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OnlineUSA Magazine No. 5, December 2011

  1. 1. onlineUSA No. 5 - December 2011 Pennsylvania • California • Texas • Dominican RepublicCEO Message Sharing technology and know-how Page 2Division Expertise B. Braun takes the lead with needleless connectors Pages 8–10Did You Know? Recognition and new health center Page 11ExpertiseExpertise Design Options® shows customization ability Pages 12–13Community B. Braun associates give their time, energy Page 14 Unstuck:Achievements Promotions and Milestones Introcan Safety®and the promise of passive IV safety devices Pages 15-20 B. Braun shows commitment to healthcare worker safety with innovative products and training. è See the complete story on pages 4-7.
  2. 2. EDITORIAL Letter from Caroll H. Neubauer The poet and scholar Mark Van Doren once said, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” B. Braun’s commitment to Sharing Expertise keeps us aligned with that reality every working day. The technology and know-how we share with customers and other medical professionals help them discover ways to work safer and more efficiently. We recognize that fully informing and supporting our partners are indispensable requirements. This issue of onlineUSA spotlights some notable examples. There’s the brilliantly engineered Introcan Safety® passive IV catheter that limits needlestick injuries at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island (page 5) and hundreds of other facilities nationwide. There’s the widespread use of our needleless connector technology (page 8). And there’s the powerful understanding of clinical needs behind the Design Options® program, helping our customers control costs and deliver exceptional care with exactly the IV administration sets they require (page 12). In each of these cases, our guiding principle has been essential. Sharing Expertise makes our technological advancements even more valuable to the medical community. Our approach is a blueprint for business success. We’d like to hear from you. Let us know what you think about this publication or future topics. Please email us at Caroll H. Neubauer Chairman & CEO onlineUSA is published quarterly for the employees of B. Braun Medical Inc. Editorial Director Susan Denby Coordinator Deb Reichl Editorial Board Susan Denby (Chair) Sam Amory Tom Black Ed Brock Chris Donigan Pete Klaes Bob Panick LET’S HEAR IT! Scott Quilty Felipe Sandoval Do you have a comment about this issue of onlineUSA? Or an idea for an upcoming Eric Steen issue? Or a story that you want to share? Let us know. After all, this magazine Editorial and is about you and your B. Braun colleagues. Please send us a note at Design Services Spark and we will make sure your idea is considered by our editorial team. This magazine is also available on Thank you for reading and contributing. ShareNet! (At Work - Departments - Susan Denby Corporate Communications - B. Braun Magazines and Newsletters) Affirmative action – equal opportunity employer ©2011 B. Braun Medical Inc. Bethlehem, PA. All rights reserved. On the cover: The Introcan Safety® IV Catheter features automatic needlestick protection, which is several times safer than nonpassive devices.2 onlineUSA December 2011
  3. 3. INSIGHTSThe confidence a name inspires { } More than once, B. Braun employees have described the “ will always know your family is in the best relief of seeing our products at the hands when they are using a B. Braun product.” bedsides of ailing loved ones. It’s hardly surprising, Holly Baldwin considering the cause of the pain remained elusive. Laurie fears about this hospital were our associates have in the vital had been put on a feeding tube and her If the hospital cared enough to buy thethings we make. Here’s another of condition was quickly deteriorating.” best, then this was the right place forthese recollections, this one from Holly her to be. And it was. They found the Concerned about the caliber of theBaldwin, IT Validation Analyst at our underlying issue and after abdominal facility where her sister was beingBethlehem location: surgery she was fine. “ treated, Holly got on the next plane to“Back in 2006, I received a call from West Virginia. “As I ran into her room,” Holly uses this story in her training dutiesmy brother-in-law in West Virginia. My she said. “I was stopped dead in my here and at conferences. “If you do yoursister had been hospitalized with severe tracks and breathed a sigh of utter relief. job,” she says, “you will always know yourstomach pains. Several MRIs and other My sister was on IVs that were dispensed family is in the best hands when they arelab tests had been performed, but the by a B. Braun IV pump. I knew that all my using a B. Braun product.”Infused with hope Donna Jo Molnar, Senior Buyer/ said. “It was difficult knowing she was and not only because of the parent-child Planner for the Duplex® Business 3,000 miles away in a hospital when I bond between them. Donna Jo learned Unit in Irvine had a more recent couldn’t be there.” that “she was thinking of me because but decidedly similar experience. everything surrounding her was labeled On her mother’s third day in the hospital, B. Braun.” In this case, the mother felt“My mother was in the hospital a few when medications were restoring secure while her daughter understoodmonths ago with severe back and consciousness and coherence, the two that her attentive work in purchasingintestinal ailments that were causing were able to talk on the phone. Donna Jo was ultimately helping with the caremany other medical issues,” Donna Jo was very much on her mother’s mind – of her mother. onlineUSA December 2011 3
  4. 4. FOCUS Unstuck: Introcan Safety® and the promise of passive IV safety devices4 onlineUSA December 2011
  5. 5. Like every medical Passive protection at Memorial Before selecting Introcan Safety, Memorial Hospital evaluated center in the United several safety catheter options, carefully addressing considerations such as ease of insertion and threading. Eventually three States, Memorial manufacturers – including B. Braun – were invited to take part in clinical trials. Staff members on all shifts used the products, Hospital of Rhode Island guided by teams from the manufacturers. in Pawtucket confronts Afterward, decision-makers discussed the trial and selected Introcan Safety. A training period followed, with a special focus daily concerns about on “superusers,” staff members who handle IV catheters most often. These internal experts have since become staff trainers and needlestick injuries troubleshooters for the product. “Introcan Safety has a much sharper needle, which means there’s (NSI). And like many a certain learning curve,” Ms. Giampietro said. “Once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’re comfortable with it. The new graduate hospitals, Memorial nurses adapt to it quickly.” Today, Introcan Safety is employed at Memorial and virtually works to limit these eliminates the chance for an NSI every time an IV is started. “The clinical staff considers this easy to use,” Ms. Giampietro serious occurrences said. “Many of our units use lots of IV catheters – MRI, anesthesia, emergency room, the endoscopy unit, med surg units, and maternity. through the use of We needed something that was readily accepted by the clinical nurses on the floor.” medical devices with The challenges remain effective safety features. Despite the protection offered by passive safety technologies, challenges continue in maintaining clinical workplace safety. B. Braun’s commitment in this field has been unwavering. The commitment has been expressed through technological advancement, particularly in the development of Introcan Safety and needlefree devices. It’s been carried forward through the training of our own people and clinical staffs in many locations.This protection is vitally important in the lives of medical And it’s been sustained through our dedication to promotingcaregivers. For example, IV catheters with effective safety awareness on the subject.features are proven to reduce needlestick injury rates amongclinical workers with passive protection devices shown to be the Though much remains to be done, B. Braun’s leadership in thismost effective option. (Passive protection devices have safety work has paid off. Today we are the fastest-growing medicalfeatures that function automatically, without special activation device company focused on infusion therapy, and consistentby the worker.) dedication to safety is no doubt part of the reason. More important, the evidence is clear that passive safety-engineeredMemorial Hospital opted two years ago for the passive protection devices (SEDs) offer the best NSI protection.built into B. Braun’s Introcan Safety® IV catheter. Since then, thestaff has deployed Introcan devices with success and confidence,expressing general satisfaction with the devices’ safety and Achieving lower injury ratesperformance. “People like this device,” said Donna Giampietro, The critical need to safeguard healthcare workers against NSIsR.N., B.S.N., Coordinator of Professional Development at the has been recognized for years. More than a decade has passed294-bed facility. since it was codified in the federal Needlestick Safety and onlineUSA December 2011 5
