Stop Yelling & Start Weaving


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Presentation from Keynote speech at The Next Web conference. It was a brief 20 minutes inspirational talk. No real notes - as I like giving examples ad hoc. I will add some of these in the future - hopefully the images will give you the gist of the topic.

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Stop Yelling & Start Weaving

  1. “Stop Yelling and Start Weaving” Marketing Communicating in a Relationship Economy The Next Web Conference June 2007, Amsterdam Deborah Schultz
  2. We are inherently social animals
  3. Way way past Life was simple
  4. Recent past – Tribe moves away
  5. phone, email, god more email??!! No more email
  6. Present The world is your oyster
  7. The Flickrverse
  8. The medium is the complex, light and diverse relationship
  9. Your are connecting everywhere, anytime
  10. But are these relationships “real”?
  11. God, I hope so!
  12. I Love My Online Friends!! And they trackback...
  13. We live again in a relationship economy Transactions are the by-products of healthy relationships. The global economy is shifting from a mass media, consumer mass-marketing model to one that is far more emergent and decentralized. The involuntary loyalty of quot;stickyquot; services is falling victim to the far preferable voluntary loyalty won through responsiveness, quality, excellent service, reliability and trustworthiness. Sometimes, transactions don't matter. -Jerry Michalski
  14. Everything old is new.....back to relating
  15. Relationships are hard and messy and subtle
  16. They come to your aid when you least expect em in weird and wonderful ways
  17. Think of it as relationship bricolage “Bricolage is what tinkers do- collecting odd bits of stuff they think may be potentially useful, then using whatever bits seem to work in the context of some later repair job. Simple. And yet profound. Because the bits the bricoleur ends up using were not designed for the use they end up being put to”. Chris Locke
  18. You never know which of your online contacts can impact you when and how
  19. Sadly most organizations are silos and transaction driven
  20. We are organic and social
  21. deb, it’s john thanks for deb, get an n95 email on new features sent to dev team anyone know a place to best place to eat in amsterdam? get a drink around We Weave here? between networks within networks over and around woot - we launched! John - when you guys launching your new API?
  22. When you weave, cool shit happens
  24. Companion Gardening Plants can benefit from having certain other plants close by in the garden. You can create the right mix to benefit the whole garden. “Connect on your similarities and profit from your diversities!” -Valdis Krebs
  25. Skills of the Weaver: • Listener • Connector • Critic • Partial geek • Detective • Catalyst • Diplomat • Juggler • Approachable • Intuitive • Inquisitive • driven by relationships
  26. How do you tune your weaving? • Be real • Know when to “let it go” • Jump in • Be human - multi dimensional • Get transparent • Create opportunities to socialize • Find your communities - online & • The love you give is equal to the offline love you get • Be a catalyst • Listen. Rinse. Repeat
  27. In fact, this presentation was “woven” via: • Sean/Ace - keeping me real on the east coast “thang” • Kevin Marks - for link to Visual Complexity sent via sidekick • The fabulous “amateur” photographers on flickr: ok2go, michele thompson, escapes, gustavg, misterbisson • My blog feed friends for thinking out-loud: Doc, Clay, Cory, Carfi, JP, Canter, Blonde2.0, Ken, Leisa Reichelt, Liz Strauss, Valdis Krebs and too many more to mention • My twitter friends for procrastination aids - you know who you are • Chris Brogan/Niro - BlogTv inspiration/screenshot • Uri Baruchin - flickr email - his visual presentation style • The passionate Andrew Rasiej and Personal Democracy Forum • Hugh McLeod - for keeping it real • Jerry Michalski - for quote during skype call on upcoming Supernova conference
  28. So get out there and relate it’s in your nature! you wont be sorry
  29. Be human!
  30. Thanks, btw Deborah Schultz
  31. Photo Credits • • • • • • • • •