Hacks (Book) — O’Reilly
    • Actionable Web Analytics (Book) — Sybex
    • Always Be Testing (Book) — Sybex
    Heatmaps / Scrollmaps
    • CrazyEgg.com
    A/B Split Testing
    • Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing — bit.ly/8X2fLk
    Memory / Click Tests
    • fivesecondtest.com
    • clueapp.com
    • theclicktest.com
  • Resources (cont.)
    Usability Testing
    • Don’t Make Me Think (Book) — Krug
    • Rocket Surgery Made Easy (Book) — Krug
    • Companion website — sensible.com/rsme.html
    User Experience
    • User Interface Engineering — uie.com
    • $300 Million Button — uie.com/articles/three_hund_million_button
    • 19 Lessons from United Airlines on How To Build A Crappy Survey — bit.ly/fwl99W
    • User Experience Remastered (Book) — Wilson
  • Thanks for
    putting up with me!