  6. 6. FOCUSPrevention Act (NSPA). Even so, too many injuries continue to “Introcan Safety is small and maneuverable,” said Derek Heald,happen, often accompanied by serious risk of infection to the B. Braun Infusion Therapy Specialist. “That means it’s great forclinical worker involved. pediatric patients, a population that tends to be more difficult in attaining venous access. It’s also great when clinicians areDr. John Howard, Director of the National Institute for working with the elderly. Even if someone’s not as cooperative asOccupational Safety and Health, addressed a conference on the you might hope, the clinical user is always protected.” Good as thesubject last year at the University of Virginia’s International product is, successful implementation demands expert training,Healthcare Worker Safety Center. The center’s director, Janine too. JoAnne Wetherbee, Vascular Access Specialist, is one of theJagger, Ph.D., has devoted much of her career to the issue. She B. Braun associates at the heart of that effort.affirms that devices with effective safety features reduce theincidence of needlestick injury. “A passive device is good because JoAnne, a specialist RN, travels to hospitals that are consideringit shields the needle without the healthcare worker needing to conversion to Introcan Safety, setting up trials, coaching cliniciansthink about this,” she said. with the ultimate goal of converting the facility to Introcan Safety IV Catheter. “They welcome passive safety for the most part,” sheDr. Howard greeted the assembled experts at the UVA conference said. “Nobody wants to get stuck with a dirty needle – that’s howwith a tough question: “Have we achieved all that we need to diseases like HIV and hepatitis B and C are transmitted.” To helpin order to protect healthcare workers from exposure to sharpsinjuries?” His equally provocative assertion: “I don’t think so.”Dr. Howard cited prevention through product design as one ofthe needs in improving that performance.Lynn Hadaway, MEd, RN, BC, CRNI and principal of Lynn HadawayAssociates, is an expert in infusion therapy and vascular access.She says healthcare worker safety “has fallen off the collectiveradar screen.” In an interview in last November’s Infection ControlToday, Ms. Hadaway said passive safety designs “do reduce thenumber of injuries.”She discussed in that interview a landmark health study byGERES – the acronym of a distinguished French research group.It was conducted in 61 hospitals in France between January2005 and December 2006. The study evaluated the frequencyof needlestick injuries from different types of SEDs. In this itdiffered from previous studies that merely compared non-safetyto safety devices.More than 22 million SEDs were purchased during the studyperiod, and 453 needlestick injuries related to their use were make certain the conversion goes smoothly, a B. Braun “I-Team”documented. Fully automatic passive devices were associated – each member a skilled nurse-educator – spends a week on site.with the lowest rate of injury. In fact, within the peripheral IV They’re present or on call 24-7 throughout that period. B. Brauncatheter category, passive safety technology was shown to be two personnel also conduct related services, including visits thattimes better than active, semi-automatic push-button technology, continue for nine months to a year. They answer questions, trainand three times better than manually sliding shield technology at new nurses who weren’t around for the initial training, reinforcepreventing NSIs. training if necessary among staff who have already received it, and generally troubleshoot if any issues have arisen.The Introcan Safety approach to passive protection Actively sharing the passive safety storyB. Braun’s Introcan Safety® IV Catheter incorporates innovative Many firms and organizations have joined in the effort to educatepassive-safety features. It all but eliminates accidental clinicians on products and practices that help avoid needlestickneedlesticks. At every stage of its use, it protects the clinicians injuries. The American Nurses Association (ANA), for instance,who handle it. Protections are activated automatically, so they provides videos, fact sheets, brochures, continuing educationcan’t be ignored or bypassed. B. Braun worked with clinical materials and prevention guides, all of them available at theexperts to develop Introcan Safety, and that’s reflected in the ANA website.superb protection the device delivers safety.6 onlineUSA December 2011
  7. 7. New study reviews ways to reduce riskB. Braun is likewise committed to spreading the word on IV Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI, conducted a systematiccatheter safety, and on the protection that passive safety devices literature review of more than 568 articles representingoffer. At the Introcan Safety section of the B. Braun website, research in more than 30 countries to identify the risk, clinicians can request helpful healthcare workers (HCW) associated with the insertion ofposters spelling out practices that prevent accidental needlesticks. short peripheral IV catheters.Our professionals address the subject at seminars and conferencesfar and wide, and they share priceless expertise in many clinical The study paid close attention to the two primary causes ofsettings. At our online Video Library, programs are available that occupational risk: percutaneous exposures (PCE), in whichdescribe the GERES study and explain how the Introcan Safety a contaminated sharp device punctures the HCW’s tissue,IV catheter works. Product information is available through our and mucocutaneous exposure (MCE), in which blood orsales force and online. The website’s Reference Library section blood-containing body fluid comes in direct contact withprovides abstracts and detailed reports on subjects related to the HCW. According to the study, the diseases of greatestsharps protection. concern in regard to PCE and MCE are HIV and hepatitisThe B. Braun website, conduit for so much information, represents B and C.a resource of great value in helping the clinician communityeducate and protect itself. “Awareness is a very important part In the report, Ms. Hadaway maps out the best preventativeof this issue,” Ms. Jagger said. “B. Braun is doing a really good job measures against PCE and MCE, advising healthcareof that – I’m impressed by their contribution to it.” professionals to: • Apply Standard Precautions, in which all blood, body fluid, secretions, excretions (except sweat), nonintact skin and mucous membranes are accepted as potential carriers of infectious agents, to all patients in all healthcare settings. • Adopt safety-engineered devices, particularly those with a passive safety mechanism – for example, B. Braun’s Introcan Safety® IV Catheter – in which no action by the HCW is required for the safety mechanism to engage the needle. • Properly document all exposures, which will result in correct post-exposure monitoring and appropriate post-exposure treatment. • Use personal protective equipment including gloves in all venipuncture procedures and masks, goggles or face shields to prevent blood splashes when appropriate. Ultimately, the study demonstrates that while safety- engineered catheters have successfully reduced PCE, there must continue to be efforts to further reduce PCE. Additionally, the study determined that more details of how and when MCE occurs with short peripheral catheters are needed. (Page 6): With the Introcan Safety IV Catheter, a metal shield automatically covers the needletip after removal from the patient, dramatically limiting the chance of an inadvertent needlestick. (Left): A close-up view of the patented clip configuration. onlineUSA December 2011 7
