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Net Resume D Hill

  1. 1. Deborah HillHome (856) 234-0677 - <br /> <br /> – Mount Laurel, NJ<br />SUMMARY<br />Highly motivated C# Software Developer/Programmer with experience using object oriented design techniques and programming languages, including Microsoft .NET Technologies. Designed, developed, and documented Windows device drivers and applications. Extensive experience in application software development and project management within Fortune 100, small start-up companies, government institutions, and colleges in the areas of: software engineering, software project and subcontract management, systems engineering, 2D and 3D visualization, modeling and simulations, mentoring, and training. Proven ability to develop, motivate, facilitate, and mentor staff, peers, and management. Demonstrated leadership abilities and teamwork skills as well as ability to accomplish tasks under minimal direction and supervision. Hold a current Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance.<br />TECHNICAL SKILLS<br />Programming Languages: C#, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, C++, C, PHP, DHTML, JavaScript, Java, FORTRAN, Ada, BASIC<br />.NET Skill Set: .NET Framework 4.0 and Common Type System, ASP.NET, Silverlight, AJAX, XAML, WCF, LINQ, .NET Class Libraries, Web Services<br />Databases: MS SQL Server 2008, MySQL, Oracle<br />Software: Visual Studio 2010, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Access), DOORS, DXL, OpenGL, Clear Case, Clear Quest, SharePoint, Crystal Reports<br />Operating Systems: Windows 7/NT/XP/2003/2000, UNIX, Linux, IRIX, VMS<br />SECURITY CLEARANCE<br />Department of Defense Clearance: Secret<br />CERTIFICATIONS<br />Certified Manager (CM), Institute of Certified Professional Manager James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA<br />.Net Master’s Program7/2011-(Expected Graduation date 9/2011)<br />SetFocus, LLC – <br />The SetFocus .Net Master’s Program is an intensive, hands–on, project oriented program where participants add knowledge of and valuable experience putting the .Net skill set to use in a simulated work environment.<br />Developed solutions for diverse programming scenarios in C#, employing object–oriented programming concepts: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction.  <br />Used C# and LINQ to define and implement secure middle-tier components using connected and disconnected environment strategies.  Components consumed by web applications and windows applications utilizing SQL Server to perform logical business transactions.  <br />Created and deployed XML Web Services using ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).  Consumed Web Services from ASP.NET web applications. <br />Created business components in C# using .NET Class Library assemblies while migrating and implementing in a multi-tier environment suitable for XML Web Services and WCF Services to address application infrastructure issues associated with building scalable enterprise level applications used by clients. <br />Developed ASP.NET n-tiered “Public Library Management System” application leveraging the same secure middle tier data access components.  Non-public web pages secured using ASP.NET forms security models. <br />PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE<br />Adjunct Professor: Science, Mathematics, and Technology Department9/2010 - Present<br />Burlington County College, Pemberton, NJ –<br />Lecturer and instructor to students enrolled in developmental and college mathematics courses. By appointment tutor for students in several levels of mathematics, Microsoft Office tools, computer science, physics, and accounting. <br />Teach Elementary Algebra and College Mathematics to undergraduate students.<br />Tutor students one-on-one and in small groups in Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, C++, Microsoft Office, Physics, and Accounting.<br />Adjunct Instructor, Continuing Education Department7/2010 - Present<br />Camden County College, Blackwood, NJ –<br /> <br />Lecturer and instructor to students enrolled in Introduction to C# Programming. <br />Designed the new hands-on programming Introduction to C# Programming continuing education course for the college and selected the appropriate textbook materials.<br />Taught the course with hands-on programming labs using C# 4.0, .NET 4, and Visual 2010 Express.<br />Hands-on laboratories included an electronic address book, a typing program, an adventure quest game, and space invaders.<br />Senior Member of the Engineering Staff8/1984 - 6/2010<br />Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, NJ –<br /> <br />Role: Project Engineer (PE), Software Project Management (2005 – 2010) <br />Tracked and managed multiple elements across foreign and domestic AEGIS maritime systems baseline projects. Managed Lockheed Martin proprietary software and software products written by subcontractors. Tracked element software progress and reported to project managers. Lead interface between element software leads and corresponding integrated program team leads throughout the software development life cycle. Reviewed software in Java, C++, and Ada programming languages. Managed and maintained configuration databases for computer program and specification changes, system engineering trouble reports, and customer inquiries and comments. Initiated and submitted computer program software improvements, and product deliveries to customer sites and in-house testing. <br />Streamlined the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) process across its baselines, using SharePoint, Crystal Reports, and Excel for faster disclosures and customer approvals, and improved security of intellectual property. <br />Obtained, managed, and tracked 200 individual IBM Big Lever Gears licenses for UNIX and Windows platforms for software and systems engineers, meeting and exceeding critical milestone dates for critical design reviews, testing, and deliveries. <br />Formalized Gears hotline process, and conducted engineering review board for Gears across several baselines to streamline and communicate critical tool feature requests and bugs to support Lockheed Martin critical milestone builds. <br />Used IBM Rational Clear Quest and the internal relational database tool for tracking and generating reports.