Luxury in the laps of Nature


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The next time you plan a luxury escape, permit us to propose an unusual location. Clean air. Natural richness. Creature comforts. Diverse activities. Just like you always wanted it.
Where else can you step out of your highend suite, walk through acres, eat healthy meals and return with a glow on your face?

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Luxury in the laps of Nature

  1. 1. CoverBack Cover Weight loss without side-effects. Fighting disease without pills. Good health without starving. Vacation without skipping office. Finally. Nature Cure and Yoga Centre, Kolkata Nine acres of sprawling greenery Four water bodies Gymnasium Resident doctors / yoga instructors Consulting nutritionist Facilities: A hydro colon therapy machine (one of its kind in eastern India) Fitness centres Walking tracks (750 metres) Badminton court Renovated, plush treatment centres for men and women Auditorium Radha-Krishna mandir Yoga and meditation centre Resident trainer for yoga Generator for the whole centre (adequate capacity to support the entire system during a power cut) Light music during morning and evening walks Daily health talk/lectures Adequate citronella plantations to keep mosquitoes off A clean accessible kitchen Aerobics classes Face treatments Accommodation: Well-furnished double-bedrooms with attached toilets A/C deluxe rooms Double bedroom cottages with sitting area Two bedroom (double) cottages with air conditioned sitting room and treatment area Suite LCD TVs with Tata Sky in each room Our team Naturopathy doctors Yoga experts from leading institutes Experts in magneto therapy Nutritionists Paramedical staff. On offer at Nature Cure Diamond Harbour Road Konchowki, P.O. & P.S. Bishnupur 24-Parganas (S) PIN: 743503. West Bengal (India) LL: +91 33 24533880/1, Cell: +919674169150 (PRO), Email: APRODUCT•
  2. 2. page_1Inside front cover Over the years, thousands have visited Nature Cure. This is what most said when leaving. “I had a history of acidity before I came. My acidity became history after I left.” “My diabetes finally came under control.” “I lost three kgs in four days. “I never believed in the energy kick – until now.” “Why go far and wide on a vacation anymore?” “The lingering migraine disappeared!” “I am sleeping better now.” “I had bags under my eyes. They are gone!” “I am feeling ten years younger.” “I never realised I could live better on less food.” “I am feeling far more confident now.” “I am coming back – with the entire family.” “The warts on my face cleared out.” “There is a glow on my face now.” “I couldn’t walk two minutes without panting; I can jog with ease now.” “I discovered the simple pleasure of reading a book under a tree.” “I can walk for an hour without losing my breath.”
  3. 3. page_3PG_2 Nature Cure’s commitment: you will leave our place lighter than when you came in. In more senses than one. A lot of people who weigh the options of coming to Nature Cure and Yoga Centre ask: How do I benefit? This is what we always say: you will leave a lot lighter. And we mean in it in various ways. For one, we have amply demonstrated that when our guests go through our disciplined approach to living – even if it is for as short as three days – they delightfully report an attractive loss in weight. However, this weight loss is not our core objective; it only happens to be the most visible and measurable index that our guest’s system has begun to respond to our controlled natural treatment. Besides, this weight loss sets the body into a virtuous cycle for other benefits to become increasingly evident: lower stress and stronger immunity. Leading to a decline in disease and illness. Approximately 1.6 billion adults (age 15+) were overweight in 2005. That is one of every four people in the world. And at least 400 million were obese. One of out every 16! (Source: WHO). WHO projects that by 2015, the number of people overweight in the world will increase from 1.6 billion to approximately 2.3 billion adults; the number of obese will increase from 400 million to more than 700 million (Source: WHO). The number of children worldwide under the age of 5 who were overweight globally in 2005: at least 20 million (Source: WHO). Globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them obese.
  4. 4. page_5PG_4 At Nature Cure, we offer you a flexibly functional option: stay at our wellness resort and attend office as well. For most people who would like to come to Nature Cure and Yoga Centre but cannot take extended leave from the office, we have some good news. We offer an unbeatable package: stay at our wellness resort for as many days as you like without skipping office at all. This is how one can derive the best of both worlds: rise at 5, walk till 6, Pranayam and Yoga till 7:30, breakfast 7:30 to 8:00, lunch 11:30 to 12. Thereafter, you are free to drive to your office and rejoin us at 6 pm, in time for our [] session and the dinner thereafter. The best of both worlds.
  5. 5. page_7PG_6 At Nature Cure, the therapy commences the moment you drive in. This is what Nature Cure and Yoga Centre really is: oasis in a noisy world. Where you can literally hear the silence. Which is when our therapy, unknown to most, begins. Because it sets the mood…'85. Slowly but surely, the other ‘accomplices’ get in on the act. The roll of the lush green acres (nine!) relaxes the eyes. The whoosh of the fountains soothes the ears. The whiff of the flowers drugs the senses. If you feel a wee bit drowsy within the first half hour of coming, then all we can say is that our opening batsmen (garden, flowers, spaciousness and quiet) have done their job. And you are ready to move into second stage.
