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Magnetic Messaging- How to Make Texting a Girl Easy and Turn Your Phone Into a Chick Magnet
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Magnetic Messaging- How to Make Texting a Girl Easy and Turn Your Phone Into a Chick Magnet


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Magnetic Messaging - A Dating Guide for Men - Magnetic messaging is NOT another scam. Magnetic Messaging pdf is an immediately downloadable ebook designed to get the girl off the phone and into bed.
This a must read for all guys who have tried and failed at getting the girl they want.Or, for any guy who doesn't want to fail the first time. Learn the key lock sequence and get the girl in only 3 texts.
First you need to get their attention, then create a special bond with them and third,create a lasting impression that moves the relationship forward fast...

Published in: Self Improvement
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  • 1. How to Make Texting a Girl Easy andTurn Your Phone Into a Girl Magnet
  • 2. Magnetic Messaging
  • 3. Magnetic Messaging
  • 4. Magnetic MessagingAvoid Making the 7Deadly TextingMistakes
  • 5. Magnetic Messaging7 Deadly “Texting” Mistakes (andhow to avoid them) Part 1One of the most frustrating things is when you get a woman’s number (andshe seems to be totally into you)… But then after a few texts she seems to list interest, fizzle out, or go cold.The natural reaction is to blame the woman. “She’s a flake…”But if you do that, you could missing a giant crink in YOUR GAME that iseasier to fix than you think.In fact, if you’re like most guys than you’re probably just making one (or afew) of these common ‘texting’ mistakes that will kill your chances with agirl.
  • 6. Magnetic MessagingNew video: 3 Texts To Turn Her On and GetHer OutClick link below to watch this new video Text for Dating Success
  • 7. Magnetic MessagingThe 7 Deadly Texting MistakesMistake #1: Confusing Responses for AttractionBefore you’ve had your first date with a girl, shewon’t feel much of a connection to you. As unfortunate asit may be, you’re probably not the only guy texting her.See, a common mistake most guys make when they’retexting a girl is that they mistake responses for attraction.Often when a guy is getting a response from a girl, hebelieves that he’s getting closer to getting her on a dateor to seducing her.The exact opposite is true!
  • 8. Magnetic MessagingThe more texts you send before meeting up with girl means the less of achance you have of actually meeting up with her! That’s right: even if a girl isRESPONDING to your texts, you’re not getting yourself ANY closer toactually getting her out on a date.Instead, say more with less. Whenever you’re considering what to text a girl,see if you say it simpler, with less text. Most guys send pointless texts towomen like, “How’s your day?” or “Enjoying the warm weather?” These textsDO NOT bring you ANY closer to a woman! They just beg for a response(which doesn’t mean anything).To make sure you NEVER again waste texts on pointless chatter, ask yourselfthis golden question:How is this text bringing this girl and I closer to a date?If your answer is simply “to get her to know her better,” erase the text. It’snot going to help you.
  • 9. Magnetic MessagingNew video: 3 Texts To Turn Her On and GetHer Out Click link below to watch this new video Text for Dating Success
  • 10. Magnetic MessagingMistake #2: Not Conveying “Fun”Here is the simple truth. When a woman gives you her number she is NOT signing a socialcontract to go out with you…And until it seems FUN for her… she’s probably not going to bother meeting up with you.So when you send boring texts that don’t display any personality or don’t elicit anyemotions in her… in her mind you’re not worth the trouble of meeting up with.Here are some signs you’re NOT being fun.- Am I being stiff and formal “Hi. It was nice meeting you Friday”…. (too stiff. too formal)- Am I putting pressure on her to keep the convo going?- Am I badgering her with question?Remember, every text you send should make you seem like the FUN OPTION. The escapefrom her boring day.
  • 11. Magnetic MessagingMistake #3: Not Having a Texting StyleIf you’re texting an attractive woman chances are you are NOT the only guyshe is getting a text from today.Hate to break it to you.But between other guys pursuing her, ex boyfriends, co-workers,classmates, and so on… she’s got a lot of guys vying for her attention.So if you want to stand out- your texts need to display your unique style andpersonality.She should be able to know its a text from you just by reading it (even if thename was blocked)What words, phrases, punctuation, or emoticons are uniquely yours?
  • 12. Magnetic MessagingMistake #4 Having Long Text ConversationsText conversations are NOT the same as actual conversations.Texting should be the “Super cool” cliff notes of a normal conversations.Meaning leave out the formalities.The longer the conversation the more chances to mess things up or run intoawkward confusion.Every time you pick up the phone… jump right into the good stuff. Start withanecdote. Start with a teasing nickname. Find a way to quickly spark anemotion and get her paying full attention to you.In this new video just released I explain how you can (and should) accomplisheverything you need to accomplish with just three simple texts.
  • 13. Magnetic MessagingThe next 3 deadly mistakes will be in Part 2. In the meantime…..Check out the video and learn how you can turn a woman on, and get her out on adate with a simple sequence of texts called: The Key Lock Sequence. Text for Dating Success