<br />Mentored project engineers and software support personnel on new and current processes, including help with database retrievals and report generation to improve department efficiency by reducing errors and process time. <br />Role: Software Systems Safety Engineer, System Safety (2001 – 2005) <br />Database administrator, software developer, systems safety engineer, and open architecture systems safety lead engineer across domestic and foreign maritime systems. Identified and managed system safety hazards in systems engineering requirement changes, presented at systems safety engineering review boards, and managed the top level hazards across baselines. <br />Designed, programmed, and created an interactive user interface and hazard recommendation database management system using IBM Rational DOORS eXtension Language (DXL), for use by systems safety engineers responsible for individual Aegis and homeland security baselines that saved redundancy of tasks and improved efficiency. <br />Selected by management to recommend the computer infrastructure and teach the software tools Rational DOORS, Mercury Test Director, and Rational Clear Case to systems safety engineers. <br />Designed, developed and programmed 2-D and 3-D computer graphics programs in C++ to visualize antenna gain and electromagnetic interference of potential antennas and radar for ship integration topside analysis. <br />Role: Senior Software Engineer, Technology Development and Integration (1984 – 2001) <br />Programmer/lead developer for 2D and 3D computer graphic applications, modeling and simulations, databases, user interfaces, virtual worlds, and real time engineering performance analysis tools. <br />Designed, developed, and led software teams to implement advanced 3D CAD/CAE visualization software for viewing large numbers of ships and ship spaces in real time. Developed code for this in C++, using OpenGL for the IRIX (UNIX for the Silicon Graphics platforms) and Microsoft C++ development for the Windows platforms. Earned an AEGIS Excellence Award for Outstanding Contributions to the team and significant cost savings in the millions in ship building. <br />Created and implemented a replay of military air and surface tracks over maps visualization program that was used by systems engineers in their analysis and critical ship qualification tests, reducing the analysis time from weeks to a matter of hours. Coded in C++, Java, and used middleware tools such as CORBA. AEGIS Awards were also earned. <br />Implemented a graphical interactive interface in a virtual battlefield environment that utilized distributed software, resulting in an Advanced Technology and Computer Engineering Award for research and development At-Sea Integration Capability project.<br />Published computer graphics images and displayed software at ACM SIGGRAPH conferences. <br />Adjunct Professor, Computer and Information Science Department9/1997 - 5/1998<br />Mercer County College, Moorestown, NJ –<br />Lecturer and instructor to students enrolled in Introduction to UNIX. <br />Designed and taught the new hands-on programming Introduction to Linux undergraduate course for the college using Caldera Linux on individual PCs.<br />Senior Software Engineer, Federal Systems Division10/1983 – 8/1984<br />Logical Technical Services Corporation, Trenton, NJ –<br />Developed software systems from specification through validation phases of the Air Force Minimum Essential Emergency Communication Network (MEECN) Message Processing Mode – Transmit (MMPM (T)) contract.<br />Updating the Computer Program Product Specification (C5) using SofTech Ada Program Design Language (ADAP) to describe the software modules, illustrating dataflow diagrams of the MMPM (T) system, and describing the hardware/software interfaces; coding in MIL-STD 1815A Ada; and conducting code walkthroughs.<br />Accomplishments include redesign and implementation of the Transmit Remote Control Head (TRCH) software for the Critical Design Review (CDR).<br />Preliminary design of the TRCH was tested on a DEC Rainbow 100 microcomputer using the Janus/Ada compiler, which cross-compiles to Intel 8086/8088 assembler language.<br />The doe was then transferred to a Tektronix 8550 Microprocessor Development Laboratory unit in order to exercise the hardware.<br />Nest the code was burnt onto PROMs and embedded into the hardware for the CDR demonstration.<br />Systems Engineer, Network Management Division6/1982 – 9/1983<br />AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ –<br /> <br />Systems engineering responsibilities included:<br />Economic forecasting on the effect of the AT&T divestiture on research and development investments and revenue expectations.<br />Researched the rerouting process of calls in the Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System/Network Management (EADAS/NM), which performs real-time monitoring and control of the telephone network.<br />Scientific Programmer Analyst, Continuing Education Department6/1979 – 1/1982<br />RCA David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ –<br /> <br />Cooperative Education assignments while studying at Drexel University:<br />Wrote and maintained a series of Fortran Flecs computer programs used to automate experiments that simulated human visual perception for the Materials and Processing Research Laboratory.<br />Coded simulation programs for real-time telecommunications between computers for the Advanced Systems Research Laboratory.<br />Created computer programs to perform correlations of the raw data gathered from life testing of the RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc system for the operations research scientists in the VideoDisc Systems Research Laboratory. <br />EDUCATION<br />MBA, Business Administration - Overall GPA 4.0, Beta Gamma Sigma honors9/2007<br />Drexel University, Philadelphia, PAMasters of Science in Engineering, Computer and Information Science - Overall GPA 3.55/1994<br />University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PABachelors of Science, Mathematics Computer Science - Dual Major6/1982<br />Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA<br />VOLUNTEER WORK<br />Executive Board Member and Chapter Coordinator for Burlington and Camden County<br />Asperger Syndrome Education Network (ASPEN)4/2010-Present<br /><br />