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Published in News & Politics
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  • 1. • Prelim Round: 25 Questions• 7 *-marked questions are tie breakers.• Top 6 teams make it to stage• 5 Rounds on stage
  • 2. The creator of this hugely popularTV series drew inspiration from hisexperiences of being interrogatedby the Gestapo, the German secretstate police, during World War II.Which iconic show?
  • 3. This 1981 Nintendo video game was thefirst in which the Italian plumber Marioappeared. There are versions of thisgame where mario is the villain though inthe original one he was dodging barrelsto save his girlfriend.What was the name of this classic videogame?
  • 4. The post box number of theAustralian broadcastingcompany is 9994. Give funda.
  • 5. The number of Scoville heat units (SHU)indicates the amount of capsaicin present.Capsaicin is a chemical compound thatstimulates chemoreceptor nerve endings inthe skin, especially the mucous membranes;capsaicin itself has a Scoville rating of16,000,000 SHU.What does the scoville scale measure?
  • 6. It is an ambitious train journey of discoveryand transformation that takes hundreds ofIndias highly motivated youth on an 15 daynational odyssey. The aim is to awaken thespirit of entrepreneurship. The vision is toinspire young Indians living in the middle ofthe Indian demographic diamond (Rs 40 - Rs120 per day) to lead development by takingto enterprise. By doing so, they can turn fromjob seekers to job creators. What is beingtalked about?
  • 7. Cadbury acquired this brand targeted atconsumption by smokers, a category amongwhich their other brands are not thatfamous, in 2002. this brand X was first madein the 1930s in Britain by the X Brotherscompany (founded 1893). Which popularbrand?
  • 8. Company Y was founded by the merging of 2 companies in1939. They were:1.> Tanaka Seizosho, Japans first manufacturer of telegraphequipment and established by Hisashige Tanaka in 1875. In1904 its name was changed to Shibaura Seisakusho. For thenext 30 years, the company became a major producer ofheavy electrical machinery to aid Japans industrial rise2.> Hakunetsusha was stablished in 1890 and was Japans firstproducer of incadescent electric lamps. It diversifiedoperations and in 1899 was renamed Tokyo Denki(TokyoElectric)The merger of the two companies yielded a new companywhich was christened Tokyo Shibaura Denki.What name do we know it by today?
  • 9. 8.X joined British forces in India, saw servicein the Second Anglo-Afghan War, waswounded at the Battle of Maiwand, sufferedenteric fever and was sent back to Englandon the troopship HMS Orontes following hisrecovery. There he befriended Y, and togetherform one of the most famous duos. Id X & Y.
  • 10. What does the a websitewhich was launched in January2007 and its americancounterpart wheresgeorge.comdo?
  • 11. In an acidic solution, the “lawsone” moleculecan react via process called Michael additionwith keratin to create a stain. The Lawsonemolecule is also known as Henatonic acid. What do we know this process as?
  • 12. What connects the following:Maulvi Ziauddin, a Pashtun insurance agent, Ichiro Okuda, Matsuda,Orlando Mazzotta, an Italian nobleman
  • 13. Indian health and government advertisingofficials approved his photograph – completewith a graphic showing his lungs filling withblack tar – to be used on packets of popularGold Flake cigarettes as part of a „SmokingKills‟ warning campaign without his knowledgeor permission. “He” thus filed a petition againstthe responsible people as despite being a non-smoker his picture has been used in thecontext without his permission. Who?
  • 14. The photograph on the next slide showsone of the statues of Saddam Hussein,pulled down by the American troops inBaghdad‟s Firdaus Square. What is a recentwork of the sculptor behind this statue,which has become very famous too?Hint- Think of BIG and controversialarchitechtural projects undertaken recently!
  • 15. What is Facebook 15?
  • 16. This critically endangered speciesfound in India is given its localname because of the veryprominent „Ghara‟ on the snout ofthe male of this species. It also isthe only animal of the genus tohave visible gender differences.Identify the animal.
  • 17. X is the worlds largest Champagne house.Scarlett Johansson has been endorsing it forsome time while some Indian cebelsare brought in for short intervals. Especiallythe ones which have been around for longtime but have tasted only moderatesuccess recently. Previously it was ArjunRampal & now its Abhay Deol.ID X.
  • 18. 21. OCEANUS, TETHYS, HYPERION, THEIA, COEUS, PHOEBE, CRONUS, RHEA, THEMIS, MNEMOSYNE, CRIUS, LAPETUS. 12 in number. What are they collectively known as ?
  • 19. 23. Who is a NOOGLER ?
  • 20. 25*.