Spring singapore   service from the heart - back to basic (24 jun '10)
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Spring singapore service from the heart - back to basic (24 jun '10)






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Spring singapore   service from the heart - back to basic (24 jun '10) Spring singapore service from the heart - back to basic (24 jun '10) Presentation Transcript

  • Service From The Heart - Back to Basic 24 June 2010
  • Agenda
    • Introduction
    • Lessons on service and quality (70s - 90s)
    • In pursue of service excellence at Alexandra Hospital (2000 -2010)
    • Our dream for Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Yishun
    • Conclusion
  • Work Experience Chief Executive Officer Alexandra Hospital / Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (2000 till to-date) Pharmacist, SGH (1978 – 1984) Director of Pharmacy & Materials Management, NUH (1985 – 1989) Operations Manager, KKH (1989 – 1991) Chief Operating Officer, SGH (1991 – 1992) Chief Executive Officer, TPH/CGH (1992 - 1999) View slide
  • Other Appointment – Service & Quality Council Member, Institute of Service Excellence at SMU (ISES) Governing Council Singapore Management University Member, People Developer Council (2000 – 2002) Member, Standards Council, SPRING Singapore (2001 – 2007) Member, Lifelong Learning Endowment Fund Advisory Council, Ministry of Manpower (2006 – 2009) Member, Incentives & Grants Committee, Singapore Workforce Development Agency (2006 – 2009) Member, Singapore Tourism Board (2004-2007) View slide
    • Instruction manual
    • Courtesy campaign
    • Lessons from MUIII, SGH
    • Work Study
  • Singapore General Hospital National University Hospital
    • Quality Control Circle (QCC)
    • Total Quality Management (TQM)
    • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
    • On-The-Job Training (OJT)
    • Lessons from Dr Kwa Soon Bee
  • Kandang Kerbau Hospital Toa Payoh Hospital Changi General Hospital
    • Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
    • ISO Certification
    • SQ Centre
    • Lessons from CPF
    • Lessons from Shangri-La Hotel
  • In Pursue of Service Excellence Alexandra Hospital 2000 - 2010
    • British Military Hospital
    • Thriving hospital in 70s
    • Declining fortunes from 80s
    • One-star hospital, historical site in 90s
    A Brief History of AH
  • Before Restructuring (2000)
  • Before Restructuring : Our Reputation
    • One-star hospital
    • A historical site
    • Underground tunnel
    • Hospital for the old and poor
    • Cheap
    • 39% would not recommend hospital to others
  • AH Culture 2000
    • AH is a victim of ……
    • AH is a cheap, one-star hospital for the old and poor
    • Everything must be done through proper channel
    • Incremental, evolutionary change
  • First get the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then figure out where to go.
    • Diversity
    • Shared values, Trust
    • Deep understanding of business
    Leadership Team
    • Visualise
    • Simplify
    • Prioritise – operationalise
    Role of Leader Vision is nothing without execution
    • What will patients see, feel, smell … when they enter the hospital 5 years from now ?
    • What services, facilities will we offer?
    • Who are the 5 key leaders?
  • The Bureaucrat’s Approach Prove to me that you are dying then I will give you what you need to barely stay alive because we didn’t want you to develop a dependency mindset. We don’t really have to do this for you, you know? You would better appreciate it.
  • We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen
  • Setting The Tone From The Top Our Priority Our patients are the most important people in this hospital. We put the well-being, interests and convenience of our patients before our own in everything that we do. No reserve car parks for bosses
  • The Desired AH Culture Post 2000
    • We control our own destiny (Pro-active)
    • We put our patients’ interest before our own
    • We aim for excellence but we accept failures
    • We will out learn, out innovate, out run and out perform all comers
    • Every individual is expected to think and to add value
    • We care for our patients, our community, our environment and our people
    “ Culture eats strategy for lunch everyday”
  • Caring For Our Patients
    • Immaculate physical environment (Raffles Hotel)
      • Clean, well maintained
      • Tranquil, restful environment
    • WOW level of service (Ritz-Carlton)
      • Patient friendly process and system
      • Friendly helpful service
      • Well groomed, professional staff
    • Highly competent, professional care
      • Highly competent, caring staff
      • People & technical capability to provide quality care
  • Alexandra Hospital Post 2000
  • Patients’ Definition of A Good Hospital
    • Respect patient’s dignity
    • Provide Information
    • Facilitate access to integrated care and services
    • Deliver consistent, good quality care and services
    • Provide cost effective care
  • Bringing Services To Patients
  • Diabetes Centre Health for Life Centre Dental Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences ENT Cardiology Endoscopy Centre General Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Geriatric Medicine General Surgery Sports Medicine 1.5T MRI 64 Slice CT Scan Interventional Radiology Suite
    • To provide quality patient care and services at reasonable cost
    • To meet and exceed expectations of our patients
    • To be amongst the very best in whatever we do
    Organisational Philosophy
    • To provide a level of patient care and service good enough for our own mothers , without the need for special arrangements.
