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Loving yourself is the best attraction
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Loving yourself is the best attraction



For FREE tips and advice on how to attract him, capture his heart and commit to you, visit http://decodinghim.com/subscribe. To know more about Sabrina, visit www.sabrinawalterscounseling.com.

For FREE tips and advice on how to attract him, capture his heart and commit to you, visit http://decodinghim.com/subscribe. To know more about Sabrina, visit www.sabrinawalterscounseling.com.



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    Loving yourself is the best attraction Loving yourself is the best attraction Document Transcript

    • Loving Yourself Is The Best Attraction”It is not any of your damn business what others think of you.”The first time my mother said that to me it literally stopped me in my tracks. It felt like animpossibility. How could I not care what others think of me? Especially when it comes tomen and seeking that special someone, isn’t that what the whole relationship buildingthing is all about?It turns out that women, to our detriment, are especially susceptible to over-analyzingwhat others think of us. When we spend so much time trying to fix or change ourselvesso that we will be pleasing and attractive to a man, we are taking away from the veryessence of who we are meant to be.Single women often blame themselves, even hate themselves, because they are alone.They think they aren’t attractive enough, smart enough, engaging enough or sexyenough. So they try harder. And the harder they try the more unattractive they become.I have many friends who are alone after many years of trying to engage with theopposite sex. Many have lost their beloved and are stuck, still looking for new love.They often find themselves in a deep depression because they feel they just don’tmeasure up.In the spirit of full disclosure, I admit that I have been happily married for many years.No doubt this admission prompts some of you to wonder, “What do you know about mypain?” While I don’t want to dismiss your fears, I would like to challenge you to keepreading. I hope to ease your pain by offering some of the observations I have madethrough countless hours of listening – professionally, as well as in my life as a mother,sister, daughter, friend and community member – to many women who have lost love,searched for love, and finally found their life partner.I don’t have all the answers but I do have some simple suggestions that I hope will helpyou to stop over-evaluating yourself and begin the process of living your best life.• Take risksWhen was the last time you felt your adrenaline pumping because you were doingsomething that scared you to death? When we step outside our comfort zone we findwww.sabrinawalterscounseling.com www.DecodingHim.com
    • new ways to enjoy life. We stop feeling sorry for ourselves. We appreciate strengthsand gifts we didn’t even know we possessed.• Love othersOften when we are so focused on finding that special someone, we forget to lookaround and see who needs a friend. We are most lovable when we get our eyes offourselves and what is lacking, and love others with ruthless abandon.• Dive into your spiritualityLeaning into the deeper mysteries and big questions often helps us understandourselves at a more profound level. When we practice meditation or worship somethingmuch bigger than ourselves, we find new freedom to be genuinely who we were createdto be. This involves letting go to the realization that there is a much broader plan for usthan we can see for ourselves. It is also wonderfully comforting to imagine the GreatOne holding us close and wanting the very best for us.• ServeWhen I was younger and single, I got very depressed when I received a dismaldiagnosis of a terminal illness and my boyfriend broke up with me. My father gave mesome of the best advice I ever received from him. He told me to go out and findsomeone to serve, to put my needs aside and to figure out how to make this world abetter place. At the time I was dumbfounded, but as I forced myself to get off my pity potand start serving others, I found the fog of depression lifting. I began to feel so muchbetter about myself that I eventually beat the terminal diagnosis. I simply chose to liveinstead of acting like I was dying.• PlayHave fun, even if you have to do it alone. Laugh with friends. Build deeper friendshipsso that you have a support network of people who love you and will buoy you up whenyou are feeling low. Staying low is not attractive. A good dose of genuine playfulnessand laughter not only enhances your life, it can go far in magnetizing the opposite sex.www.sabrinawalterscounseling.com www.DecodingHim.com
    • • Take an objective inventory of yourselfAsk close confidants for their opinions of you as well. Perhaps there are things thatneed to change about you. Perhaps you really would be happier if you fixed your hairdifferently, or lost a few pounds or joined a gym. But – and this is a big but – changeonly those things that make you feel better about yourself, for yourself. Ask yourself ifthis change is going to make you feel more confident and feel better in every area ofyour life, or whether you are doing it just to attract a man. Make the small changes thatmake you more in love with you.• Be positiveStart your day with an inspirational meditation or reading. Listen to uplifting music. Endyour day with something upbeat. It is so easy to fall into the trap of always living a “cupis half-full” kind of life when we’re not in the relationship we yearn for. But living innegativity acts as a repellant, while having a positive attitude is good for your soul.There is no easy answer to why you are single, but there is only one true solution toending your pain: Fall in love with yourself!That’s right. Fall in love with who you are. Hold your head high and live your best life toits fullest. Dive into your passions, the ones that make you shine. Whether it’s whalewatching or glass blowing, writing or making art, not only will you be spending your timedoing what you love, you will feel more alive and attractive. You will awaken theauthentic you, the you that doesn’t care what others think of her! You will like you, andit’s a sure bet that others will like you too.About the authorSabrina Walters is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Marriageand Family Therapist (LMFT) for the State of Oregon.She received her Bachelors of Science in Music from Linfield College as well as aMasters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from George Fox University.Since earning her Masters Degree in 2004, she has worked in the Hillsboro andBeaverton School Districts as a Prevention/Intervention Specialist, helping students andfamilies struggling with drug and alcohol problems, school success, anxiety, self harmand many other issues.www.sabrinawalterscounseling.com www.DecodingHim.com
    • To know more about Sabrina, visit her websites belowwww.sabrinawalterscounseling.comwww.corevaluescounseling.comwww.corevaluescouples.com For more free tips and insights on what really attracts a man, how tomake yourself irresistible to him and how to capture his heart, click the link below. www.decodinghim.comwww.sabrinawalterscounseling.com www.DecodingHim.com