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Five9 Presentation for Raleigh User Group 7/23/2014

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  • Five9 Connect: Better Engagement, Faster Response, Empowered Agents
    With the summer release we now offer all of these channels natively. We’ve taken what we believe is a very different, transformative approach, to multichannel apps, unlike anything else in the CCC market today; Our new multichannel apps are powered by a unique technology layer we call Five9 Connect. These are the advanced technologies we loved from scc-

    includes an advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to filter & categorize interactions, eliminate spam & determine sentiment.
    business rules and routing engine that prioritizes and routes interactions based on your unique business policies and needs. 
    Five9 Connect powers our agent assistance tools to help agents resolve issues quickly. 

    Results in;
    much more efficient management of multichannel interactions;
    unlike our competitors, who take a “firehose” approach to multichannel- all posts, chats, emails, no intelligence, filtering or spam elimination
    Five9 Connect allows cc to better focus resources on the higher priority interaction
  • For an inbound call center, our IVR, ACD, Quality Monitoring, and CRM Integrations will give you the tools to provide exceptional customer service while lowering operational costs.
  • For an inbound call center, our IVR, ACD, Quality Monitoring, and CRM Integrations will give you the tools to provide exceptional customer service while lowering operational costs.
  • USB Headset USB Headset - (Plantronics DSP models recommended)
    Desktop or Laptop - Intel Pentium IV 1.6 GHz+, 1 GB RAM+, Java Runtime Environment 1.6.15+, Internet Explorer 7+ or Firefox 3+
    Hi Speed Internet - 64 kbps bi-directional

  • Need:
    Before Five9, NetSuite’s 200 customer support agents in Canada, the Czech Republic, Japan, and the Philippines were experiencing voice quality issues, global routing issues, downtime, delays and echoes during critical customer support calls.

    NetSuite decided to use the Five9 solution to ensure all calls were high quality, properly routed and recorded.

    After implementing Five9, voice quality and call routing dramatically improved.

    NetSuite saw an immediate jump in first call resolution and ultimately an increase in customer satisfaction.

    Plus, the integration of Five9 with NetSuite’s own CRM solution significantly improved agent productivity.

  • Five9 sfdc sales presentation july 23 2014 (1)