  8. 8. DIVISION EXPERTISE Needleless connectors show B. Braun’s continuing commitment to healthcare worker safety Years before there was a federal Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act, B. Braun was a leader and innovator in the effort to control and minimize needle risk to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. Our commitment drove our work to improve needleless connectors, and led to the development of today’s Center of Excellence for these products.Important as safe products are, B. Braun has always recognized that introduced in the late ‘80s, providing access to IV lines without theit’s essential to back the concept with resources. “Developing a Center use of needles, and thus improving safety for healthcare workers.of Excellence for needleless connectors is about staying on top of Later, B. Braun developed and marketed the ULTRASITE® caplessthe industry in many ways,” said Steve Weber, Product Director for luer access device. ULTRASITE is a needleless connector thatNeedle-free IV Systems. “It’s also about identifying and using new incorporates a feature called “positive displacement,” which helpsor developing technologies, understanding user requirements, and prevent catheter occlusion – obstructions resulting from bloodreinforcing appropriate product/clinician interaction.” clotting in the catheter. The federal statute mentioned at the start of this story – theAdvances starting in the ‘80s Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act, signed into law onThe history of B. Braun’s involvement in the development of November 6, 2000 – underscored the legal requirement to protectneedleless connectors reaches back decades. It became important healthcare workers. Meanwhile, continued concerns aboutto replace an old technology, the rubber stoppled injection site, with catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI) drove furtherone more appropriate to an era in which AIDS made needle sticks developments. The use of silver in the ULTRASITE Ag, for example,a serious threat. The needle-free SAFSITE® valve connector was took advantage of the anti-bacterial properties of the metal.8 onlineUSA December 2011
  9. 9. CARESITE®: the next generation in needleless care Building a comprehensive Center of ExcellenceThe result of continued evolution in our needleless IV administration “While we’ve been improving our products,” Steve said, “We’ve ®products is CARESITE, which incorporates several important features also been educating the marketplace about their proper use –andthat make needleless connectors still better. CARESITE connectors, especially about bacteria issues.” Among the initiatives that havewhich can be thoroughly flushed and disinfected, include: helped advance these efforts are B. Braun’s “Vein Starts Here” and poster programs.• A clear outside housing which enables clinicians to visually assess that a proper flush has taken place B. Braun managers and executives share their expertise directly in speaking engagements to audiences who have a critical• A smooth top surface that contributes to ease of disinfection interest in caregiver safety. As an example, Steve spoke last year• An open fluid path inside the CARESITE with no fluid entrapment to a conference of the Infusion Nurses Society about needleless areas where bacteria might accumulate connectors – and found an intensely interested audience.• An ergonomic design – created with input from clinicians – for ease of use• Easy connection to syringes with luer-slip compatibility• An aesthetically appealing, relatively small valve• Metal-free construction, which eliminates any possible introduction of metal artifactsSignificant as always in the creation and delivery of this producthas been the research and development phase – and the majorautomation element involved in manufacturing.With more than 200 patents in existence for similar products, saidJohn Grimm, Director of R&D for Medical Devices, the intellectualproperty component of this work was especially challenging. Athird-party “right to use” document demonstrated B. Braun’s duediligence in checking that its designs did not infringe on existingpatents. That was one of the major process hurdles; another was The needleless CARESITE connector incorporates severalthe preparation of the 510(k) submittal for the Food and Drug safety features to protect patients and caregivers.Administration, providing a claim for FDA review that the productis substantially equivalent. Sales training is yet another critical element in B. Braun’s leadership. Fundamental education on CRBSI is necessary forAutomation in the manufacturing phase has been essential our staff to acquire the knowledge needed to properly serve ourin establishing, as Director of Purchased Finished Goods Mike customers. Several training modules have already been carried out.Bartholomew says, “a robust and repeatable process.” Thatprocess contains internal checks and a strong statistical process Other informational support for the benefit of our customerscontrol (SPC) component to rapidly identify any variation outside includes a product video, pocket cards, and in-service training andupper and lower control limits. “Among other things, automation materials. Creating a Center of Excellence demands no less thangives immediate feedback if things go wrong,” Mike said. “The all these elements. “We’ve worked to streamline our processes,expectation among customers nowadays is 100-percent good become more responsive and better meet clinicians’ needs,” Steveproduct. Our reliability and repeatability mean a lot to them – said. “When you pursue a Center of Excellence, you must take acost is not as important as quality and safety.” comprehensive view of the industry and act accordingly.” The ergonomic design of the CARESITE connector was developed with input from clinicians to simplify use. onlineUSA December 2011 9
  10. 10. DIVISION EXPERTISE What is a Center of Excellence? The preceding article references a “Center of Excellence” at B. Braun for needleless connectors. What is a Center of Excellence and what does it mean for B. Braun and its customers? Here are two viewpoints. An Operations Perspective Communicating Excellence Frank Katona, Chief Operating A “Center of Excellence” is Officer, sees something more than a physical place. remarkable in B. Braun’s work Steve Weber explains that the – something that separates creation of a true center our devices from most of excellence includes many other products. elements in the design, manufacture and marketing “At one level, we’re really of a product line. In addition making small plastic widgets,” to everything explained in the he explained. ”But when you story on pages 8-9, he cites see how critical their function such programs as Design is, you understand we’re doing Options® (pages 12-13), and the search for customer something really cool.” champions willing to be identified with success stories. “Our job involves taking a straightforward thing and applying One essential element is the communication surrounding a it very specifically, with tight tolerances. It has to work 100 product like the CARESITE® needleless connector. While many percent of the time. It has to be sterilizable, so it has to work would assume it’s solely a marketing function, it is also when it’s heated or exposed to gas – and these are