    • Match and exceed the best performers
    • Standards set by other industries
    • Lowest infection rate
    • Shortest length of stay
    • Lowest average bill size
    Benchmarking Kameda Medical Center, Japan Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA Aravind Eye Hospital, India
    • Botanic Gardens
    • Citibank
    • City Cab
    • CPF
    • General Electric
    • IKEA
    • McDonald
    • National Library Board
    • Raffles Hotel
    • Ritz-Carlton Millenia
    • SIA
    • Singapore Zoological Gardens
    • Toyota
  • “ Learning from the Best” Raffles Hotel National Library Board Singapore Telecoms General Electric Ritz Carlton Hotel Bernard Harrison & Friends Glaxo SmithKline Agilent Technologies Victoria Junior College Ikea Chris Lowney Singapore Prisons
  • People Participation Programmes -Quality Circles -Staff Suggestion Scheme -Support Group Organisational Management Systems (Tools & Initiatives) FOUNDATION INTERMEDIATE 6 Sigma Programme Balanced Scorecard Toyota Production System Management & Planning -Strategic Planning -Leadership Development Programme
    • Customer
    • Loyalty Programme
    • Process Management
    • Statistical Tool
    Innovation & Creativity Programmes -WOW @ AH -Fun @ AH -Kaizens/CPIP
    • Strategic HR Planning
    • -Talent Scouting/Growing/ Retaining
    Continuing Business Excellence Voice of Customer Process Mapping Customer Feedback System Process Measurement 5S House-keeping ISO 9001:2000 Integrated QEMS ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Singapore Quality Class People Developer Standards ISO 14001 JCI Singapore Quality Award ADVANCED
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
    • Individual’s initiative (I see, I do)
    • Group Initiative (We see, we do)
    • Staff Suggestion Scheme (I see, I recommend)
    • Quality Circles (Plan, do, check, act)
    • Six Sigma (Define, measure, analyse, improve, control)
    • Task Forces (Conceptualise new ways of adding values)
    • Wow Initiatives
    • Fun @ AH
    • Closing quality gaps:
      • What we are providing what is good enough for our families
    • Improvement through:
      • Elimination of redundancy
      • Simplification
      • Functional integration
      • Automation
    Quality Circle (QC)
  • Toyota Production System
    • Define value precisely
    • Remove muda (waste)
    • Continuous flow process
    • Kaizen (continuous incremental improvement) and Kaikaku (radical improvement)
    • Pull (rather than push) production
    • Aim for perfection
  • Better, Faster, Cheaper & Safer Diagnose, Treat, Advise Customer’s Needs :
  • 1. Define 2. Measure 3. Analyse 4. Improve 5. Control Six Sigma Process Design/Re-Design
  • Grab a bite! Paging Service Home Sweet Home Pre-Appointment Reminder via SMS/Letter Appointment Day Registration Blood Test Consultation Post Consult Services Appointment & Payment Pharmacy “ WOW @ Specialist Outpatient Clinic ” Preparing you for Hospital Admission Height & Weight Chaperon Your experience starts here Waiting for Consultation Meal Voucher
  • Simplicity
    • Good quality … affordable… to many
    • Find the simplest way to get work done
    • Achieve BIG results with small means
    • - IKEA
    • Performance Indicators
    • Clear performance targets
    • Graphic presentation for impact
    Measurement (What you cannot measure, you cannot manage)
    • Infection rates
    • Unplanned returns to A&E
    • Unplanned returns to operating theatres
    Service Indicators Clinical Indicators
    • Telephone service
    • Total turnaround time
    • Patient satisfaction
  • Balanced Scorecard Financial Internal Process Learning and Growth Customer MISSION AND STRATEGY OUTCOMES DRIVERS
  • Balanced Scorecard Charts
  • Paradox of Measurement It is important to measure. But the most important cannot be measured.
  • 会认人 会用人 会做人 Talent Building Recognise talent Deploy talent - - - - - -
    • Some people make the world go round;
    • Some watch the world go round;
    • Some are not aware that the world is going round;
    • Some are simply enjoying the opportunity to complain about the way the world is going round, too slow, too fast …..
    Making The World Go Round
  • Recruitment
    • Selecting the right staff for the right job
    • Matching “natural talent” to job
    • The “best” person may not be the “right” person
    Michael Schumacher
    • Hire for Attitude
    • Train for Skill
    Human Resource Management Wanted : Happy, positive people
  • Career Sweet Spot Talent Value to Others Passion Thinking style : Visual, auditory or kinesthetic
  • The High Performance Team
    • The ambitious General Manager
    • The spare-no-expense Designer
    • The perfectionist, take forever R&D Director
    • The efficiency-above-all else Production Manager
    • The stingy Finance Director
    • The obliging Marketing Manager
    • The give-away-for-nothing Salesman
  • Staff Training
    • Be Proactive
    • Begin with the end in mind
    • Put first thing first
    • Think win-win
    • Seek first to understand, then be understood
    • Synergize
    • Sharpen the saw
    7-Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Jesuits’ Leadership
    • Self awareness : strengths, weaknesses, values, worldview
    • Ingenuity : innovate, adapt to and embrace a changing world
    • Love : engage others with a positive, loving attitude
    • Heroism : energize themselves and others through heroic ambitions
    • Core values
    • Big hairy audacious goals
    • Just do it
    • Competition with self
    • Power of “And”
    Built To Last
    • Cheap and Good
    • Fast and Accurate
    • Competent and Caring
    • High Tech and High Touch
    • Short and Long Term Focused
    Power of “And”
  • A Bias For Action “ Take small steps in rapid succession.” - Mr Khaw Boon Wan Minister for Health Think, think, do, think, do, think, do ….. (not paralysis through analysis) Fast, temperamental horses, not slow docile mule
    • Can do
    • Sure
    • Certainly
    • Happy to help
    • Let me find a way to help
    • Consider it done
  • Execution Is Everything Ideas (including those from CEOs) are a dime a dozen. Ability to execute, making the idea work is worth millions. ~ Mr Koh Boon Hwee Chairman, DBS
  • Rewards The capable gets more responsibility but also more authority, freedom and rewards. Equality is unfair.
