Hotel motel marketing presentation for 2014 15


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Hotel motel marketing presentation for 2014 15

  1. 1. Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. Golfers from Minnesota are enticed to come to Webster City to golf. These monies are spent on advertising, golf packages in magazines and papers and online. BriggsWoods Golf
  3. 3. These monies will be used to purchase decent digital equipment and Chamber staff, board and volunteers will shoot two minute videos throughout the year that highlight our events and activities. Last year we hired an individual to shoot several videos and one large one at the end of the year. Those videos will be used in 2014/2015 as well. We want to add to our youtube channel new videos this year and our marketing agency will promote those videos as well. Content Development forVideo
  4. 4. We spend this money on designers for ads that are used in many places. One ad for Ladies Night Out can be used on Facebook, in Freeman Journal, in AAA Living, etc. We have found we get a better response with a professionally developed ad Content Development
  5. 5. We wish to create posters, book marks, cozies, welcome bag and visitor bag items that promoteWebster City and the Chamber. Our events will be listed as well on some of these items. These are just a few of the physical items we will use. We are in the planning process for Ladies Night Out, JunqueFest 2015 and Summer Nights 2014/15 and will need items there as well. We plan on using some of these funds for advertising in media too. Travel Iowa (state tourism department) offers opportunities to partner with them in cooperative advertising, but have not released information for 2015. Funds will come from this section. Event Advertising
  6. 6. Facebook has adjusted their algorithm so that Fan Pages postings only reach about 2% of their followers. With paid advertising on Facebook, you reach a larger audience and you can tailor your ads to specific demographics. This will be a good fit for Ladies Night Out, JunqueFest and Boone Trail information Events Promotion
  7. 7. We mail activity guides to all the welcome centers in Iowa and southern Minnesota. As we drive to places out of state, we deliver activity guides as well. We have shared them at conferences in South Dakota, Minnesota and North Dakota this past year. We also do mailings for events and create postcards. We use flyers for all of our events as well. Mailings and Postage
  8. 8. We are currently in the planning stages with inTANDEM Marketing and that will be finalized by next week. We will continue with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Eventbrite. We plan to add listings on the states sites and Legacy Learning. We will remove Trip Advisor and add LinkedIn Company page. inTANDEM Marketing
  9. 9. These magazines are placed in hotels around the state. We would like to be able to do 3 quarter page ads during peak season. MidwestToday
  10. 10. This budget allows us to advertise about 8 months out of the year, during our peak seasons. We not only place ads but also do one hour shows occasionally. Radio Advertising
  11. 11. We are working several direct marketing campaigns that will focus on Ladies Night Out, Winter Wonderland and JunqueFest. It requires sending postcards to targeted zip codes and demographics. We will focus on a 100 mile radius. Direct Marketing
  12. 12. Activities Guide, Highway 20 Guide and various advertisements throughout the year make up this amount. We also use their online advertising services. Freeman Journal and Messenger
  13. 13. This is a new vehicle for us. We will advertise in the Iowa and Nebraska coop sections and in the Minnesota paper and online. We are working with our marketing agency, inTANDEM marketing to achieve the best possible ads with a strong call to action. AAA Living
  14. 14. BriggsWoods Advertising $2000 Video Content Development $1000 Content Development $2000 EventAdvertising $4000 Events Promotion $1500 Mailing, Postage $4000 Online Marketing $5000 MidwestToday $1000 Radio Advertising $2500 Direct Marketing $2500 Freeman Journal $5800 AAA Living $4000 Total Budget for Marketing: $34,300 Chamber Portion( 30%): $10,290 Hotel MotelTax Grant Request: $24,010