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Fresh Grad Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy 2012 v.1 3/19/12
  2. 2. Contents FreshGrad’s Social Strategy Current Social Media Landscape Competitive Social Landscape  LinkedIn  Careerbuilder  Monster  Indeed FreshGrad’s Social Media Plan FreshGrad’s Social Media Plan - Details Next Actions Appendix
  3. 3. FreshGrad’s Social Strategy
  4. 4. FreshGrad’s Social Strategy What Social Media CAN Do:• Build FreshGrad‟s online identity and create visibility around brand‟s connection with relevant influencers.• Create and maintain active social presences on core platforms.• Be the number one pioneer within competitive set amongst core demographic in the social space.• Be engaging: provide content that generates sharing and dialogue with fans. Overall Executional Considerations• Advance planning on editorial calendar: monthly basis across platform (Appendix #4).• Diversify the content across platform, integrating images, questions, re- tweets, polls, press mentions to build engagement and increase dialogue with key influencers. What Social Media CANNOT Do:• Tie concretely to specific ROI goals (e.g., # of resumes submissions, # of email sign-ups). Social media is about brand perception and engagement.• Happen overnight.
  5. 5. Current Social Media Landscape
  6. 6. Current Social Media Landscape: Overview Social Media has become a global phenomenon which has redefined the digital landscape and changed the way we communicate, act and live our lives. In 2011, Social Media¹ had a global reach of 82%, representing 1.2 Billion online users around the world². Online social behaviors have re-formulated the way we think – a journey which started with email and instant messaging but now includes social networking, micro-blogs, video-blogs, pin-boards, photo-sharing, bloggers, v-loggers etc. (Appendix #1). As the social wave continues to rise, new platforms and technologies are emerging and users will be looking at each other to keep ahead of the game.¹ Social Media refers to global social networking sites and blogs² It’s a Social World, comScore, December, 2011
  7. 7. Current Social Media Landscape: Snapshot Facebook remains the largest global Social Networking player in terms of audience size, being #1 in all markets with the exception of China, Japan, Russia and S.Korea¹. In October „11, Facebook reached more than half of the world‟s global audience (55%) and accounted for approximately 3 in every 4 minutes spent on social networking sites and 1 in every 7 minutes spent online around the world². Twitter reaches 1 in 10 internet users worldwide and has increased 50% since 2010³. New players are emerging, with Pinterest, increasing 512% over six months (May „11 vs. Nov „11) (Appendix #3)¹ Top social networking sites: China – Sina Weibo, Japan – Twitter, Russia – Vkontact, S.Korea – Naver² It’s a Social World, comScore, December, 2011³ How America Fell Behind, Thomas Friedman, December, 2011
  8. 8. Competitive Social Media Landscape LinkedIn Careerbuilder Monster Indeed
  9. 9. LinkedIn: Social Presence* SOCIAL PRESENCE SNAPSHOT # followers # av. posts Content type FACEBOOK 113,422 15–20/wk - Webinar updates - Behind the scenes (co-founders, international offices) - Links to relevant job/career content/articles on brand owned (their blog) or other platforms - Polls - Nearly all posts end with question to fans (focus on engagement) TWITTER 137,570 5-10 /day - Links overlap with FB content, focus on blog updates - Feature updates - Re-tweets YOUTUBE 5,257 1/wk - Product demonstrations - Interviews - 3.3M video views LINKEDIN 124,437 N/A - Career openings - Recommendations (2.5K) of the company - Products/Services * Data as of 3.18.12
  10. 10. LinkedIn: Key Takeaways  Key Takeaways:  Facebook is key social platform for brand – as much as 20 posts in a day.  Twitter platform not fully leveraged, cross-posting shortened versions of Facebook content.  YouTube used as customer service platform with demonstrations on how to make the most of their platform
