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  • I decided to present to you guys because I’ve learned things that I wish someone had told me… In this class you will have presentations from companies - I’m here to give you the student perspective

Internship Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Confessions of a Serial Intern Debra Lauterbach Senior, Computer Science How to find a job you love
  • 2. Topics of Discussion
    • Why should you do an internship?
    • How do you find an internship?
    • What is a typical internship like?
    • How do you decide between multiple job offers?
    • Other related topics….
  • 3. Internships…what are they good for?
    • Help you decide:
      • what qualities you value in a company
      • which area of computer science is right for you
    • Can often turn into a full time job
  • 4. My story…
    • 4 internships, 4 different companies
    2004 2005 2006 2007
  • 5. How to find an internship: Part 1 Getting your first job
  • 6. Getting your first job
    • Get relevant experience during the school year
    • Learn technical skills in your spare time
    • REU: Research experience for undergrads
      • http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu
    • Advice: Don’t be afraid to go to the career fair and start trying early
  • 7. National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • Summer after freshman year
    • Washington, D.C.
    • Speech recognition research
  • 8. Components of most internships
    • Presentations to learn about company
    • Technical talks
    • Intern social activities
    • Mentorship program
    • One-on-ones with manager
    • Project presentations at end of summer
  • 9. Intern Fun
    • Social activities
    • Sports leagues
    • During-work events
  • 10. Pros of working for NIST
    • Independent work
    • Not profit-driven
    • Smart and world-renowned co-workers
    • Cons:
      • Working for government
  • 11. How to find an internship: Part 2 Career Fair
  • 12. Career Fair Tips
    • Research companies ahead of time
    • Prepare for interviews
    • Advice: Consider applying to companies other than just those at the career fair.
  • 13. Interview tips
    • “Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job”
  • 14. General Mills
    • Summer after sophomore year
    • Minneapolis, MN
    • Business application development
  • 15. Pros of General Mills
    • Great work/life balance, diverse workplace, fun people & environment, lots of job perks
    • Cons: Eating TOO much free food.
  • 16. “Imposter syndrome”
    • Most internships will require technical knowledge you won’t have at first.
    • So, the most important things you have to rely on are:
      • Problem solving skills
      • General programming knowledge
      • Communication skills
      • Time management, leadership, initiative, etc.
  • 17. Deciding between multiple offers
  • 18. Evaluating Internship Offers
    • Is it an internship or a co-op?
    • Do I know what type of work I’ll be doing?
    • Will I work on my own project or with a team?
    • Am I interested in this area of the company?
    • Do I have to find & pay for my own housing?
    • Advice: Don’t necessarily accept the first offer you get.
  • 19. IBM
    • Summer after junior year
    • Rochester, Minnesota
    • Database optimization speed team
  • 20. Pros of IBM
    • Big company - able to move jobs within
    • Focus on innovation and patents
    • Big on open-source
    • Cons: Big company
  • 21. How to find an internship: Part 3 Networking
  • 22. Networking
    • Be proactive - get to know as many people in your field as possible.
    • Be genuine - make real connections and keep in touch
    • Know who you are, what you want, what you have - “elevator pitch”
    • Advice: Never burn bridges.
  • 23. Wells Fargo
    • Summer after senior year
    • West Des Moines, IA
    • Usability work
  • 24. Pros of Wells Fargo
    • Business side of computing
    • LDP - Leadership Development Program
    • Cons: Mostly MIS majors
  • 25. How to make the most of your internship
    • Don't always expect to do an big, innovative, creative project.
    • Don't be afraid to speak up if you have a problem.
    • Do arrive ready to work hard, because the summer is short!
    • Do get to work on time, and minimize slacking.
    • Do get to know as many people at the company as possible.
    • Do demonstrate leadership and initiative.
  • 26. What I would do differently…
    • Not take internships at companies I wasn’t interested in
    • Searched for jobs at companies beyond just the career fair
    • Taken more initiative on internship projects
    • Gotten to know co-workers better
  • 27. Evaluating a Company
    • Small company or large corporation
      • Public, private, governmental, for/non-profit
    • Location
    • Company culture
    • Job perks
    • Type of Industry
      • IT Services, Internet, Financial, Consumer goods
  • 28. Take-home lessons
    • Internships are important…start planning early so you can do one (or more)!
    • Internships are easy to find, and easy to get if you try.
    • Each internship program is different. Make the most of the opportunity.
    • Internships can turn into your full-time job - so choose a company wisely!