things connected with crucial matters of clinician and patient safety. that can make plastics fall apart. We can’t use any glue that might come off.” As part of a broad campaign to address infection issues, B. Braun instituted its “Vein Starts Here” campaign. The Creating a “Center of Excellence” is essential to B. Braun’s communications form a significant part of our Center of business success – and the nature of our products means that Excellence work. “To prepare this,” Steve said, “we engaged a lot is at stake. “If someone gets a bad light bulb,” Frank opinion leaders and leading industry groups, including INS said, “they’re not happy, but they take it back to where they (Infusion Nurses Society), APIC (Association of Professionals bought it and get a good one.” in Infection Control) and AVA (Association for Vascular Access). We worked with them to develop our posters and “For us, the implications are so much greater. You have to other materials.” make it right, so it works every time, and still have a business. That’s the challenge.” B. Braun’s communications address correct disinfection techniques and other aspects of the proper use of CARESITE connectors. Continuing work of this kind helps ensure that the pursuit of excellence extends to how our products are used, too.10 onlineUSA December 2011
  11. 11. EXPERTISE Design Options®: Custom IV sets in short order The days of Henry Ford telling customers they could have their car in “any color – so long as it’s black,” are distant. Today, we expect products to be available in a variety of colors, sizes and configurations. (For example, you can now buy 23 different styles of iPods.) The ability to customize a product has entered our business. In fact, in the medical field it counts for still more – it’s a decisive part of controlling costs and delivering the best possible care. Design Options is a B. Braun program that creates intravenous (IV) administration sets customized to user requirements. What’s more, the program has dramatically sharpened responsiveness to the customer. Wait time for first-article delivery has been cut from more than 20 weeks to fewer than eight weeks.12 onlineUSA December 2011
  12. 12. ACHIEVEMENTS PROMOTIONS SEPTEMBER 2010 to JUNE 2011AesculapJeremy Adler Senior Surgical Sales Representative Robert Hornak Senior Technical AnalystNathan Arbogast Repair Technician II Mark Kuckuck Convention & Workshop Coordinator IISeth Arentsen Surgical Sales Representative Yeshe Lama Senior Trainer/Associate Field ConsultantPeggy Bainbridge Manager, Controlling & Planning Ryan Mancini Product Manager, SurgicalRance Barham Surgical Training Manager Anthony Maslowski Senior Product ManagerClaudia Bohnsack Clinical Applications Specialist Julie McCormick National Sales DirectorMatthew Brunnworth Quality Assurance Technician Andrew Merkle Senior Neurosurgical Sales RepresentativeKelly Burke Associate Product Manager II Tyrone Morant Repair Technician IIChristopher Cook Surgical Sales Representative James Morris Neurosurgical SpecialistDenise Cyr Associate Director, Aesculap Academy John Nixon Prototype MachinistAndrew Dauster Senior Design Engineer Edward Nuber Senior Product ManagerJonathan Davis Senior Surgical Sales Representative Anthony Periandri Regional Sales DirectorCatherine Dawson Associate Director, Clinical Affairs Kathy Racosky Senior Regulatory Affairs SpecialistAndrew Dickherber Surgical Sales Representative J. Schrader Senior Product ManagerBrian Dukate National Sales Director Alan Stout Senior Product ManagerChristian Gabriel VP - Orthopaedic Marketing Frumencio Torres National Sales DirectorColleen Gallagher Senior HR Representative Paul Underwood Coordinator, SetWorld Instrument ProjectsAdrian Gardner Repair Technician II Sally Wagner Senior Planner, MeetingsWayne Gonsoulin Senior Neurosurgical Sales Representative James Wilson Senior Surgical Sales RepresentativeTroy Harris Spine Specialist Kyra Yerger Senior Graphic DesignerSibylle Haupert Senior Neurosurgical Sales Representative John Young Supervisor, Order FulfillmentDicia Heckman Senior Contracts SpecialistB. BraunMarcial Adorno Jr. Engineer Amber F. Hull Critical Care Specialist IIMayra G. Andrade CAPS QC Coordinator Eric A. Hunter Craftsperson - MoldmakerNathan I. Arbogast Repair Technician II Cheryl Ann Jason Vascular Prod. Specialist - Cath LabRance L. Barham Training Manager - Surgical Kathleen Jones Sr. Infusion Therapy SpecialistTesfay D. Beyene Electro-Mech. Technician II - Ind. David S. Kaluzna Infusion Systems Specialist IIClaudia A. Bohnsack Clinical Applications Spec. Rita J. Kappauf Financial Assistant IIIAllison R. Boyd Benefits & System Administrator David J. Karoly Technician - Material HandlerMeribeth Brashier Sr. Infusion Therapy Spec. Patricia D. Kelhart Supply Chain Planner IRegina M. Brown Buyer I Eric T. Kemmerer Staff EngineerRichard Scott Bruning Critical Care Spec. II Amber K. Kingston Director, BIS Mktg & Admin.Matthew E. Brunnworth Quality Assurance Technician Synetta Kinsey Packaging/Labeling Assoc.Kelly L. Burke Associate Product Manager II Mark A. Kuckuck Convention & Workshop Crd IIRosemarie Burtner Manager, Chargebacks William J. Kulp Craftsperson - Mfg. MaintenanceJoan E. Carl Supervisor, Chargebacks John M. LaFratta Corp Sales Training Spec. IICindy Ms. Chhoa IQC Lead Yeshe Y. Lama Sr. Trainer/Assoc. Fld. Conslt.Raymond M. Clauson Sr. Critical Care Spec. Diane Lee Lance Receptionist/SwitchboardChristopher Alen Cook Craftsperson - BU Jaime Lopez Tray Loader/UnloaderKathleen F. Cosgrove Sr. Legal Coordinator John F. Love Corp. VP, R&D/Reg. & Clinical AffairsEileen Cueva Staffing Specialist Michael A. Lutte Craftsperson - Mfg. MaintenanceDenise Cyr Associate Director Bradley L. Magee Warehouse Assoc. - DistributionAndrew J. Dauster Sr. Design Engineer Edmund Makowe Jr Craftsperson - Mfg. MaintenanceCatherine Dawson Associate Director Ryan Dunn Mancini Product ManagerElizabeth Ann Docherty Regulatory Affairs Spec. - SR Manuel Martinez Tray Loader/UnloaderErnest C. Domingo F/F/S Operator I Christopher D. Mccandless Warehouse Associate - MarconJoshua Daniel Drew Vascular Prod. Spec. - Cath Lab Paul T. McCarthy Pharmacy Systems Spec. IIBrian S. Dukate Director, National Sales Julie Y. McCormick Director, National SalesJohn David Dunlop Infusion Therapy Spec. II Kevin E. Minnich Manager, Knowledge & ProcessEric John Erickson Director, I Business Unit Frank J. Mirarchi Craftsperson - MoldmakerChristopher Escobales Craftsperson - Facilities Brian J. Monahan Craftsperson - Mfg. MaintenanceAnthony W. Facinelli Craftsperson - Facilities Tyrone Morant Repair Technician IICasey J. Fregoe Mgr., Engineering Scott A. Moyer Project EngineerColleen M. Gallagher Sr. HR Representative Tamara T. Murden Supv., Customer ServiceJavier Garcia Aseptic Technician Constance Lynn Murray Director, Clinincal Educ./Sales TrainingMarieve Gervais Medical Product Specialist II Tama A. Nederostek Technician - Production AideAdriana Gomez Hdhw. - II Attendant Xuan Thang Nguyen Facilities Specialist II - CAPDaniel K. Grammes Warehouse Assoc. - Distribution John E. Nixon MachinistJohn A. Griffin Supervisor, Bids Antonio D. Olea Aseptic Operator IMathew David Groller Technician - Material Handler Kevin F. O’Neill Vascular Prod. Specialist - Cath. Lab.Lukas Grosz Process Technician II Jennifer Lynn O’Reilly Region ManagerWilliam E. Grube Craftsperson - Moldmaker Sandra Lee Osmun Manager II, EngineeringMisely Judith Gutierrez Distribution Coordinator I Jonathan Pedroza Tray Loader/UnloaderCharles Harlacher Jr Contract Specialist Angelica Perez-Gutherman Mgr. I, Int’l. Customer ServiceCheryl Lynn Hazlett Admin. Assistant II (General) Anthony P. Periandri Director, Regional SalesDicia A. Heckman Sr. Contracts Specialist Jamal Saleem Perkins Material Handler IIIKarin Hoffman Manager, Supply Chain Natasha Nadine Pollard Technician - PrinterShannon C. Hoyt Technician - Extrusion Tina Thuy Tran Pronk Sr. Cost Accountant onlineUSA December 2011 15