  11. 11. Careerbuilder: Social Presence* SOCIAL PRESENCE SNAPSHOT # followers # av. posts Content type FACEBOOK 156,132 10-15/wk - Links to relevant job/career content/articles on brand owned (their blog) or other platforms - Links often tied to relevant popular culture (e.g. St. Patrick‟s day, NCAA, SXSW) TWITTER 66,829 20-30/day - Extremely conversational with followers - Branded as Community Manager‟s voice (Justin @ Careerbuilder) - Use of re-tweets, hashtags (#jobhunt)to extend dialogue and reach of conversations YOUTUBE 1,223 1/month - Interviews with Career Experts and Employers - CB “How to” demos (not CB specific, elements of getting the job) - TV Commercial archive - 6.7M video views LINKEDIN 6,501 5-10/wk - Links to relevant job/career content/articles on brand owned (their blog) or other platforms - Job openings with Careerbuilder INSTAGRAM N/A - Behind the scenes at their offices, and on the road • Data as of 3.18.12
  12. 12. Careerbuilder: Key Takeaways  Key Takeaways:  Social media presence has voice of their Community Manager (Justin) across all core platforms = very conversational, approachable and knowledgeable tone  Content skews towards general tips for getting a job, seems directed towards a younger audience, though strong fan engagement on Facebook primarily looks like older (35 – 54) demographic that has been out of work for a few years  YouTube employer interviews are a standout, exclusive behind-the- scenes appeal for job seekers
  13. 13. Monster: Social Presence* SOCIAL PRESENCE SNAPSHOT # followers # av. posts Content type FACEBOOK 23,887** 5-10/wk - Questions: polls - Links to relevant job/career content/articles on brand owned or other platforms - Multiple localized (e.g. Monster UK) and product (Monster Trak) pages TWITTER 10,044** 2-3/day - Five Twitter handles (Careers, Works, Help, Hires, WW) - Re-tweets - Jobs ( may be paid postings) LINKEDIN 14,610 3-4/week - Links to their blog posts - Links to press mentions YOUTUBE 639 2-3/month - Interviews - “How to” demos, product features - TV Commercial archive - 2.8M video views*Data as of 3/18/12 **Counts for main ( and account only
  14. 14. Monster: Key Takeaways  Key Takeaways:  Active Facebook presence covering wide variety of content topics which is interesting, but impact is diminished.  Engagement is diluted because of multiple handles on core platforms, each covering different content= fan attention is scattered as result.  Do not own “Monster” as handle on any core platform; finding Monster’s official presence on these platforms is difficult as result.
  15. 15. Indeed: Social Presence* SOCIAL PRESENCE SNAPSHOT # followers # av. posts Content type FACEBOOK 1,815 1-5/week - Behind the scenes (co-founders, international offices) - Links to relevant job/career content/articles on brand owned (their blog) or other platforms - Announcement platform for new feature sets TWITTER 25,361 5-10/week - Job openings at Indeed - Cross-pollination of Facebook content LINKEDIN 2,175 1-2/week - Links to their blog posts YOUTUBE 122 1-3 /year - Interviews - “How to” demos, product features Data as of 3/18/12
  16. 16. Indeed: Key Takeaways  Key Takeaways:  Lackluster social media presence amongst competitive set, missing out on opportunity (and what has become industry standard) to engage their users around their brand story on core platforms.  Indeed’s strong Twitter fan base is not aligned with brand’s current minimal content efforts. 25K+ followers on Twitter may be result of boost that many brands received in the early days when Twitter introduced their recommendation engine.
  17. 17. Competitors – Key Takeaways & Learnings Overall insights and key takeaways:  Cross-platform call-out on all pages (i.e. noting links to brand’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. on each social platform) = fans will know where to find you on different platforms.  Content mix: Diverse (links, polls, and questions) , rich (behind-the- scenes, exclusive interviews) content together with re-tweets to vary content.  Live Twitter/Facebook events as another form of engagement.  Personality/voice with content delivery leads to higher level of engagement.  None of brands within competitor set allow for user-generated content (UGC) on their video platforms = potential opportunity for FreshGrad content differentiation.
