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    Europas   up europe presentation Europas up europe presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Building a vibrant, interconnected European startup community Empowering, connecting and amplifying the efforts of grassroots community leaders April, 2014
    • A non-profit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, grassroots leadership, and strong communities. We are on a mission to make the world a more innovative and prosperous place, one community at a time. We believe that entrepreneurs are critical to driving a strong global economy and a better world. We do our part by supporting the grassroots leaders who are at the core of every strong entrepreneurial community. An Entrepreneurial World
    • The Greatest Force Advancing Human Welfare. We believe that entrepreneurs are the leading drivers of prosperity, jobs, and innovation. Without entrepreneurship, we would cease to move forward within our local economies and in our world. With this belief at the core of our organization, we strive to support entrepreneurs and the communities that allow them to thrive in any way we can. Our journey began in 2007 when Andrew Hyde developed the concept of Startup Weekend in Boulder, Colorado. In 2009, Marc Nager, Clint Nelson, and Franck Nouyrigat acquired the brand and decided to operate as a non-profit with the goal of exposing more people to the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Since then, we've become a global presence in over 500 cities and we've catalyzed the entrepreneurial journey of over 150,000 aspiring innovators. Now that we’ve grown and watched the entrepreneurial movement unfold, we aim to help create and sustain strong communities through programs, resources, and a powerful network of leaders. Who We Are
    • Our Vision A world in which every person has the opportunity to experience and become an entrepreneur. Our Mission Improve the global human condition by amplifying the efforts of startup community leaders and their ability to create and sustain flourishing entrepreneurial communities around the world. Vision and Mission
    • Global Sponsors and partners
    • +
    • Impact 1,000 cities by 2016 "Startup Weekend has created a brilliant model that combines the ability to inspire and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit with the opportunity to roll up one’s sleeves to execute and launch. They’re having real impact in cities across the globe, teaching aspiring entrepreneurs to be risk takers and innovators. Startup Weekend enables individuals to step up and be local leaders in their communities while being part of the broader global Startup Weekend community. It’s fantastic, and we’re excited about this passion that’s spreading all over the world" - Mary Grove, Google Source:
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    • You can also innovate in big corporations Startup Weekend at Coca-Cola "At Coca-Cola, we believe that entrepreneurs walk among us, and that large organizations must embrace startup skills to continue to be successful in a changing world.” - Carie Davis, global innovation director For three days in June, 100 Coca-Cola associates in Atlanta gathered to pitch ideas, form teams based on a shared passion and mindset, and launch an idea. Teams focused on creating a viable business model, building prototypes to validate ideas with real customers, and refining a pitch for a panel of judges. Source:
    • Global Board of Directors Steve Case @SteveCase Scott Case @tscottcase Brad Feld @bfeld Greg Gottesman @greggottesman Mary Grove @maryGrove Leslie Jump @lajump Eric Koester @erickoester T.A. McCann @tamccann Nick Seguin @nickseguin
    • We’re on a mission to change the world, and just crazy enough to believe that we can.
    • Action-oriented programs that power every step of the entrepreneurial journey. Our Programs
    • The world’s starting point for entrepreneurship. Pitch an idea, form a team, and become part of the world’s largest entrepreneurial community in 54 hours. Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities.
    • Validate Your Business and Build a Scalable Startup Accelerate your customer development through an experiential curriculum for aspiring founders. "Learn by doing" alongside other entrepreneurs with hands-on workshops and experienced skilled mentors who have been there and done that.
    • A curated source for everything entrepreneurial in your community. Stay connected to people, events, and opportunities in over 300 cities around the world, or subscribe to topical reading lists for a curated selection of the best articles in the global startup community.