    • Priority is to meet and exceed expectation of the 90% of staff who are doing their best.
    • Poor performers receive counselling, training and finally, advice on alternative career.
    • No surprises at annual performance appraisal.
    Human Resource Management Staff Turnover Management
  • “ Vitality Curve” “ Top 20” “ Bottom 10” “ The Vital 70” General Electric
    • Just-Do-It awards
    • SQ awards
    Recognition & Celebration
    • Hearing
    • Listening
    • Knowing
    • Understanding
    • Believing
    • Doing
    Communication Every time we fail to be the best that we can be, we hurt our patients and waste their money, sometimes we kill them.
    • Management walk about
    • Feedback forms
    • Toll-free telephone
    • Telephone survey
    • Focus group discussions
    Customer Feedback “ If your failure rate is one in a million, what do you tell that one customer?” - IBM
    • Orientation
    • Management walk about
    • Training Programmes
    • Small group meetings with Senior Management
    • QC activities
    • Formal staff suggestion scheme
    • Employee satisfaction survey
    Staff Feedback
    • 1. What can we do to further improve the quality of patient care and services?
    • 2. What can we do to improve your life in AH ?
    • 3. Who are the 3 doctors, 3 colleagues you respect the most in this hospital?
    Staff Meeting with CEO
  • Results
    • Patient Satisfaction Rate rose from 69% (1999) to 98.8% (2009)
  • The New Millennium
    • Globalisation, internet & genomics change everything
  • Running Faster and Going Nowhere
  • “ Only the paranoid survive.” - Andrew S Grove
  • “ Only the paranoid survive.” - Andrew S Grove Business goes on to new heights Business Declines Inflection Point The Strategic Inflection Curve The Next S Curve
  • AH Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
    • “ I posed the challenge to the AH rebuilding team: build a hospital… designed with patients unambiguously at the centre of the focus, with technology fully exploited for the benefit and convenience of patients…. It will be a hospital which is well linked… and to which the patients can be transferred seamlessly… It will be a hassle-free hospital.”
            • - Mr Khaw Boon Wan
    • Minister for Health
    • Parliamentary Debate
    • 17 March 2004
    “ Hassle-Free Hospital”
  • Do to healthcare what NLB has done for library Transforming Healthcare
  • Trailblazing Hospital of The Future Touching Lives, Pioneering Care, Making A Difference - Dr James Low, Head, Geriatric Medicine
    • Hassle-free processes designed for patients’ convenience
    • Engaging patients and their families as partners
    • Safety of patients are of paramount importance
    • Intuitive, easy movement for patients and visitors
    • Minimal movement for patients
    • Clustering of services and facilities
    Patient Centric
    • Wireless technology
    • Digitalized hospital
    • Sensing devices
    • Robotics
    Technology As An Enabler
    • Warm, “cuddling” feeling
    • Calming and cheerful environment
    High Touch
    • Hospital within a garden, garden within a hospital
    • Tranquil, restful, healing environment
    • Sight, scent and sound of nature
    • Surrounding patients with nature
    Healing Environment
  • Finding The New Breakthrough Learn from everyone Follow no one Look for pattern Work like hell
  • El Camino Hospital Sutter Health Sacramento Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Hospital
  • Make Visual the Patient Process Flow Designing The Patient Flow
  • Focal Group Discussion
  • Engaging URA, PUB, NParks, LTA and Sembawang Town Council in developing Yishun Pond and integrating with Yishun Park
  • Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Subsidized Ward Tower Private Ward Tower Medical Centre Entry & Lobby A&E
  • Fast Medicine Slow Medicine Cruise Medicine (Assembly Line)
  • Design Thinking
    • Human-centred approach
    • Deep dive
    • Extreme user
    • Divergent convergent
    • Visual thinking
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Fail early, fail often
    • Enough is enough (dateline)
  • Conclusion
  • Selling a product ≠ Addressing customer’s needs Eg. Seller : Selling a T-shirt Customer : Buying a “cool” image
  • All about the customers not us
  • There is no secret recipe
  • Service Is More Than Just A Smile
    • People
    • Business model
    • Systems and process
    • Technology
    • Aesthetics and ambience
    • Culture
    • Leadership setting the tone
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