  13. 13. ACHIEVEMENTSB. Braun Promotions continuedKathy A. Racosky Regulatory Affairs Specialist Marcello Soler Technician - MachineRichard J. Ruelle Engineering Technician. II Dawn A. Tichelaar Project EngineerJose L. Ruiz Flores Material Handler II Frumencio J. Torres Director, National SalesDerek Gerard Schultz Craftsperson - BU Paul E. Underwood Coordinator, SetWorld Inst. Pr.Kim L. Shanaberger Buyer I Sally A. Wagner Sr. Planner, MeetingsLawrence E. Shaver Staff Engineer Daniel Scott Wennerberg Machinist IIJeffrey David Silfies Technician - Machine Barbara C. Wikberg Technician - MachineMichael F. Sisson Craftsperson - Moldmaker Mark J. Wynkoop Craftsperson - MoldmakerPatricia Ann Smith Mgr., Regulatory Affairs PA Kyra D. Yerger Sr. Graphic DesignerKimberly A. Smith Regulatory Affairs Specialist Thomas Anthony Zettlemoyer Technician - MachineCAPSChristopher J. Adis Sr. Pharmacist Mitesh Suresh Madviya IV Technician IShady Nashnat Attia CAPS Assoc. Computer Technician Shavon N. Miller IV Technician IIKacie A. Brinker HR Coordinator Priscilla Navarro IV Technician IErika L. Butler Associate Product Manager Eduardo L. Ortiz IV Technician IPavel Chernikov Pharmacy Clerk Jayryan A. Paiso Lead IV TechnicianTravis J. Clark Staff Pharmacist Malis Chan Phonyothy IV Technician IIDaryl Bernard Collins IV Technician II Rolando Ramos Lead IV TechnicianNatasha A. Collins Lead IV Technician Kelly C. Stevens Director of PharmacyNicholas Hathaway IV Technician II Karen I. Torres Irizarry IV Technician IIRobert J. Kelly IV Technician I MILESTONES SEPTEMBER 2010 to JUNE 2011 Joseph “Chuck” Edgardo Sandoval reisinger 40 years of service 40 years of service Irvine facility Irvine facilityB. BrAuN u.S. Mary Martin Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown40 Years Debra Marushak Technician – Mold, AllentownJoseph Reisinger Craftsperson - Plant Systems, Irvine Lori Mihalik Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownEdgardo Sandoval Manager, Manufacturing I, Irvine Judith Morris QC Inspector, Allentown35 Years Tien Nguyen Production Clerk, IrvinePatricia Baquir QA/QC/BTC Lead Associate, Irvine Robert Panick Director, Marketing Channels, CorporateZahida Beg QA/QC/BTC Lead Associate, Irvine Robert Patton Sr. Engineering Specialist, IrvineCecilia Cabaysa Documentation Asst., Irvine Diane Pillar Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownZenaida Chacon Inspector, Irvine Cresencia Reyes QA/QC/BTC Associate IV, IrvineCharles Cox Lead Craftsperson III – BU, Irvine Francisco Saldana Duplex Film Slitter Operator, IrvineAlfredo Flores Sr. Whse. Wrkr.-Quar/Rec/Strs, Irvine Juliet Santos QA/QC/BTC Associate III, IrvineAlfonso Garcia Central Plant Op. II, Irvine Karen Schnabel Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownMaria Giambilis Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Michele Seaton Materials Coordinator RTD, CorporateBernadette Ibrahim Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Joseph Semler Technician “A”, AllentownBarbara Kiprislis Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Dorothy Smith Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownSandra Lees Buyer II, Allentown Steven Smith Principal Development Engineer, IrvineKathleen Locher Detail Scheduler, Allentown Kathleen Transue Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownKimly Nguyen Duplex Finishing Line Operator, Irvine William Weber Lead Craftsperson III – PS, IrvineJorge Picos Sr. Whse. Wrkr.-Quar/Rec/Strs, Irvine Lisa Westgate Warehouse Assoc. – Distribution, BreinigsvilleLorenzo Ramirez Checker – Distribution, Irvine Lynn Wirth National Sales Manager, CorporateNancy Schwartz Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Sharon Yandrisovitz Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownAn Thai Warehouse Lead, Irvine 25 YearsJohn Valencia Craftsperson - Plant Systems, Irvine Joel Bartholomew Manager II, Engineering, AllentownEftihia Valianatos Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Sandra Cardin Asc. Coordinator, Irvine30 Years John Carman Sr. Ambulatory Care Specialist, Field SalesDeborah Arner Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Rosalie Christopher Sr. QC Inspector, AllentownJorge-Antonio Barba Mach. Attd. – Pallet, Irvine Gerardo Gonzalez Manager, Business Systems, IrvineJoe Barrera Lead Craftsperson III – PS, Irvine Gustave Griffith Molding Coordinator, AllentownDavid Bieber Craftsperson – Automation, Allentown Timothy Harakal Supervisor II, Manufacturing, AllentownVioleta Domingo QA/QC/BTC Associate IV, Irvine Marlene Hulberg-O’Tousa Sr. Ambulatory Care Specialist, Field SalesTheresa Fashion Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Jose Jucaban Jr. Group Leader QA/QC, IrvineLourdes Ferrer QA/QC/BTC Lead Associate, Irvine Maria Maldonado Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownPatricia Filaseta Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown William Miller Jr. Director, Corporate Accounts, Field SalesHerminio Gonzalez Utility Worker - Whse., Irvine Nancy Morris Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownDavid Groller Packaging Coordinator, Allentown Susanne Nagy Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownAida Guerra Inspector/Packer, Irvine Christ Schwindenhammer Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownLinda Hoffman Technician - Production Aide, Allentown James Shanaberger Warehouse Associate – Marcon, AllentownCheryl Husted Admin. Assistant II (General), Allentown Kim Shanaberger Buyer I, AllentownDonald Johnson Manager, Storeroom & Receiving, Allentown James Sinclair Craftsperson – Moldmaker, AllentownPatricia Johnson Accounting Associate, Allentown Evelyn Sloyer Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownKaren Kingston Manager, Exhibits & Meetings, Corporate Diane Ssemanda Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownNancy Lemus F/F/S Operator I, Irvine Stephen Stancick Sterilization Operations Manager, AllentownMichael Loder Staff Engineer – SR, Allentown Tin To Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownAlberto Lopez Craftsperson - Plant Systems, Irvine Ricky Velez Shipping Coordinator, AllentownBarbra Luchetta Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown 20 YearsNor Manlapaz Craftsperson – BU, Irvine Khosro Agahi Director, I Business Unit, IrvineJeffrey Marsh Craftsperson - Mfg. Maintenance, Allentown Paciencia Alanes QA/QC/BTC Lead Associate, Irvine Vicente Alcala Craftsperson – BU, Irvine16 onlineUSA December 2011
  14. 14. 20-year Milestones continuedBarbara Bartholomew Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Karen Brown Clinical Nurse Consultant, Field SalesMichelle Blum Technician - Production Aide, Allentown Gary Collins Mgr. Engineering, IrvineJoAnne Burt Sr. General Manufactuing Associate, Allentown Lisa Cook Mgr. II, QC Chemistry/Microbiol, AllentownLuis Bustamante Ponce Mixing Technician I, Irvine Ronald Correll Technician - Material Handler, AllentownGilbert Cedillo Craftsperson - Plant Systems, Irvine Sally Davis Admin. Assistant II (General), AllentownHelen Chang Maldonado Director of Pharmacy, Clinical Serv., Field Sales Marian Delong Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownJudith Chase Accounts Payable Clerk II, Corporate Carol Dorney Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownLinda Check Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown William Ehrlacher Quality Coordinator, AllentownJosefina Duque Hdhw-II Attendant, Irvine Douglas Frace Craftsperson-Mfg. Mnt. Plast. Dir., AllentownAna Echeveste Product Handler, Irvine Glenwood Gum Mgr. III / BTC Prin. Scientist, IrvineWilliam Ehrenstrasser Technician – Sterilization, Allentown Kay Hahn Supervisor, Nurse Consultants, CorporateEdward Emery Technician – Mold, Allentown Richard Hudson Region Manager, Field SalesMaria Enriquez Mfg. Lead I, Irvine Rey Jucaban QA/QC/BTC Associate III, IrvineScott Fehnel Director, Corporate Network Services, Corporate James Keiper Jr. Director, Corporate Accounts, Field SalesSharon Foster Manager, Contracts/Finance, Corporate John Marshall EHS Specialist, AllentownAlicia Franco Aseptic Operator II, Irvine Carole Meade Electro-Mech. Technician II - Ind., CarrolltonSusan Frederick Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Diane