    1. 1. Cloud Contact Center Software 03.17.2014 Five9 & Chris Nelson – Five9 Sales Director 561.653.1866 Aaron Wendel– Five9 Senior Sales Engineer
    2. 2. 2 The Leader in Cloud Contact Center 12 years of cloud contact center experience 550+ employees 2,000+customers (5 continents) 3bn+ calls per year Annual Revenue Five9 Confidential
    3. 3. Five9 Confidential Five9 + SFDC = Happy Partners • SFDC Partner since 2008 • ISV Partner since 2013 • APPX Partner FIVE9 Chatter Page • Integrate with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud,, • 200+ Joint Customers (All sizes) 3
    4. 4. 4 Complete the Cloud Migration 1980 • Green Screen 1990 • Siebel 2000+ • Cloud Contact Center 1980 • Nortel 1990 • Avaya 2000+ • Five9
    5. 5. 5 Large upfront investment Long deployment cycles Difficult & complex to integrate Costly maintenance & upgrades Not flexible or easily scalable Cumbersome & expensive technology management On-Premise Legacy Contact Center On Premise Challenges & Inefficiencies
    6. 6. 6 Pay as you grow No hardware Ease of configuration, integration & management Agents anywhere Scale on demand Fast deployment & automatically add new features seamlessly The Cloud Solves Significant Issues… Cloud Contact Center
    7. 7. Five9 Confidential The Simply Smart Cloud Contact Center Powered by Five9 Service Cloud Sales Cloud
    8. 8. 8 • Ensuring each contact is delivered to the right resource • Guide customers through self-service when appropriate • Designed with the business in mind, configuration is easy and fast • Features – ACD with Skills-Based Routing – IVR with Speech Recognition – CRM Integrations – Chat & Email Integrations to Salesforce – Web & Queue Callback Inbound
    9. 9. 9 • Leverage outbound technology & tools to improve contact ratios • Triple the time your agents spend talking to prospects • Ensure consistent sales call handling, generate more qualified leads, and increase sales revenues • Features – Automated Dialer Technologies • Predictive | Power | Progressive | Preview – Campaign& List Management & Synchronization – CRM Integrations to Salesforce – Web Callback – Agent Scripting – Real-time DNC List Management Outbound
    10. 10. Five9 Confidential Deliver Meaningful Value Increase talk time #1 budget item Power of blending Greater operational visibility Improve customer satisfaction scores Right agent at the right time Deep integration with CRM Better business outcomes Productive Agents Happier Customers
    11. 11. 11  High-Speed Internet Connection  Desktop or laptop  USB Headset • Softphone embedded into Salesforce • All Agent and Organizational activity captured – Real Time Monitoring - Historical Reporting System Requirements All You Need to Get Started
    12. 12. Five9 Confidential Who is Centura Health? • Headquartered in Englewood, CO • Colorado’s largest health network (20,000+ employees) • Expanded from Colorado to Kansas and Utah • Non-profit • More than 300 Active Agents • Became SFDC customer in 2014 Challenge • Established need to build virtual Call Center from scratch • No centralized management of existing agent activity • Multiple disparate data system inaccurately tracking call history and activity 12 The Centura Health Story Solution • Five9 Blended Inbound and Outbound Contact Center solution • Initial deployment of 50 seats, trending upwards to 300 seats • Centura agents are connected in multiple geographic locations • Reduced silos of data so agents have complete 360 visibility of customers and prospects to effectively upsell/cross-sell • Deep integration with SFDC interface • Support blended inbound and outbound call center • Increased flexibility for remote agents • Five9 solution allows Centura Health to go-to market quickly, accelerating their strategic plans Why Five9 was Selected
    13. 13. Five9 Confidential Who is Delta Career Education? • Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA • 16,000+ undergraduates currently enrolled • Successful “for-profit” education services • 37 Campus & Learning Centers in 12 states • Wholly owned subsidiary of Gryphon Investors • SFDC customer since 2011 Challenge • Need for better contact center solution to drive admissions • Existing solution was outdated, proprietary • On-premise based solution was inflexible, lacked sufficient outbound dialing capabilities • Sense of urgency to upgrade technology 13 The Delta Career Education Story Solution Why Five9 was Selected • Five9 Blended Inbound and Outbound Cloud Contact Center • Mature integration of Five9 solution with Salesforce • 180 Five9 seats to start • Replace existing on-premise technology to allow agents more flexibility with cloud solution • Five9’s seamless integration with Salesforce interface • Superior outbound dialing solution • Simple set-up, quicker time to market • SFDC endorsement of Five9 to customer • Sales acumen working with line of business
    14. 14. Five9 Confidential Who is K12? • Headquartered in Herndon, VA • 2,700 US Based Employees • Largest Education Management Organization (EMO) • Multiple call centers in US • More than 1,000 Active Agents • Telesales is Primary Sales Model • Became Service Cloud Customer in 2012 Challenge • On-premise contact center solution costly to maintain • No centralized management of contact center solutions due to multiple locations • Former solution did not have seamless integration with Service Cloud interface • Lack of accurate reporting on call data • Not able to effectively determine agents skill set to enhance productivity 14 Five9 + Service Cloud = K12 Success! Solution • Five9 Blended Inbound and Outbound Contact Center solution • Initial deal 250 seats, opportunity to expand to 1000 seats over time • K12 Call Centers are connected in multiple geographic locations • Reduced silos of data so agents have complete 360 visibility of customers and prospects to effectively upsell/cross-sell • Deep integration with Service Cloud interface • Support blended inbound and outbound call center • No on-premise solution, Five9 completely in the Cloud with no costly infrastructure to maintain Why Five9 was Selected
    15. 15. 15 “We looked not only at vendors that integrate with Salesforce, but ones that allowed the easiest integration— and ones that would allow us to grow our business.” Joe Huffnagle Director of Telecommunications, Medical Alert – Emergency monitoring devices – 24/7contact center with 350 agents – 90,000 inbound calls monthly – Outbound sales return calls Medical Alert Five9 Confidential
    16. 16. Five9 Confidential BPO/ Outsourcer Banking/ FinServ/ Insurance TechnologyHealthcareConsumer Success Across Industries
    17. 17. Five9 Confidential Fully Integrated Call Center Controls • Availability and telephony controls are built into Salesforce Interface Call Routing on Salesforce Data • Five9 IVR can dip Salesforce to make routing decisions (e.g. route to who last worked a case; silver, gold, platinum customer) Automatic Screen-Pop on Call Arrival • Inbound & Outbound • Screen pop Lead, Contact, Account, or custom data Automatic Call Logging • Five9 logs call details (CDR) as Salesforce Task, even a link to the recording Click to Call • Five9 enables users to click on phone numbers in Salesforce to place an outbound call (logs it too!) Customer Click to Call • Web form can go directly to Salesforce –> to Five9, automatically called back upon agent availability Salesforce Campaign to Five9 Dialer for Automated Outbound • Lists, projects or campaigns in Salesforce are synched with the Five9 dialer for automated dialing 17 Salesforce OOB Integration
    18. 18. Screen pop including softphone call controls • Ability to define Caller matching – phone numbers, IVR data, etc Click to dial telephone number fields
    19. 19. Ability to record call dispositions, and trigger additional Five9 workflows or list updates.
    20. 20. Copy interaction information to records
    21. 21. Complete interaction history available in records
    22. 22. Single source for reporting complete interaction history