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Need a hand with a compelling and informative investor pitch?

We've created a pitch deck template to get you started and on your way to raising funds.

This startup pitch addresses the areas investors want to see and is adapted from Sequoia Capital’s advised structure:

Like it? You can download the editable Keynote/Powerpoint files for free with a tweet here:

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Investor Pitch Deck Template - Deck Works

  1. 1. Company Logo Deck Works Pitch Deck Template
  2. 2. What is (Company)? Define your company in a single declarative sentence which conveys your unique value proposition to your target market.
  3. 3. Team Founders, Management & Advisors (Photo, name, title, relevant experience/exits). Investors invest in great people so develop each team member’s track record/ credibility here.
  4. 4. Market size Identify/profile the customer you cater to. Calculate the total available market (top down), serviceable available market (bottoms up) and your share of market.
  5. 5. Problem Describe the pain of the customer (or the end user). Outline how the customer addresses the issue today.
  6. 6. Solution Demonstrate your company’s value proposition to make the customer’s life better. Show where your product physically sits and provide use cases.
  7. 7. Product Basic overview of how your product works. (Functionality, features, architecture, intellectual property). Screenshots/photos of your product.
  8. 8. Why now? Set-up the historical evolution of your category. Define recent trends that make your solution possible, viable and lucrative.
  9. 9. Competition List competitors. List competitive advantages. How does your company fit into the current market?
  10. 10. Business model Revenue model & pricing. Average account size and/or lifetime value. Sales & distribution model.
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy How will you reach your target market? Customer acquisition strategies.
  12. 12. Financials P&L Balance sheet Cash flow Cap table
  13. 13. Milestones Roadmap for significant achievements in the development and progression of the business.
  14. 14. Investing Funds required and what you will use it for.
  15. 15. Contact Email Address Phone Company Logo Your Name | Title
  16. 16. Need a hand with a compelling and informative investor pitch? Created by Mike Viney from Deck Works. Adapted from: Sequoia Capital then head over to