Miller Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownSilvia Garcia Hdhw-II Attendant, Irvine Angela Moutafis Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownDomingo Gonzalez Process Technician I, Irvine Diana Nagel General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownJason Griffith Craftsperson-Mfg. Mnt. Plast. Dir., Allentown John Pavlinsky Craftsperson – Machinist, AllentownTeresa Grigorieff Executive Assistant II, Irvine Angelica Perez-Gutherman Mgr. I, Int’l. Customer Service, CorporateJoel Gross Sr. Infusion Therapy Specialist, Field Sales Marcus Piersaul Craftsperson-Mfg. Mnt. Plast. Dir., AllentownEmmitt Harris Warehouse Associate – Marcon, Allentown Gerardo Resendiz Tray Loader/Unloader, IrvineCynthia Hataway Sr. General Manufactuing Associate, Allentown Cheryl Rowe Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownLee Hippert Manager II, Engineering, Allentown Travis Rubright Technician – Mold, AllentownKathleen Holdren Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Allentown Timothy Shankweiler Technician – Mold, AllentownNancy Hyland Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Richard Skeeba Craftsperson – Machinist, AllentownFrances Keenan Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Brian Smith Shipping Coordinator, BreinigsvilleJoanne Knies Accounts Payable Clerk II, Corporate Glynis Stansfield Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownAnnette Kolleogy Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Elma Stein Electro-Mech. Assm. III - Dir., CarrolltonWilliam Laubach Warehouse Assoc. – Distribution, Breinigsville Axel Swanson I Prod. Lead I – Dallas, CarrolltonDavid Lauer QA Technician – Calibration, Allentown Pheng Tang Product Handler, IrvineMaria Lopez Product Handler, Irvine Christopher Trauger Product Manager, CorporateEva Medina Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Rachel Vitoux Director, Sales & Clinical Services, Field SalesIsabel Medina Warehouse Clerk, Allentown Lynn Waite Sr. Pharmacy Systems Specialist, Field SalesDenise Meyers Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Wendy Weighknecht Engineering Aide III, AllentownKevin Minnich Manager, Knowledge & Process, Allentown Charles Wolk Technician – Mold, AllentownJuliet Monzon Material Handler, Irvine Robert Wong Medical Product Specialist II, CorporateMargarita Olague Material Handler, Irvine Dineen Zimmer Sr. Marketing Research & Analysis, CorporateCheryl Oswald Supv. Customer Service, Allentown 10 YearsLilia Perez Process Optr. – Pic, Irvine William Abrams Critical Care Specialist II., Field SalesHue Quach Process Optr. – Pic, Irvine Tania Alercia Sales Coordinator, CorporateKeith Reichard Technician – Sterilization, Allentown Jeremy Anderson Supv. Space Technical, CarrolltonJason Rice Equipment/Safety/Train Coord., Breinigsville Alejandra Arteaga Aseptic Operator II, IrvineKathleen Richards Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Daria Baab Sr. Financial Analyst, CorporateJulie Rosario Santiago Mailroom Assistant, Corporate Dennis Badesso Sr. Financial Analyst, CorporateScott Schiffert Craftsperson-Mfg. Mnt. Plast. Dir., Allentown Cynthia Baird Zone Distribution Manager I, Field SalesJune Schlicher Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Jesus Becerra Material Handler, IrvineStephen Schweitzer Craftsperson-Mfg. Mnt. Plast. Dir., Allentown Jocelyn Bellew Int’l. Sales & Mktg. Coordinator, CorporateMary Scott-Perez Admin. Assistant II (General), Corporate Esthergrace Bragdon QA/QC/BTC Associate IV, IrvineDenise Sculley Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Sean Brock Craftsperson – Controls, AllentownSteven Shelly Craftsperson - Mfg. Maintenance, Allentown Maggie Burch Product Manager, CorporateTara Shupp Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Joan Carl Supv. Chargebacks, CorporateKathleen Stuber Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Jennifer Castagna Supv. Customer Service, AllentownSoheil Taghavi Manager, Engineering, Irvine Mercedes Centeno QA/QC/BTC Associate III, IrvineRosa Tapia Duplex Finishing Line Operator, Irvine Daljit Chaggar Staff Engineer, AllentownVictor Topete Material Handler, Irvine Esther Check Analyst I, CorporateBertha Torres Duplex Machine Operator, Irvine Anthony Clift Warehouse Associate – Marcon, AllentownRuth Vazquez Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Angela Cruz Financial Assistant III, CorporateDaniel Velez Pab Assembly Technician, Irvine Michael Delestre Technician - Material Handler, AllentownTammy Weller Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Diane Driscoll Nurse Consultant, CorporateMichael Wiggins Craftsperson – Moldmaker, Allentown Michele Flammer Infusion Systems Specialist I, Field SalesMichelle Williams Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Richard Flint QA Application Systems Specialist, IrvineTony Williams Craftsperson – BU, Irvine Ryan Flynn Mgr. Manufacturing I, IrvineBethann Wotring Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown James Frederick Financial Analyst Supervisor, CorporateMichael Zakrewski Product Director, Carrollton Charmaine Frisch Warehouse Assoc. – Distribution, BreinigsvilleAmy Zawalski Sr. Critical Care Specialist, Field Sales Denise Gaugler Customer Support Rep. II, Allentown15 Years Gary Gombocz Mfg. Main./Eng. Manager II, AllentownMarcial Adorno Jr. Engineer, Carrollton Jesus Gonzalez Product Handler, IrvineCarolyn Ammary Admin. Assistant II (General), Corporate Rebecca Harryn Market Research Analyst, CorporateVickie Armenta Electro-Mech. Assembler II, Carrollton Charmaine Helman Financial Assistant III, CorporateDuane Avery Warehouse Associate – Marcon, Allentown Stephen Herbert Staff Engineer – SR, AllentownFroylan Avina Craftsperson – BU, Irvine Jesus Hernandez Machinist II, IrvineRosann Biery Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Susan Hoffman Contract Analyst, CorporateGary Bolash Project Engineer, Allentown Rick Hollister Craftsperson – Moldmaker, AllentownCharlene Brown Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown onlineUSA December 2011 17
  15. 15. ACHIEVEMENTS10-year Milestones continuedKitti-Jo Hughes Financial Assistant III, Corporate Christopher Bosley Infusion Systems Specialist I, Field SalesAgustin Jara Craftsperson – BU, Irvine Samantha Bowers Clerk (Tax Accounting), CorporateKelly Jessie Sr. Infusion Care Specialist, Field Sales Regina Brown Buyer I, AllentownChristopher Joseph Financial Analyst II, Corporate Dung Bui Product Handler, IrvineRoger Kern Craftsperson-Mfg. Mnt. Plast Dir., Allentown Gary Busek Mfg. Lead I, IrvineSeema Kerwell Sr. Chem/Bio/Mic/Ana/QE, Irvine Robert Bush Supervisor Payroll/HRS, CorporateBrad Kite Manager, RA/QA/QC/BTC II, Irvine Lorena Camacho Product Handler, IrvineWilliam Kocher Craftsperson-Mfg. Mnt. Plast. Dir., Allentown Escarly Camarena General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownEric Kraus Infusion Systems Specialist II, Field Sales Cecilia Canizares General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownLinda Kupinski Sr. Financial Analyst, Corporate Juan Carrasquillo-Cintron Accounts Payable Clerk, CorporateShreekumar Kurup Mgr. Engineering, Irvine Marie Casarella Manager II, Corp Training & Dev., CorporateDavid Lauer Manager, EHS, Allentown Jose Casarez Jr. I.Q.C. Tech III, CarrolltonMai Le QC Tech. II, Carrollton Tracy Casari QC Inspector, AllentownAmy Lehman Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Digna Cevallos General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownAnna Lenh Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Aloyce Chissanga Detailed Scheduler, CarrolltonJoann Lenh Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Kyle Christoff Customer Support Rep. II, AllentownMatthew Lenhart Warehouse Assoc. – Distribution, Breinigsville Lloyd Cockrum Eng. Aide II – Dallas, CarrolltonKelly Lutseo Sales Administrator Analyst, Corporate Patricia Collins General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownDianne Maholick Analyst I, Corporate Glenn Conklin Jr. Infusion Therapy Specialist II, Field SalesGregory Martin Mgr. I, QA/QC/Reg. Compl., Allentown