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  1. 1. S
  2. 2. LocationS Garage – emphasis on empty, abandoned and had not be visited in a long time, i.e. Excessive amount of cobwebs to set the scene. The Car itself very representative of Britain/Essex.S Tunnel – The use of a tunnel following the initial opening scene, immediately reflects on the situation at hand by proposing the tunnel as a „gun barrel, in which the car is acting as the bullet and is being fired‟. This could also be seen as an indication that the driver is no longer in a position to turn back and is in fact trapped.S Fishmonger’s – A very realistic setting which depicts the working class of „95. This setting helps portray this and the balance of violence which commonly occurs in working class areas is an effective setting.S Coast – The typical British weather and the emptiness of the location represents there may be something about to come. E.g. cloudy and calm, before the rain and storm and the state of events that will follow.
  3. 3. LightingS Garage – Limited lighting used to create shadows and portray Sean Bean‟s character in an enigmatic way. When the garage door opens, the light filters through and provides us with the main focal point of the scene (the car).S Tunnel - Ceiling strip lights used to show bars across the driver‟s face. This infers that he is trapped to support the view that Sean Bean‟s character who has just come out of jail, will be soon entering back in there with him.S Fishmonger’s – Clinical lighting; lighting is brighter than the other scenes so we can see what is happen as Sean Bean‟s character (Jason Locke) attack
  4. 4. EditingS Intro – the title sequence of a key scratching sets the audience of edge before the film starts and links the film to vandalism. The mention of the the film being based on true events affecting 6 peoples lives.S *No excessive colour alteration across the opening sequence helps to fully depict the British, dull, down-on-your-luck setting.S Garage – Jason is introduced as Billy mentions the character. The camera cuts from Billy to Jason to give the impression it‟s his point of view.S Tunnel – Slow paced, cuts to show the characters actions. Jason relaxed in the back, clearly in charge and Billy trapped in the front.S Fishmonger’s – event-to-event editing on Jason and the victim link the character and build suspense.S Coast – Jump to location suggests they have been traveling for a long time, and they arrive back once they kick him out the van, this the addition of the comment from Jason further this suggestion that they have traveled far.
  5. 5. SoundS Narration – from Billy the driver, because of the limited dialogue and also gives us an interpretation of his character.S Introduction - key scratching/guillotine sounds, create an eerie setting.S Garage – quiet setting, suggests that something is going to happen/the journey of the story is about to begin.S Tunnel – Background music helps build atmosphere and emphasizes the journey to the next scene.S Fishmonger‟s – Diegetic sound used to create the busy atmosphere, however the use of non-diegetic sound emphasizes the beating on the victim.
  6. 6. CameraS During the opening scene a range of shots including an Establishing shot are used to familiarize the audience with the characters and immediate setting; particularly close-ups of Billy the driver to show his reaction to Jason‟s actions.S High Angles and Side Angle shots portray the beating in a way which fully reflects on the levels of power between both men. High Angles are used to show Jason‟s power and the victim‟s weakness. We know Jason is powerful and is a well-known figure in the area, so Low Angles are not used during the beating to overemphasize his power.
  7. 7. OUR INTERPRETATIONS What we particularly liked about the opening sequence was how Jason Locke‟s character is brought into the setting within the opening minute and manages to maintain his power without the manipulation of low angles during the fighting.S The film itself is enigmatic, leaving the audience asking a lot of questions. “Why has he been in prison?”, “Who is Billy?”, “What journey will they take?” and “What is the relationship between both characters?”S We particularly liked how the colour editing is, if any, very subtle. Taking into account that the film was shot in 2000 to represent the events of 1995, you would expect the film to be of a „higher quality‟. Having initially thought it was shot during the late 80‟s/early 90‟s. This adds to the „hard-British‟ feel to the film. Possibly the biggest theme throughout the film. It is important it is shot in this way, because of the stereotypical „Essex brute‟.S The opening sequence left us wanting to find out more about the film and therefore think that the opening 5 minutes of the film have been an effective introduction.