    • Global Reach Online Reach Twitter: 150K+ Facebook: 150K+ E-Mail List: 500K+ Cities: 550+ Countries: 115+ 2013 Events & Programs: 800+ Attendees: 150K+ Global Network Volunteers: 10K+ Annual Volunteer Hours: 300K+ ‘13 Offline Reach
    • What People are Saying BARACK OBAMA President of the United States of America When you’re free to have your own ideas, pursue your dreams, start you own businesses, server your communities, it isn’t just good for your nations; it means more prosperity and progress for us all. It’s the same daring spirit that brings us together to meet other challenges as well, from hunger, to health to climate change. In partnership with UP Global, we will help support 500,000 new entrepreneurs and their startups around the world. Source:
    • What People are Saying Startup Weekend is a global phenomenon that has attracted and encouraged a new generation of entrepreneurs. Startup Weekend has changed the world. DAVID COHEN Founder and CEO of TechStars It’s amazing to see what Startup Weekend provides for individuals and communities on an event level, but the global community that has been created as a result of recurring events around the world has resulted in an organization with endless potential to be the starting point not just for any but also to find a support system in any community from which they can grow and continue to learn as an entrepreneur. BRAD FELD Managing Director at the Foundrygroup and Author Like Prometheus bringing fire, Startup Weekend provides entrepreneurs worldwide with hands-on training on how to build and run startups,. These classes range from a weekend of learning how to work with a team on an idea to a 5-week intensive program on how to actually build a startup. Startup Weekend is bringing fire to entrepreneurial communities worldwide. STEVE BLANK Author and Entrepreneur Having participated as a judge at the first event in downtown Las Vegas, I’ve been fortunate to be part of the magic that a Startup Weekend can create. The events can be an amazing starting point for anyone who wants to build on an idea in a safe but action- centered environment where anyone and everyone can get feedback on their first steps. I’ve watched the local downtown Vegas startup scene accelerate its growth as a result of Startup Weekend and the vital role it can play in bringing ideas and people together. TONY HSIEH CEO and VegasTechFund Partner These apps that people are creating are not only helping people in all kinds of ways -- they are generating 40,000 jobs in London alone. Congratulations to the Telegraph and the brilliant Startup Weekend. Every one of those ideas seems like a winner. BORIS JOHNSON The Mayor of London
    • Europe Board of Advisors Eze Vidra Head of Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe Marc Nager President, UP Global Bindi Karia Vice-president SVB Accelerator Adam Stelle VP of Growth, UP Global Matt Webb CEO, Berg
    • Startup Weekend Impact Impact in life
 65% Report SW had a substantial impact on your life 1 year after Startup
 90% Continue working on startup related stuff with someone at this event Life span
 11% of teams will still be alive after 12 months Job offers
 38% of attendees get at least one job offer via the event Career
 25% will change their career or become a ‘full-time entrepreneur’ with in a year Attendence
 27% attend startup weekend more than once
    • Online Reach Twitter: 150K+ Facebook: 150K+ E-Mail List: 500K+ Cities: 550+ Countries: 115+ 2013 Events & Programs: 800+ Attendees: 150K+ Global Network Volunteers: 10K+ Annual Volunteer Hours: 300K+ ‘13 Offline Reach180 Different Cities UP Europe is about building and strengthening existing and new communities. ! 60.000 Startup Digest Subscribers Sharing and providing curated information about entrepreneurship and events around Europe. ! 1000 Volunteers Empowering people to become leaders and to give back to their communities. Goals for 2014 300+ Events
    • Reach in Europe Online Reach Twitter: 150K+ Facebook: 150K+ E-Mail List: 500K+ Cities: 550+ Countries: 115+ 2013 Events & Programs: 800+ Attendees: 150K+ Global Network Volunteers: 10K+ Annual Volunteer Hours: 300K+ ‘13 Offline Reach ‘13 Offline Reach Network Online Reach Volunteers: 1000+ Mentors: 3000+ Cities: 160+ Teams: 5000+ Attendees: 45.000+ Events up to 2013: 500+ E-Mail List: 60.000+
    • Europe are entrepreneurs at heart. A continent of entrepreneurial people, presenting many opportunities and needs. Europe has a rapidly growing startup ecosystem that needs to be developed with the help of strong community leaders. Why UP Europe?