Shawn Conrad Technician – Machine, AllentownJuliet Mccarter Technician – Machine, Allentown Christopher Cook Craftsperson – BU, IrvineSusan McCully Analyst I, Corporate Josefina Cordova-Urvina Product Handler, IrvineReginald McKinnie QA/QC/BTC Associate III, Irvine Kathleen Cosgrove Sr. Legal Coordinator, CorporateMaria Mendez Aseptic Operator II, Irvine Shaynna Cox General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownRichard Mutton Technician - Material Handler, Allentown Eileen Cueva Staffing Specialist, IrvineMaria Navarro Clean Up Technician-Prod., Irvine Julio De La Rosa General Mfg. Associate Ind., AllentownRobert Nunez Buyer I, Irvine Lorena Del Rosario Belmares Product Handler, IrvineGregg Oswald Technician – Machine, Allentown Robert DelValle Craftsperson - Mfg. Maintenance, AllentownRonald Oswald Warehouse Assoc. – Distribution, Breinigsville Quy Doan Product Handler, IrvineRichardo Pantoja-Santana Warehouse Assoc. – Distribution, Breinigsville John Dunlop Infusion Therapy Specialist II, Field SalesAnnmarie Peischl Product Release Administrator, Allentown Anthony Durante Supervisor I, QC – Metrology, AllentownEarl Peterson Manager I, Engineering, Allentown Shawn Durn Customer Support Rep. II, AllentownElizabeth Petit Infusion Therapy Specialist, Field Sales Thomas Eddinger Technician – Machine, AllentownHieu Pham Chem/Bio/Mic/Ana/QE, Irvine Griselda Espinoza F/F/S Operator I, IrvineMy Pham Electronic Technician II - Ind., Carrollton Laura Estrada Product Handler, IrvineAnthony Pierfy Cost Accountant – SR, Allentown Roberto Estrella Product Handler, IrvineElisea Roche Inspector/Packer, Irvine Anthony Facinelli Craftsperson – Facilities, AllentownRachael Rodriguez EDI Assistant, Corporate Andrea Fuschetto Member of Tech. Staff III, CorporateAntonia Roth Associate Product Manager, Corporate Moshe Gabbay BPS Specialist III, AllentownRanulfo Santana Material Handler, Irvine Christopher Gadegbeku QA/QC/BTC Associate III, IrvineChristine Scheifele Sr. Market Research Analyst, Corporate Serkadis Getahun Chem/Bio/Mic/Ana/QE, IrvineRichard Semmel Craftsperson – Moldmaker, Allentown Orrin Gould Central Plant Op. III, IrvineRae Shaffer Member of Tech. Staff III, Corporate Karen Graver General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownMichael Simmons Technician – Machine, Allentown David Grube QC Inspector, AllentownWilliam Sperko Sr. Designer, Irvine Bryan Gruber Technician – Sterilization, AllentownGregory Stofanak Warehouse Associate – Marcon, Allentown Carrie Gruber General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownBarry Stopay Craftsperson - Mfg. Maintenance, Allentown Margarita Gudino de Jogwe Hdhw-II Attendant, IrvineDonna Tassie Financial Assistant III, Corporate Carla Gutierrez Admin. Support Clerk, IrvineMark Thomas Sales Specialist II – RTD, Field Sales Ruperto Gutierrez Product Handler, IrvineKenneth Thornton Critical Care Specialist II, Field Sales Jeremy Hart Intl. Sales & Mktg. Coordinator, CorporateErlinda Urquhart Product Handler, Irvine Cheryl Hazlett Admin. Assistant II (General), CorporateMonica Vasquez QA/QC/BTC Associate II, Irvine Allen Heaton Infusion Therapy Specialist, Field SalesTeresita Viloria Product Handler, Irvine Brian Heist Technician – Machine, AllentownLynne Volpe Sales Service Representative, Corporate Carmen Hernandez General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownJames Walker Technical Staff III, Irvine Jose Hernandez Steril Monitor, IrvineMaria Youwakim Sr. General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Jose Hernandez Product Handler, IrvineSusan Zammer Contract Specialist, Corporate Debra Herriman Quality Coordinator, AllentownShawn Zigmont Project Engineer, Allentown Chia Ho Sr. Staff Engineer, Irvine5 Years Lem Ho Electro-Mech Assembler I, CarrolltonE. Wanda Ace Sr. Regulatory Affairs Analyst, Allentown Patricia Hontz General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownRonojit Adyanthaya Staff Engineer – SR, Allentown Sharon Howard QC Inspector, AllentownGabriela Alvarado QC Tech. I, Carrollton Patricia Huff Technician – Machine, AllentownLuis Aragon Hdhw-II Attendant, Irvine Michael Huk Staff Engineer – SR, AllentownBruce Artz Craftsperson – Facilities, Allentown Bang Huynh Product Handler, IrvineRoy Bailey Jr. Network Administrator, Carrollton Timothy Jaindl Supervisor I, Manufacturing, AllentownSusan Ballek Nurse Consultant, Corporate Janet Janda Corporate Staffing Manager, CorporateFeliciana Baltazar Packing Quality Monitor, Irvine Louise Kalman General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownMaria Bartolo Product Handler, Irvine Kelven Katim F/F/S Operator I, IrvineEfrain Becerra Production Clerk, Irvine Eric Kemmerer Staff Engineer, AllentownThomas Beil Craftsperson - Mfg. Maintenance, Allentown Phan Keo Electro-Mech. Assembler I, CarrolltonKimberly Berkal Infusion Therapy Specialist II, Field Sales Rotha Khy Engineer, IrvineGarry Binsberger MES System Author, Allentown Aaron Krock Engineering Technician II, AllentownMelodee Bokosky General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Brian Kropf Engineering Technician II, AllentownNathan Bonar Project Manager I, Allentown Jennifer Kyriakopoulos Critical Care Specialist I, Field SalesSandra Borsetti General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Margoth Lara General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown David Le Whse. Wrkr.-Distribution, Irvine18 onlineUSA December 2011
  16. 16. 5-year Milestones continuedJames Le Group Leader QA/QC, Irvine Erin Stone Member of Technician Staff II, CorporateJulian Le Chem/Bio/Mic/Ana/QE, Irvine Elida Suarez Product Handler, IrvineLuis Leon Warehouse Associate – Marcon, Allentown Kevin Taby QC Inspector, AllentownWilliam Lindahl Mgr. Engineering, Irvine James Tetiva Supv. Mfg. Maint./Facil. II, IrvineKent Love Director Corporate Accounts, Field Sales Eric Teyim QC Laboratory Associate II, AllentownJeffrey Lucien Technician – Machine, Allentown Aleyamma Thomas Electro-Mech. Assembler I, CarrolltonJose Luna Avalos Mixing Tech II, Irvine Tam Trinh Product Handler, IrvineMinh Ma F/F/S Operator I, Irvine Thanh Trinh Electro-Mech. Assembler I, CarrolltonGeorge Mamari General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Daniel Trivino MES System Administrator, IrvineLuis Martinez Ramirez Craftsperson – BU, Irvine Agnes Turner Electro-Mech. Assembler I, CarrolltonThomas Mathew Material Handler I, Carrollton Mary Urello Benefits Specialist - Sr., CorporateRobin Maxwell General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Laura VandeVelde-Owen Infusion Therapy Specialist II, Field SalesTiffany McCartney Customer Support Rep. II, Allentown Antonio Velazquez-Diaz Technician - Material Handler, AllentownWilliam McKay Sr. Engineering Specialist, Irvine Stacey Wadas Staff Engineer – Sr., AllentownHector Mejia Pab Assembly Technician, Irvine William Wallace Technical Support Supv., Mfg., AllentownLancol Mercado Craftsperson - Mfg. Maint. Plast., Allentown William Welch Electro-Mech. Assembler I, CarrolltonJesus Meza Set Up Technician, Irvine Debbie Werner Customer Support Rep. II, AllentownKristin Miller Sr. Staffing & VE Admin. Specialist, Corporate Benjamin Whitcomb Regional Distribution Mgr. I, Field SalesLuis Moreno Technician – Machine, Allentown Tina Wilson General Manufacturing Associate, AllentownDenise Moyer Corporate Benefits Manager, Field Sales Leoncio Zavala-Hernandez Product Handler, IrvineAmulakh Naik Sr. Staff Engineer, Irvine Jeannine Zimmermann Regulatory Affairs Analyst, AllentownMaria Neri de Duong Product Handler, IrvineChinh Ngo Product Handler, Irvine B. BrAuN DoMiNiCAN rEPuBliCLyna Nguyen General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown 10 yearsMinh Nguyen F/F/S Operator I, Irvine Fatima Brioso De Leon Document Control CoordinatorNadine Nguyen Technical Staff III, Irvine Ernestina Caminero Rincon AssemblerThoi Nguyen Tray Loader/Unloader, Irvine Milady Cuevas Arias AssemblerEnos Nolan Technician – Machine, Allentown Miguelina Cuevas Feliz AssemblerCyprian Obed Electro-Mech Tech. I - Dir., Carrollton Santo Ferreras Capellan Warehouse