  6. 6. page_9PG_8 At Nature Cure, our doctor smiles and says, ‘We don’t want to talk of treatments; we want to talk about you.’ Before you can understand what is in store for you at Nature Cure, we try and understand you. With good reason. At Nature Cure, we believe that when the balance between the body, mind and spirit is disturbed, the result is stress, ailment and disease. So our effective counter-response is simple: we go about correcting this imbalance through the age-old wisdom of yoga and naturopathy so that the mind and body can co-exist harmoniously. However, our approach is not routine; our response is not standard. We patiently examine every single patient; based on this focused diagnosis, we prescribe the subsequent three stages (detoxification, diet and counselling). The result is a treatment that your mind and body requires.
  7. 7. page_11PG_10 At Nature Cure, we promise you a purely natural experience. No side-effects. Let us start by saying what we don’t do at Nature Cure. We don’t pop pills into our visitors and expect immediate healing. We don’t rush a patient’s physiology into responding overnight. We don’t believe that one treatment works for all. We don’t focus on the symptoms. Now permit us to state what we directly do. We remove the basic ailment cause. We provide a completely holistic (body and mind) service. We provide a clean, nourishing, progressively organic chemical-free diet. We leverage the inherent powers of self-healing that each human being possesses. We use natural agents like water, fresh air, sunshine, mud, heat, space, food, prayer, meditation, exercise and relaxation. This is the predictable result: refreshed mind, revitalised nervous system and rejuvenated body. Diet at Nature Cure Personalised diet for every guest Healthy, minimally cooked and delicious vegetarian food Cereals, fruits and vegetables Minimal spice Salads, wheatgrass juices and sprouts Natural food Health comes from harmony. Harmony comes from uniformity. Uniformity comes from discipline. And discipline represents the core of our stay in Nature Cure. Take a standard day at our place for instance: We start the day with ushapanam (morning walk). This is followed by yogic kriyas for fitness. Thereafter, we serve herbal tea/juices that detoxify. Lunch is served before noon. We provide ample recreation hours. The evening walk helps relax. Our ensuing yoga nidra and trataka and meditation enhance calmness. Our orientation talk is designed to enhance knowledge. We serve dinner early. We encourage guests to be in bed by 9 p.m. The result is that the mechanical clock is aligned to the biological clock leading to complete harmony. Timings subject to change. Each programme will vary in line with individual requirements (prescribed by doctors). Our Executive Schedule makes it possible for guests enrol in detoxification programmes, take an afternoon break to attend office and return each evening. At Nature Cure, we bring order into a chaotic life.
  8. 8. page_13PG_12 At Nature Cure, our treatment combinations are designed to counter years of physical depreciation. Imagine a car service. After the bonnet is raised, specialists examine every single part and respond with repair, cleaning and lubrication. So that when the car rolls out, it purrs into action and rolls like it did when it was first made. A stint at Nature Cure is no different. These are the careful selection of treatment combinations designed to make people feel young again. Hydro Colon Therapy (only such facility in eastern India): The safe and gentle infusion of warm filtered water (no chemicals or drugs) into the patient’s rectum. The patient lies comfortably on a custom treatment table. Therapist monitors water temperature and pressure into and out of the colon (large intestine). Treatment cleanses the colon. Waste material is eliminated through the instrument and out of the drain line. Protects patient dignity. Restorative and painless. Rejuvenating mud pack: A blend of natural ingredients. Revive and rejuvenate facial skin by absorbing excess oil and removing dirt. Enriched with walnut that removes blackheads and dead cells and Fuller’s Earth (multani mitti) that removes deep-seated impurities. Perks up the circulation. Makes skin soft and tender. Jal nethi: Cleanses sinuses by pouring lukewarm into the left nostril, so it runs through the nasal passage and the right nostril. Procedure repeated from the right nostril. Nose is dried by bending forward and breathing rapidly. Electrotherapy: Weak electrical impulses stimulate tissues to improve blood circulation and relieve pain. Different types of electric currents improve blood circulation in tissues, loosen tension and smooth muscles. Treats disorders of the locomotive system, blood circulation disorders, chronic inflammatory and degenerative disorders, Gate fold
