Medicare DMEPOS Information Sheet - South Florida


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Medicare DMEPOS Information Sheet - South Florida

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Medicare DMEPOS Information Sheet - South Florida

  1. 1. Insurance Apria Healthcare is contracted with most insurance programs including: • Traditional Medicare • Medicare Advantage • Managed Care With over 1,400 contracts and broad geographic coverage, Apria is the preferred provider for most managed care organizations. This is not only a benefit for covered members, but also for Medicare patients with secondary insurance. Apria Healthcare has billing specialists available to handle all Medicare and managed care billing. This minimizes the risk of unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses for your patients and eases Important Information About Medicare the administrative burden for them during a difficult time. DMEPOS* Competitive Bidding in the Greater For specific information about Apria’s network of managed Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beach, FloridaThe Apria Advantage: care plans, call your local Apria office. (Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties) Area• Full-service provider for the home healthcare needs of your patients• Serving over 2 million patients annually in all 50 states in over 500 locations• Available to meet your patients’ needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week• Over 1,400 respiratory, nursing, pharmacy and nutrition clinicians helping patients nationwide Medicare Contracted Supplier• First home respiratory, medical equipment and nutrition services provider to be accredited by To locate the Apria branch nearest you, please call Comprehensive Services. The Joint Commission over 18 years ago (800) APRIA-88 Reliable Coverage.• Patient-centric clinic programs for COPD, Quality Homecare. Obstructive Sleep Apnea, nutritional deficiencies (800-277-4288) or visit branch locator and more ©2010 Apria Healthcare, Inc. 5-MCB-0024 09/10 *Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies
  2. 2. Therapy Programs and Infusion Therapy Important Information About MedicareHome Medical Equipment DMEPOS Competitive Bidding in the Apria Healthcare is the leading provider of specialty infusion therapy services. Apria’s team of compassionate clinicians provides home- Greater Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beach,Oxygen Therapy — Apria offers a full range of oxygensystems solutions, and clinical and patient support services based instruction and education to support patient independence. Florida (Dade, Broward, Palm Beachto meet patients’ medical and lifestyle needs, including Infusion services are provided through Coram Infusion Specialty Counties) Areaconcentrators, gas cylinders and various ambulatory options. Services, an Apria Healthcare company. Competitive Bids AnnouncedNebulized Respiratory Medications — Apria provides Clinical Programs and Services As part of a new Medicare program, Apria Healthcare submitteda broad range of respiratory medications and equipment to meet bids to contract with Medicare in several respiratory and homeall your patients’ needs. Apria Pharmacy Network, our licensed COPD Care Program — Apria’s New COPD Care Program is medical equipment product categories. We are proud topharmacy, ships prescribed respiratory medications directly to the standard of care for Apria’s respiratory medication patients with announce that we are a Medicare contracted supplier in yourpatients’ homes. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Patient benefits area for: include improved compliance, timely clinical feedback and • OxygenSleep Management — As a leader in positive airway pressure improved quality of life. • Enteral Nutrientstherapies, Apria strives to deliver industry leading patient • CPAP, Bi-Level Overnight Oximetry — is a testing service for adult COPD andcompliance through a combination of education, equipment • Hospital Beds Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients to identify the potential needtraining and comprehensive follow-up protocols. Apria’s quick for long-term oxygen therapy.and efficient intake process and ability to provide documentation Your Full-Service Homecare Providerof scheduling, therapy initiation and follow-up ensures clinicians HeartAssist — provides education and assistance for patients Apria Healthcare will continue to service your patients whoare informed of updates to patient status. After the initial 90 days with CHF in the self-management of their disease. Program benefits require nebulizers, inhalation therapies, standard wheelchairsof treatment, our Sleep Management Center conducts patient include patient education, improved diet and medication compliance, and other such products not subject to competitive bidding.outreach calls to ensure continued use and management of risk factor avoidance and overnight oximetry testing. Feedback on With more than 1,400 managed care contracts, Apria Healthcareongoing supply needs. pertinent clinical information is provided to physicians to assist in can provide you and your patients with a wide range of the medical management of their patients in the home. products and services.Home Medical Equipment — With a comprehensive productline that includes hospital beds, ambulatory aids, patient room Apria Great Escapes™ — is the ticket for safe, comfortableequipment and bathroom safety items, Apria is the nation’s travel with oxygen, medical equipment, enteral nutrition and/orleading provider of home medical equipment. Patients with infusion therapy. Apria will assist your patients in planning their Ask your Apria Healthcare representative for details:many therapeutic needs may obtain multiple services from travel to most destinations in the United States. With over 500Apria, simplifying the referral process for them. branch offices nationwide, Apria makes travel easy for your patients.Home Tube Feeding — Apria’s enteral nutrition program Patient and Referral Source Satisfactionfeatures a network of clinically skilled registered dietitians, aspecialized customer service team who provides up-front patient Apria is focused on providing the highest level of serviceeducation and ongoing clinical support and monitoring. Apria possible to our patients. Our ongoing patient and referral sourceoffers a complete product and pump formulary to meet each satisfaction survey measurement and monitoring process ensurespatient’s needs. Once the patients’ needs have been assessed, continual improvement in the homecare experience. From orderenteral supplies are provided directly to them at home. accuracy to helpful customer service, timely delivery, patient education and equipment instruction, Apria is committed to serving with excellence. Medicare Contracted Supplier