Attendant ReceivingShawn O’Connell McCahey Director Clinical Value Marketing, Field Sales Yina Fca. Hurtado Medina AssemblerDaniel Oduwa Electro-Mech. Assm. III - Dir., Carrollton Mirian Lopez Pena AssemblerElaine Ogunbiyi Assc. Director, Regulatory Operation, Allentown Kenia Martinez Blanco QC TechnicianRoberto Pantig Product Handler, Irvine Xiomara Mendez Pujols AssemblerRobert Panza Project Engineer, Irvine Ana Dilia Meran Nova AssemblerKimberly Paris Director Quality Assurance, Allentown Maria Mieses Jaquez AssemblerRaj Patel Technician – Machine, Allentown Jeannette Mora Perez Accounting ClerkFelipe Paulino Technician - Material Handler, Allentown Alvarista Perez Ogando JanitorAnabel Pedraza Product Handler, Irvine Ruth Melania Rincon Assembler OEMElizabeth Peralta Admin. Assistant II (General), Corporate Delfa Roa Document Control CoordinatorNghia Phan Clean Up Technician-Prod., Irvine Bernarda C. Rodriguez. AssemblerTuy Phan Electro-Mech. Assembler I, Carrollton 5 yearsTrinidad Portillo II Machine Attd. – PIC, Irvine Eulalia Almonte Aguilar AssemblerThelma Pritchard QC Inspector, Allentown Sandy Amparo Rivera Material HandlerTaylor Prober Infusion Systems Specialist I, Field Sales Santa Andujar Quezada Machine OperatorGarrick Proctor Staff Engineer, Irvine Dolores Araujo Dominguez AssemblerCarlos Quiroz Manager Mfg. Maint./Eng. I, Irvine Reyna Bernard AssemblerMatthew Rader Technician - Material Handler, Allentown Santiago Bido Alcantara Machine OperatorJose Ramirez Craftsperson – BU, Irvine Edwin Calderon Serrano Production Senior SupervisorHarri Ramkishun QC Technician I, Carrollton Rosa Lidia Carrasco Arias AssemblerDana Ramsey Project Engineer, Allentown Beronica Carrasco De la Cruz AssemblerKenneth Rayden Staff Engineer – SR, Allentown Edilennys Judith Cuesta Revi AssemblerAnthony Reed Product Director, Corporate Elpidio De los Santos Material HandlerJose Regalado Mixing Tech. II, Irvine Susana Diaz Jimenez AssemblerSue Reyes QA/QC/BTC Assoc. IV, Irvine Rogel Armando Diaz Perez Maintenance TechnicianCarlos Rojas Santamaria Safety Manager, Irvine Regina Antonia Dominici Placencia Material HandlerJuanita Rosa Quality Coordinator, Allentown Reina Estefania Drullard AssemblerWilliam Rowlands Sterilization Validation Specialist, Allentown Martha Encarnacion Angomas AssemblerAmanda Rutkowski Compensation Analyst, Corporate Angela Espinal Tineo QC InspectorAtanasia Sabastro General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Mercedes Familia Assembler OEMWeam Salama Technician – Machine, Allentown Jose Luis Familias Cedeno Material HandlerPaul Sarkis Manager II, Manufacturing, Allentown Martha Feliz AssemblerKimberley Saunders General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Eder Ferreras Pena Production UtilityGene Schantzenbach Engineering Technician I, Allentown Maricela Figuereo AssemblerMarvyn Singthavong Electro-Mech. Assembler I, Carrollton Martina Florentino Garcia AssemblerLauren Sisomsun Electro-Mech. Technician I – Dir., Carrollton Fernelis Gonzalez Santiago Solvent Dispenser TechnicianVirginia Smith General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown Pedro Guerrero Castro Material HandlerPedro Solano Staff Engineer, Allentown Lucas Eusebio James Ruiz Warehouse Attendant KittingMarcello Soler Technician – Machine, Allentown Salvador Jimenez Acosta Machine OperatorAntonio Solis Ramirez Craftsperson – BU, Irvine Isabel Jimenez Berroa AssemblerMaria Abundiz Solis Product Handler, Irvine Rosa Jimenez Rosario Production UtilitySarany Som Electro-Mech. Assembler I, Carrollton Sandy Lopez Rosario AssemblerEduardo Soto F/F/S Operator I, Irvine Maria Isabel Mackay AssemblerJames Soto Hdhw-II Attendant, Irvine Elena Marte AssemblerTara Sperandio Benefits Analyst, Corporate Solanda Mateo Peralta AssemblerTijuana Staggers Product Incident Report Tech. II, Carrollton Victoria Mateo Roman AssemblerKristy Steward General Manufacturing Associate, Allentown onlineUSA December 2011 19
  17. 17. ACHIEVEMENTS5-year Milestones continuedCarolina Matos Fajardo Assembler Angelo Ramirez Sr. Surgical Sales Rep.Angela Mejia Almeida Traffic Supervisor Jim Ricklefs Transportation SpecialistElizabeth Mendez Assembler Janet Schmieg Sr. Graphic DesignerEsther Merejildo Nunez Q.C. Inspector John Shegina Sr. AccountantYaddira Altagracia Montero Feliz Assembler Lynn Snowden PCMS Lap Express Set CoordinatorAlexandra Montero Matos Assembler Joan Spear Group Director, Clinical Serv.Wanny Montero Montero Assembler OEM Candice Towell Supervisor, QC TechniciansFelicita Altagracia Novas Recio Q.C. Inspector Jim Walters QC TechnicianSanta Ogando Perez Q.C. Inspector Sherri Williams Order Fulfillment LeadVirgilio Ortega Espinal Material Handler John Young Supervisor, Order FulfillmentEulalia Santa Ozuna Mesa Assembler 5 yearsLidia Perdomo Palin Assembler OEM Rance Barham Surgical, Training ManagerHibersia Perez Contreras Assembler Sean Beste BuyerJustiliano Perez Meran Warehouse Attendant Receiving Bryan Black Clinical Applications SpecialistMaximo Pina Machine Operator Marc Bloom Manager, OEM & DistributionPaula Puello Toribio Assembler OEM Kim Brown Sr. Surgical Sales Rep.Ana Leonidas Ramirez Montero Assembler Jeffrey Bryson PCMS/SRI TechnicianFrancisca Ramirez Salvador de Angulo Assembler Donald Buss DesignerSelmita Reyes De la Cruz Assembler Scott Clanton Power SpecialistRosa Emilia Reyes Donez Material Handler Denise Cyr Associate DirectorSanta Primitiva Rosa Sanchez Assembler Darryl Demaray Sr. Surgical Sales Rep.Adan Ruben Rosario Rivera Material Handler Craig Dlin Sr. Neuro. RepresentativeSanta Perpetua Sanchez Assembler Betty Fields Cleaner/EtcherDilcia Sanchez Melchor Assembler Michele Gagliardi Sr. Neuro. RepresentativeAurora Sanchez Sanchez Assembler Barbara Gatens-Pursell Planner/BuyerMichael Santana Alvarez Production Section Manager Bradley Harrison Director, Regional SalesRichal Yoquelis Segura Assembler Johnel Hay Compliance SpecialistDioneida Sena Pena Assembler Kevin Hill Order Fulfillment CoordinatorYeikson Silvestre Maintenance Technician Joshua Hiser Spine Business Sales AssociateJeysson Tineo Lopez Production Supervisor Angela Holloway Associate DirectorMaria Trinidad Tubing Cutter Operator Robert Hornak IMS Database Administrator Prg.Francisca Valdez Valdez Assembler OEM Danielle Jimerson Product ManagerYajaira Velez Conce Assembler Matthew Kovach Sr. Design EngineerDeibi Franklin Villalona Warehouse Attendant Kitting Joyce Ludwig Manager, Quality AssurancePancha Zabala Assembler Steve Lukacs Sr. Neuro. RepresentativeAna Zapata Assembler Jason Page Sr. PCMS Coordinator Randy Phillips MachinistAESCulAP, iNC. Mark Robbins Spine Specialist25 years Robert Schmid BuyerJohn Ruark Sr. Neuro. Representative Bruce Seidel Sr. Neuro. RepresentativeSkip Taliaferro Director, Regional Sales Jameca Stanfield SetWorld Associate II20 years Orsino Townsend SetWorld Instrument Technician IScott Long Facilities Assistant Sarah Volpe Executive Administrative Asst.Mike Strand Territory Manager Tony Wallace Supervisor, SetWorld15 years Roger Young Sr. Manager, Supply ChainJudy Kline Account Research Analyst10 yearsTina Ball Product ManagerDoug Beach Color Coding LeadDon Beineman National Sales DirectorRichard Benedick Jr. Director, Technical ServicesChristopher Bilheimer MachinistTim Bussen Advocate IISteve Calascibetta QC SetWorld TechnicianJeff Cole Director, Spine MarketingDavid Daniel QC TechnicianRigo Flores Receiving LeadBill Gosztonyi Sr. Manager, Field ProjectsDicia Heckman Sr. Contracts SpecialistBruce Holman Material Handler LeadMary Horn DriverLarry Johnson Director, Business SystemsRita Jones Sr. Cust. Serv. AdministratorPatty Kelly PCMS/SRI Set Cost CoordinatorMark Kilroy VP, Finance, IT & Sales AdminstRon Kreitler Sr. Inventory Control Assoc.Todd Kyser Clinical Applications Spec.Andreas Laule Instrument Repair Technician LeadMichelle Link Quality Assurance CoordinatorCindy Macsay Demand PlannerBob Mastromonaco Training ManagerMark Meyer Director, Corporate AccountsLee Mitchell Mobile Repair TechnicianKeith Moser Director, Finance & ReportingKeith Proctor Packaging/Labeling Assoc. 11-2979_12/11_Spark_2M