  9. 9. post-operation conditions and chronic gynaecological problems. Hydrotherapy: Any form of water-based treatment. Proved to be an effective method of medical treatment countering anxiety and stress to hip or other joint replacements. Magneto Therapy: Uses magnets to treat ailments. Provides magnetic conditions under which the body’s healing forces operate at optimally. Physiotherapy: Therapy primarily for the aged and physically challenged. Treatment includes evidence-based, natural methods such as exercise, motivation, adapted equipment, education and advocacy. Group therapy: Psychotherapy that involves one or more therapists working with several people. Helps the patients feel less isolated in their disease as they get to meet other people with similar problems. Reflexology: Pressure is applied to feet and hands utilising specific thumb, finger and hand techniques based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with a belief that these actions bring about a physical change in the body. Acupressure: A method of holistic medicine based on touching meridians that carry energy throughout the body. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure doesn't break the skin. This technique addresses allergies, depression, nausea, migraine headaches, menstrual and anxiety. The bonus: during treatment, we also provide a relaxing oil massage, soothing mud wrap, refreshing sauna bath and banana wrap, invigorating Jacuzzi or jet bath as well as a fruit facial. Gatefold Page_15 This is perhaps the oldest story at Nature Cure. The ‘before’ and ‘after’. People come in various moods. However, they leave considerably better, , reporting the following improvements: Improved flexibility Stronger immune system Enhanced metabolism Improved concentration Clear and healthy skin. Reduced allergies. Better breathing Lower pain Enhanced energy Facial glow Better digestion Feeling of lightness Positive weight loss Not surprisingly, more than 90% of our guests indicate that they wish to return again and around 50% of our guests stay for more than three days. At Nature Cure, people come weary, stressed and inconfident. They leave lighter, relaxed and energised. Page_14
  10. 10. Inside back coverPage16 Earlier, we were afraid of so many things – food, loneliness, surroundings, cleanliness, but we were pleasantly surprised that all our apprehensions were unfolded. We shall cherish sweet memories of the place for a long time to come. I do feel that if one can spare some time, one should live there for a week, every year. - BL Kheruka Being here has been a very fruitful experience. The quiet and serene atmosphere has a very simple and calm effect on you. The doctors and yoga teachers give you personal time which is very important. You get specific guidance for your problems and it is on you to get the best results. - Abha Dalmia Being the cynic that I am, I had come into this centre with definite trepidations and doubts. It is my first 3-day detox experience here, which most surely has been a positive one. I am not really very sure as to how much I have got ‘detoxified’ but there is a definite state of calm (after the maddening city life), increased agility and general ‘feel-good’. If this be so, it seems I must stretch myself to a 7-day program in future. The most striking feature of the centre is the subtle, yet warm, hospitality; as also the serenity and simplicity of its environs. - Ms. Kusum Mussadi I found my first visit very rewarding, it not jut helped me lose weight but also made me feel healthy and confident. Hence I encouraged my wife to visit the centre and she is equally happy with the results. Besides the treatment, the Centre provides tremendous comfort and healing due to its wonderful environment. The freshness of air make the walks very relaxing. The huge water bodies are very soothing to the eyes. - P K Gupta We are living in a ‘time crisis’ where life is getting complicated everyday & the time available is getting shorter. Under such circumstances our body needs to be revitalized and recharged regularly. Naturecure provides all essential keys for good living. - Bhanwar Lal Chandak Nature Cure’s guests have some remarkable experiences to share. “I have personally experienced the benefits of naturopathy at Nature Cure. Whenever I have spent a few days there I have invariably come back feeling mentally refreshed and physically re-energised. – Pradip Kumar Khaitan “Our vision is to see that the Nature Cure Centre of Kolkata becomes a world class Institution, dedicated for service to people”. – Pramode Chand Agarwal The essence of naturopathy is corrections in lifestyle and thereby enabling the human system to take care of itself. Most chronic ailments occur because of neglect and if addressed at the initial stages by simple regulations the problems can be contained. – Sunil V Khaitan Obesity is the biggest enemy of good health and invites many diseases. Nature cure centre teaches u how to remain healthy life long and lead a quality life. – Chandra Kumar Dhanuka Mother nature provides all the requirements for living creatures as such, cure of any diseases is possible if taken from the nature and that too without any side effect. This is what we are doing at our Nature Cure and Yoga Centre through naturopathy and Yoga- Pranayams. – Om Prakash Dhanuka If one cannot find time to detox the body, one will have to find time for the disease. Healthy way of life is not treating a disease, but preventing it. Only Naturopathy follows this by detoxifying the body and improving the immune system. – Mridu Hari Dalmia Our Board of Trustees Mr. Pradip Kumar Khaitan (Chairman) Mr. Pramod Chand Agarwal Mr. Bhanwar Lal Chandak Mr. Chandra Kumar Dhanuka Mr. Om Prakash Dhanuka Mr. Mridul Hari Dalmia Mr. Sunil Vikram Khaitan (Secretary)