  18. 18. FreshGrad’s Social Media Plan
  19. 19. Goals of FreshGrad’s Social Media Strategy • Goal: 500 – 1500 likes in • Goal: 100 – 300 next 6 – 8 weeks subscribers post-launch • Goal: x5 posts/wk • Content: • Content: Questions/polls, Testimonials/interviews links (students/employers) • Goal: 300 - 600 Followers in next 6 – 8 weeks • Goal: Content; behind the • Goal: 2- 3 tweets/day scenes, events, start-up • Content: similar to FB, Re- diary tweets, Replies • Secondary channel, content used on other channels • Goal: 50 – 100 Followers in next 6 – 8 weeks • Goal: 2- 3 updates/week • Content: similar to FB
  20. 20. FreshGrad’s Social Media Plan - Details
  21. 21. Role of Core Channels• Awareness • Engagement • Awareness • Awareness• Engagement • Build relationships • Engagement • Credibility• Re-engagement with key • Builds education• Answering student influencers • Distributing video inquiries • Dialogue with fans, content sharing content and imagery
  22. 22. Channel Framework: Facebook • Drive awareness & activation • Develop community for long-term engagement. OBJECTIVES • Leverage the community to drive online conversations around Fresh Grad and create advocates. • Content strategy: Write posts that increase engagement and interaction, i.e. behind the scenes, questions. • Timing: Post at either 3pm or 11am EST- peak rates in FB conversations¹ • Minimize copy to <90 characters for bite-sized, digestible content. TACTICS • Ads: highly effective way to reach and convert Friends of fans. • CRM: create Fresh Grad ambassadors: evangelists who (1) encourage their network to join the fan page, and (2) voluntarily respond to other‟s posts. • Engagement: tracking sign-ups by school, incentivizing students, and inciting competition across schools.¹
  23. 23. Channel Framework: Twitter • Enables real-time updates on the company. • Enables Fresh Grad to interact with key influencers by OBJECTIVES sharing product updates, press mentions and industry insights. • Monitor conversations on Twitter about jobs and related topics, and respond to key questions (like Wholefoods and Starbucks do). TACTICS • Live Twitter event with key influencers that have strong Twitter followings (2000+ followers) • Exclusive content, i.e. teaser shots to new features • Include Twitter tab on Facebook
  24. 24. Channel Framework: LinkedIn • Establish Brand Credibility: See who is behind FreshGrad, OBJECTIVES provide links to press mentions, links to strongest brand content, without focus on engagement • Update channel with all press mentions for FreshGrad, TACTICS focus on high quality brand content to link to
  25. 25. Opportunities for Later Growth and Expansion Google+  Exponential growth since launch, outpacing any other social network site with a current reach of 65MM global visitors¹.  Higher growth acceleration on Google+ than any other platform²  Advantages for FreshGrad: integration to Google search, Google +1, Circles, Google Apps/Tools, YouTube, Google Maps.  Need to address content strategy at later stage. Instagram  One of the fastest-growing apps with 27MM users and 150MM photos³.  Benefits: increase sense of community amongst users, more about being personable and sharing “behind FreshGrad” imagery  Need to address content strategy at later stage.¹ Custom Analytics, comScore, July 2011² It’s a Social World, comScore, December 2011³ December 9th, 2011
  26. 26. Opportunities for Growth and Expansion (continued) Pinterest  Social image-bookmarking site also seeing high traction in traffic and received 11MM visitors in December, a 4,000% increase since June 2011, where the site saw 275k visitors.  Alternative to search for user discovery.  Currently, limited competitive presence, traffic to FreshGrad from Pinterest, new platform to pioneer amongst competitive set.  Need to address content strategy at later stage.
  27. 27. Next Actions
  28. 28. Next Actions Agree on social media strategy Discuss proposed tactics for each platform  Agree on editorial process (see Appendix #4) Discuss and agree on later stage platforms Implications  Resources (cost & bandwidth)  Process  Content & Management Strategy
  29. 29. Appendix
  30. 30. Appendix #1: Shift in Social Media HabitsSource: Media Matrix Worldwide, comScore, October 2011 vs. July 2010
  31. 31. Appendix #2: Growth in Social Media SitesSource: Media Matrix Worldwide, comScore, October 2011 vs. October 2010
  32. 32. Appendix #3: Highest Engagement RatesSource: Media Matrix Worldwide, comScore, October 2011 vs. July 2010
  33. 33. Appendix #4: Editorial Calendar 1.Thematic Calendar 2.Monthly Calendar MONTH THEME CHANNEL EDITORIAL CONTENT FOCUS FacebookMarch /Twitter: YouTube: FacebookApril /Twitter: YouTube: FacebookMay /Twitter: YouTube: FacebookJune /Twitter: YouTube: FacebookJuly /Twitter: YouTube: FacebookAugust /Twitter: YouTube: Twitter and Facebook Content Communication Monthly Calendar DATE XXXX 3.Copy Calendar DATE OF POST MEDIA CATEGORY URL COPY (FB or Twitter) .
  34. 34. Appendix #5: Growth of Social Networking LeadersSource: Custom Analytics, comScore, July 2011